Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1305. Crushing Negatives / The power of Belief



「 Why can’t Sonoko-san and Naoko-san become high-class prostitutes? 」

Nozomi asks.

「 It’s because their hearts are closed. They don’t trust other people at all 」

Katsuko-nee replied immediately.

「 Girls who are closed out won’t do. They can be a low-class prostitute, but they can’t grow further 」

Then, Katsuko-nee looked at Nozomi and the girls.

「 Let’s ask you back, you girls were very closed-minded to us at first, weren’t you? Compared to that, Sonoko-chan and Naoko-chan are much warier of us. So, when did you start trusting us? 」

「 Huh? 」

Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san looked at each other’s faces.

「 Even now, you girls are talking to me very relaxed despite still being naked after having sex, right? Then, next to you is him, a naked boy lying on the bed with his penis exposed, but you don’t mind it at all, see?

Nozomi and the girls looked at me.

「 I mean, it’s Kuromori-kun 」

「 Yeah, we already had a lot of sex, and he already saw a lot of our embarrassing parts 」

「 That’s right. Thinking about it, it’s embarrassing to get stared at but I’m totally okay when I’m with him 」

Then, Momoka touched my penis.

「 Oh right, we still haven’t done cleanup fellatio yet 」

「 Right, Katsuko-san, can we suck on it while you talk? 」

Nozomi said.

「 Maybe a little later, I’m talking about something important 」

Katsuko-nee smiled wryly.

「 So, why do you think that you’re okay with him? Don’t you think it’s strange for someone to have fun while having sex with four people? 」

「 Hmm, now that you mention it, it might be, but… 」

Nozomi said.

「 But since it’s Kuromori Kou-sama, I don’t feel afraid. 」

Momoka pokes my penis with her fingers.

「 Kuromori Kou-sama won’t do anything horrible to us 」

「 Yeah, Kuromori-kun isn’t that smart, but he’s not a bad guy. We can tell that Kuromori-kun does his best thinking about us 」

Nozomi and Momoka began to touch my dick too.

「 Hey, Momoka, Nozomi 」

「 Oh, we’re just touching 」

「 That’s right, just touching. Kuromori-kun, you can touch us too if you want it 」

Nozomi brings out her smallish breasts to me.

「 Then, just a bit 」

「 Ah, Momoka too! 」

I stretch out my hands and compared Nozomi and Momoka’s breasts.


「 Oh right! I forgot! 」

Shirahata-san suddenly shouted.

「 What’s wrong, Setsuna-san? 」

Nozomi asks in surprise.

「 It’s him! It was after we had sex with him! That’s when we started to trust the people of Black Forest! 」

「 Oh, you’re right! 」

Momoka nods.

「 At first, I didn’t trust Minaho-san nor Katsuko-san 」

「 We didn’t even get along that well before either. Our minds are closed and we were so wary before we had sex with Kuromori-kun 」

「 That’s right! We were all like hedgehogs curling up! I completely forgot about that 」

The three said.

「 That’s right. Once you start one person, you can start trusting other people as well 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 You girls have changed after giving him your virginity 」

「 You’re right, it’s my first time having someone that I can relax when they’re with me 」

Momoka kisses my glans.

「 That’s the same for me. It’s strict and disciplined in our place so there’s nobody in my family I’d feel comfortable being naked with 」

Nozomi pushes her breast to my hand and said.

「 Me too. He’s my first time in my seventeen years of life 」

Shirahata-san looked at me and said.

「 It’s not like I’m in love with him, it doesn’t make my heart throb. But, I feel really natural when with him 」

「 I know. I can just be myself, right? 」

「 Anyway, it’s comfortable. It’s much more intimate than real family or even siblings 」

The three talk about me.

「 After having sex with him, have your thoughts changed when it comes to your fate of becoming a prostitute? 」

Katsuko-nee asks again.

「 Yeah, it changed. Still, being a prostitute is a scary and a painful fate, but it’s not that messed up, or horrible, anyway, if there’s a problem, then we can talk to Kuromori Kou-sama and it’ll be resolved 」

「 That’s right, even if it’s just grumbling, Kuromori-kun will listen to us. I’m scared of directly talking to Minaho-san, but if I talked to Kuromori-kun, then we can manage 」

「 We’re not treated as products, but instead as a person. That’s why instead of thinking of grinding us and disposing of us after the five-year contact, I believe that they’ll take care of us even after retiring 」

Momoka, Nozomi, and Shirahata-san.

「 He even called us as comrades in the Black Forest organization 」

「 It made me happy 」

「 It felt more of a family than our parents who sold us off for their debt 」

Shirahata-san also touched my penis.

「 Kuromori-kun is here with us so we can push through all the hardships for the next five years 」

「 It’s because we believe in Kuromori Kou-sama. That’s why we can now trust each other, and we also trust Katsuko-san and Minaho-san 」

「 But in exchange, you’ll look after us for five years. Actually, even after that 」

As soon as the three said that with a smile, Katsuko-nee clapped her hand.

「 Okay, that’s enough. Now back on me! 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 He opened your closed hearts and now you started trusting him. Is that your answer? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Yes, Katsuko-san 」

「 I think that’s it 」

Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san reply with a smile.

「 In the end, being able to trust someone is a big factor. You can’t trust people unless you have at least one person you trust. Yes, that includes our customers 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 The finest prostitutes gain the trust of their customers. Now, just as you girls can be naked in front of him without a care in the world, our customers need to be able to relax in front of you more than their wives or families 」


「 The VIPs of politics and business still had to behave with dignity even in front of their family. Especially with the nobility. Many of them can’t relax in front of their wife or children 」

Yeah, Jii-chan does try to play it cool when Misuzu and Ruriko are there.

His clothes are always looking sharp.

He can’t even relax.

「 I’ll tell you girls this, real high-class prostitutes don’t have sex with their customers every time. The upper-class customers only want us to give them some time to truly relax. Remember this, Black Forest offers a peaceful and gentle time. Our customers pay a large amount of money. You can’t sell intense sex anywhere for a high price

Katsuko-nee said.

「 A low-level prostitute will earn a small fortune using her whole body only to perform sex services every time. That wage is too low for our taste. But, Black Forest prostitutes don’t earn just from sex.

I know that’s a lie.

During Shirasaka Sousuke’s reign, Black Forest markets abnormal sex.

Katsuko-nee’s talking about the ideals of the old Kuromori tower.

But the ideals of those days will be conveyed from the prostitutes of that time to Minaho-neesan.

It’s also true that Minaho-neesan’s been trying to protect the ideals of the Kuromori tower even when it was under Shirasaka Sousuke’s control.

The new brothel will abolish Shirasaka Sousuke’s shadows and it will rise up as the ideal business as Minaho-neesan imagined.

That’s why they’re telling Nozomi and the girls what an ideal prostitute should be.

「 The customer can be satisfied with the time if you provide them enough relaxation. It doesn’t need to be sex all the time 」

That’s also an ideal.

「 Oh, I get that. It would be nice if we could provide our customers with that same peace that we feel when we’re with Kuromori Kou-sama 」

Momoka said honestly.

「 Yeah, I get it now 」

「 So that’s the work of high-class prostitutes 」

Nozomi and Shirahata-san were convinced.

「 That’s right. I’m sure that you girls, including Misato-chan, will be able to reach that level. But Sonoko-chan and Naoko-chan… 」

Katsuko-nee speaks sadly.

「 I don’t think they can reach that far in their current state. I think that they will be only prostitutes who can only offer sex to ordinary customers 」

「 Is it because their minds are closed and they don’t trust anyone? 」

Shirahata-san asks.

「 Correct. The two can’t move forward as of now 」

Katsuko-nee affirmed.

「 Well, when it comes to the brothel, if there are two prostitutes who only offer sex, then it shouldn’t matter, but… They will not sell at a high price but some customers come with just the desire to satisfy their sexual needs. Besides 」

Katsuko-nee looked at the three prostitute cadets.

「 It makes you girls look better 」

Makes them look better

「 In a brothel, you can’t have all of them as cute and beautiful. You need to have girls who aren’t too good for the good ones to stand out. That’s why it’s a problem if Sonoko-chan and the girls aren’t there. Although 」


「 I can’t let those girls deal with important customers, they can have serious sex, but I don’t expect them to do anything else 」

She declared.

「 Err, uhm 」

Nozomi looked at me.

「 Why is Sonoko-san not having sex with Kuromori-kun? 」

「 That’s right, I think that Kuromori Kou-sama can change Sonoko-san too! 」

「 Right, he can open up their hearts too 」

The three said. Katsuko-nee shook her head.

「 They won’t. It won’t work with those girls. Instead, if he tries to accompany them, it’ll only involve him in their darkness 」

「 What’s the difference between Sonoko-san and us? 」

Momoka asks.


「 You girls were sold by your parents to the brothel, how did you feel? 」

She asks the three.

「 Well, I knew that we had no other choice 」

「 My father didn’t force me, I accepted it myself 」

「 I agreed because it’s for the sake of the family 」

Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san replied.

「 So you still believe your parents, love them? 」

Katsuko-nee asks further.

「 Yes. I still believe in them, I love them 」

「 I love Father and my family 」

「 I can’t hate my parents 」

The three replied with a lonely tone.

「 That’s the difference between you and Sonoko-chan. You still love your parents, believe in them. But in Sonoko-chan’s case 」

Right, Tokuda Sonoko-san’s father watched as she’s raped by his friends.

Kurosawa Naoko-san watched her parent violate Sonoko-san.

「 They can’t trust their parents. The parents who were supposed to protect the children had hurt them 」

For a child, the parents are the existence you can trust no matter what.

They’re people who can’t trust their parents, and so…

「 For someone unable to trust their parents, they never trusted anyone since they were born, and the darkness for such people are unfathomable 」

Wait a second.

What about me?

I also never trusted my parents since I was born.

No wait, I had Grandma.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but…

At least, I believed that Grandma loved me.

Meaning, I had experience in believing in people.

That’s why I didn’t go crazy, lose my way.

「 Where are Sonoko-chan’s parents now? 」

Shirahata-san asks.

「 I won’t tell you the details, but Sonoko-chan and Naoko-chan’s parents are already gone 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 They have no relatives. They have no place to return to. That’s why even if they’re cornered, they won’t be so desperate. They don’t even have an idea of what their future is 」

「 Oh, they don’t have any dreams 」

Momoka said.

「 That’s why they always look like they don’t know what to do. Sonoko-san and Naoko-san 」

They had no place to return to so they had no choice but to stay in the Black Forest brothel.

But, that said, they won’t be studying their hardest to become a prostitute.

They can’t see their future after all.

「 Now I get why those girls aren’t active when in training 」

Shirahata-san said.

「 Yeah, meaning, it’s not Kuromori-kun’s turn. I think it’s us who should approach them 」


「 You’re right. We need to first start by making them our friends 」

Momoka added.

「 Right. If our goal is to become the top-class prostitute, then we need to make Sonoko-san open up and relax their minds 」

Shirahata-san speaks with a straight face.

「 Really, it helps me that you girls are smart 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「 He can’t save Sonoko-chan and Naoko-chan. Only you girls, who have the same prostitute cadet status can make them open up 」

「 So that’s how it is 」

Shirahata-san nods.

「 Just like how Kuromori-kun made us open up, this time, it’s our turn on Sonoko-san 」

「 If we can’t make Sonoko-san and Naoko-san relax, then we can’t do it with our customers at all! 」

Nozomi and Momoka said.

「 Then I’ll let you decide on your methods. Talk to each other about it, okay? 」

Katsuko-nee told the three with a smile.

「 Okay!! 」

The three replied energetically.

「 Well then, that door leads to the shower room, take turns. The three of you will go back to training 」

「 Okay, then, Nozomi-san can go first 」

Shirahata-san said.

「 Ah, can Kuromori-kun come with us? We still have to clean up his body, right? 」

「 Right, he got dirty from having sex with us. Nozomi-san, go ahead 」

「 I want to go too but I’ll let Nozomi-san do it for today 」

So I’m taking a shower with Nozomi?

「 Then, I’ll do it this time. Next time, it’s Setsuna-san and Momoka-san. Let’s go, Kuromori-kun

「 S-Sure 」

I look at Katsuko-nee.

「 Go ahead, hurry up and wash yourselves 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「 Edie and Grace-san’s fight is about to start soon you know 」


Oh right.

Edie took Grace-san to the Judo hall to fight her.

「 Nei’s going to broadcast it to the whole school since it’s a rare occasion. They’ll be fighting in their school swimsuits 」

What the hell?

「 It’s a new martial art where you fight wearing a school swimsuit on top of your judo uniform. Nei-chan just came up with that idea. 」