Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 660. A bouncy response



「 Yeah, I knew it. Andou Kuzawa-san 」

I look at Tsukiko-san’s frightened face.

「 I met him in front of our house around past noon. He said, “Where’s Ojou?!” 」

I think he was referring to Tsukiko-san.

Not Yomiko-san, Yomiko-san is the daughter of the priest. She doesn’t have blood from the Yakuza.

It’s possible that it’s Luna-san, but it’s unlikely for those Yakuza to call an elementary school student “Ojou.”

Above all Tsukiko-san, a tall, long-black haired girl, has the atmosphere that’s likely called “Ojou.”

「 Andou’s only following Tsukiko around! 」

Yomiko-san speaks for Tsukiko-san who’s hesitating to speak.

「 They think of Tsukiko as their princess after all! 」

In short, Tsukiko-san’s father is the big boss of Andou’s Yakuza group.

「 What about Tsukiko-san, what do you think of them? 」

I asked.

「 What? 」

「 I mean, what do you think of Andou Kuzawa or those Yakuza from Kansai who seem to be hot-blooded? 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 I mean, do you think they’re annoying or something? 」

「 That’s 」

Ah, her expression changed.

She thinks they’re an annoyance.

「 I’m a member of Takakura house. I have nothing to do with the previous generation 」

Tsukiko-san said.

Previous generation.

Tsukiko-san’s father has already passed the organization to its successor.

Or maybe, he’s already dead.

「 Yomiko-san, look 」

「 What? 」

I think for a moment.

「 Let me touch your tits 」

「 Haa?! 」

Yomiko-san looks at me dumbfounded.

「 Well, you see, I feel like I can come up with ideas when rubbing breasts 」

Nei or Katsuko-nee’s breasts are better, but,

Yomiko-san’s loli tits are good enough.

「 I didn’t know that 」

Michi turns to me with a blank look from the passenger seat.

「 I’m very sorry for having no breasts 」


「 No, it’s okay. Your ass is nice and squishy. Michi’s ass feels the best, they feel really nice to touch 」

「 But Master prefers breasts, right? 」

She stares at me.

「 Please continue to massage her breasts then 」

Michi turns to the front.

「 Oh, in that case, put a bath towel under her butt! 」

Shou-neechan turns to us now.

「 Your touch is impressive that it will get the seats dirty. It’s leather, sorry about that 」

This car is Shou-neechan’s prided American car.

It will definitely be harsh if we stain the seats with love nectar.

「 Let’s see, we have some extra bath towels 」

I take the bath towel folded behind the seats.

「 Here, Yomiko-san, raise your ass. While at it, Tsukiko-san too 」

「 Y-Yes 」

For now, I lay a bath towel under their asses.

「 Okay, now I don’t have to worry while massaging your breasts 」

I reach out for Yomiko-san’s breasts.

「 Uhm, Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko-san calls me.

「 Does it really have to be Yomiko-sama’s breasts? 」


「 If you’re asking for breasts, I have them as well 」

Saying that; Tsukiko-san exposes her white bra hidden under her bath towel.

「 Err. 」

Yomiko-san’s loli tits feel attractive to massage, but,

Her breasts are shaped beautifully.

「 Then, I’ll massage Tsukiko-san’s breasts instead 」

I also have to collect my thoughts about Tsukiko-san.

「 Then, please 」

Tsukiko-san sticks out her chest.

「 No, no, take off your bra first 」

I said.

「 What? 」

「 I can’t enjoy the feeling of your breasts if you wear a bra 」

「 Ah, I-I’m sorry 」

Tsukiko-san unhooks her bra hurriedly.


「 Uhm 」

「 What? 」

「 Could you turn away while I’m taking off my underwear? 」

Tsukiko-san’s blushing.

But I,

「 No 」

「 What? 」

「 I want to see Tsukiko-san’s breasts jump out while taking off the bra 」

「 Uhm 」

「 I want to see it! 」

I push strongly.

「 I-I understand 」

Tsukiko-san takes off her bra in front of me, blushing.

Her beautiful breasts spill out.


「 Then, I’ll massage it 」

「 Please 」

My hand touches Tsukiko-san’s breasts.

Yes, this is a perfect size.

Tsukiko-san’s skin feels warm.

I rub her nipples.

「 Oh, I can feel your heart beating 」

「 I-It’s my first time touched like this 」

Tsukiko-san said.

「 Uhm, sorry to disturb your fun, but, 」

Shou-neechan speaks from the driver’s seat.

「 It’s about time we head out 」

「 Ah, sorry, Let’s go, Shou-neechan 」

「 We’ll turn to the downtown area, right? 」

「 Yeah, the planned route from earlier 」

「 Roger 」


This American muscle car engine makes a loud noise.

The headlight illuminates the dark school building’s backside.

「 Then, let’s go 」

Our car starts accelerating.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hmmm 」

I think while massaging Tsukiko-san’s breasts.

「 Uhm, how is it? 」

Tsukiko-san asks me bashfully.

「 Well, these are nice breasts 」

I speak out my honest opinion.

「 Not that 」

「 What? 」

「 Are you still going to continue? 」

「 Yes, I’ll do a lot more rubbing 」

I haven’t sorted out my thoughts yet.

「 Tsukiko doesn’t like it. Stop it already. That’s enough! 」

Yomiko-san tells me.

「 If it’s still not enough then you can rub mine instead 」

She speaks sullenly.

「 No, I’m just organizing the thoughts in my head 」

I massage, massage, massage Tsukiko-san’s breasts.

I rub, rub, rub her nipples.

「 Ah 」

Tsukiko-san leaks out hot sighs.


「 Shou-neechan 」

I first call out Shou-neechan.

「 Yes? 」

She sends me a glance through the rearview mirror.

「 Jii-chan left Shou-neechan to us, that means 」

That’s right, she was left here on purpose.

「 That means that Shou-neechan has some hint for me, right? 」

Shou-neechan’s the head of field division of Kouzuki SS.

Naturally, she should know all of Jii-chan’s directives and his plans for the Takakura sisters.

「 Kakka gave me an instruction to answer only what’s asked 」

It means that she’ll answer anything I ask honestly.

Then that means.

I need to figure out the major problem by myself.

「 I was told not to reveal unnecessary information 」

In short, this is a trial for me.

I must use my insight and train my ability to find a way to solve the problem.

「 Okay. Then, first question, the boss who wants to take over the Takakura shrine, is he a recently appointed one 」

「 Yes. He replaced the leader on top during the spring this year 」

I knew it.

「 How did you come to that conclusion? 」

Shou-neechan asks me while driving.

「 Well, the Takakura shrine maidens have been the arbitrator for the Yakuza since Meiji era, right? I mean, it’s like a sacred rule that they’re in the same position as the Yakuza 」

If the arbitrator has a good relationship, or under control of some other Yakuza group, then.

They will no longer function as an arbitrator.

「 Yet, they still try to take over Takakura house. So the head must be someone who ignored the promise of the old generation 」

They’re being too sudden, and also too flashy.

They killed the priest and the current shrine maiden just to hijack the shrine.

If it’s a boss from long ago, then he wouldn’t be able to come up with this plan and do it.

It hit me that the newly appointed boss can do that.

「 “Now that I’m the head, I’ll change the ways from before,” I think they want to take over the shrine to show that message 」

I said. Tsukiko-san and Yomiko-san are listening.

「 That’s correct. It is as you guessed 」

Then that means;

The boss who wants to take over the Takakura shrine,

He knows about Takakura shrine’s “Miko power,” however,

He never received arbitration from a shrine maiden.

Tsukiko-san’s 17 years old. In other words, that’s the time where arbitration was held.

If Luna-san is a child from arbitration, then that would be 12-years ago.

The new boss cannot have an arbitration from a shrine maiden through sex.

In short, the boss who wants to take over isn’t Tsukiko-san’s(or Luna-san either) father.

「 The boss from that organization, no, the boss from ten years ago, is he still alive? 」

「 If it’s the boss from that time, he’s already dead. His son succeeded in his place for a while, but the organization didn’t fit together that someone stronger among the henchmen became the new boss 」

「 And that’s the new boss now? 」

「 No, the head now is the third. They’ve decided to have the top ranking executive in that system 」

I see. They have no relation with Tsukiko-san.

「 What’s the name of that new boss? 」

「 Satake. Unryu Kaizan Mori family’s 7th Generation Patriarch, Satake Nobuo 」

Shou-neechan said.

I see.

The big boss of the hijacking group just became the head recently, he heard about the Miko power but, he hasn’t experienced it himself.

Therefore, he’s looking down on Takakura shrine’s “Miko power” and “Arbitration.”

I think.

That is why he’s acting recklessly, killing the priest and the shrine maiden, and is now trying to hijack the shrine.

In short. His purpose isn’t to take over.

Boss Satake is trying to show off by crushing the “Miko power,” which the old generation have faith in.

He wants to grasp the real power of the Yakuza world and wipe out the generations older than him.

Then that means,

From what I heard, the boss wanted to take over the shrine, killed the priest, and the shrine maiden who happened to be there got involved and died as well.

However, it’s the opposite.

Satake plans to kill the shrine maiden from the start. The husband was the one who got involved.

Jii-chan must be worried about the Takakura sisters, so he altered the truth.

The Takakura sisters have absolute confidence in their “Miko power” that they believe that all of the Yakuza in the world are afraid of the Takakura house’s shrine maidens.

To the sisters, their mother was mistakenly murdered.

The reason being,

If the purpose of boss Satake is to not to take over the Takakura shrine but kill all the shrine maidens of Takakura house, then,

Satake would send the Yakuza not with the purpose of kidnapping the sisters, but,

to kill them.

Once the Takakura sisters died, the bloodline of Takakura house shrine maidens will stop.

Satake will be able to show off to the older generation.

The Takakura sisters’ lives are at risk.

Therefore, Jii-chan brought them to Tokyo hurriedly.

Then, his explanations are different from the truth.

If they discover the truth that their lives are in danger as the Yakuza who had faith in them now wants to kill the shrine maidens, it will cause a massive shock to them.

That’s why Jii-chan lied that Satake’s purpose is to kidnap the succeeding shrine maiden for his takeover.

It’s all not to put the sisters in a corner.

「 Then, who’s the head of the other Yakuza group. Andou Kuzawa’s group 」

I asked Shou-neechan

The story so far is that there’s a Yakuza group that opposes the hijack faction, although they don’t want the Takakura sisters to become prostitutes, so they chased after the girls from Kansai to Tokyo.

「 Is the boss of that Yakuza group the head for over ten years? 」

If my prediction is correct, then.

「 That’s right, he’s been the big boss for about 20 years already 」

Shou-neechan replied.

In short, that one’s Tsukiko-san’s father.

He’s the man who received arbitration 17 years ago.

「 What’s his name? 」

「 Kansai Raijin Oodori family’s patriarch, Oodori Hiroyoshi 」

Shou-neechan’s voice sounds a bit dark.

That’s perhaps,

「 Does that Oodori boss think differently compared to Andou Kuzawa 」

Boss Oodori should have experienced the real “Miko power.”

That also means he knows how fearsome it is.

Now. Satake made a sudden action, and the shrine maiden died.

Subsequently, the three daughters aren’t shrine-maidens yet.

What is Oodori thinking in this situation?

Does he want to protect the Takakura sisters and connect to the blood of the shrine maidens?


Does he want to break the shrine maiden’s bloodline?

「 Jii-chan protecting these girls means “that” 」

That’s all I can think of.

「 I think that your guess is correct 」

If boss Oodori thinks of saving the Takakura shrine’s arbitrators, then,

Jii-chan should come to help.

Yakuza organizations cannot make strong connections with the Takakura shrine, but.

At least, Jii-chan should be able to discuss with them.

This is basically a problem in the Yakuza world.


Jii-chan deployed all units of Kouzuki SS.

He’s confronting the two Yakuza groups all-out.

Jii-chan’s going this far, then that means.

「 I’m beaten 」

That boss knows how fearsome Takakura shrine maidens’ power is.

He also wants to kill the Takakura sisters.

Even though it’s his own daughter.

「 What do you mean by that? 」

Yomiko-san looks at me curiously.

Tsukiko-san looks at me in wonder silently.

「 Haha, this is definitely an emergency 」

「 We’ve already intercepted all of the Yakuza contacts. We know what they’re thinking and how they’re moving 」

Kouzuki SS moves knowing everything.

They know about the new generation head Satake who doesn’t know anything about the shrine maidens, and yet he killed her along with the priest.

They also know about boss Oodori from the old generation who’s familiar with the horror of the shrine maidens.

And how he wants to eradicate the shrine maiden’s lineage on this opportunity.

That Yakuza plan to kill the Takakura sisters.

「 But. Shou-neechan 」

Andou Kuzawa was different.

「 Yes. That’s right. Andou and others who work at the bottom of the organization have genuine thoughts. Their belief continue from the old days of Takakura shrine 」

「 That’s obvious. They are in trouble without our arbitration 」

Takakura Yomiko-san puffs her huge chest.

「 Takakura shrine prospers by letting the groups coexist 」

Yomiko-san thinks that she’s not abandoned by the Yakuza yet.

「 And so, does Andou know about it? 」

I choose my words so Yomiko-san and Tsukiko-san won’t worry

「 No, They don’t know, their superiors don’t reveal their real intent. Perhaps 」

Shou-neechan said.

I see. They’re using Andou’s sympathy for the Takakura sisters.

Once the sisters are secured, they’re going to kill them.

They could easily make reasons that Satake’s underlings killed the sisters in the middle of transport.

「 Shou-neechan, could it be that I brought these two to danger because of my plan on taking them downtown? 」

I asked.

「 Not at all. This is not a bad plan at all. However 」

Shou-neechan shows a wry smile in the mirror.

「 This car of mine isn’t bulletproof, prepare for the worst 」


「 It would get heavy if I turn it bulletproof. Even if we have higher horsepower engine, the handling will still get worse, you see? I prefer to escape to a safe place fast than to make the car heavy 」

It’s a sports car after all. It’s avoiding danger with speed, I guess.

「 Therefore, it’s a worry if the enemy shoots their gun 」

「 There’s no need for that! Those people want to get their hands on the successors of the shrine maidens. They will never try to hurt us! 」

Yomiko-san believes as such.

「 There’s no problem. I’m here 」

Michi said.

Sure, Shingetsu is reassuring, but.

It’s condolence for us if we have to show Shingetsu to Andou and such.


「 Yomiko-san, can I? 」

I look at Yomiko-san.

「 My breasts? 」

No, I’m having fun with Tsukiko-san’s breasts, so I don’t have to, but.

Well, how about I massage those too while we’re at it.

「 Yeah, well, I guess I’ll ask you while rubbing. Thanks, Tsukiko-san 」

「 Not at all 」

I massage Yomiko-san’s loli tits this time.

「 Auu 」

Oh, the sensation from climax still remains.

「 And so, I’d like to from Yomiko-san 」

I ask.

「 If the Takakura shrine maiden is at full power, what happens? 」

Boss Oodori who experienced the full power is trying to kill the Takakura sisters, even if one of them was his real daughter.

So, what is there to fear from the Miko power?

「 Controlling the other people as you want isn’t everything to it, right? 」

Yomiko-san’s power is only to control.

It’s incomplete and immature; therefore it didn’t work on me, Jii-chan, or Minaho-neesan.

Right now, Michi suppresses it with her Qi.

「 I don’t know! 」

Yomiko-san replies with a nonchalant face.

「 Well, I still don’t have the full Miko power! That’s why I don’t know it yet! 」


「 Did your late mother not show it to you? 」

「 Never! 」

I see.

The arbitration was done 17 years ago.

Even if Luna-san was born from the arbitration,

That would mean that Yomiko-san and Luna-san are both still young.

They can’t possibly see what a shrine maiden does.

「 I think it’s having both her power and the opposite of it 」

Michi speaks up suddenly.

「 Her current power is to send her Qi to the other party and manipulate them as she wills it. Of course, it’s immature. However, the shrine maidens should have the power to accept other people’s Qi as well 」

Accept Qi?

「 Why do you think so? 」

「 Because shrine maidens train with sex 」

Michi replied immediately.

「 Besides, if their training is to become a prostitute and have sex with multiple men then I think that their purpose is to train Qi 」

「 Why? 」

「 If the Shrine maidens only give their Qi, that would be unfair. Even if they control other people’s mind, it will just be temporary. I think that they cannot fulfill their role of the arbitrator if it’s only that 」

I see. Even if they force the Yakuza to shake hands.

That would only be because the shrine maidens controlled them.

Once they come back to their house, their anger to the other party only rises.

The conflict will never end.

「 Why do both Yakuza bosses need to have sex? What happens resulting from sex? That’s what I thought 」

Michi said.

「 Michi, did you get any answers? 」

「 Yes, Master. Perhaps, Takakura shrine maidens accept all of the Qi of her partner during sex

「 So what will they do once they receive everything? 」

I asked.

「 They can see through the heart of the man 」


「 Their current worries, regrets in the pasts, their troubles, and even their concerns about the future. I think that the shrine maidens can see through everything in the mind of their partner 」

That means.

「 Yes. It’s fatal for businesses such as Yakuza. Their sins in the past and sins about to commit are all known 」

Their past crimes, the shrine maiden will know if one has regret or frustration lurking deep inside their mind.

The crimes they plan now, the shrine maiden will be able to see what they expect.

「 To control one’s mind and to see through it, the Yakuza are afraid of the Takakura shrine maiden because of these two powers, I thought 」

Ah, I think that’s right.

I now know the reason why Oodori is trying to kill the Takakura sisters.

Boss Oodori who once experienced arbitration,

it means that the sister’s mother has seen through his mind.

All of his past sins.

All of his fears.

That would be a fearsome experience for Oodori.

「 And now, there’s no shrine maidens 」

Satake killed off Oodori’s subject of fear.


There are still the daughters of Takakura house.

He has to kill the sisters and stop the bloodline of the shrine maidens.

Or else, Oodori’s anxiety will not go away.

Even if it’s his own daughter,

「 I’ve connected all the dots 」

I said. Yomiko-san and Tsukiko-san looked at me curiously.

「 Yomiko-san, Tsukiko-san 」


「 I will protect you three 」

I prepare myself.

I cannot let them die for such reasons.

「 That’s nice and all, but 」

Yomiko-san said.

「 How long do you plan on massaging my breasts? 」