Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1318. Twilight / Returns



Mao-chan and Agnes wash my body.

Then, I returned the favor to the two.

The girls whose father was absent since their birth are happy to wash my body.

「 Okay, that’s good enough 」

I wash off the bubbles and soap from the body of this half-foreign beauty who’s well developed for her age.

「 Thank you desuno! Let’s go! Mao-chan! 」

「 Okay 」

The two went to the bathtub.

「 Then, it’s Sakurako’s turn next 」

I added some body shampoo to the sponge and lathered it up.

「 Uhm, I… 」

「 Don’t mind it, let me do it. I still have to wash Arisu, Kinuka, Haiji, and Karen after Sakurako 」

I put the sponge on Sakurako’s beautiful back.

Going gently, being careful not to use too much force when scrubbing her with foam.

Sakurako’s healthy skin flicks off the water.

「 Ahn, so good 」

「 I do this with the girls every day after all 」

Sakurako’s father had been imprisoned by his vassals because of his behavioral problems.

Arisu’s father was in debt and disappeared.

Kinuka and Mitama’s father had been the bodyguard of the Kurama house for generations, and so he went and disappeared together with his Master, Misato, and Arisu’s father.

Haiji who grew up in Europe was an orphan. She doesn’t have parents.

Karen’s parents are alive and healthy, but because of the sins of her father -the head of the Mizushima house- towards the Kouzuki house and other noble families. Karen’s taken away from her parents and became my sex slave in this mansion. Karen never talks about her parent’s home but I think that she misses them.

「 After Karen, it’ll be Ruriko, Luna, Koyomi-chan, Yomi, Eri, and Rie 」


The cousins of the Takakura shrine maidens.

The twins of the good-for-nothing Kansai Yakuza parents.

Their parents are already dead.

Meaning, the girls in this bathroom…

They’re all those who lost their fathers, those who feel lonely.

I have to fill in that sense of loss they’re feeling.

That’s my duty as the only man in the Kuromori house.

「 We’re okay. The four of us will clean each other 」

Luna tells me with a smile.

「 I’ll do Ruriko-oneechan 」

「 Then, I will go with Yomi-san 」

Luna and Koyomi-chan said.

The girls with the Miko power can read my thoughts.

I guess they were being considerate since it’s going to be hard for me to wash all of them one-by-one.

「 That’s not it. It’s just that I want to be closer to Ruriko-oneesan today 」

Koyomi-chan replies to the thoughts in my mind.

「 Yes. I want to be closer to Yomi-san and everyone 」

Koyomi-chan said.

I guess that’s okay too.

Getting them closer is also for the better.

「 We’re okay for today too 」

「 Eri-chan and I will wash Yomi-oneesan’s back 」

Eri and Rie said.

「 It won’t be just Yomi-oneesan’s back, but also the front 」

「 I’ve always been curious about these huge breasts 」

Hearing that, Yomi in the bathtub lifts her huge breasts with her hands.

「 Sure, sure. Touch them all you want 」

She smiled at the twins.

Eri and Rie then asked me.

「 With that said. Maybe next time Nii-san 」

「 We’re looking forward to our schedule next time 」

Oh, instead of going at it right now.

They’re going to use that to serve a lot during their time.

「 Next time, Eri-chan and I will perform the special soap technique that only us twins can do 」

「 Doing lewd stuff on the airmat 」

「 Katsuko-san taught us how to dance with soap on our bodies 」

「 Onii-san, you’re going to be sandwiched between two young bodies 」


The twin beauties are going to do such intense soap play?


「 Papa, what’s soap? 」

Mao-chan asks.


「 He’s a swimming gold medalist 」

「 What’s Soap Dance? 」

「 The festival in Shikoku 」

「 What’s “Sandwich?” 」

「 A man called Earl Sandwich from a long time ago 」

I replied somehow.

「 I see 」

Mao-chan nods and is convinced.

In her case, it’s not a problem whether my answer is right or not.

Either way, I just have to answer her confidently.

Then, she will be satisfied.

「 Awawa, was that bad? 」

「 Real bad, bad, really bad 」

Rie panics. Eri dances.

「 Geez, Eri-chan and Rie-chan, bad! 」

Agnes scolds the twins.

We’re banning vulgar words when Mao-chan’s with us as it will be bad for her education.

「 That kind of conversation can come when Mao-chan is in her sixth grade! 」

Ah, Agnes.

Inside Agnes’ head, sixth grade is where the sex ban is lifted, and you can get pregnant at high school.

I have to amend that.

「 Sorry 」

Rie obediently apologized but…

「 Tahaha, Risso, Risso, it spilled, the tea spilled 」

Eri continues her naked dance.

「 Eri-chan’s so funny 」

Mao-chan copies the dance, but I stopped her before.

「 Don’t dance in the bathroom, what will you do if you slip and your head hits the floor? 」

「 Oh, that’s my fault. Sorry 」

Eri stopped dancing and apologized to me.

「 You can dance after leaving the bathroom 」

「 Okay! 」

Agnes said, Mao-chan replied happily.

That’s a very elder-sister-like act. Agnes.

「 Sakurako, I’m rinsing off the foam 」

「 Please 」

I wash off the soap on Sakurako’s body.

Sakurako’s tight hips and nice ass.

She also has some nice proportions.

「 Just washing our bodies like this is calming my mind 」

Sakurako smiled at me.

「 Skinship is such a nice thing 」

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

I embraced Sakurako from behind.

I think that it also heals my mind when I wash my family’s body every day.

The feeling of our naked bodies touching enriches our hearts.

「 I wanted to do the washing and yet… 」

I raised Sakurako’s arm and washed her armpit.

「 Next time 」

「 Yes, certainly, look forward to next time 」

Sakurako’s expression seems calm now.

It seems that her heart has found balance.

That’s a little reassuring.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, pick whichever you want to wear. Oh, we’re going to eat so put on at least your panties! 」

Katsuko-nee’s in the changing room as we leave the bathroom.

She’s pushing in a wagon of clothing.


「 What’s all these? 」

Inside the clothing case are…

See-through undershirts, underwear, and shirts.

Also, the same loincloth Ruriko and Yomi wore earlier.

Either way, all of them have see-through fabric.

I mean, Katsuko-nee’s also wearing a see-through negligee.

Her plump body is wrapped in thin clothing, and it’s much sexier than just plain naked.

「 Well, it’s our lightly dressed fair today 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

W-What’s going on?

「 It’s been hectic recently here so we thought of letting loose a bit 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 I’ll pick the loincloth just like earlier. I’ll put on underwear this time however 」

Ruriko puts on a leather collar on her neck and puts on a thin panty on her lower half while still naked on the upper half.

She puts on the loincloth.

Seems like she wants to be thorough on being my sex slave for tonight.

「 Yomi will pick the same then 」

Yomi exposes her huge breasts and puts on only panty and loincloth.

「 I will also pick the same outfit from earlier 」

Sakurako puts on a thin undershirt.

「 Then, I’ll pick undershirt for tonight 」

「 Me too, I’ll go with the undershirt 」

The young ladies, Arisu and Karen picked the undershirt.

Sakurako picked her name color.

Arisu went with red, and Karen chose the purple-blue color.

They put on their see-through underskirt with a waistband.

「 Haiji-san, do you want this? I think that wafuku suits you. 」

Arisu recommends a different colored undershirt.

Oh, Haiji’s got a small face so having that might fit her surprisingly.

「 Then, I’ll take that 」

Haiji took the yellow-green undershirt.

「 Then, I’ll take this 」

Kinuka chose a string.

Yep, just string.

「 This is enough. 」

Just white panties and a string on her breasts.

Well, if Kinuka’s okay with that then sure.

「 I have to put on panties so there’s that, but it can’t be helped then 」

Eri said.

It’s our rule to have everyone put on their underwear during mealtime for sanitation.

「 But, Eri-chan, all we have to do is pick see-through underwear, right? 」

Rie picked a string panty. Yep, that’s see-through alright.

「 I see. I’ll do the same 」

「 This will enchant Onii-san. Eri-chan 」

「 That’s right. Rie-chan 」

The two rummaged the case, and then…

「 Then, I’ll take this 」

「 And me too 」

Eri and Rie chose the apron.

A see-through apron.

「 Wow, Agnes will take this 」

Agnes picked a see-through shirt.

Well, it’s bigger than her shirt, but it’s quite transparent so seeing her naked body through it is sexy.

「 Then, we’ll take the same 」

「 Right 」

Luna and Koyomi-chan also picked the same see-through shirt.

「 Mao will pick the same! 」

And Mao-chan follows.

Although, Mao-chan’s size makes it look like a dress instead of a shirt.

「 Hey, Onii-san, is it okay for Mao-chan to be like that? 」

Eri asks me.

「 If you look at the outfits in an educational perspective… 」

「 Don’t mind it too much 」

I said.

「 To Mao-chan, this is just a fun clothing party 」

It’s lewd because we think it is.

「 But to her, it’s just a game 」

If you think too weirdly about it, then it’ll become weirder

「 I see. You’re right. I understand 」

Eri’s convinced.

Well then, I…

I put on my underwear and a transparent shorts on my lower half.

Then, just like Ruriko and the girls, I’m naked on my upper half.

「 Wow, Papa’s like in the Arabian Nights 」

「 Alladin! 」

Agnes and Mao-chan said.

「 Come, let’s eat dinner 」

Katsuko-nee tells us.

Everyone fathered and left the dressing room.

「 Still, Katsuko-nee 」

I recalled something.

「 You say that it’s lightly dressed fair, but… 」

But, the mansion is currently…

「 Our guests will be eating dinner in another room 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「 Edie and Anya-san, and also Nei-chan are in charge of taking care of them 」


「 Oh, Kudou Haruka-san and Kendou Maria-san returned to the Kouzuki SS training facility. So, only Grace Marinka-san and the sisters Kyouko-san brought are here 」

Dolly and Anna, the drill spear sisters girl assassins from Southeast Asia.

「 Edie told me that you gave them enough input already that they need some time to think objectively 」

Yeah, Grace-san and the Drill sisters too.

During lunch today, we turned over their sense of values in our school.

「 If you put anything more in their head they’ll burst. That’s why they’re going to eat dinner in a different room tonight and then they’ll take a rest. Besides 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 Aren’t you at your limit too? I think that your heart won’t be able to rest if you keep worrying about them

That’s true.

Grace-san, Dolly, and Anna too.

I get cautious when they’re present.

I need some time with the family where I don’t have to think.

「 Oh, but those girls are here. The troublesome ones 」

Huh, Katsuko-nee?

Who are we talking about?

While we’re having that conversation, we arrived in our dining room.


「 I’ve been waiting, Kuromori-sama 」

「 We’ve been waiting 」

Oh, right.

I forgot about them.

「 Come, let’s eat! 」

「 This way! 」

Just like the other girls, the two of them are also wearing a see-through undershirt.

Kuromiya Motoko-san, a combat young lady.

And her bodyguard, Mikuriya Kurumi-san.

Both of them didn’t return to their homes, they’re staying here tonight.

「 Come, come, this way. 」

「 This way! 」

The two with their pushy and my-pace personality invite me to the dining room.