Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1306. Crushing Negatives / Ready Fight!



「 I should be the one washing you… 」

Nozomi’s in the shower room in the bakery with me.

「 Well, Momoka and Shirahata-san are wwaiting for the shower to open 」

I wash Nozomi’s body with a soapy sponge.

「 Kuromori-kun, you’re so good at washing women’s body 」

Well, I do it every day after all.

We have a lot of spoiled girls like Agnes and Misuzu.

「 Okay, let’s rinse them off 」

I rinse Nozomi’s body using warm shower water.

「 Ahn! 」

Warm water flowed over the glossy skin of the healthy naked girl, Nozomi.

「 Hey, kiss me 」

Nozomi begs me with a blushing face.

「 Sure 」

We kissed each other.

I embraced Nozomi’s slender body.

「 I want to stay like this forever 」

Nozomi whispers to me.

「 But, I know that I can’t monopolize Kuromori-kun 」

Nozomi says with wet eyes.

「 Hmmm, that’s different. No girl wants to monopolize Kuromori-kun, because you belong to everyone 」

Nozomi said and embraced me tightly.

「 Just come to me when you need my help anytime 」

I promised her.

「 We’re going to the same school from today onwards, and the hotel Nozomi and the girls are living in isn’t that far away 」

It’s only a fifteen-minute drive to reach the new brothel in the basement of the hotel near the station.

「 Yes, I’ll do that. I believe you, Kuormori-kun 」

Nozomi told me with a smile.

「 We’re comrades after all 」

「 Yeah, we’re comrades in the Black Forest. We’ll be together for the rest of our lives 」

「 Yeah, I’ll do my best to be a prostitute for five years. And, once the tough times is over 」

「 Then we’ll take care of you girls in all respects. If you want to start a new life, that’s fine. If Nozomi and the girls want it, then you can come and live with us 」

The Black Forest has become Nozomi’s home.

「 Really? Is that okay? 」

「 Obviously 」

「 Still, Kuromori-kun’s the only experience we have now but soon, we’re selling our bodies to various people, right? 」

Nozomi’s eyes show unease.

「 We might change. We might become debauched women after dealing with some wealthy old men 」

「 You don’t become like that. I’m sure of it 」

I declared.

「 You may have some painful and unpleasant memory on the next five years, but I promise I’ll make you happy once it’s over 」

I look into Nozomi’s eyes and said.

「 I’ll use whatever method to make Nozomi and everyone is happy. No, I’ll make sure you are 」

「 Kuromori-kun 」

「 I have a lot of girls I have to make happy so believe in me, Nozomi 」

「 Does that include Setsuna-san, Momoka-san, and Misato-san? 」

Nozomi asks.

「 Yeah, that’s right. I’ll take all four of you 」

Misato’s younger sister, Arisu, and her bodyguards, Mitama and Kinuka, are already my women.

Someday, they will restore their home, the Kurama house to its former glory. That’s as far as I’m willing to go.

I have to back them up.

「 What about Sonoko-san and Naoko-san? 」

Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san, the orphans of the good-for-nothing Yakuza from Kansai.

「 I’m not forcing them. If they don’t want it, then I have no intention of approaching them 」

If they’re not opening their heart, then I don’t think I should come to them.

We saved them from their problematic parents, but…

We’re also the people who sent their parents to their death.

I don’t know if Tokuda-san can accept that complicated situation.

「 Either way, they need to decide their future themselves 」

I said.

「 Hearing from Katsuko-san, it seems that they have a harsh circumstance 」

Katsuko-nee mentioned that Tokuda-san can’t become a high-class prostitute as she is.

「 Seems like it. But, that’s even more of a reason why I shouldn’t touch Tokuda-san at all 」

I’m in charge of training Nozomi and the girls but I’m not involved with the new brothel at all.

「 Okay. Just as mentioned earlier, we’ll try to talk to Sonoko-san 」

Nozomi said.

「 Right. Can’t let Kuromori-kun spoil them too much 」

Or should I say that Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee want them to learn to solve their problems inside the brothel?

So they don’t just have to be a yes-man to what Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee tell them but also deal with their problems on their own.

Analyzing the situation, discussing the problem, proposing solutions, and implementing them.

Such abilities will be useful for Nozomi and the girls even after they retire from prostitution.

「 Setsuna-san, Momoka-san, Misato-san, then Sonoko-san and Naoko-san, and me. Our group will have to do our best for the next five years 」

Nozomi smiled at me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, let’s switch, Momoka-san, let’s go 」

「 Ah, sure. Setsuna-san 」

Nozomi and I returned to the break room and then…

Shirahata-san and Momoka swapped with us.

「 Nozomi-chan, wait for Setsuna-chan here. Once the two are done showering, you’ll come back with me to the Nadeshiko department classroom 」

Katsuko-nee tells Nozomi while computing the sales during lunch break.

The Nadeshiko department’s classroom is the hidden room below the principal’s office.

「 Okay 」

Nozomi replied to Katsuko-nee

「 You should go back to the bakery, you need to take the baton or the girl over there will start to get nervous 」

Oh yeah, Ai’s there.

Usually, the afternoon is Ai’s time to have sex, and yet, the prostitute cadets came, so she let them.

Ai’s asked to tidy up the bakery.

Speaking of which.

「 Huh? 」

I look around the break room.

「 What’s wrong? 」

Katsuko-nee looked up from the laptop and account book she’s checking and asked me.

「 Where’s Anya and the girls? 」

The mysterious darkness isn’t present.

That’s why Tsukiko’s Miko power isn’t hiding Anya and the drill sisters this time.

「 They’re in the bakery now 」

I see.

I wonder if Ai’s getting along with Anya and the drill sisters.

I’m a little worried.

Well, Tsukiko’s there so I don’t think it’ll be bad.

「 Then, I’m going there 」

「 Yes, please do 」

Katsuko-nee sends me off and I opened the door to the bakery.

「 Yoshida-kun!! 」

Ai looks at me with a worried face.

Oh, Anya, the drill sisters, Tsukiko, and Misato are here.

They’re sitting down, drinking tea.

Seems like they’re done cleaning up the bakery.


「 Where did Mitama go? 」

I can’t find Mitama.

「 Nei-san called Mitama-san 」

「 She’s going to the judo hall 」

Ai and Misato replied.

「 Judo hall? Oh, Edie and Grace-san’s fight? 」

「 Seems like they need a commentator 」

Ai replied.

「 That’s okay but isn’t today Mitama’s first time going to this school? Is it okay that she’s alone? 」

「 That’s okay. Mitama’s a bodyguard so she should have memorized the school’s plot beforehand 」

Mitama’s former master, Misato said.

Oh right, they need to keep the place safe even if it’s their first time coming.

Does she practice checking the layout of the buildings beforehand?

I guess that’s okay.

We’re in the middle of the afternoon class, so she’ll go with the route where the students won’t find her and make a scene until she reached the judo hall.

By the way.

「 Why do Anya and the two look like they’re feeling down 」

Anya, Dolly, and Anna are sitting on the chair, making depressed faces.

「 Isn’t that obvious? It’s because we saw you have sex 」

Anya said.

「 How can you hold yourself back so well and have sex one after another? Like, it’s already past admiration, it’s overwhelming! 」

「 Well, it’s usual for me 」

I don’t get why Anya’s surprised.

「 I don’t care anymore. Anyway, I’ll join your family. I mean, I want to join your family. Let me in. I mean, please let me in your family 」


「 I’m done with the relationship where I’ll just come over for sex from time to time. You know, I want to be someone special to you too 」

Anya said, then spoke in the language of the sisters, and then Dolly and Anna asked.

The sisters looked at me.

Then, Dolly, the elder, ask.

「 Watching it at first, I was wondering what kind of weirdness was going on, but what I’m more surprised to see is that all the women seem to be comfortable with the act, she says 」

Anya translates.

These sisters are orphans, whose female boss of the underground organization from Southeast Asia picked and raised to become assassins.

They don’t know anything other than their technique to kill.

「 I told them what kind of act sex is 」

Anya finished talking, then Dolly says something again.

「 Err, she’s asking if they do that act, will they become your allies too? 」

Ai, Anya, Mitama, Momoka, Shirahata-san, and Nozomi.

After seeing me have sex with women consecutively.

The drill sisters seem to have started to move now.

「 Tell them, “Yes. If you’ll have sex with nobody else but me, bear my child and swear to become sisters with my women, get along with them, then I’ll look after you for the rest of your lives. I’ll prepare a place where you girls don’t have to be assassins anymore 」

I said. Anya translates for the sisters.

「 It’s not just you sisters, but also the remaining assassins as well, I’m going to take care of you all 」

There are 13 surviving female assassins.

Kyouko-san gave them all to me.

「 !!! 」

Dolly and Anna’s eyes opened wide after hearing my proposal.

「 Of course, you don’t have to be murderers anymore. You’ll have to do something else. For example, helping in the bakery 」

The drill sisters watched how the pastry is made and how they’re sold to the students during lunch break.

「 If you earn money steadily like that, then you don’t need to assassinate, you can all live happily 」

Anya listens to what I say, then…

Dolly and Anna began to argue.

「 I guess they still don’t trust us? 」

I asked. Anya;

「 That’s not the case. They can tell that you’re poised and that your women trust you from the bottom of their hearts 」

She looked at the drill sisters and said.

「 They’re just confused as to how you’re able to say that you’ll accept them without hesitation 」

Anya smiled wryly.

「 Furthermore, you’re not saying that you’re going to make a murder unit with the assassins, but instead, you tell them to stop killing and sell pastry instead 」

「 Do they feel offended as their assassination skills have been denied? 」

I also look at the drill sisters with complicated faces.

「 That’s not the problem I think. Either way, they’re just surprised. That was their first time seeing sex after all 」

Yeah, I guess they need some time to sort things out.


Suddenly, an orchestral march plays loudly on the speakers on the wall.

This music…

Isn’t this the “sports march” they often play at the beginning of live sports programs on TV?

It’s playing not just in the bakery but in every classroom in this high school.

Then, the monitor turns on.

『 I’m sorry to disturb the classes but we’re going to start our emergency special program! 』

Oh, that’s Nei’s voice.

The monitor shows the judo hall.

This is also broadcasted throughout the school on the monitors installed in each classroom.

『 Titled, “School Swimsuit Judo summit! If Edie loses to Grace Marinka-san then she’ll retire immediately, special!!” 』

Nei shouts

『 Starting with the red corner! Edie Sexton! Sixteen years old! She came from New Orleans, a member of the Kuromori group!! 』

Oh, Edie’s wearing a navy blue swimsuit and a judo uniform on top, facing the camera, beckoning like a cat, smiling at the screen.

『 And in the blue corner! It’s Grace Marinka! She’s 21 years old, Born in Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture. She’s a member of the Dynamic Pro Wrestling until the other day! 』

Grace Marinka-san’s also wearing a school swimsuit and judo uniform.

Still, Grace-san is an adult, and she has a nice physique, so…

The school swimsuit is bulging.

『 I, Natou Nei will be covering it live, and our commentator will be Anjou Mitama-san@ 』

『 I’m Anjou Mitama! 』

Yeah, Mitama wearing her white school uniform appears on the screen

『 Our match today is “School Swimsuit Judo,” we’re using the international rules, no referee, 60 minutes, one match. They’ll continue to fight until one of them starts to cry, that’s the “you cry, you lose” rule 』

W-What the hell?

『 Well then, let’s begin immediately, school swimsuit fight! Ready? Go!! 』

The fight between the two started suddenly.