Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1316. Twilight / Sex with the young Group Part 2



「 Heave-ho! 」

The naked Agnes straddles on my crotch.

Agnes’ long hair touches my nose and tickled me.

「 Papa, can I put it in already? 」

Agnes asks while guiding my erect penis to her slit.

「 I’m okay, but what about Agnes? 」

I think that she’d be okay but I still asked just in case.

I’ve had sex with Agnes dozens of times but she’s still young.

I don’t want to force her too much.

「 Agnes’ body is itching, wanting Papa’s penis 」

Agnes tells me with lustful, moist eyes.

「 I want Papa deep inside of me 」

Love nectar drips from Agnes’ insides and drips on my glans.

「 Then, put it in slowly 」

「 Okay desuno 」

Agnes slowly moves her hips down.

「 Hmm!! 」

The tip of my glans makes contact with Agnes’ hot and moist pussy.

「 Aah, Papa!! 」

Agnes pushes her hips down.

My erect glans pushes Agnes’ slit and opens it up.

Aaah, so tight.

「 Aaaaah, it’s spreading my insides!! 」

My glans pushes through her narrowest part.


My dick is sucked inside Agnes.

「 Aaahn! 」

This half-foreign beauty wiggles her hips on top of me.

「 P-Papa! 」

Gugugu, my penis goes deeper inside.

Finally, my whole penis is inside Agnes’ gentle pussy.

「 Hauuuuuu!! 」

Agnes took a deep breath and fell exhausted.

「 Papa, hug me tight 」

「 Sure 」

I grabbed Agnes’ slim ass with both hands and hugged her tightly in a sitting face-to-face position.

Our bond grew deeper.

Agnes also puts her hand around my back and embraced me tightly.

「 Aah, Papa’s inside Agnes. Papa’s smell, Papa’s body. I feel happy 」

Agnes says while she rubs her pointed nipples on my chest.

「 Sex feels great, Papa! 」

Agnes whispered to me and began moving her hips slowly.

Oh, Agnes is rubbing my penis.

「 You’re doing well 」

She moves her hips that you can’t believe her age.

Although, Agnes wasn’t as unstable before where we had sex every day since she lost her virginity six months ago.

She’s probably the one I had sex with the most among my women.

Even now, we’re having sex at least three days a week.

「 Yes, that’s right. Agnes wants Papa to feel more pleasure 」

She moves her hips around the shaft of the penis, driving to her womb.

「 The more we have sex, the bigger my love becomes. Aaahn, Papa, I love you, Papa! 」

「 I love you too, Agnes 」

「 Yes, desuno! Unsho, unsho, unsho!!! 」

Agnes speeds up her hips.

「 Ah, aaahn, Papa! Papa!! 」

「 Agnes 」

We devour each other’s lips.

Our tongues entwine while our lower half is having sex.

「 Ahn, I love having sex while kissing! Aaahn! I love having sex with Papa! 」

Agnes’ white skin starts to flush red.

Her cute forehead and nose are getting sweaty.

「 Aah, Papa! Agnes is so happy! Auuu! I want to stay like this forever!! 」

Agnes swings her hips intensely.

I also thrust my hips from below.

「 Aaah, aaaah, aaaaaahn! Papa!! 」

Agnes is rising to climax.


I’ll guide Agnes to the finish line.

I look at Agnes’ face and decided.


Agnes suddenly…

Stopped moving her hips.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, Auuuuuu!!! 」

Her whole body is covered in sweat, taking a deep breath.

Her vagina’s witching, clamping down my penis.

「 What’s wrong, Agnes? 」

Why did you stop before reaching climax?

「 Does your hips hurt? Are you okay, Agnes? 」

I asked. Agnes smiled.

「 I’m going to switch with the other girls now 」


「 Agnes already had enough, I’m happy. So… 」

「 But, you haven’t climaxed yet, have you? 」

I said.

「 That’s right, but it’s okay! I want to share this happy feeling with everyone! 」

Agnes said with a smile.

「 Nii-san. Women are different from men, we don’t need to climax in sex all the time 」

Luna said as she watches from the side.

「 I love it when I go cum while having sex with Papa, and I love it when the warm stuff spreads inside me, but… 」

Agnes looks at Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Karen.

「 But today, I want everyone here to be happy! 」

Agnes wants to deepen her bond with the girls more than prioritize her pleasure.

「 Cumming together with Papa can come next 」

「 I see. Okay 」

I’m going to respect Agnes’ wishes.

「 There we go, aauuu 」

Agnes raised her hips and pulled my penis out of her.

My erect penis comes out of her entrance.

「 Haa, haa, haa, okay, next! 」

Koyomi-chan can’t have sex with that body yet.

So, it’s got to be Luna or Karen next.

「 Karen-chan, go first 」

Luna said first.

「 No, we’re going with the reverse order from earlier so it should be Luna-san’s turn now 」

Karen said.

「 That’s okay. If I’m last, I’ll show you something good 」

Luna smiled.

Right…She intends to convey the ecstasy to the girls with her Miko power.

That’s the right choice when having sex with girls of their age.

Even Koyomi-chan who’s just watching can also join in.

「 Okay, come here Karen 」

I ordered Karen.

「 O-Okay, Kou-oniisama 」

「 Karen-chan, go ahead 」

Karen swaps with the sweating Agnes and she came to me.

「 U-Uhm, what should I do? 」

Karen took off her bra but she still has her panty on.

「 Karen, sit here 」

I had Karen sit on the sofa and get her to her knees.

「 Karen, I’m taking these off 」

「 O-Okay 」

I put my hand on Karen’s panty, and then…

I moved it out.

「 !!! 」

Her hairless slit is in full view.

「 Karen spread your legs 」

「 O-Okay 」

Karen spreads her legs on the sofa while trembling.

「 More 」

「 T-This is embarrassing 」

Karen’s covering her face with her hands.

I grabbed her legs and spread them further.

「 Yep, you seem wet enough 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Now spread it open and show me the inside 」

「 C-Certainly 」

Karen spreads her slit with both hands.

Her love nectar is dripping.

It smells sour.

Yeah, I can see the pink insides.

「 Karen, what’s going on down there? 」

「 I-It’s wet 」

「 Why is it so wet? 」

「 I-It’s because it wants Kou-oniisama to violate it 」

Karen speaks the right lines for a sex slave.

This girl’s too smart.

She already remembers this kind of response.

「 Please enjoy Karen’s body to your heart’s content 」


「 Karen… 」

Karen moves away from the hand that’s hiding her face.

「 Karen, let’s enjoy it together 」

Karen smiles and I kissed her lips.

「 K-Kou-oniisama 」

Then, I suck on both her nipples while groping her breasts.

「 !!! 」

Karen’s face blushed.

Then, I crawled my tongue on Karen’s navel.

And finally, to her slit.

「 Aaaah!! 」

I slurped on Karen’s love nectar while making lewd noises.

I separated her slit and licked inside.

「 Uuuuu, aaaaah, Kou-oniisama!! 」

Karen’s hand grabs my hair.

I continue to lick intensely.

「 Amazing! It feels so good!! 」

Karen’s eyes are melting in pleasure, she’s breathing heavily.

Good, this is going smoothly.

「 Karen, let’s begin 」

I look up and get on top of Karen in a missionary position.

「 Y-Yes, I-I’ve been waiting 」

I put my penis in between Karen’s spread-out legs.

「 Don’t hide your face. Take a look as we have sex 」

「 Y-Yes 」

The black eyes of this young lady look up at me.

「 I’m putting it in 」

I push in my tensed-up glans to Karen’s slit.

「 Hmm!! 」

Karen trembles.

「 Aah, aaaaaah!! 」

My penis pushed into her womb and she showed a face of agony.

「 Are you okay? 」

「 Yes, I’m okay. So go further 」


「 Go deeper, please 」

I push in my penis using my weight.

「 Haaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

The tip of my glans kisses Karen’s uterus.

I knocked on it and her vagina trembles.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Karen’s breathing heavily as a foreign object is inside her.

I should stay still for a while until she adapts herself.

「 Luna, Koyomi-chan. Lick Karen’s breasts 」

I told the two.

「 Okay 」

「 Yes, I understand 」

Luna went for Karen’s right nipple.

Koyomi-chan sucks on her left nipple.

「 Aah, kyauu!! 」

Karen moans loudly as her pussy, and both nipples get attacked.

「 Papa! What about Agnes? 」

Of course, Agnes wants to join in

「 Agnes, use your fingers to touch Karen here 」

I point at Karen’s clit.

In the missionary position, it’s hard to lick Karen’s clitoris while still connected to her, and so…

「 Okay! 」

Agnes licks her index finger and covers it with saliva.


She exposed Karen’s clitoris.

Yeah, that intense sexual arousal made Karen’s clitoris shine like a ruby.

Agnes’ fingers rub that small bean.

「 Hyaa, aaaah, kufuuu!! 」

Karen squirms.

「 Hyaaaa, aaaah, aaaah 」

Good, I think it’s time

I slowly begin moving my hips.

「 Aaaaah, a-amazing! Iyaaa!!! 」

Karen’s body twitches as four people attack her at the same time.

Jupu, jupu, jupu.

The love nectar also increased. It’s overflowing.

「 Ah, ah, ah, aaah!! 」

Karen moans lewdly.

Her eyes are filled with tears of joy.

Luna and Koyomi-chan keep on sucking on Karen’s breasts, they’re not letting go.

「 Karen-chan’s so cute! 」

Agnes also grinds Karen’s clitoris.

「 Haaaaaa, I’m! I’m!!! 」

I do it to the extent where it doesn’t hurt Karen.

Rubbing the flesh walls of her vagina with my glans.

「 Iyaaaaa, aaaaaah, aaaaah! 」

Aah, I can feel it.

Karen’s fuse is lit up.

「 Aaaah, aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!!! Iyaaaaaan!!!! 」

Karen makes a face in pain, looking at me.

「 I’m…I’m…I’m…Kou-oniisama!!!! 」

「 Yeah, I know. Go ahead and cum! 」

I rub and poke Karen’s uterus.

「 Hyauuu!! I-I’m!! Aaaaah!! 」

Karen flies away.

「 I’m cumming! Cumming! Aaaah, aaaaah, cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!!! 」

With four people attacking her, Karen faints in agony.

Her body bends like a bow.

「 Aaaaaaah, aaaaaaah! I’m flying! I’m!! Aaaaaah!!! 」

Karen drowns in the wave of ecstasy.

「 Iyaaaa!! Iyaaaa!! Aaaaaah! Nguuuu!! 」

Karen’s vagina clamped.

Squeezing my penis again and again.