Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1307. Crushing Negatives / You won’t Cry?



「 Oh, this. They’re using the disaster broadcast line 」

Anya looks a the broadcast from the judo hall on the monitor at the bakery.

「 So, it’s forced to broadcast live to every classroom in the school. There’s no way to stop the broadcast from the classroom’s terminal 」

Meaning, the whole school, and even teachers are forced to watch Edie and Grace Marinka’s “School Swimsuit Judo” match at this moment.

『 Are you sure about this? 』

Grace-san is wearing only a school swimsuit and judo uniform on top.

The 21-year-old professional wrestler who competed on the main event of the unlimited class at the women’s martial arts tournament the other day is now wearing a high-school-use school swimsuit, and it’s puffing.

But she doesn’t feel embarrassed at all, since she usually gets in the ring wearing a costume and fights in front of an audience. She’s standing confidently.

『 Yes, Jun. No strikes, wrestling rules 』

On the other hand, Edie fought in the lightest weight class.

She’s the champion in that division, but the difference in physique is clear.

『 Mitama-san, what’s your take on what the two just said? 』

Nei, the broadcaster, asks Mitama.

『 Hmm, even if there’s such a big difference in size, Edie still has a good chance to win if she uses her weight-bearing striking techniques. However, Grace Marinka is a professional wrestler, and so Edie promised not to use any striking techniques, which is prohibited in wrestling 』

『 Then that means that they have to fight in a wrestling style? 』

『 That’s right. I must say that this is somewhat to Edie’s disadvantage 』

Mitama said, but…

『 Not really, we’re wearing judo uniform only on top 』

Edie said and moved right away.

She approached Grace-san.

『 Guh! 』

As soon as Edie reached out to grab Grace-san…

『 Woo!! 』

Edie shuffled and grabbed Grace-san’s arm at a super-fast speed. Using her whole body…

『 Woah! Edie’s done a shoulder throw!! 』

Grace-san’s tall figure flipped on the air.

Then, she’s tossed down to the judo hall mat.

『 Guuuuu!!! 』

Edie shortened her distance with the collapsed Grace-san.

『 What do you think? If we’re going with normal Judo then that’s one point for me. But, since Nei’s idea is to make it a school swimsuit Judo, this won’t end until Jun cries 』

She grinned.

『 Jun’s quite sturdy so you didn’t feel it, right? Stand up, we’re going to continue 』

Grace-san stood up sullenly.

『 What about you, why aren’t you attacking when I’m down? Are you looking down on me? 』

She glared at Edie.

『 Not really. If I make a bad move, then I’ll be at a disadvantage. Jun’s better at pinning than me. Hit and run is the right choice since it’s one of my strengths 』

Edie bounces lightly on the mat, showing off her gorgeous footwork.

『 Well then, I’ll return the favor! 』

This time, Grace-san lunges onto Edie.

『 There you go! 』

Edie used Grace-san’s charge to throw her off again.

Grace-san’s body does another clean spin in the air and fell on the floor.

『 Okay, get up again 』

Edie took distance from Grace-san and provoked her by clapping her hands.

『 Edie’s been making clean techniques since earlier but Mitama-san, is Edie proficient in Judo? 』

Nei asks.

『 No, that was a judo technique from before 』

Mitama said.

『 Edie’s just throwing her off at the right time. She’s a genius at closing the gap with her opponent 』

『 I mean, there’s a rumor that Edie’s a genius, right? 』

Nei speaks as it broadcasts to the whole school.

『 Yes, I won’t deny that. It seems that she never saw throwing techniques from Judo until she came to Japan six months ago. She hasn’t received formal training since coming to Japan either. But as you can see, she’s able to do it 』

Mitama explained.

『 Oh what did I hear? They seem to call me a genius! 』

Edie laughs.

『 Damn!! 』

Grace-san stood up and rushed towards Edie again, but…

As soon as she grabs Edie, she’s thrown off again.


『 You call yourself a pro wrestler but you haven’t done a thing that says that yet 』

Edie took her distance and smiled.

『 It’s dangerous if I get too close 』

Their physique and weight difference are too big.

『 Daaa!!! 』

Then, Grace-san made it look like she’s rushing, but she changed the speed of the attack halfway.

It’s a feint, so she’s trying to let Edie’s timings miss.


『 So? 』

Edie read through Grace-san’s actions.

She dropped Grace-san’s body after moving along with the feint.

『 That won’t work on me 』

Edie’s assassination skills are just like Kudou martial arts, she can read the qi of her opponents.

『 Jun’s raw strength is great, but it’s too easy to figure out. You won’t win like that 』

Edie smiled.

『 If you’re doing a feint, then you need to be quicker and sharper. Like this! 』

She claps her hand in front of Grace-san who’s just about to get up.

『 Guh?! 』

Grace-san’s posture broke out of surprise, and Edie pushed her lightly.

That broke the balance and Grace-san tumbled on the floor again.

『 This is a great example of how to defeat your enemy without using a lot of force as long as you know the right time to attack 』

Mitama commented on Edie’s move.

『 Jun has a big body, you’re flexible, strong, and sturdy. That’s your natural gift. It’s the raw talent you had since birth 』

Edie said.

『 In the women’s pro wrestling world, that raw talent is enough to overwhelm the athletes around you. But in pro wrestling has a system where both parties receive the techniques with their bodies and show them to the audience. So, if you’re just taking it in without doing anything, then Jun isn’t a scary opponent at all 』

『 D-Don’t make fun of me. I won’t lose for someone who’s just quick like you! 』

Grace-san said.

『 That’s not the case. Jun, you lost to Margo the other day. And you lost to Kyouko just earlier this morning 』

That’s right, Margo-san took her down in the martial arts tournament, and Kyouko-san smashed her this morning.

『 T-They’re just monsters! 』

Grace-san makes a bitter face.

『 You can’t win against something that horrifying 』

Margo-san took down all the participants in the unlimited class.

Kyouko-san and Grace-san’s fight was like an adult playing with a kid.

『 Then, am I a monster too? You can’t do anything but lose since I’m a monster? 』

Edie asks with a smile

『 I’m still sixteen. Jun’s five years older. My body is smaller than yours. Jun can’t win against me? Just because I’m a monster, you’re giving up and letting yourself be defeated without doing anything? 』

Against Margo-san, who’s competing in the same unlimited class, then she might be able to accept the loss.

Even more when against Kyouko-san, a living legend.

But with Edie.

Grace-san, the pro wrestler woman. It’s hard for her to accept a loss against a freshman in high school.

『 I-I… 』

『 If you have time to complain then beat me. You’re just disgracing yourself by complaining 』

Edie forced her.

『 Youuuuu!!! 』

Grace-san rushed towards Edie again.

『 I told you that’s not going to work 』

Edie took Grace-san’s arm, jumped, and hugged her.

『 Oooh! It’s the armlock cross defense!! 』

Nei shouts.

Edie used her whole body to break Grace-san’s stance and snap the right arm.

『 Ugh!!! 』

But, Edie let’s go before it gets dislocated.

『 Finishing it like that would be boring! 』

『 Y-You?! 』

Grace-san’s surprised.

『 I thought you can’t do pinning techniques? 』

『 I only said that I’m bad at it. I didn’t say that I can’t 』

Edie smiled.

『 I didn’t lie, I didn’t bluff either. Jun, you lack attentiveness 』

She didn’t distance herself from Grace-san like earlier.

Edie laughed on the sides.

『 Stop screwing with me!! 』

Grace-san grabbed Edie who’s just next to her, but…

『 This is a piece of cake! 』

Edie moved to Grace-san’s back instead.

『 I see. Now it’s the chokehold 』

Just as Mitama said. Grace-san’s pinned again.

『 If I recall, it was like this… 』

『 Muguu 』

Edie strangles Grace-san

『 Okay, let’s go to the next one 』

Edie lets go of the choke…

『 I don’t know much about pinning techniques, but it seems like I’m better than Jun at least. This is getting troublesome, maybe I should put you to sleep already? 』

She says.

『 Or…do you want to take off your judo uniform, Jun? It’s easy to use the techniques because you’re wearing that. If I’m in my school swimsuit, it’ll be hard to grab me 』

『 D-Don’t make fun of me! Screw you! Stop fooling around!!! 』

Grace-san shouts.

『 I’m Grace Marinka! I’ll never lose to a lass like you!! 』


『 You’re the one who should stop fooling around 』

Mitama, the commentator said.

『 If you don’t want to lose Edie, then take off your uniform. Do you not have the strength to use anything so you don’t lose? Struggle. You’re at a disadvantage you know! 』

『 !!! 』

Grace-san’s expression changed.

『 Edie’s a genius. But, just because she’s a genius doesn’t mean that she doesn’t put in the effort. She studied judo skills and pro wrestling. Furthermore, she’s already investigated everything about you Grace Marinka-san 』

Mitama said.

『 Obviously. I check out the people I think are capable. I don’t know when we’ll fight, and so I use the techniques of the strong people as reference for improving my own 』

Edie said.

『 I’ve seen all of Jun’s matches that have been filmed and viewable. That’s why I know your habits when using a technique 』

Edie’s able to time Grace-san perfectly not only because she’s a genius in fighting, or that she can read her Qi.

『 I saw Poron and Mimi’s matches too but Jun’s matches were…interesting. And thus, I understood why Jun’s not satisfied in the pro wrestling world 』

Grace-san is an overwhelmingly strong wrestler in the organization she belonged to because of her amazing physical abilities.

It’s too overwhelming that she felt that the women’s pro wrestling was lacking, and forced herself to participate in the martial arts tournament the other day. She escaped from her pro-wrestling organization.

『 But, if you’re going to fight with us, then you need to be a bit more serious or it’ll trouble us. If you lose, then you need to feel frustrated about it. And, you need to be prepared to do whatever you can no matter what so you don’t get defeated 』

Edie said with a smile.

『 Well, that’s enough pep talk. Either way, I’m going to do this until Jun starts crying. I’ll keep making you lose until you’re so bummed about it that you burst into tears. 』

『 Kuuuuu 』

Grace-san stood up, took off her judo uniform, and tossed it on the mat.

『 D-Don’t make fool of me! Y-You!! 』

『 You see, when you attack while your right shoulder rises up, your fight becomes obvious 』

Edie turned Grace-san over once again.

『 Jun, you have great raw talent, but you lack in effort 』

『 Dammit!!! 』

Grace-san’s stamina is robust so…

Even if she’s taken down multiple times, she goes back up and Edie takes her down.

Edie tosses Grace-san down with minimal effort. Again and again.

The whole school watches that broadcast.

『 I’m just thinking… 』

Nei speaks looking deeply moved.

『 You know, they often say on geniuses, like in the manga and the likes. That there’s a pattern in the stories where people who overcome their sad experience are stronger than those born with natural talent in the end 』


That happens a lot.

The story where a person who overcame their grief is stronger than those who don’t.

『 But, I think that’s just bull. No matter how painful of a personal experience you had, it doesn’t make you much stronger or more capable. Everyone has different experiences

The screen shows the struggle between Edie and Grace-san, the genius girl, and the woman with a blessed body, still continuing.

Both of them have the talent in martial arts compared to others.

『 Even talented people can’t reach their full potential if they don’t work hard, no matter how hard you work, you’ll always lose to someone more talented. If it’s a matter of ability, apart from polishing your skills, then whatever experience you had is irrelevant 』

『 I’m sure that there’s something to be said for mental training, but I don’t think that having a sad experience makes them mentally stronger 』

Mitama said.

『 That’s right, if you experience painful and sad things over and over, then it’ll only numb your mind. Just because you react less to sadness doesn’t mean that your heart became stronger. Your senses are just numbed 』

『 Grace Marinka is in that state right now 』


『 Yeah, her heart is numbed. That’s why Edie’s trying to wake her heart up 』

Grace-san’s tossed away again.

『 Hey, hey, is that all you can do?! Is that Jun’s strength?! 』

『 Dammit! You!!!! 』

Grace-san jumped at Edie again.

『 Slow, dull, and weak 』

Edie closed to Grace-san and tossed her.

『 Are you not going to cry? Jun still won’t cry even after losing this much?! 』

『 As if I would!!!! 』

They repeat the same act, rushing, tossing, over and over…

『 Grace Marinka-san’s a stamina monster, but Edie’s also a stamina type 』

Nei mutters.

『 She has stamina, endurance, and also intelligence. That’s why she’s extremely energy efficient 』

Mitama said.

『 Yeah, it seems like their fight will continue but in the end, Edie will be left standing. I’m sure of it 』

After five minutes, it was just as Nei predicted.

『 Haa, haa, haa, haa 』

Grace-san’s flat on the judo hall mat, bathing in sweat.

Edie didn’t even break a sweat, still smiling, standing on the mat.

The 21-year-old tall female wrestler in her school swimsuit lies down on the mat, unable to get up.

『 Are you still not going to cry, Jun? 』

Edie asks with a smile.

『 Haa, haa, haa, I-I will never cry 』

Grace-san gasps for air as she speaks.

『 I see. Then, it’s a draw for today 』

Edie said with a smile.

『 This school swimsuit judo fight will not end until one of us cries. That’s why our fight will continue. Even if it’s for ten, or even twenty years 』

Edie’s turning Grace-san to her friend that way.

To continue their fight means that they’ll be companions.

『 I’m looking forward to it. Jun 』

Hearing Edie’s bright voice. Grace-san;

『 Kuh, dammit!! 』

Tears flowed out of Grace Marinka’s eyes.