Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1317. Twilight / Sex with the young Group Part 3 / Position



「 Haaaa, aaaa, aaaaah 」

Karen’s soaking in the afterglow of climax.

Her small body is flushed, sweating all over.

Karen’s sweat smells like sweet milk.

「 Karen, I’m pulling out 」

I pull out my erect penis from Karen’s inside, and then…

「 Iyaan!! 」

Karen clings to me, not wanting to let go.

Her vagina tightened up.

「 Please…stay like this…for a little while longer 」

Karen’s still young, and yet she’s learned the pleasures of sex.

「 Karen 」

I pat her beautiful black hair gently.

I kissed Karen’s lips.0

Then, finally, she’s gone back to being the young lady.

「 Aaaah, Kou-oniisama. I’m.. 」

「 So cute, Karen 」

Karen smiles at me with moist eyes.

「 It felt amazing 」

「 Yeah, let’s do it again 」

「 Yes, I’ll be your partner anytime 」

Karen said happily, then she faced Luna.

「 I’m sorry to keep you waiting 」

「 It’s okay, Karen-chan felt good anyway 」

Luna smiled.

「 Yeah, now it’s Luna’s turn 」

I can’t have sex with Luna yet after all.

So we’re finishing our sex with Luna.

「 You good, Karen? 」

「 Yes, Kou-oniisama Aah! 」

I pull out my penis from Karen’s narrow vagina.

Her love nectar drips out and my glans eject out of Karen’s entrance.

「 It went inside Agnes and Karen and now, to Luna 」

I said, then…

「 Wait for a second 」

Koyomi-chan puts my penis in her mouth.

Then, she puts her saliva on it.

Koyomi-chan’s joining in.

This girl, whose body hasn’t grown enough to accept a man’s penis in her vagina gives me gentle fellatio.

She’s copying Katsuko-nee’s technique with her Miko power.

She knows where I’m feeling it, crawling her tongue even to the back of my glans. That feels good.

「 What do you think? 」

She looks up at me and asks.

「 Thanks, that was amazing. Look, it’s big again 」

I show my erect penis to Koyomi-chan.

「 Yes, it’s very big 」

Koyomi-chan happily kisses the tip of my glans.

「 I want it inside me soon 」

「 Yeah, just a little longer 」

I tell Koyomi-chan, then…

「 Luna, how do you want to do it? 」

I turned to Luna and asked.

「 I want to be violated from behind like a dog 」

Luna said with a smile.

She’s already naked, ready for me to ravish her.

「 I have my power. So I can feel all of Nii-san even if we don’t face each other, as long as our skins touch 」

Rather, if we’re facing each other when having sex then the stimulation would be too much for Luna.

「 So, like this? 」

Luna puts her hands on the low table in the reception room and then…

She sticks out her cute ass to me.

Luna’s legs are thin and long, so…

When she gets on all fours, she looks like a newborn fawn.

「 Yeah, then we’ll go from behind 」

「 I felt it when Karen-chan came and so I’m so wet down there. So, just shove it in 」

Luna swings her hips bashfully.

True, love nectar’s overflowing on her lower lip. Luna’s insides are dripping wet.

Her young slit is well prepared.

「 Yeah, don’t mind if I do 」

I stood up, and put point my dick towards Luna’s ass.

「 Here I go, Luna 」

「 Yes, come. Nii-san! 」

I grab Luna’s small hips and shove the tip of my glans on Luna’s slit.


「 Aaah!! 」

Luna’s insides are much hotter than Agnes and Karen’s.

She’s quite aroused after feeling me have sex with other girls.

It’s as if I’m dipping my dick in a hot spring.

I then shove it deeper inside her.

「 Haaaaaa, Nii-san!!! 」

Luna’s narrow inside.

Like a syringe piston, my dick pushes into her tight pussy.


First, I shove my dick inside Luna to the root.

「 Auu! 」

The tip of my glans makes contact with Luna’s uterus.

「 Ah, auuuuu!! 」

I’m connected to Luna while she’s on all fours.

The fawn-like legs tremble as she endures the penetration.

「 Agnes-chan, Koyomi-chan, Karen-chan, hold my hands 」

Luna tells everyone while I penetrate her deeply

「 Okay, desuno 」

「 Yes 」

「 Excuse me 」

Agnes puts her left hand on Luna’s right hand that’s placed on the table.

Koyomi-chan holds Luna’s left hand.

Then, the two of them hold Karen’s hand.

Luna → Agnes → Karen → Koyomi-chan → and back to Luna is the formation.

「 I’m moving now, Luna 」

「 Yes, do as you please Nii-san, mess my body up 」


I begin moving my hips slowly.

Picha, picha, picha.

I move in and out rhythmically and our connected part is making wet noises.

「 Aah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, aaah 」

Luna’s leaking out hot sighs, and then…

「 Aaaaaah 」

「 Haa, haa, haaa 」

「 I feel the waves of pleasure 」

Luna’s pleasure is conveyed to the three, going around.

She’s using her Miko power to this fused sex.

She’s sharing the pleasure with everyone.

「 Aaah, aaauuu, aaaah! Nii-san!! 」

「 Ahn! Aahn! Aaaahn! Papa!! 」

「 Haaa, haaaaaa, kuaaaaaa!!! 」

「 Kuuuuu, uuuuu! Kou-oniisama!!! 」

In the small reception room are the voices of the girls and their sexual pleasure melting together.

「 Aaah, it feels good! Sex feels good! Nii-san! 」

「 Everyone’s together desuno!! 」

「 Aaaaaahn! Aaaaaahn!! 」

「 I’m melting! I’m melting!! 」

The sweet sweat and sour love nectar fill the room.

Luna conveys the pleasure to Agnes, Karen, and Koyomi-chan, and it’s speeding up.


「 Aaaaah! Nii-san! Nii-san! I’m about to cum!! I’m going to cum!! 」

Luna shouts.

「 Yeah, me too! I’m going to cum soon!! 」

I grab Luna’s ass tightly and thrust inside her narrow hole while making slamming sounds.

「 Together! Let’s do it together! Nii-san!! 」

「 I know! 」

「 Aaaaah! Papa!! 」

「 Aaaaahn!! 」

「 I’m going to fly! I’m becoming a shameless girl!! Aaaaah!!! 」

Everyone in the room burns in the hot flames of lust.

「 Aaaah, aaaah, Nii-san!! I’m! I’m! I’m about to!! 」

Luna’s back bends grandly.

「 Cumming!! I’m cumming! Nii-san! I’m cumming!! Aaaah 」

Her hot insides tightened and clamped me.

「 Nii-san! Cumming! CummingCummingCummingCummingCummingCumming!!! 」

Luna bursts open.

「 Kyauu!!!!! Aaaaah! Lunaaa!! Papa!!!! 」

「 Aaaaaah, kuaaaaa!! Aaaaaahn!! 」

「 I’m flying again!!! Haaaaan!! Aah, aaah, aaaahn!!! 」

Agnes and the girls also had their ecstasy lit up, and it made them burst.

Then, me too.

「 Aaah, cumming! I’m going to cum! Luna!! 」

「 Pour it in! Pour it all inside me! Nii-san!! 」


Byrurururu! it spurts out.

「 Aaaaaah, so hot!!! 」

「 Aaaaah, aaaah, Papa!!! 」

「 It feels hot deep inside me!! 」

「 Aaaah, the heat is spreading! I love this! I love this!!! 」

Everyone’s experiencing the same creampie I’m giving Luna.


Byruru, byorururu!!

I ejaculated inside Luna’s womb multiple times.

「 Aaaaah, aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaah!!! 」

Luna’s womb is drinking my semen while still in ecstasy.

Her vagina squeezes my penis again and again.

「 Uuuuu!!! 」

I used the last of my strength to pick up Luna’s body.

Then, I sat down on the sofa.

Luna’s still connected to me, she’s riding on my lap.

Luna enjoys her afterglow while I grope her cute breasts.

「 Aaaaah, Nii-san! Aaaah! 」

Her nipples are stiff and sticking out as she’s in ecstasy.

「 Uuuuuu, kuuuuu, uuuuu!! 」

Luna’s body twitches and her vagina clamps.

Each time she does that, the semen that remained in my urethra is squeezed to Luna’s insides.

「 Amazing, it feels like paradise 」

Luna, Agnes, Koyomi-chan, Karen, and I…

Remained still, exhausted.

The room is filled with the lewd smell of the beauties.

◇ ◇ ◇

Before long.

Knock, knock.

I hear a knocking sound on the door.

『 Excuse me, it’s Ruriko 』

I hear a voice from the intercom speaker.

Oh, Ruriko.

Seems like the middle school girls have come back.

「 Yeah, enter 」

Since it’s Ruriko, I’m sure that she borrowed the key to the reception room from Katsuko-nee to open the door.

Alternatively, Katsuko-nee can unlock the door remotely.

Either way, we can’t move right now so we can’t unlock the door from the inside.


The door unlocks as expected.

Then, it opened.

「 My, it seems that we’ve come to something great 」

Ruriko and Yomi came in.

Both of them changed from their school uniforms.

Well, not exactly changed…

They’re naked, wearing a collar on their neck, and a thin transparent cloth around their waist.

Ruriko’s cute breasts and Yomi’s huge breasts are both exposed.

Their slit is peeking out of the thin cloth.

「 Okay, stay still. Luna, Koyomi-chan too 」

Saying that she pushes in a wagon to the room.

「 I brought some cold lemonade 」

Ruriko pours a cold one into the cups.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I said.

True, we’re sweating and thirsty

「 Okay, I’ll feed you all 」

Yomi brings a cup of lemonade to Koyomi-chan’s mouth.

「 T-Thank you 」

Koyomi-chan drinks, gulping.

「 Onii-sama too 」

Ruriko said and puts the lemonade to her mouth.

Then she feds me mouth to mouth.

It’s cold, sweet, and sour.

It works on my exhausted body.

「 Ruriko, cup 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

I took the lemonade glass and poured it into my mouth.

Then, I fed Luna.

「 Auu!! 」

The cold lemonade made Luna tremble.

My withered penis came out of Luna’s vagina.

「 Here, Agnes-chan too 」

「 Karen-san, here 」

Yomi and Ruriko also made the other girls drink lemonade.

「 Thank you desuno 」

「 Thank you 」

They’re all getting refreshed.


「 So, Ruriko and Yomi, what’s with the outfit? 」

Leather collar and a loincloth. It’s as if…

「 I’m Onii-sama’s sex slave after all 」

Ruriko replies gently.

「 Yomi too. I’m Sensei’s slave 」

Yomi also replied.

「 We feel like we have to look like sex slaves sometimes at least 」


「 I’m a woman with an ugly heart, even if I’m a slave, I try to get Onii-sama to do what I want 」

Ruriko’s been reflecting.

「 Ruriko 」

I embraced Ruriko and licked her pink nipples.

「 Onii-sama? 」

「 If Ruriko’s cute breasts are here, why would I not lick it? 」

I said kindly.

「 Sensei, my breasts too 」

「 Sure, give me a moment 」

Yomi sticks her prided breasts to me and I sucked on her nipples.

「 True, this is okay too sometimes 」

「 This is Sensei’s harem, and yet Sensei’s not giving out any requests 」


「 If I say something stupid then you’ll hate me, don’t you? 」

Then, Agnes;

「 That won’t happen. Agnes and everyone love Papa! 」

She holds the lemonade cup with both hands and smiled.

「 Besides, women also want to do something stupid while in sex too 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s why, sometimes…Onii-sama 」

「 Right. Sometimes, this is okay too 」

This mansion’s a former high-class brothel.

The entire building is regulated to room temperature.

Even if they’re naked, we won’t catch a cold.

「 Come, the bath is ready 」

「 Let’s go to the bath, Sensei! 」

The two sex-slave outfit beauties told me and the naked girls.

/ Position

「 Doing this sometimes is also fun 」

We’re going to the bathroom after having sex.

Agnes, Luna, Koyomi-chan, Karen, and then Ruriko and Yomi who are wearing a collar and loincloth are with us.

「 Yeah, it’s a problem if you’re always naked, but sometimes 」

I walk in the corridor with my dick exposed.

Hmm, Luna’s fidgeting for some reason.

「 What’s wrong, Luna-san? 」

Karen asks Luna.

「 Uhm, Nii-san’s liquid is dripping 」

Oh, it’s only Luna I creampied.

「 I feel like I might get the carpet dirty 」

「 Are you okay, Luna-chan 」

Koyomi-chan asks Luna worriedly.

「 Don’t worry, just tighten up your anus and it won’t spill 」

Luna’s covering her cute ass with her hand, walking on tiptoes.

「 Everyone’s getting along 」

Ruriko smiles while pushing the wagon with the lemonade with Yomi.

「 From now on, we’re in the same school, so we’re going to be closer even more 」

Agnes replies with a bright smile.

「 Speaking of which, how’s Yomi’s situation? 」

Yomi also went to middle school.

「 It went well, Ruriko-oneesama introduced me to the class so there wasn’t any problem 」

So Ruriko took care of Yomi.

「 Misuzu-oneesama took care of the elementary girls, but it’s just Michi and me in middle school 」

Ruriko said.

I hear that not only the Kouzuki girls but also Kaan Momoko-neechan and Kanou Sakurako went to look after Agnes’ situation in class.

「 The elementary girls were accepted but in middle school, I thought that there will be some opposition, so… 」

Oh, right…

The elementary girls, see Misuzu and the high school girls as the big sisters.

If the young ladies of the big three tell them to get along with Agnes, then they’ll take it in obediently, but…

If Misuzu and the girls tell the middle school girls to get along with Yomi…

They’ll probably show antipathy towards Yomi.

「 Yomi-san enrolled in the school as Agnes-chan’s bodyguards, so Michi-chan greeted her as the senior guard to show that Agnes is related to the Kouzuki house 」

It won’t be too big of a problem since it’s just a visit from two people who are a year ahead in the same middle school.

「 Ruriko-oneesama, thanks for that 」

Yomi thanked Ruriko again.

「 And so, how did you get to know the girls in the class after Ruriko and Michi left? 」

I asked Yomi.

「 Well, Two of them come to the joint training sessions for the bodyguards at the Kouzuki SS dojo 」

Oh, the regular training sessions since the party at the Kouzuki house’s garden.

Yomi shows up there so she knows the bodyguards of other noble families.

「 Besides, I’m from the same class as Erica-san 」

Oh, Erica’s popular in the school that she’s called the star of the middle school.

A bright, energetic, and cute girl.

Loved as a little sister by her seniors, and adored as an elder sister by her juniors.

「 Some didn’t like the fact that I’m close to Ruriko-oneesama and Erica-san but I took care of it right away 」

Yomi smiles.

She has her Miko power, and she’s quite a cheeky girl when it comes to her personality.

The only bad part is that she gets carried away easily.

「 Sorry, I’m reflecting on that 」

Yomi read my thoughts and replied.

Even so, I don’t have to worry much if she’s in that school.

The young ladies and bodyguards there are carefully selected.

Since Tendou Otome’s infiltration on Mizushima house, Kouzuki SS had been stricter.

「 Try to get along with them, don’t go too far 」

I told Yomi

「 Yes, certainly 」

Yomi replied with a smile.

「 Oh, Erica’s back at her home tonight, right? 」

Rei-chan told me.

「 Yes, tonight, Erica-san and Mariko-oneesama will return to their homes 」

Ruriko replied.

Erica and Mariko had stayed in the mansion for about half a week, but…

They still have their parent’s home.

Well, in Erica’s case, her mother and father aren’t her real parents, but still. She’s her father’s half-sibling. They still have blood ties.

「 But, Sakurako-oneesama’s coming home with us 」

Oh yeah, Sakurako’s father, the head of the Kanou house, got imprisoned.

Kanou house is currently in a troublesome situation.

So she’s going to live in this mansion.

「 Oh, just in time. They’re here 」

Looking at the direction Ruriko pointed, Sakurako was standing at the entrance of the bathroom.

Sakurako’s wearing only a single undershirt made of transparent fabric.

The shape of her body, her cherry nipples, and the slit are all visible through the fabric.

「 I’ve been waiting, I thought of helping out in washing your back 」

Sakurako bows to me.

「 Me too! 」

「 I’m also here! 」

Eri and Rie jump from the inside of the bathroom.

「 Also, Haiji-chan, Arisu-chan, Kinuka-chan, and Mao-chan are inside 」

The rest of the young group is in there.

「 The water temperature is warm enough so come in 」

We go through the bathroom entrance.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Agnes-chan. Wow! 」

「 Mao-chan! Wow! 」

The two girls laugh.

Oh, everyone’s here.

「 Welcome back, I’ll be going ahead 」

Arisu talks to me as the representative of the group.

Everyone in the bathroom looks at me and accepts me with a smile.

「 Excuse me 」

Ruriko took off her undershirt in the changing room and came to me completely naked, pouring warm water on my back.

「 How’s school? 」

Arisu asks Luna and the girls.

Arisu was a student in that school so she’s curious about the situation.

「 I think that it’s a lovely school 」

Koyomi-chan replies to Arisu.

Arisu’s thirteen. Luna and the girls are 12.

Even if it’s just a year difference, elementary and middle school are different.

It must be emotionally painful to hear from Yomi about the current state of the middle school she dropped out of.

To Arisu, she graduated from elementary school there.

I think that she won’t mind talking to Luna and the girls when it’s a place that’s accepted her in the past.

「 Speaking of which, where are the other girls. Like Misuzu? 」

I asked Sakurako.

If Sakurako’s here then that means that the convoy that brought Agnes and the girls back home had already brought the other girls to the mansion too.

Although, that doesn’t mean that all of them should be here.

They might have some reason to remain.

「 Yes, everyone’s returned 」

Sakurako replied with a smile.

「 I’m riding a different car from Misuzu-sama but… 」

Oh, since they can’t fit all girls in one car in the morning, they had to split up into several cars.

Even if Erica and Marika returned to their homes…

In middle school, Haiji, Yomi, Ruriko, and Michi are there.

Then, Sakurako and Shie-san, Misuzu, and Yoshiko-san from high school.

They still can’t fit in two cars.

「 And so, where’s Misuzu and the girls? 」

Why aren’t they showing up?

「 If it’s Misuzu-chan, then she’s helping with the preparation for dinner 」

Ruriko replies.

「 Oh, that’s rare 」

Usually, it’s Katsuko-nee, Mana, Ruriko, and Megu doing the housework in the mansion.

The other girls do help out sometimes, but…

Misuzu’s not that active when it comes to cooking.

「 Misuzu-chan’s trying to change herself 」

Ruriko said.

Yeah, she was trying her best in cleaning the toilets this morning too.

She’s reminding herself that just because she’s the daughter of the Kouzuki house, she can’t act bossy.

「 But, she’s not cut for it. Misuzu-sama is better suited standing above and giving directions 」

Sakurako said.

「 Even so, but having such experience isn’t bad 」

I said.

「 Especially when it comes to cooking 」

I don’t think Misuzu’s future includes housework, but still.

Misuzu’s going to Tokyo University, and she aims to become an elite bureaucrat.

However, that doesn’t mean that she can’t know anything about cooking.

「 Maybe I should learn cooking too? 」

Sakurako asks me.

「 That’s for you to decide. If you think that it’s good, then learn from Katsuko-nee. But if you want to learn something else, then focus on that 」

I looked at Ruriko.

「 Ruriko started learning to housekeep as soon as she came to the mansion, and Misuzu started today. Everyone finds the right time and do it, nobody orders them to do so 」

「 Yes, I do it because I want to 」

Ruriko smiled at Sakurako.

「 In this house, you need to think of what you should do, and act on your own, for Onii-sama, for the family, and for yourself 」

「 Yeah, decide for yourselves. And if the family makes a serious decision, we don’t spare effort to cooperate. If Misuzu isn’t just cleaning up the toilets but also trying to do her best in learning cooking, then I’m cheering for her 」

「 It would be a shame if her studies stagnate and she became absorbed in other things but Misuzu-chan isn’t like that 」

Ruriko speaks about her beloved cousin.

「 Sakurako, you should think of what you want to do in the future too. It doesn’t have to be with the Kanou house. I’ll do something about it if possible 」

「 For Kanou house, Sakurako-oneesama’s child with Onii-sama can inherit the house. Sakurako-oneesama will never get in trouble with the house 」

Ruriko said.

I will never allow the branch families of the Kanou house nor any noble house to force Sakurako into a political marriage.

I’ll adamantly prevent that.

「 We’ll keep Sakurako safe. So, you need to keep the other members of the family who are weaker than you safe too 」

「 Yes, I understand 」

Sakurako nods.

「 Shie’s first 」

Sakurako’s bodyguard. Shiranui Shie-san.

「 Where’s Shie-san right now? 」

「 Oh. I invited Shie to take a bath with us but she’s embarrassed, and so she’s helping out in the kitchen right now

Sakurako replies.

「 Yeah, I think that’s good. Shie-san can get along with the girls by cooking together 」


「 Shie-san’s been a bodyguard all this time, but… 」

I speak my worry.

「 To be honest, I don’t think she’s going to get along with Michi, Edie, Mitama, Kinuka, or Haiji. I mean, she’s different from the other bodyguards 」

「 What’s the difference between them? 」

Sakurako asks me

「 Let’s see 」

I try to speak out the thoughts that are in my heart.

「 Shie-san has no uniqueness for someone who lived in martial arts. You don’t feel that from her 」


「 For example, if an enemy appears in front of Michi and the group, they’ll take action to eliminate them as soon as they’re recognized as hostile. She won’t hesitate at all 」

She’ll take down the enemy without hesitation.

A moment of hesitation can lead to her and her master’s death.

「 But if you put Shie-san in that situation, she’d stop and think 」

Yeah, Shie-san always hesitates, worries.

That’s why she’ll never take the initiative.

「 There’s nothing wrong with being able to pause and think instead of acting on reflexes when something happens. That’s also a useful skill on its own. But, for a bodyguard, I think that personality is a big problem 」

I said.

「 Shie-san comes from a family that’s been serving the Kanou house as their bodyguard for generations, and she’s been Sakurako’s bodyguard since she was a child so I don’t think anyone checked her personality traits 」

Furthermore, Kanou house had already lost its momentum when Sakurako was born.

They probably had nobody but Shie-san to take on the role of Sakurako’s attendant and bodyguard.

Furthermore, the range of her security is only within the world of the nobility and the school for the young ladies.

Shie-san had been trained by her father as a bodyguard.

I don’t think anyone thought of her nature.


「 Shie-san’s personality doesn’t suit security at all 」

I tell Sakurako clearly.

「 That’s why I can’t take in Shie-san as a bodyguard. 」

Currently, Shie-san is here as a seamstress.

「 What should I do with Shie? 」

Sakurako asks me with a dire face.

「 For now, observe. Don’t rush it. There are a lot of types of people in the mansion so there should be someone who is a good match with Shie-san 」

I tell Sakurako with a smile.

「 She’ll come along with the girl the good match and have her open her heart first. That’s when we can help her 」

「 That’s indeed true 」

Sakurako’s convinced.

「 It’s the same for you, Sakurako. Find someone that you can get along with 」


Going to me after coming back from school isn’t good.

「 Look in the bathroom, everyone’s finding a partner to talk to, right? 」

They’re not coming to me.

「 All of us always feel that Onii-sama loves us, and the family, with all our hearts… 」

Ruriko tells Sakurako.

「 So, we have to find our place in the family 」

Sakurako understood what Ruriko was saying.

Only the young group is here.

Mao-chan and Agnes, who get along with everyone are here.

Eri and Rie, the carefree and easy to talk to twins are here.

There are also the young ladies who know Sakurako well enough from childhood, Ruriko from the Kouzuki house, Arisu from the Kurama house, and Karen from the Mizushima house.

Sakurako doesn’t feel pressure from any of them.

Sakurako, who’s a newcomer to the mansion, is surrounded by easy-to-interact girls.

「 I understand, then I’ll try talking to them 」

Sakurako replies, but…

「 Wait a second 」

I groped Sakurako’s cute breasts.

「 ? 」

Sakurako’s surprised.

「 It doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring Sakurako’s charming naked body. Well, I just had sex with Agnes and the girls earlier so that’s it 」

I said.

She must be expecting sex since she was waiting for me, who’s naked.

「 I’ll use the remaining semen in my body to pour it all in Sakurako’s womb 」

I kneaded Sakurako’s nipples with my fingers.

「 But, that’s for later, Sakurako 」

I said. and embraced her.

「 Yes, I’ll be waiting 」

She replies happily.

We kissed.