Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1315. Twilight / Sex with the young Group Part 1



「 Next, Koyomi-chan! 」

Following Kareen, Koyomi-chan comes and kissed me.

「 Uhm, this is embarrassing 」

「 Don’t mind it. You’ll get used to it 」

I hugged Koyomi-chan’s petite body and kissed her.

「 Hmmm 」

Koyomi-chan trembles.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 When our skins touch, the Miko power gets stimulated 」

Luna speaks from the sides.

「 Kuromori-san’s thoughts pour into me 」

Koyomi-chan said.

「 I can feel that we’re treasured 」

「 Then, I’m next! 」

Luna comes to me from Koyomi-chan’s sides.

「 I’m already used to it, so I want to connect to Nii-san’s heart 」

She smiles.

「 The waves come a hundred times more than kissing when you have sex. Nii-san’s mind fills us. Then, it melts us. Nii-san and me 」

Luna approaches me.

Her eyes say that she wants my lips.

「 Luna 」

I hold Koyomi-chan with my right arm and carry Luna with my left and kissed her.

「 Ahn~ 」

The sensation of kissing Luna is conveyed to Koyomi-chan, and she makes a cute moan.

Luna moves her tongue skillfully, licking my lips.

This is one of the techniques she discovered from Katsuko-nee.

It hasn’t been a month since she lost her virginity and yet, Luna’s mastered the techniques of a professional prostitute.

Well, Tsukiko and Yomi too, but still.

「 Even if you read their memories, it won’t become your skill unless you do it yourself. Us sisters have accumulated our techniques after having sex with Nii-san multiple times, but…

「 Our knowledge still has ways to go 」

Luna said. Koyomi-chan nodded.

「 You’ll figure it out soon once you experience it. But, you don’t have to rush it 」

Luna told Koyomi-chan.

Then to me;

「 For example, we can tell when Nii-san’s feeling pleasure during sex. The explosive waves of pleasure are also conveyed to us. But, that’s not all 」

She speaks while smiling wryly.

「 Look, we don’t have a penis, and..what is it, clitoris? We have that instead, and so we know that it feels good when rubbed. But, women don’t ejaculate, and so we don’t know the pleasure when Nii-san’s ejaculating. I think that we only have 70% of understanding 」

Women and men have different bodies.

Even if the Miko power can feel all of my senses.

A woman can’t understand the pleasures exclusive to men.

「 I get that. I also don’t know what women feel when they’re cumming 」

Women’s ecstasy is different.

Male ecstasy is only focused on ejaculation, but…

The female climax is longer, and it comes in waves.

「 Yes, it feels amazing. It makes me want Nii-san to experience it too 」

Luna read my thoughts and said.

「 But it’s impossible. I’m a man 」

I can’t understand how women reach ecstasy through their organs.

「 Indeed. Having the difference in the body makes it quite troublesome 」

Luna said.

「 Right, but that’s okay too. Even if we’re different, we’re still doing our best to understand each other 」

Humans can never fully understand each other no matter how close they are.

It’s only an illusion to think that you finally figured them out.

After all, humans change.

They never stay the same. They flow, change, just like water.

「 And since we’ll never figure each other out, we have to make an effort to understand each other even if a little 」

I told Luna.

「 You’re right, Nii-san 」

I kissed Luna gain.


「 Come here, I made you wait Agnes 」

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Agnes happily comes to me.

I guess she feels strongly that everyone helped her with her first day in school.

That’s why the stress from dealing with strangers for a long time is…

She can’t help but want to have sex with me soon, but…

She’s holding back to be the last one.

「 Agnes has grown too 」

「 That’s right. Papa’s been fondling them a lot, and so my breasts are grown for the past six months! 」

No, that’s not what I meant, but…

Oh well.

「 Agnes-chan, let’s swap places 」

Koyomi-chan got up and leaves.

「 Thank you desuno! 」

I hold Agnes with my right arm.

「 Ehehe, Papa! 」

Agnes happily rubs her face to me.

Her cheeks feel smooth and squishy.

「 Agnes loves doing this with Papa! It calms me down 」

Agnes said with a smile and kissed me on the lips.

「 Yes, thank you as always Papa! I love you! Desuno! 」

◇ ◇ ◇


I sit on the sofa in the reception room.

Agnes is on my right side.

Luna’s on my left.

Then, I kiss the two alternately.

「 Kou-oniisama, excuse me 」

Karen and Koyomi-chan go between my legs.

「 Well then, we’ll use our mouths to serve 」

「 We’re taking off your briefs 」

Karen and Koyomi-chan took off my brief.

I carry Agnes and Luna on my sides but I managed to raise my hips to help the two.

「 My 」

My penis is about 80% erect as I’m surrounded by cute half-naked girls.

「 I want to practice what I know 」

Koyomi-chan said, grabbed my penis, and started moving it up and down

「 Is this good? 」

She’s copying Katsuko-nee’s technique so the amount of force is just right and it’s perfect.

「 I see. So you move it like this 」

Karen stares at Koyomi-chan’s hand job with great interest.

「 Karen-chan, try it too 」

「 Okay, l-like this? 」

This time, Karen’s fingers wrap my penis.

Copying what she saw, she moves it up and down.

「 Yes, you’re doing well Karen 」

「 O-Okay 」

Karen trembles as she feels the heat of my erect penis in her palm.

「 Karen-chan, take care of that, I’ll… 」

Koyomi-chan gently touches my balls.

It feels ticklish but great.

「 Papa, here too 」

Looking at Agnes, she took off her bra, exposing her lovely breasts.

「 Papa loves breasts so here you go! 」

She stretches herself and presents her breasts to my face.

「 Sure, Agnes 」

I sucked on Agnes’ pink nipples right in front of me.

「 Ahn! 」

As I stick my tongue out, Agnes’ nipples start to point out.

「 Agnes loves it when Papa licks my breasts too 」

Agnes trembles.

「 Nii-san, my breasts too 」

Luna whispers from behind.

Then, she guides my left hand to her breasts.

I pushed Luna’s bra up and feel the raw meat of hers with my hand.

I lick on Agnes’ breasts while feeling Luna’s elasticity.


They’re of the same age, but the size, texture, elasticity, and softness are different.

Agnes is bigger and softer, but…

Luna’s much a much richer texture, and it’s a little stiff.


「 Then, I’ll begin sucking 」

Karen says and looks up at me, then puts my glans in her mouth.

Koyomi-chan did the hand job first so Karen does the fellatio first this time.

Pecho, pecho, pecho.

Karen’s using her tongue to her best as she licks my glans.

She’s not that amazing in fellatio, but…

You can feel that passion in her.

「 Karen-chan, uhm 」

Koyomi-chan goes to Karen’s back.

「 When serving with your mouth, you must show glances of your breasts 」

Saying that she unhooks Karen’s bra.

「 Hmm!! 」

Karen still has my penis in her mouth as she was surprised.

But she saw the intention right away, so she took off her bra and exposed her cute breasts.

Oh yeah, seeing a glimpse of their nipples when fellating is great.

It’s arousing.

Meanwhile, I reach Agnes’ and Luna’s crotch.

「 Hyauu! 」

「 N-Nii-san! 」

I stimulate their genitals on top of their panty.

It’s better to touch it through the fabric than directly first.

「 Aaaahn, amazing 」

「 Me too! It feels good! 」

I center the stimulation at Agnes and Luna’s panty, then…

Love nectar starts to stain the cloth.

「 Aah, Papa! 」

Agnes hugs my head tight and pushes my face to her breasts.

「 Nii-san! 」

Luna hugs my back, enduring the pleasure

「 I think it’s good enough 」

Koyomi-chan tells Karen who’s sucking my dick.

「 I think it’s big enough now 」

Koyomi-chan judged as she read my thoughts.

Karen lets go of my penis.

「 Kou-oniisama, which girl will you pick first? 」

Holding the root of my penis and stroking up and down, Karen looks up at me and asks.

「 Let’s see 」

I take a look at the four cuties around me.

「 Agnes-chan. Let Agnes-chan take the first, Nii-san 」

Luna speaks to me with an earnest face.

「 Agnes-chan did her best today in her first day in school so reward her first 」

「 Agnes did it thanks to everyone’s help! 」

Agnes told Luna.

「 So, Agnes can go last. Someone else can go first 」


「 Agnes, we’ll start with you 」

I said with a smile.

「 But, Papa 」

Agnes seems to feel guilty towards the other girls.

「 Don’t mind it too much for today. We’re family so we have days that we help one member, and that’s today for Agnes 」

「 But 」

「 You don’t have to rush it. You can repay the gratitude you owe Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Karen ten years in the future. Even twenty or thirty more 」

I said.

「 Our family will always be a family so you don’t have to mind the time it takes 」

「 Okay 」

Agnes listens to me with an earnest look.

「 Earlier, Agnes was the last one kissing. So, Agnes will go first this time. That’s all there is to it 」

I patted Agnes’ small ass.

「 Now get ready Agnes 」

Agnes stood up.

「 Okay 」

She took off her wet panty right in front of me.

Agnes’ light blonde hair.

White translucent skin.

Her pink nipples, and tight waist.

Her wet hairless crotch and a straight cut.

Agnes exposes her beautiful naked body to me.

「 Papa, Agnes already so wet 」

The young half-foreign beauty opens her slit and shows me her love nectar dripping out of it.

「 Papa, how do you want to get connected? 」

Err, what do I do?

If we’re having sex while sitting on the sofa, then I guess that’s sitting position?

No, the sofa is big enough that we can do other positions too.

「 Agnes wants to do it while looking at Papa’s face 」

Then that’s sitting face-to-face.

It’s close to the usual pattern, but…

Can’t help it. Even I want to do it while looking at Agnes’ cute face.

「 Yeah. Then let’s do that. Agnes 」

I took Agnes’ suggestion.