Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 661. Sacred and Vulgar



Now then, our car drives through the night downtown area.

The windows of shops facing the main road are overflowing with bright lights.

Clothes shop, fast food, shoe stores, ramen, izakaya, ramen shops.

Signs of various shops are lit up.

A lot of people walking on the streets.

「 Shou-neechan, stop on that roadside 」

I said.

Shou-neechan packed in between several other cars parked on the side.

It’s dark inside the car.

With this, people from the outside can’t see what’s going on inside.

They can tell that there are people inside, but they will think that we parked because we’re waiting for someone or something else.

Shou-neechan’s car is a fancy American car, but nobody’s concerned about it in this much hustle.

「 Yomiko-san, Tsukiko-san, look outside 」

I say while rubbing Yomiko-san’s 14-year-old breasts.

There’s a bath towel hiding everything from her shoulder below so nobody from outside can tell that I’m rubbing her breasts.

「 There’s a lot of people walking around, right? 」

Young university students.


A salaryman, going home.

An old woman.

Office ladies.

Anyway, various people are walking on both sides.

「 So what? 」

Yomiko-san asks me sullenly.

「 I guess, let’s see, there, that’s a coffee shop, see? 」

That’s what they call Chain stores, they sell coffee for about 250 yen.

You can see the inside of the store through the window glass.

「That man is operating his phone over there, right? 」

I see a man in his twenties on the table.

He’s wearing a red T-shirt and black eyeglasses, jeans, and dirty sneakers as well.

His blonde hair is unkempt, and his facial hair shows his laziness.

I can’t imagine him working at a job at all.

He might be a college student or a part-timer.

I’m only sure that he’s not a salaryman.

「 What about him? 」

Yomiko-san looks at that man.

「 Try imagining that man touching you just like the way I touch your breasts right now 」

「 W-Why?! 」

Yomiko-san’s surprised.

「 Just do it 」

I knead Yomiko-san’s nipples with my fingers.

「 Hey, don’t do that 」

Yomiko-san protests but I’m not stopping.

「 Imagine some other guy you just met and don’t even know who touches your raw breasts like this 」

「 I-I don’t want that 」

Yomiko-san trembles.

「 Then, look at the old man wearing a suit two tables beyond that. Can you see him? 」

That’s a 40-year-old bald salaryman.

He wipes his sweat off his forehead and neck after drinking iced coffee.

「 Imagine it. That man..Licking you. Like this 」

I lick behind Yomiko-san’s ears.

「 Hyaaa!! 」

Yomiko-san’s back muscles shivered.

「 Imagine. That man licking Yomiko-san’s whole naked body 」

I whisper to Yomiko-san then start licking her nape.

「 N-No, disgusting. I don’t want that man to lick me 」

Though she’s trembling, Yomiko-san doesn’t look away from that middle-aged office worker.

「 Then, can you see the old man behind him? 」

A skinny old man is sitting behind the previous one.

His face is wrinkled, his crew cut hair is colored gray, he’s wearing a white polo shirt under his work jumpers. His pants are a blue uniform style.

Oh, he’s a security guard at a construction site.

He’s still wearing his security guard uniform trousers, he only changed his top clothes.

「 Imagine it. That old man, touching your body. Licking on your bare skin. Doing the same act that I did with Mana, sex 」

I lower the zipper in my pants.

Then I stick out my erect penis.

「 W-What are you doing. 」

「 Touch it 」

I forcibly grabbed Yomiko-san’s hand.

「 N-No, I’m afraid 」

「 Even so, touch it, and grab it here 」

I forced her to grab my penis.

「 I-It’s hot! 」

Yomiko-san becomes aware of a man’s penis.

「 And now, look outside 」

I instruct her to look back at the people at the coffee shop while holding my erect penis.

「 Those men over there all have this thing. It’s getting hard right now because Yomiko-san’s touching it 」

「 Uuugh 」

「 Then, that hard thing will go inside Yomiko-san. It will keep on rubbing inside and then pour in baby seeds. You’ve seen it, right? That was sex 」

「 Sex 」

Yomiko-san swallows her saliva.

「 Yomiko-san, can you do it with that old man? What if that old man says that he wants to have sex with Yomiko-san by all means? 」

「 ………… 」

「 You’ll get naked just like how Mana did it earlier. Your whole body is for him to see, to lick, and to put inside his penis to 」

「 I-I don’t want that 」

「 If you can’t do it with that old man then how about that fat salaryman? 」

「 Even more. I don’t want that man to touch me. I don’t even want to show my body to him 」

Yomiko-san says as if spitting out.

「 And, what about me? 」

Yomiko-san looks at me in surprise.

「 Yomiko-san, do you think you can have sex with me? 」

She looks at me with frightened eyes.

I continue to play with her breasts.

She’s still holding my erect penis.

「 I-I’m scared 」

「 So you can’t? 」

「 I-I don’t know, I’m only afraid 」

Her hand gripping my penis holds me tighter.

「 Okay. You can let go 」

I said.

I let go of Yomiko-san’s breasts.

Yomiko-san’s dazed from the shock.

「 I’m saying that you don’t have to hold it anymore 」

「 What? 」

「 But if you want to hold it like that forever, I don’t mind 」

After going that far, Yomiko-san finally lets go of my penis.

「 Auuuuuu!! 」

Yomiko-san’s sweating from nervousness.

「 Yomiko-san, listen. If you become a prostitute, you cannot choose the person you’ll have sex with 」

I look at Yomiko-san’s eyes and said.

「 I can’t choose? What does that mean? 」

Yomiko-san looks at me with earnest eyes.

「 A prostitute’s job is to have sex with men. That means, getting naked, having your body touched, shoving a hard penis inside you, and pouring semen inside your womb. That applies to all the men Yomiko-san will have sex with 」

Actually, Minaho-neesan will check the customers.

Kuromori is a luxury brothel for only big-shots of political and business affairs.

Minaho-neesan will send away those who can’t pay and those who don’t have class.

Therefore, nobody will play with Yomiko-san’s body indiscriminately.

However, as for what job a prostitute does.

I need to let Yomiko-san understand it’s main purpose.

「 You see that man wearing a red shirt right now? That fat middle-aged salaryman. Or that skinny old man? No, it’s possible that any one of the men walking in front of this car can have sex with Yomiko-san. Anyone who has penis can 」

「 Why does it have to be like that? 」

「 A prostitute’s job is to have sex with males who want it 」

Actually, there’s money exchange in between.

However, I won’t say that on purpose.

「 By the way, has Yomiko-san kissed a man before? 」

I asked.

「 Never 」


「 Then, imagine it. You’re kissing every man who is around this car 」

She feels instinctive disgust.

「 Look, there are three salarymen on that side. Yomiko-san, go out and kiss those people 」

「 I can’t do that 」

「 If you can’t kiss them then it’s impossible for you to have sex with them. If you can’t do either, you can’t become a prostitute 」

I speak coldly.

「 Yomiko-san, you promised Jii-chan that you’ll become a prostitute, didn’t you? 」

She’ll repay her debts with her body as a prostitute.

「 That’s 」

「 Then, practice with someone to become a prostitute. Go have sex with some man outside. Like that old man making a call. Young man, old man, fat man, thin man, a tall man or even a thin man, you should try experiencing sex with various people 」

Yomiko-san shivers.

「 Let’s see, how about ten people for tonight. Wait, how about 20 men? After all, I have to report the results to Jii-chan tomorrow 」

I said.

「 And so, get off the car, Yomiko-san. Then, shout loudly “those who want to have sex with me, line up!” Then, have sex with everyone that lines up 」

Yomiko-san’s face turns pale.

「 N-Noooo! Yomi can’t do that! 」

「 Really? You can’t? 」

I speak in a deeper voice.

「 Then, you can’t become a prostitute. Are you sure about that? 」

「 That’s 」

Yomiko-san hesitates.


「 Kuromori-sama, please give me the same test 」

Tsukiko-san sitting on the other side;

Asks me.

「 First, touching my breasts, isn’t it? Please do 」

She exposes her naked chest hidden under the bath towel.

「 Then, I just have to hold Kuromori-sama’s…thing, right? 」

She grabs my erect penis with her trembling hands.

I knew it, she’s nervous.

「 Then, I’ll touch yours too 」

I touch Tsukiko-san’s breasts. It’s sweating all over. Her nipples are erect, however.

「 Then, imagine, isn’t it? First, those men from the shop 」

Instead of replying, I rub Tsukiko-san’s breasts.

I pinched her nipples.

「 Afuu! 」

Tsukiko-san puts pressure on her hand gripping my penis.

「 That man wearing a red shirt over there. Exposing my skin. Touching my naked body. Licking me. Then, stuffing the hard thing inside my body 」

Tsukiko-san takes her time to imagine.

「 It’s impossible. I can’t. I’m afraid 」


「 That large man wearing a suit. Touch. Lick. Then sex. Ah, no. I knew it. I can’t. It’s impossible for me 」

Tsukiko-san asks herself with an earnest look.

「 That old man on the back. Getting naked in front of that man. Touch my skin. Lick me with his tongue. Then, perform sex. I can’t. I can’t 」

「 Tsukiko? 」

The three-year younger sister looks at her earnest-looking sister in shock.

「 Then, Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko-san’s big and beautiful eyes look at me.

I grab Tsukiko-san’s breasts tighter.

Tsukiko-san’s hand is trembling as she holds my erect penis.

「 I think I can do it with Kuromori-sama 」


「 I can do it. I’ll do sex with Kuromori-sama 」

Oh, I can feel Tsukiko-san’s heart beating hard.

Her skin is sweating.

「 Then, lastly, all the men around the car, isn’t it? 」

Tsukiko-san looks away from me and then outside the car.

「 I really can’t. I’ve been raised in an all girls school all this time with Yomiko-sama, so I’m not good at dealing with men 」

Then, she looked at me again.

「 But, we promised Kouzuki-sama. At least, one of us sisters must become a prostitute. If it’s impossible for Yomiko-sama, then I must become a prostitute no matter what 」

「 It’s not absolute 」

I said.

「 No, we made a promise to Kouzuki-sama 」

She has pride.

「 Therefore, Kuromori-sama, please teach me about sex. I’ll do my best to learn. I’ll memorize it. I’ll make my body get used to getting naked in front of a man. First, learning from Kuromori-sama, then, I’ll try to have sex with other men. One of each, young men, old men, thin men, plump men, tall men, small men, I’ll do it in order 」

She speaks strongly.

Tsukiko-san’s face is pale, her body is trembling.

Her whole body’s sweating yet she’s still grabbing my erect penis.

「 If Tsukiko’s doing it then Yomi too! Yomi will do it also! 」

Yomiko-san says, but.

「 No, Yomiko-sama, please do not force yourself 」

「 Tsukiko too! Don’t do the impossible! 」

「 I’m the eldest 」

Tsukiko-san tries to force a smile for Yomiko-san.

However, she can’t smile.

「 Tsukiko 」

「 Right now, Takakura house is in crisis. Father and Mother are gone, it’s the eldest daughter’s duty to protect our family 」

「 But, Tsukiko. I’m the successor of the Takakura house! 」

Tsukiko-san has the desire to protect her sisters as the eldest.

Yomiko-san has her self-confidence as the successor shrine maiden as she inherited her priest father’s blood.

Both want to sacrifice themselves and protect their sisters.

Their emotions are now showing up.

Yes, that’s first-stage over for now.

「 Okay, Tsukiko-san. No, Tsukiko. You’re now my student, so I’m calling you Tsukiko. Okay? 」

I say, stopping Yomiko-san from speaking.

「 Yes, thank you, Kuromori-sama 」

「 W-Wait, M-Me too 」

Yomiko-san tells me in panic.

「 I-I’ll do it too. Please, teach me. Teach Yomi about sex too! 」

「 Yomiko-sama, please don’t force yourself 」

「 Shut up, Tsukiko 」

I stop Tsukiko.

「 Yomiko says that she wants me to teach her. I don’t know whether you can become a prostitute, but I’ll show you how to have sex with me first 」

「 However 」

「 I’m telling you two beforehand, you can’t become prostitutes just by learning about sex. I mentioned this earlier; you can’t become a prostitute unless you can have sex with any man 」

I draw the line ahead of time.

「 But, you’ll have sex with me before various men. I’ll check whether you’re suited to become a prostitute or not. Maybe one of you two becomes a prostitute, or perhaps, neither of you can’t. In the meantime, we can’t know it unless we have sex 」

I said. Yomiko;

「 Yes, Sensei, please take care of us 」

She calls me “Sensei” now.

「 Kuromori-sama, my best regards. Please give me your guidance first 」

Oh, Tsukiko wants to delay me from raping Yomiko even for a bit.


I have to report to Jii-chan tomorrow.

If I’m delayed from teaching Tsukiko sex education, then Yomiko might be out of time.

Well, I won’t let that happen though.

「 I won’t decide that now 」

「 Please consider it, Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko doesn’t want to call me “Sensei” it seems.

Well, I’m younger than her so I guess it can’t be helped.

「 By the way, you can let go now 」

I tell Tsukiko-san

「 Yes? 」

「 You don’t have to hold it anymore 」

「 Ah! 」

Tsukiko-san lets go of my erect penis in a hurry.

「 Shou-neechan, start driving 」

I hide my penis under my clothes for now and said.

「 Sure 」

Shou-neechan restarts the engine.

We came here to know Tsukiko and Yomiko’s resolve.

If they didn’t resolve themselves, then whatever I do is useless.

The results; the two are ready for it.

That’s good enough.

「 Let’s go 」

Our car starts driving the roadway once again.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 So, should we do as planned after this? 」

Shou-neechan asks me.

「 Yeah, how’s the situation? 」

I asked.

「 Everything’s as expected, but things will get rough starting now 」

Shou-neechan replies.

I look outside the window.

I see a shrine we happen to pass through.

「 Is Takakura shrine larger than that one? 」

I ask the sisters casually.

「 It’s way bigger. This cannot compare 」

Yomiko said.

「 It’s a good one. The whole mountain is their compound, it had a solemn atmosphere, quite an elegant shrine. I’ve seen it in the documents 」

Shou-neechan said.

Takakura house’s branch families also live in the Takakura shrine which is currently hijacked by the Yakuza.

Tsukiko and her sisters can’t return to the shrine they were born and raised.

They probably didn’t even conduct the interview in Takakura shrine yesterday.

The Takakura sisters are probably under Kouzuki SS’ protection in advance before meeting Jii-chan in a Kouzuki family residence in Kyoto.

「 Why is it that shrine maidens have to train as prostitutes? 」

Suddenly, Michi asks from the passenger seat.

「 I’ve been thinking about it all this time 」


「 Sacred things must swallow up all the vulgar and be still holy 」

Shou-neechan replied.

「 If you genuinely want a solemn atmosphere, go to a Christian cathedral in Europe, when you go there, you can feel that it is indeed a sacred place. It’s literally a sanctuary. It’s a pure space 」

I imagine a historic shrine in the forest or a majestic cathedral made of stone.

Yeah, that for sure has a sacred atmosphere.

「 But, humans who visit such a pure space are vulgar, they have wicked thoughts in their lives, right? 」

Shou-neechan says while lightly turning the handle.

「 Worshippers who make requests to God are greedy people in the end. “I want my family to be healthy,” is okay, but, “I want to be accepted in the school I want,” is cuter. “I want to become rich,” or “I want the person I like to like me back,” is already what you call a desire, don’t you think? For example “I want my hated boss to lose his position and the corporation to downsize” 」

Yeah, it’s the worshippers who have wicked “desires” on a pure “sacred area.”

「 If they release their desires, that pure place will also get dirty 」


「 Actually, there’s plenty of shrines in Japan who became like that. They were such pure, sacred areas and yet their solemn atmosphere is wholly lost. It changed to a tourist spot, and the grounds became filled with stone monuments and bamboo shoots for unknown reasons 」

「 Takakura shrine will not become like that 」

Yomiko says, but.

It’s unknown what will happen depending on the new priest.

Takakura shrine currently is absent of priest and shrine maidens.

「 But, sanctuaries who keep their solemnity will not break no matter how much evil thoughts the worshippers bring in. Instead, they make their worshippers feel holy. In short, swallowing up all the evil and turning it holy. That’s what you call a true sanctuary 」

I see. The worshippers can go home feeling holy by abandoning their wicked thoughts on the sanctuary.

The sanctuary accepts and exorcizes all the abandoned thoughts.

「 I wonder if Takakura shrine maidens are actually that 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 The shrine maidens take in the evil thoughts from people who depend on them and feel sacred afterward 」

「 That means, sex? 」

I asked.

「 Kakka mentioned about holy prostitutes in Japan, didn’t he? Even in foreign countries, there are prostitutes at temples since ancient times. One embraces prostitutes in addition to visiting God. Have you heard of this before “Exorcism via having sex with a prostitute,” was an idea before 」

「 Oh, I see 」

「 Sex’ power is an object of faith. In Japan, there’s a culture to hide a Ukiyo-e in their Kimono as an amulet 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Therefore, I agree with what you said earlier, that if they want to become shrine maidens, they need to have sex with men who ask for it 」

She looks at Yomiko and Tsukiko in the mirror.

「 After all, a shrine cannot be picky with their worshippers, right? Shrines only have to accept whoever has any wicked desire, no matter what kind of person they are. Then, they must absorb all of those evil thoughts and return with pure feelings. 」

Shrine maidens have to suck off the evil and give off pure feelings.

Can they do that?


「 I see. Jii-chan 」

「 What’s wrong? 」

Shou-neechan asks me.

「 No, nothing 」

Jii-chan wants me to think about “prostitutes” through Takakura sisters.

Before the Kuromori brothel reopens.

What is a prostitute?

Or maybe, what should our brothel aim for the future?

The holy shrine maidens of Takakura house is used as an example to think.

That’s the trial.

My trial.



Shou-neechan’s communication equipment rings.

「 Yes, Seki here 」

Shou-neechan answers the call.

「 Roger. We’ll go with plan D. Get ready 」

Us driving around the downtown as a decoy gave results.

The enemy took the bait!!!