Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 813. Virgin Ai sexual Assault / 6. Deflowering.



I kiss Ai once again.

I massage her cute breasts while doing it.

I lick off the sweat coming from her nape.

I sniff her hair.

I enjoy the elastic feeling of her ass and thighs and her soft belly.

「 W-What are you doing? 」

Ai looks at me with a frightened face.

I ordered her to keep looking at me, so…

「 I’m feeling all of Ai right now 」

「 M-Me right now? 」

「 That’s right. Ai before all the change 」

I lick behind Ai’s ears as well.

She trembles.

「 Uuuu, I-I’m changing? 」

「 Yeah, you won’t stay the same Ai anymore 」

I use my lips and tongue to feel her aroused nipples.

「 W-Why? I-I don’t want to change 」

「 No, you will. I will change you 」

I get up and show Ai my erect penis.

「 Nooo 」

Ai trembles.

「 I order you to spread your legs so I can put it in. And, loosen up 」

「 Nooo, noo, nooo 」

Ai trembles in fear of deflowering.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Kyauuu 」

Ai takes a deep breath, and her body relaxes.

「 Yo-chan, you should place a cushion on Ai-chan’s butt 」

Nei gives me a piece of advice as she records the scene.

「 Right 」

I grab a pillow and slip it under Ai’s naked ass.

I lift her ass and adjust the angle.

「 Oh, Nobu, the blood would spread on the sheets, and it’ll be a lot of trouble 」

Kana-senpai said and takes out a white handkerchief.

「 Use this, I brought this in preparation for Ai’s deflowering 」

「 Yeah 」

I spread out the handkerchief and place it in between Ai’s ass and the pillow.

Then, I spread out Ai’s relaxed legs.

Ai’s slit is in front of me as the cushion raises her up.

I think that this angle is good enough.

Everything’s prepared.

「 Video camera’s ready 」

「 Mine’s ready too! 」

Nei and Kana-senpai hold their cameras.

「 Uuuuuu 」

Ai looks at me with a frightened expression.

「 Loosen up. Don’t move. That’s an order 」

I scoop out some of Ai’s love nectar and smear it on my penis.

「 W-What are you doing? 」

「 Oh, you see Ai, this liquid is here to make insertion easier. That’s why I’m smearing it all over my dick 」


「 That won’t fit in. If you force that in, Ai will die! 」

「 You don’t die from it. Don’t worry, Ai’s body is prepared for this 」

I hold Ai’s legs and get on top of her petite body.

「 Ai’s body is made to have sex with me 」

「 T-That’s not it. I-I…I don’t want…I don’t want to do this! Hiii!!! 」

My glans touch Ai’s abdomen.

Ai is in fear as she feels the heat of my penis with her skin.

「 Okay, I’m opening this up 」

I spread open Ai’s virgin labia.


I rub my penis in her wet parts.

「 Nooo, nooo, noooo!! 」

Ai refuses, but I ordered her body to not move and to relax.

「 Noooo, save me! Mama!!! 」

「 Shuffle! 」

This needs a restart.

「 Hiigu 」

As soon as Ai loosened up, I push in my tensed glans into Ai’s entrance.

It’s just the tip, and yet Ai’s spring is overflowing already.

「 Ai, say, “Yoshida-kun, please have sex with me. Take Ai’s virginity. Violate me.” That’s an order 」

Ai looks up at me with a dark eye.

「 Ugu, Y-Yoshida-kun…H-Have sex with me…A-Ai…Take A-Ai’s virginity? V-Violate me…Nooooo! I don’t want this! Stop!!! Mama! Mama! Save me! Mama!!!! 」


As soon as Ai breathes out her screams…

I push in my hips.

「 Higiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

My penis goes inside, Ai…


Ai’s pussy…

Her body is forced to stay as a child because of her mother.

It must’ve delayed the maturity of her genital as well.

「 And now, let’s go break your hymen, Ai!!! 」

Even so…

I push in my tense glans into the proof of Ai’s virginity.

「 O-Ouch!!!!! 」


Slowly, my penis…

It pierces through Ai’s hymen.

「 I’m going to die!!! Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

I grab Ai’s shoulders and push deeper.

Just like a heated knife cutting a frozen ice cream…

「 Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! Stop it! It can’t go in!!! 」

「 Not yet, we can still go deeper!!!! 」

A few more cms until the root.

「 Nooo! No more!!!! It hurts! It really hurts! I don’t want this! Noooo! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!!!! 」

Ai glares at me while spilling tears.

She watches me take away her virginity.

「 You’re cute. Ai. That’s right, just look at me. Watch me until the end 」

When we’re done having sex, she’ll graduate from her mother.

「 I hate you. Stop this. It hurts. I don’t want this. It’s disgusting. I don’t want to do this! I hate you all!! 」

「 Shuffle!! 」

「 Hauuuuuuuu 」

Ai’s forced to restart.

Her vagina tightens for a moment, but…

It loosens right away.

Using that opportunity.

「 And that’s the goal! 」

I’m now inside Ai to the root.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Ai’s breathing is rough… Her whole body’s sweating.

Ai’s vagina wrapping me up to the root conveys her heartbeat to me.

Oh, Ai’s insides are wet and warm.

「 Look at it. You can see it since I placed a cushion on your ass, right? We’re connected. We’re having sex 」

Ai’s eyes look at the part where we’re connected.

「 This is a lie 」

「 How can it be a lie? You can feel it, can’t you? My dick is all inside Ai 」

「 Uuuuuuu 」

Kana-senpai presses the shutter.

Nei also records the connected part.

「 There’s also a recording of it 」

「 This is cruel. You’re cruel 」

Tears gather up on Ai’s eyes once again.

「 No, I don’t want this…I don’t want this. Help me, Mama! Mama, why are you not coming?! Ai’s now wasted 」

「 You’re not wasted 」

I caress Ai’s cheeks.

I poke the tip of her nipples.

「 Ai’s body feels good. Sex with Ai is the best 」

Ai slowly begin to move my hips.

「 O-Ouch! No! Stop! 」

Ai shouts at me, but…

「 No, it doesn’t hurt that much, does it, Ai? 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai’s surprised.

「 You see, I had sex with many virgins already. And so, I know… 」


「 Girls who are in pain don’t shout that much. They’re in so much pain that they can’t even say that they’re in pain 」

I can sense that Ai’s first experience doesn’t hurt that much.

「 But, it still hurts…That part 」

I tell me.

「 If you think it hurts, then it will. It’s within your tolerance, isn’t it? 」

「 I can’t endure this!? 」

「 But, endure it for me 」

I poke her vagina.

「 Haguu 」

「 It feels incredible for me though 」

I slowly move my waist rhythmically.

「 Nooo, stop, stop! Noooo 」

Even so, Ai continues to look at me.

She looks at me with a frightened face.

「 Is it scary, Ai? 」

「 Scary! Obviously, I’m afraid! Auuu 」

「 I see, then let’s hold hands 」

I place my hand on top of Ai’s.

Then, I grabbed her hands tightly.

「 It’s okay. Don’t be afraid, I’m here for you 」

「 You, Yoshida-kun is the scary one here…Uuuu, aaaah! 」

Ai replies as I sway her body.

「 You’ll get used to it, we’re going to have sex hundreds of times after this 」

「 No, I…Aaaahn, I don’t…I don’t want it 」

Ai’s breasts sway around.

Her tight insides clamp me hard.

This isn’t mature at all.

This kind of tight pussy.

Ai’s pussy is probably a rare one.

「 Yeah, I’ve been holding back a lot…I-I’m about to cum 」

「 Eeeeh?! 」

「 I-I’m going to cum inside, that means I will be pouring semen inside Ai’s womb that’s never been filled before 」

I speed up my waist.

「 I-I don’t want that! Nooo…Aaaguuu…It’s a problem for Ai…You can’t!!! 」

「 What’s the problem? 」

「 Noo, I’ll make a baby!! I-I don’t want that! Noooo 」

「 If you make one, then give birth to it. We’ll raise the child together. Okay, Ai? 」

「 Absolutely noooooooo!! Agu! Don’t go so intensely! It hurts! It hurts!!! 」

Uuuuu, it’s rising up.

「 A-Ai, say “Creampie me” “Pour it all inside Ai’s womb,” “Impregnate this virgin Ai” 」

I thrust my waist violently.

「 I don’t want that!!!! Nooo! I don’t want a child!!!!! 」

I ready for my last spurt.

「 I-I order you Ai…S-Say it…!!! 」

Ai’s eyes opened wide.

She knows that she will obey my command.

「 Nooo! I don’t want this! Aaaah! Yoshida-kun! Ai, Ai…

I’m at my limit.


I begin ejaculating before Ai could say it.

My white and viscous liquid pours into Ai’s womb like a pump.

The intense jet of liquid washes Ai’s womb.

「 W-What?! I-It’s hot! 」

Ai is petrified as she looks at me.

「 Aaaah, aaaaaah. Something’s coming in?! Something warm is coming inside Ai 」



「 Uuuuu, Ai, sorry, it leaked out. ooh, I’m cumming! 」

I push in my waist multiple times, touching Ai’s uterus with the tip of my glans and continue ejaculating.

「 N-Noooooo!!!! I don’t want this!!! 」

「 Don’t move around, shuffle 」

「 Aguuuuu 」

I embrace the exhausted Ai…

And then ejaculated till my last drop inside Ai.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Sweat drips down from my forehead.

It all falls into Ai’s chest.

Ai looks at me dumbfoundedly.

「 Hmm, that felt good. Thanks, Ai 」

I say while on top of Ai’s weakened body.

Our lower halves are still connected.

「 Thanks for giving your virginity to me. Thanks for letting me cum inside. Your body felt amazing. Yeah, I think that I can enjoy having sex with Ai in the future 」

I kiss Ai over and over again.

Ai is still weakened, and so she lets me do whatever I want.

「 W-What do I do? 」

She mutters.

「 Huh, what? 」

I asked.

「 This man raped me, I’m no longer a virgin. I…Ai is broken now, it’s over for me 」

「 That’s not it. Ai will be having more fun sex with me in the future. Yeah, your body felt incredible, so I think you can cum on the third day. No, I’ll be sure to make you cum by then 」

「 Huh? 」

「 It’s fun. I’m sure that it’ll be fantastic for Ai once you start cumming too. I think that you’ll get addicted to it. It’s okay, I’ll be sure to play with you 」

「 W-What are you talking about? 」

Ai gives me a frightened look.

「 I mean, we’re sex friends. I feel sorry that I’m the only one feeling the pleasure, so I’ll make you feel it too. It’s okay. I’ll be with you 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai looks dumbfounded. Nei.

「 Huh, Ai-chan? You think that it’s over with just one round? 」

「 Unfortunately, Nobu’s got a lot of stamina 」

Kana-senpai smiled.

「 Sorry about earlier, I came before you could ask me to cum inside you 」

I suck on Ai’s nipples.

Oh, this girl’s sweat and love nectar is a love potion.

I think I can go on for days.

「 Next time, I’ll be sure to match the timing 」

「 Next time? 」

As soon as Ai asked.

「 Then, let’s go for the second round? 」

I begin to move my waist slowly?

「 No way?! Noo, noo! No more!!! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Please stop! Aaaah! Uuuuu! Noooo! Nooo! No more!!! 」

We continue having sex in missionary position.

I thought of going for the other positions for next time.

Ai’s vagina is small, yet, it’s flexible, and it clamps hard.

She’s a virgin, and yet, I confirmed that she doesn’t feel that much pain.

「 Oh, that’s incredible. It feels good, Ai’s body is excellent. I’m happy that Ai became my sex friend! 」

I pinch Ai’s nipples while enjoying her insides.

「 Hyaaaaan! Stop! I don’t want this!!! 」

I continue to violate Ai while her sweat flies to the surroundings.

「 That “No, No” will soon turn to “Yes, Yes” 」

「 That’s right, Ai. I never thought of you as a lewd girl 」

The two elder girls tell Ai.

「 Yeah, this is incredible. Ai looks cute, but her body is where it’s at. It feels great to hug. Having sex with her is the best 」

「 Uuuuu…Don’t say that, Ai is not a perverted girl 」

「 But, we’re doing something really perverted 」

「 Uuuuu, this is embarrassing!!! 」

「 We’re recording every moment of it 」

「 Ai looks cute when Nobu violates you 」

We talk to the desperate Ai as we’re having sex.

This is to not let Ai escape from reality.

To have her accept the fact that I’m violating her.

Nei and Kana-senpai watching her, are what ties Ai’s mind to reality.

If it were just the two of us, then her consciousness would’ve gone away long ago.

Anyway, we purposely embarrass I to have her concentrate.

「 Ufufu, Ai has become quite sexy now 」

「 Yeah. She received Yo-chan’s semen in her womb now 」

「 You’re no longer a child. Ai is my sex friend now.

I creampie Ai a lot.

It’s making lewd sounds each time I go in and out.

My semen foams around the part where we’re connected.

「 Aaaaah, no, I don’t want this. Ai… 」

Ai’s small body sways as I violate her.

Even so, she looks at me.

I ordered her to do so, and so she can’t look away.

「 Ai may not like it, but it can’t be helped. After all, what’s our relationship again? 」

「 Uuuuu, S-Sex…Sex friend 」

Ai replies with a pained expression.

「 That’s right. We’re going to have lots of sex. All you have to think for the future is on how we’re going to do it 」

「 Uuuuuu 」

Tears accumulate in her eyes once again, but…

Ai isn’t overcome with too much emotion anymore.

She no longer panics and rampage.

Since going for the second round of sex, my shuffle continues to work.

The fact that she lost her virginity…

And the despair from receiving my ejaculation inside.

She now knows that the dreams where everything’s set in the table for her…That someone will help her all the time…That kind of perfect future will not come for her.

But, even so…

She’s not a girl who would suicide because of this despair.

How should I say it?

Ai is similar to Yukino in a sense.

They’re both cheeky.

Girls like them don’t commit suicide.

I know.

「 Uuuuuu, I’ll never forgive you 」

Ai looks at me.

「 Yeah, you don’t have to 」

I tell Ai.

「 I-I hate that look of yours, thinking that you know everything about Ai! I hate it! I hate you, Yoshida-kun!! Ahn! 」

She says that she hates me, so I go deeper with each poke.

「 Yeah, I don’t mind if you hate me 」

「 Uuuuuu, Yoshida-kun, you don’t know anything about Ai, and yet…Aaaah! You don’t know anything about Ai….! 」


「 Yeah, that’s why I’m studying Ai like this 」

「 ?!!! 」

「 I discovered a lot about Ai today. Ai’s left nipple is more sensitive than your right 」

I touch Ai’s breasts with both hands.

「 AI’s breasts fit perfectly on my palm, and it feels elastic 」

Her slightly firm breasts feel pleasant to touch on top of her firm skin.

「 I don’t want to know that 」

「 But, I want to know everything about Ai 」

I smiled at Ai.

「 I mean, I think I’m the one who knows the most about Ai in this world. I’m the only man who had sex with Ai, and I’m the only one who knows the warmth and moisture inside. I also know how much pleasure it feels ejaculating inside Ai 」

I speed up my waist.

「 Aaaaah! S-Strong! Too strong!! 」

「 But, you like this, don’t you? 」

Yeah, I can tell.

I’ve experienced it with so many girls.

I can tell what kind of sex Ai prefers.

「 That’s just your selfish…aaaaaah!! 」

「 Yeah, it feels good inside Ai 」

「 Uuuuu…That’s what I hate the most 」


「 Don’t call me “Ai” like we’re friends! Aaahn! 」

「 Then, what do you want? 」

I lick off the sweat on Ai’s nose.


「 I-I don’t know!!! Nnnn!! 」

Ai frowns as she replies to me.

「 I don’t want someone I don’t even like to call me like that 」

I see.

「 Then, how about we use “Kiyo” from your surname? 」

「 Uuuuu, I don’t want that either! 」

Yeah, it blows off Ai’s cuteness.

「 Then how about “Love-chan”? 」

Nei said.

「 She’s our rumored “Love-dacha” 」

「 Nei-san, I told you to stop that reference. At least keep it in pre-cure 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Well, it doesn’t matter, I’ll think of it myself. How do I want to call you? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Either way, this will be a long relationship 」

Ai can’t do anything for herself right now.

Bath, haircare, cleaning, laundry, housework.

I wonder how long it will take for her to learn each and all of it?


「 For now, just one year. You’ll be my sex friend for a year 」

I said.

「 Yoshida-kun? 」

「 I will release you after a year. We can end this relationship. If you want, you can report it to the police. Go pick a lover and have a relationship with him. But you’ll be with me for a year. That’s an order 」

「 W-Why? 」

Ai looked up at me.

「 Don’t mind it, you’ll understand it all in a year. Therefore, hold it until it’s over. It’s okay. That year will be over in a blink of an eye, you can endure that 」

I said.

「 I know that Ai is like that 」

Ai looks at me.

She’s trying to probe what is the worth of trusting someone like me.

「 Ah, I said earlier that you won’t be taking contraceptives, but you actually will. You don’t have to worry about anything 」

Her big eyes look at me.

「 Well, I think that Ai-chan will say that you don’t want to part ways with Yo-chan in a year 」

「 I think so too 」

Kana-senpai and Nei laughed.


「 Ai, I’m about to cum. This time… 」

I’m nearing my limit.

「 Yes, I should just say it, right? 」

I said it herself.


「 Uhm, Yoshida-kun? 」

「 Huh, what? 」

「 I think you can call me “Ai” 」


As soon as I say that, Ai’s insides tightened up.

「 Aaah, Ai, I-I’m about to cum again! I’m going to cum inside you! 」

「 Ah, yes, L-Let it out. Pour it all inside Ai’s stomach!! 」

「 Uuuuuuuu 」

I embraced Ai’s naked body.

Then, I shoot out my second round of semen.

「 Aaaah! The hot stuff is coming out again!! Aaaahn! 」

Ai accepts my ejaculation while staring at me.

「 A-Aiiiiii!!! 」

Ai doesn’t mention her mother since earlier.

Ever since I broke her hymen.

I think that Ai’s renewing herself smoothly.

「 Aaah, I’m cumming! Still cumming!!! 」