Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 812. Virgin Ai sexual assault / 5. Checking the hymen



Following my orders, Ai gets on the bed.

「 Sit over there. Then, face the camera. Look at the lens 」

「 Uuuuu 」

I look at the camera.

She’s sweating all over.

Her mind went from tension to relief and back at it repeatedly.

Ai’s mind can’t panic, nor it can’t escape from reality.

She needs to have a clear mind to see her fate.

「 Hey, look at the camera and speak to your mom. “Ai and Yoshida-kun are about to have sex. I will become an adult woman through sex” 」

「 Auuuu 」

「 That’s an order, Ai. First, place your hand on the bed and bow 」

「 Aaaaaa 」

Ai who’s sitting in seiza puts her hand on the front and bows her head 」

「 Okay, then raise your head and greet your mother through the camera 」

Ai looked up with a face that’s about to cry.

「 Start 」

「 M-Mama…A-Ai…Is about to….nooo…have s-sex with…Yoshida-kun…I don’t want to! I don’t want to do this! 」

「 That’s an order. 」

「 Uuuu….I-I’ll have sex…Sex with Yoshida-kun… Noooooo 」

「 Shuffle! 」

「 Aguuu 」

I force her to restart before she’s overcome with emotion.

「 Continue 」

「 Uuuuu, Ai…will have s-sex with Yoshida-kun….and will become an adult woman….uuuuu 」

「 Now thank her, “Thank you for raising me until now” 」

「 Uuuu, Mama…thank you for raising Ai until now 」

She said that smoothly now.

「 Okay, time to say goodbye to your mother 」

I said.

「 Goodbye? 」

Ai shows a horrified look.

「 From now on until we’re done having sex, Ai will look only at me. Nobody else. You’ll feel with your eyes, skin, and your womb who are violating you, and who made you woman. That’s an order 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Tears gather in her eyes again.

「 If you understand, then say it. Look at my face 」

「 Y-Yes, I understand 」

Ai looked up at me and said.

「 Okay 」

I get on the bed.

「 N-No, I’m scared. Don’t come close to me 」

「 How can we have sex if we’re not embracing each other? 」

「 I really don’t want this! 」

「 Don’t move. Let’s kiss, Ai 」

「 Noooooooooo!! 」

I embraced Ai and kissed her.

Ai’s getting goosebumps, as the naked body of a man comes close to her.

「 Aaaaaaa 」

「 Shuffle! Don’t struggle, don’t move around 」

「 Uuuuuu 」

Ai’s body turned docile in my arms.

「 Look at my dick. 」

「 Hiiiiiiii 」

Giving her an order, Ai’s gaze concentrates on my erect penis.

She’s close to it now, compared to earlier.

The scent coming from my glans reaches Ai’s nose.

「 Touch it 」

「 T-That’s d-dirty 」

「 But this will go inside Ai. And then, you’re going to suck on it after I shot one round. You know about it, don’t you? Fellatio? 」

「 I-I don’t know any of that! 」

Ai shakes her head.

「 Then, I will take my time to teach you. I will have you learn the taste of my semen in both upper and lower body 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Ai trembles.

「 Wow, Nobu’s quite sadistic today 」

Kana-senpai says while taking photos.

「 We’ve got a lot of masochists. Yo-chan’s got used to taking a sadistic character 」

Nei also records using the video camera.

「 But, this looks fun. I wonder if I should ask for the same next time? 」

「 Yeah, it’s fun. Everyone likes rape-play. Mitchan’s personal obsession is bondage 」

「 Ooh. Right, I don’t mind if it’s Nobu. He won’t do anything messed up anyway 」

「 Yeah, he won’t do anything that girls truly hate 」

Hearing the two say that, Ai;

「 I don’t want this! I really don’t! Please stop! Spare me! 」

「 Sorry. I don’t think I’m going easy for Ai this time 」

I said.

「 Ai, use your hands to touch my dick 」

I grab Ai’s hand and lead it to my penis.

「 N-Noooo! I-I’m scared! 」

「 Shuffle 」

「 Auuuu 」

Her sweaty hands touch my erect penis.

「 I-It’s hot?! 」

Ai’s surprised from the heat of my thing.

「 Here, you grab it like this 」

I pile my hand on top of Ai’s…

Then, I have her grip my dick and stroke it.

「 It’s hot, slimy, d-disgusting 」

「 You’ll get used to it. After all, you’re going to do this all the time 」

「 T-THat’s 」

「 Ai, what is our relationship? Answer 」

「 S-Sex friends 」

「 That’s right. We’re sex friends. Touching my dick, stroking it, licking it, sucking it, and drinking the semen are all crucial jobs for my sex friend. This isn’t just about me shoving my dick and cumming inside you. We’re sex friends, and so Ai needs to enjoy having sex too 」

「 Uuuu, this isn’t fun at all 」

「 Is that so? You’ll enjoy it soon enough. The first erect dick that you saw and touched are mine 」

「 Nooo, I don’t want to learn any of this 」

「 That’s an order. Carve this in your memory. Don’t forget this until death 」

I moved my hands around and touch the back hook of Ai’s bra.

「 All of Ai’s first will be me 」

I take off her hook with one hand.

「 Hyaaaa?! 」

Ai’s cute breasts burst out.

「 N-Nooooo!!! 」

Ai tries to hide her chest in a hurry, but.

「 Shuffle, don’t move 」

「 Auuuu 」

「 Continue to hold my dick with one hand 」

「 Uuuuu 」

I lift up the bra and massage Ai’s breasts.

「 That’s a cute nipple. Oh, it’s still caved-in? Don’t worry, I’ll suck you out 」

I rub her pink nipples with my fingers.

「 N-Nooo, don’t look there, don’t touch it 」

「 Don’t forget this. I’m the one who saw Ai’s nipples and touched them first. Also 」

I stretched out my tongue to Ai’s cute nipples.

「 Kyauuuu!!?! 」

「 I’m the first one to lick Ai’s nipples too 」

Then, I start to suck it.

「 And the first to suck it, look 」

Ai’s eyes looking in pain look at me, who sucks at her nipples.

「 Don’t forget that, okay? 」

「 Aaaah 」

「 Where’s the answer? 」

「 Y-Yes, I-I understand. Aaaaahn 」

I crawl my tongue on her other nipple.

I attack with my tongue to unearth the nipples that are sunk in her areola.

Ai’s hands gripping my penis clamps tighter.

「 W-Why…Why is this happening to me? I didn’t do anything wrong… 」

Oh, that’s a sign of escapism.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Agu! 」

As soon as Ai loosened up, I reach out for her crotch.

I caress her on top of her panty.

「 Don’t think of anything else. All you need to do is concentrate on us having sex 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Oh, she’s not wet yet.

Her mother controlled her thoroughly.

Her mother follows her even in the bath…

Ai won’t have time for masturbation under her mother’s control.

Her mother’s objective is to keep Ai as a child forever.

She might not even know fellatio for real.

I think that this house bans any sexual conversation.

If unlucky, she might only know what’s learned from school.

This kind of personality where she’s timid, and it makes everyone protect the cute her…

The girls probably don’t talk anything perverted when Ai’s present.

They keep a distance since the seniors might get angry at them if Ai cried because of it.

「 Okay, you can let go of my dick now 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Ai sighed, and let’s go.

Oh, she wipes her hand on the bedsheet as if she touched something dirty.

「 How long are you going to keep that bra? I’m taking it off 」

「 Uuuu 」

「 That’s an order 」

I take Ai’s bra and fling it out of bed.

「 Now, it’s time to take off the last piece 」

I try to reach on Ai’s panty,

「 T-That’s. No, no, nooooooo!!! 」

She resists violently.

I guess she knows that taking off her panties is a danger for her chastity.

「 Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! 」

I restarted her three times.

「 Hauu, hauu, hauuuu 」

Ai’s breathing chocked three times, and she became limp.


I pull out her panty with all my strength.

Sliding from her round ass, through her thighs, and to her ankles.

「 Aaaauuuu 」

「 Stay still, that’s an order 」

I said. And looked at Ai’s naked body.

「 Huh? 」

Ai’s crotch.

「 Ai, you shave your pubic hair? 」

This isn’t a hairless crotch.

She used a shaver for sure.

I touched Ai’s abdomen and feel it around.

「 Answer me, Ai 」

AI seems in pain from the successive reboots.

「 M-Mama said that the hair growing there is obscene 」

Oh, her mother shaves it.

If she wants Ai to stay as a child, then she’ll go for the pubic hair too.

「 I see. Let me see, spread your legs 」

I grabbed Ai’s legs and spread it.

「 N-noo 」

Ai doesn’t have the energy to defy me.

She hasn’t recovered from her exhaustion from restarting.

「 That’s an order, spread your legs 」

「 Aah, aaah 」

Ai lets me spread her legs.

「 Wow, that’s beautiful. It’s like it’s cut with a butter knife 」

Kana-senpai says while looking at Ai’s genital.

「 Hey, Kana-chan. Photos! Camera! 」

「 Oh right. I forgot about that, Nei-san 」

Kana-senpai takes photos of the naked Ai spreading her legs from different angles.

「 N-noo, Hoshizaki-senpai, don’t take photos 」

「 Okay, time to open this 」

I spread Ai’s slit using both hands.

「 Hiiiii!!! 」

Ai, who feels the chill of the open-air inside her, trembled,

Oh, looking inside…

I can see Ai’s white-pink hymen.

「 Kana-chan, that’s the hymen 」

Nei brings the camera on her hand close to the crotch.

「 Huh, let’s see. 」

「 This white part 」

「 Oh, so this is the hymen 」

Kana-senpai takes photos.

「 I didn’t see mine back then 」

「 We have photos and video recordings for Kana-chan, want to see it? 」

「 No, but, I wanted to see the actual thing before Nobu tore it 」

Kana-senpai peeks inside Ai’s vagina.

「 I see. So it looks like this. Hmm, I guess the rumors about having a small hole at first is true 」

「 But, the hymen is different among women 」

Nei said.

「 Ai-chan’s hymen is ring-shaped, but Kana-chan’s hymen is shaped like a lip 」

「 Is that so, Nei-san? 」

「 Yeah, there’s also crescent-shaped hymen that only covers the half, or two holes, three holes hymen, and some are just shut off 」

「 Wow, that seems painful when you tear off 」

「 Well yeah. In Ai-chan’s case, I don’t think it’ll hurt that much. Yo-chan’s an expert in breaking hymens already 」

Even if you praise me like that…

「 But, you know a lot Nei-san, where did you lean about hymen? 」

Kana-senpai asks. Nei;

「 Huh? Just Wikipedia 」

「 What? 」

「 That site’s useful, you know? They even have images of a black woman’s pussy in there 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Anyway, isn’t that great, Ai-chan? You look cute, but your pussy is also beautiful. I’m sure that you’ll get used to it right away, look forward to it 」

Nei smiled. Ai…

「 N-Noo, I don’t want this… Don’t look at me, please! 」

Her body trembles in embarrassment.

「 Are you done taking photos? 」

I asked Nei and Kana-senpai.

「 Yeah, that should be enough, you’re good to go Yo-chan 」

If that’s the case.

「 W-What are you doing?! 」

Ai looked up at me with a frightened look.

「 I’m licking this 」

I replied.

「 It’s not wet yet 」

「 L-Lick?!!!?? 」

If she only has minimum knowledge about sex, then…

She doesn’t know about cunnilingus.

「 Don’t mind it, just stay still and look at me 」

「 B-But 」

「 That’s an order! 」

「 Y-Yes, I understand 」

I grab Ai’s ass and lift her up…

This is to let Ai see me lick her pussy clearly.

「 Let’s begin 」

I bury my face on Ai’s crotch.

「 Eeeeh?!!!! Hauuuu!!! 」

As soon as I lick inside her slit, Ai starts trembling.

「 No, stop! This is embarrassing!!! 」

「 Shuffle! 」

「 Aguuuuu 」

I produce a lot of saliva and lick Ai.

「 Aaaaah! T-This isn’t allowed! It’s dirty! This is wrong!! 」

「 Yeah, we’re doing bad things 」

Then, I…

I expose Ai’s clitoris.

「 W-What? 」

It must be her first time in her life to have this exposed.

「 Kufufu, so cute. Taking photos of your face and pussy 」

Nei laughed.


「 Iiii?! Aaaaah?! 」

Ai nearly faints in agony as I suddenly suck on her clitoris.

「 S-Stop! Don’t do anything strange to Ai! Nooooo!!! 」

Ai violently resists the pleasure she’s feeling for the first time.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Aguuu 」

「 Accept that sensation. Men and women do this. Ai 」

「 Uuuuuuu 」

Ai’s mind clears up after the restart.

Ai looks at me caress her vagina with my tongue with a clear mind.

「 It makes you shiver, doesn’t it? Do you feel something hot coming up inside you? It was the same with me back then, Ai 」

Kana-senpai smiled at Ai.

「 What you’re experiencing now is something we experienced already. Don’t be afraid. Nobu’s good at this. Look. He’s doing his best to lick you 」

「 Really, Yo-chan’s so cute when having sex. He’s kind and hardworking 」

Ai stares at me while the two older beauties stir her up.

「 Aah, aaaaah! 」

My tongue caresses the most sensitive part of her body.

「 Yes, that’s wet now. The taste changed 」

I can taste Ai’s sour love nectar.

「 Your clitoris is hard too 」

It’s shining like a ruby.

「 Ai’s pussy is delicious 」

I use my tongue, making sure that Ai can see what I do.

「 T-This is embarrassing 」

Ai looks at me.

I gave her the order, and so she can’t look away from me.

「 It’s okay to be embarrassed…This is okay, Ai 」

I insert my tongue in Ai’s vagina while rubbing her clitoris.

「 Aaaaaa!!! 」

I grab her ass meat.

「 You feel it when I massage it intensely, right? 」

I can’t be gentle here.

It has to be constantly stimulating.

That’s what Katsuko-nee and Nagisa taught me.

「 Aaaaaah?! What?! My body feels hot!!! 」

After restarting her multiple times…

Ai’s mind and body no longer panic.

If the strange feeling rises up, she can step on the brakes herself.

I predicted that.

「 Look, you’re getting even wetter. Ai’s insides are overflowing 」

I scooped some love nectar and show it to Ai.

「 I’m feeling strange, becoming strange 」

「 There’s nothing strange about it. That’s how it is with me too 」

Kana-senpai tells Ai.

「 To tell you the truth, I’m also wet right now. It’s drenched inside my skirt 」

Oh, Kana-senpai.

She’s aroused watching her junior in the club get raped.

「 Haaaaa, haaaa, uuuu, haaaa 」

Ai’s breathing turns rough.

Even so, she looks at me.

She watches a man caress her with a tongue.

And this situation should also relay to Ai’s mother in the living room.

Her beloved daughter, who she wants to stay as a child forever…

Entwining with a man, naked.

Her figure gasping out of sexual arousal and dripping with love nectar.

Ai is no longer a child.

No, I will make her a woman.

Then, Ai…

She doesn’t have to remember her mother until we’re finished.

Leaving her mother is her rite of passage to become an adult.

Ai no longer needs the intervention of her mother in her life like before.

Ai needs to understand that with her mind and body.

「 Yeah, looks good 」

I raise my body.

「 W-What? 」

Ai looked at me.

「 Come, let’s kiss Ai 」

We kissed so many times already.

Ai no longer panics from just a kiss.

I then got on top of Ai and kissed her.

Ai accepted my lips with a puzzled look.

Okay, she doesn’t resist.

I grab Ai’s breasts while kissing her.

Oh, her skin is flushed.

She’s loosened up.

「 I think this can go now? 」

I suck on Ai’s nipples and stimulate the other with my fingers.

「 Aaah, aaaahn! 」

「 Look, your nipples are coming out 」

Ai’s right nipple puffs out.

「 Now that’s an adult nipple. What about this side? 」

I stimulate her left nipple to stiffen it up.

I roll my tongue on her hard nipples and suck them.

「 Aaaaah 」

Ai’s body is getting wet with sweat and love nectar.

「 See this Ai? What’s the purpose of your breasts? 」

Ai looked at me with hot eyes.

「 T-That’s…F-For the child…the future child to drink…milk 」

Ai replied.

「 That’s not all 」

I said.

「 That’s for the future, but for now… 」

I lick her nipples again.

「 Aaaah! 」

「 Ai’s nipples are for me to lick. And for me to enjoy 」

「 Uuuu 」

Ai trembles once again.

「 And this is also for Ai… 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai looked up at me.

「 Ai will feel it when I lick you. It makes you shiver, doesn’t it? That’s a pleasure. That’s what’s fun about this 」

Ai no longer panics.

She listens to what I say.

「 Look, you’re already used to us embracing each other naked. Our bodies touching each other 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 You’re used to kissing already and to your breasts licked. And you’ll get used to my tongue licking your pussy 」

I said.

「 And so, you’ll get used to sex right away 」

I smiled at Ai.

AI looks straight at me.

「 You’ll get used to me shoving my dick inside you and pouring semen in your womb 」

That’s right.

「 We are a man and a woman after all 」