Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1308. Crushing Negatives / The fifth warrior



『 Huh, what’s up Jun? Your face is getting wet 』

Edie’s not accepting that Grace Marinka-san is crying.

『 Guuuuu, uguuuuu 』

Grace-san covers her face and began to cry for real.

『 Oh? It seems like Jun’s stomach is hurting. Can’t help it then, Mitama, can you play with me? 』

『 Sure 』

Mitama, the commentator, went in the middle of the Judo hall.

『 Sorry, if I’m going to do it with Edie, then I’m taking these off 』

Mitama said and then took off her white school uniform and cap.

White pants and a white shirt, and a couple of buttons open on the chest to make it easy to move around.

You can just barely see the bra, which emphasizes Mitama’s breast size.

『 I know I can’t beat Edie right at this moment 』

Mitama begins with prep exercise, stretching her leg muscles.

『 Still, even if one can’t win, you have to face your opponent with all your heart, or it won’t be training at all 』

She also spins her shoulders and arms, preparing for the fight.


『 Anjou Arts, Anjou Mitama, here I come 』

『 Come on! 』

Edie takes a stance with a smile.

『 Teiyaa!! 』

Mitama swiftly goes for a punch.

No, it’s a series of punches followed by a spinning kick.

Edie’s casually dodging Mitama’s attacks.

『 Hmm, your attacks have become more precise. Your focal points have shifted, but… 』

This time, Edie’s on the offensive.

Mitama avoided the first kick, but the second one…

『 Here! 』

Edie opened up her fist before striking and slammed Mitama’s breasts.

『 Guh, attacking from the blind spot as usual 』

Yeah, she doesn’t mean blind spot on vision.

She meant that Edie’s fist struck from the angle that’s in a blind spot from the mind.

I also am in the sixth kyu of Kudou arts so I know that.

『 As usual, Mitama’s image of herself as the attacker is strong. 『 You have that image that you’re the one attacking and the opponent will react like this in your mind, and so you attack with that image in mind, that’s why you’re weak against unexpected attacks 』

Edie said.

『 It’s a mistake to think that the battle will go the way you want it to go. That’s why I can attack your mind’s blind spot 』

『 Thanks for the lesson!! 』

Mitama says and fires off her next series of kicks.

Edie dodged them lightly.

『 That’s good, but your rhythm is monotone 』

Edie just made a perfect copy of Mitama’s kick just now.

『 See? It’s two kicks but both of them have a triple beat rhythm 』

『 I-I see 』

From my perspective, Edie’s kicks are faster, more accurate, and sharper than the one she copied.

『 If I were you, then I’d change the rhythm of the two kicks. Like this, tantontan, tantontatatan 』

Once again, Edie unleashed a series of kicks, and Mitama’s unable to anticipate the second kick, and so her shoulder got hit.

『 Guh, I-I see! 』

Mitama says while holding her shoulder.

『 Don’t use the same rhythm all the time. When attacking, you need to randomize your patterns. That’s not something you think during the actual battle. That’s why make it a habit of training 』

Edie said, then reenacted the sequence of Kicks Mitama did but in different rhythms.

『 If you do that, then it’ll be harder for your enemy to anticipate your attacks. You’ll be less likely to get hit in your blind spots 』

『 Roger that! 』

This time, Mitama did as Edie told her.

She unleashed a series of kicks with different rhythms are unleashed at Edie again and again.

After avoiding the fifth kick in the row…

『 Look, that’s not it! 』

She breaks Mitama’s posture by brushing off the pivot.

『 Uuu 』

Mitama falls over.

『 You’re not randomizing your rhythm! It became Tanton takatakatottan. Tatatakan, tantonton, to, and then, ton ton takaton takatontonton next, and then matanton, takatakatottan 』


『 I guess that’s just how unreasonable geniuses are 』

Nei talks to Grace-san, still lying down on the mat.

Grace-san is someone who lived in the world of martial arts.

When Edie and Mitama started their practice, she stopped crying and watched the two fight in a daze.

『 She can remember everything happening in front of her and can analyze it instantly, then respond appropriately. Edie’s physical ability is amazing, but her brain is also outstanding… 』

Her body and brain are beyond normal humans.

『 But that’s not enough. Her memory, analysis, and responsiveness aren’t enough for her to defeat someone she’s never met before 』

Edie says while training.

『 What’s important is imagination and insight. Your skill to predict. If you want to get those two, then you’ll need to learn a lot, and accumulate data 』

Mitama’s kick almost hits Edie in the cheek as she speaks, but…

Edie moved her head and barely avoided it.

『 Now that was interesting, was that Anjou arts? 』

She asks Mitama.

『 It’s more of a traditional Karate technique than Anjou arts. A series of thrusts before a kick, blocking your opponent’s vision and kicking from the side 』

Mitama replied.

『 So, it’s like this? 』

Edie copies and returns the technique in an instant.

『 Hmm?! 』

Mitama got hit by the technique she made.

However, Edie didn’t kick Mitama’s cheeks, her feet stopped mid-air.

『 I see. That was educational 』

Edie then lowered her legs.

『 That’s how I also learn a lot 』

Edie talks to Grace-san, who’s on the floor.

『 Naturally. She’s also giving me lessons, and that’s how we learn 』

Mitama loosened her stance and spoke to Grace-san.

『 We learn from each other. I take lessons from Mitama’s Anjou arts, and I also learn the martial arts concept behind it 』

Edie smiles.

『 In martial arts, each school has its base ideology. It’s also valuable data when dealing in actual battle 』

All for the fight.

『 Do you really want to be strong? 』

Grace-san looked up at Edie’s blinding smile and asks.

『 It’s not that I want to be strong, it’s just that I have people I want to keep safe 』

『 People, to protect? 』

『 Yes. If I just want to be stronger, then that’ll be a personal issue. If I’m going to rush in and lose to someone and die, then it’s just going to be about me 』

Edie said.

『 I have a family that I have to protect. If I lose, if I die, then my family will be the ones to suffer. And so, I can’t lose, I can’t die. I don’t use them in martial arts fights but I’ll use any dirty trick I have to keep my family safe. There’s no meaning if you don’t win and survive 』

『 That’s also true for me. I must win to protect my Lord. It can’t end up with a draw. I need to have the power to defeat the enemy. Therefore, if there’s an opportunity to learn, I seek knowledge with Edie 』

Mitama said.

『 Jun has an amazing body. Your physical abilities are outstanding. I can understand why the pro wrestling world got overwhelmed. You want to fight with all your strength, with all your might, don’t you? 』

Edie asks.

『 I just wanted to be stronger. Stronger than anyone in the world 』

Grace-san replies.

『 I can understand how you feel, but you’re just a kid them. Jun, you just want to relieve that frustration building up inside of you by lashing out. You can’t become strong if you fight with your emotions 』

Then, Edie.

『 You need to find a reason to become stronger other than yourself. Don’t fight for yourself, fight for someone else. You can’t move forward unless you do that, Jun 』

『 I… 』

『 You’re already quitting as the pro wrestler named Grace Marinka, right? Then, go back to being Onoe Jun, and think over 』

She speaks to Grace-san with kindness.

『 Why are you telling me this? 』

Grace-san asks Edie.

『 Do you not get frustrated that a five-year-younger girl is preaching you? 』

Edie asks with a smile.

『 Not really. That’s not the problem, I’m asking why are you going out of your way to make opportunities like this for someone like me 』

『 You don’t even understand that? 』

Mitama asks Grace-san.

『 It’s the same reason why Edie’s giving me lessons. Edie finds some worth in us 』

『 That’s right. Jun, you’re going to grow better just by changing the way you think. Besides 』

Edie said.

『 During the fight earlier, it seemed like I’m one-sidedly attacking, but it had its meaning. To me, fighting a tall wrestler like Jun is valuable data collection 』

『 Are you saying that there was value in fighting me? 』

Grace-san’s surprised.

To Grace-san, only the image of one-sidedly losing to Edie remained in her brain.

『 Of course, it was educational to me. And so, I want to continue learning from Jun who will continue to grow stronger 』

Edie looked Grace-san in the eye and said.

『 I want Jun to learn techniques that aren’t from pro wrestling. That way, you’ll become stronger than now 』

『 I mean, if Onoe Jun-san is quitting the pro wrestling organization, then you should officially join team Kuromori, right? 』

Nei asks with a smile.

『 Come with us as the fifth member of our team, then we’ll take over the world together 』

Margo, Edie, Kudou Haruka, and Kendou Maria, and now she will be the fifth member

『 That’s a good idea. If you’re with Edie, then I’m sure that you’ll find your real reason why you have to fight 』

Mitama said.


『 Okay. I’ll be in your care 』

She speaks with a clear voice.

『 To be honest, even after hearing all that, I still don’t know. But, I admit that you’re much stronger than I am right at this moment. I’m weak. That’s why I’ll go with your suggestion if I can become stronger than I am now 』

『 You don’t have to be so hesitant. Don’t say anything and follow me 』

Edie pats her chest and said.

『 Yeah, I should do that 』

Grace-san finally smiled.

『 Okay, that’s the end of our special emergency program! Grace Marinka became Edie’s pupil! I don’t think you guys understood what happened but you’ll figure out the value of this broadcast in three years! Look forward to that! 』

Nei looks at the camera and said.

『 That’s right! 』

『 Bye-bye, see you later! 』

Nei and Edie waved their hands and the show ended.

「 Oh, it went well it seems 」

The door to the break room opened and Katsuko-nee comes, holding the portable safe.

Shirahata-san and Momoka finished their shower it seems.

Shirahata-san’s wearing the jersey jacket I left in the break room instead of her torn blouse.

「 I’ll borrow this 」

「 Sure, go ahead 」

I tore her blouse so I don’t have the right to complain.

「 Still, this is a fun school. I’m looking forward to going here every day 」

Nozomi said.

「 Well, you girls need to stay in the Nadeshiko department until school hours are over 」

Katsuko-nee told Nozomi, Momoka, Shirahata-san, and Misato.

「 Should I go too? 」

Tsukiko asks.

Tsukiko just enrolled in the Nadeshiko department today.

I mean, Mitama too, but…

「 Dear, do you want Tsukiko-chan to stay here? 」

Katsuko-nee asks me because Dolly and Anna are here.

She’s wondering if Tsukiko should stay here to observe and make sure that the two don’t rampage.

「 No, they should be okay now, Tsukiko? 」

I asked.

「 Yes, they’re stable now 」

Tsukiko read my thoughts and replied.