Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 814. Sex Kingdom / Ai in front of everyone



「 Uuuuuu 」

I push in my waist and release until the last drop inside Ai.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, auuu 」

Ai watched me ejaculate while sighing out repeatedly.

「 Ai… 」

I push aside my exhaustion and embrace her sweaty body.

「 Yeah, that felt great. Ai is a good girl 」

I pat Ai’s head with a smile.

Ai seems surprised by my actions.

「 You may still have some discomfort, but it will be okay. I’m sure that your body will get used to it 」

I’ve been talking to her about the long-term since earlier.

I’m making her understand that this isn’t just for today.

「 You know, after-sex care is also essential. It’s not over after I pour my semen inside your womb 」

I then kiss Ai’s lips and massage her chest.

I taste Ai’s lips and tongue.

I stimulate her stiff nipples with my finger.

「 Somehow, I feel like this is much more gentle than my first time 」

Kana-senpai said, smiling.

「 Well, well, Kana-chan. This is a crucial time for Ai-chan 」

Nei captures Ai’s expression with the camera.

That’s right.

This is Ai’s turning point.

Just now, I raped Ai. She lost her virginity.

Ai’s mother, who protects her all the time, didn’t come to save her when she was in danger now.

I’ve ejaculated twice in her womb, and I still have my penis inside Ai…

Her complete dependence on her mother is now a thing of the past.

「 But, that’s great. Ai. From now on, you’ll serve Nobu every day, together with me 」

「 That’s right. Having cute girls like Ai makes me happy 」

Kana-senpai and Nei, the two beauties in our school.

Especially Kana-senpai, who is in the same club as Ai…

These two beauties are my women.

Furthermore, they are happily accepting her.

「 Ai-chan will become even more beautiful once you have sex with Yo-chan everyday 」

「 Me too, since Nobu did it with me, I feel my skin becoming glossy. I could sleep soundly at night too. Somehow, it works as a stress reduction method when you’re irritated. Sex is great, hmmhmm~ 」

「 But, it’s only with Yo-chan. Only he can make women beautiful through sex 」

「 That’s right. That’s why I was lucky to be pulled here! Ai, you’re also lucky. To think that you can have sex with Nobu, even if it’s just for a year 」

These two say that there’s worth in having sex with me.

「 Well, just leave it all to Yo-chan, and you’ll be fine 」

「 Right. Nobu’s a reliable man after all! 」

Hearing the two say that, I smile at Ai with a composed look.

This is crucial.

This is to give Ai a sense of security.

I need to show manly composure.

「 I-I, Ai… 」

I stop Ai from speaking by kissing her.

「 Ai, you don’t have to think of anything else 」

I insert my tongue.

Our tongues entwine.

I send in my saliva and have Ai drink it.

「 That’s right. You don’t have to worry about anything from now on. Nobu’s a fantastic guy you know 」

Kana-senpai whispers to Ai.

「 Nobu will never betray Ai as long as you don’t betray him either. Nobu will definitely bring happiness to Ai. I believe in that, and actually, my daily life is filled with excitement. It’s nothing but fun being chosen as Nobu’s woman 」

「 But in exchange, once you betray Yo-chan, it will be terrible for you 」

Ai’s startled.

「 Didn’t we tell you earlier? Nobu holds genuinely scary powers. He can do anything, no lies. 」

「 The girls who had that strange power that controls Ai-chan’s body right now, they will listen to whatever Yo-chan tells them. And in combat, it’s not just Edie. Money and connections aren’t a problem either. You can report to the police that you were raped, but they won’t arrest us. Instead, Ai-chan would be buried in the darkness~ 」

Ai’s frightened.

Her vagina clamps harder.

「 She won’t do that. AI will never betray me. All you have to do is be my sex friend for a year 」

I rub my cheeks with Ai.

I embrace her body.

Our naked skin sticks together.

I pat her hair.

Anyway, I’m thorough with skinship.

「 She’ll follow my orders too. Ai, don’t betray me. You’ll do what I say for a year and look only at me for a year. That’s an order 」

I order as I look into Ai’s eyes.

「 Your answer? 」

「 Y-Yes, I understand 」

「 There, good girl 」

I smiled and embraced Ai.

「 If Ai is a good girl then I’ll give you a hug 」

Nei, Kana-senpai, and I work together.

To have Ai depend on me.

Changing her reliance on her mother to me.

「 There, there, Ai is such a cute girl 」

I must sexually arouse her when making physical contact.

This is to let Ai understand that she’s a woman and feel the embrace of a man.

「 Ai’s mind and body are mine for just a year 」

In the end, taking care of the distortion in Ai’s mind will take time.

Ai needs someone to depend on right now.

However, her relationship with her mother is…

It’s a negative spiral where they rely on each other.

Furthermore, Ai’s growth in mind and body…

It begins to slip off because of her mother’s obsession with having Ai stay as a child.

This mother-daughter relationship isn’t doing well.


Therefore, Ai will be dependent on me for now.

It’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped.

Humans don’t become independent that easy.

「 Say, “please treat me well for one year.” That’s an order. Make a pledge. Swear that you’re mine for a year 」

And so, I’ll allow her to depend on me for a year.

I will not be doting on her like her mother.

And this isn’t a small world with just the two of them.

I have this splendid family with me.

I’m sure that they will drill the daily life to Ai.

「 P-Please take care of me 」

「 For how many years? 30? I don’t mind that 」

「 P-Please take care of Ai for one year, Yoshida-kun 」

「 Do you swear, Ai? 」

「 I-I swear 」

Ai replied.

I ordered her to look at me, and so she said it while looking at my eyes.

「 Okay, good, good 」

I smiled at her.

I praise her.

I embrace her.

「 Ai is really cute 」

…just like a father

Ai’s everything is wrapped up by her mother until now…

Ai never experienced skinship with her father.

I will use that.

I need to become the paternal figure to break her relationship with her mother.

Well, I’m just a high-school boy in reality, so…

I don’t have that father-like features.

That’s where I compensate it with sex.

Fortunately, I had lots of experience with Agnes.

「 Ai… 」

I smiled.

「 W-What? 」

「 Nothing, I just wanted to call you 」

I give her a kiss on the cheek.

「 Now then, time to let go. It might hurt a bit while pulling out but endure it. 」

I pull my penis out from Ai.

「 Hey, Kana-chan! Shutter Chance! 」

「 Ah, right! Nei-san! 」

I pull out my glans from Ai’s insides.

「 Ah, auuu 」

Ai leaks out a pained voice.

Two rounds worth of semen trickle down from her slightly swollen slit.

Ah, it turned pink after mixing with her virgin blood.

Even so, it’s not that much.

It seems that Ai got deflowered with not much damage to her body.

「 Okay, Ai-chan. Don’t close off your legs 」

「 Wow, this is incredible 」

Nei and Kana-senpai use their cameras to take photos.

「 You did well. Good girl 」

I then pat the head of the girl of the same age as me.

「 Okay. Good job, Ai-chan, you can close your legs now 」

「 Yeah, take a rest, Ai 」

Hearing my order, Ai breathes out.

「 Look at the handkerchief Kana-chan brought. It’s now stained with Ai-chan’s blood and Yo-chan’s semen 」

「 I think that’s cool? This will be a commemorative item for Ai-chan 」

「 How about we sign there as witnesses? 」

Nei said.

「 Here, towel, Yo-chan. Wipe off your dick with it 」

「 Ah, I’ll deal with Nobu’s sweat 」

Nei hands me a towel, and I use it to wipe off my penis smeared with blood, sweat, semen, and love nectar.

Kana-senpai wipes my back with another towel.

「 Wow, it reeks of a manly smell. Nobu’s sweat smells like honey 」

「 Really? I think that it’s some fruits-gum 」

The two beauties said.

「 They say that it smells sweet when it’s someone you like 」

「 Ah, Nei-san. I get that, in America, they call their lovers “Sugar” or “Pumpkin,” anything sweet and sugary, right? 」

「 What about you, Ai-chan? What does Yo-chan smell like? 」

「 I-I… 」

Ai’s confused.

「 Hmm, you don’t know yet 」

「 Ai. Once you start to sense that he smells good, that’s when you fall for Nobu! I’m looking forward to that! 」

Kana-senpai licks off my nape while saying that.

「 I like it when Nobu’s sweating all over 」

Nei laughed as she looks at Kana-senpai.

「 Hey, Yo-chan, You can still go for another round, right? 」

My penis is still erect.

「 A-Are you doing it again? 」

Ai trembles.

「 Ai-chan, you’re resting for now! So, who do you pick, for now, Yo-chan? 」


「 Want to do it, Kana-senpai? 」

「 Huh? Really? 」

Kana-senpai looked at me and then Nei…

「 But, I feel sorry if it’s just me… 」

「 Don’t mind it! I can do it with Yo-chan back in the house as much as we want! You can go, for now, Kana-chan! 」

Nei smiled.

「 T-Then, I-I’ll take that offer 」

Kana-senpai approaches my face.

「 I wanted to do this since earlier. Nobu, kiss me 」

I kiss Kana-senpai.

「 Ahn, gimme some saliva. I’m thirsty 」

Kana-senpai swallows my saliva.

「 Kana-senpai, you can stay over our place anytime. It’s much more fun with everyone 」

Kana-senpai hasn’t met everyone in the family yet.

「 I want to go, but I’m scared that I get addicted. It will be a lot of trouble if I don’t want to go home anymore, see? 」

Kana-senpai flips up her tennis skirt and shows me her ass.

「 It’s a place where Misuzu-san and the other wealthy people live. I understood it after coming to their party last week, I’m okay going there only sometimes. I’d feel stiff if it’s all the time. Besides, the fun would be gone if I got used to living in that kind of world 」

Our mansion isn’t a space for the wealthy though.

It must be like that through Kana-senpai’s eyes.

It’s an old-fashioned Western-style house constructed as a high-class brothel, and so the interior is luxurious.

And so, she thinks that it has the high-class atmosphere of Misuzu and Ruriko.

With that image, I think that she’ll lose her hips when she goes to the actual main house of the Kouzuki family.

「 Besides, Ai’s room is close to the school. I think we can use this as Nobu’s fuck room! 」

Fuck room?

「 We’re the receiving end of that though. Like, brought in and violated 」

「 Oh, that sounds nice. This room is childish, but it has that love-hotel feel in it. 」

Nei said.

「 Huh? Nei-san, you went to a love hotel with Nobu? 」

「 An acquaintance of mine is a manager. To be honest, Yo-chan can stay over there even if he’s wearing a uniform 」

「 Staying over a high-class hotel is nice and all, but I think going that route looks okay too. Let’s go there, Ai. I think it will get super lewd! 」

Kana-senpai smiled.

「 But, we’re setting this room as Nobu’s fuck room too. Either way, you don’t want Ai to be the last, right? 」


「 I thought of trying out what Iwakura-kaichou mentioned earlier. If I become the student council president by next year, I can change the school regulations so Nobu can deflower all the cute school girls 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 I mean, if we can use hypnotism on all the cute girls, then it’s easy, right? 」

Yomi and Luna’s Miko power?

「 The first-year students by next year would have their virginity checked during the entrance ceremony, and Nobu can eat all the cute girls. Like, having all of them here naked 」

「 No, that’s… 」

Kana-senpai giggled.

「 Silly you. Those were just assumptions of what you could do 」

Oh, a joke?

「 Nobu’s so timid that you get scared even from just imagining it, right? It’s not. You should have wild ideas. And if it’s possible, then do it 」

「 That’s right. Yo-chan can do anything now 」


「 Don’t squeeze yourself within the possibilities of what you can do. You need to treat the powers you have with care too. Use them. It’s the duty of those who have it 」


「 There’s no rich man who just deposits his wealth in a bank, is there? Wealthy men invest. It goes back to the loop of the society. And if the man becomes a stockholder of a company, then he’s in touch with the administration. Isn’t that what Kouzuki-ojiichan does? 」

That’s right, Jii-chan isn’t just a wealthy man.

He’s involved with multiple businesses.

He may have entrusted the Kouzuki group to Shiba-san. However, he continues to watch as the admin because he’s still a shareholder.

「 And with that, wealth brings more wealth. Using it to the limits is the right and duty of those who have it. If one doesn’t do anything, the money will just disappear, and that’s dead money. That old man lives off with the money he makes, right? 」

Nei’s right.

「 It’s not just about money. He doesn’t sleep off his influence and connections with the people of the world. He always creates a new job for people, see? 」

He’s always telling me stories about that.

「 Therefore, Yo-chan, you need to use what you have assertively 」

Nei smiles.

「 Right now, Yo-chan is burning with that sense of duty because you picked up Ai-chan, right? Thinking, “Oh, I picked up someone troublesome again, but I need to do something about her,” right? 」


「 Change that concept. You need to notice that you have higher power because you picked Ai-chan 」

「 That’s right. Tomorrow, Ai will join Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and me in your bakery. Besides, Edie-san and Megumi-san are beauties too 」

Kana-senpai laughed.

「 It’s getting big now. All the beauties in our school are gathering in that spot 」

Katsuko-nee and Kana-senpai’s inclusion made it a huge success.

If we were to add Ai, the cutest among the first-year students…

「 It’ll become a rumor that Nobu’s bakery only has the school beauties working for them, right? And it’ll get easier for us to invite the cuties that’ll enroll next year. Fortunately, although, sorry to say, Nei-san is a repeater, and so, all the members of the bakery would remain by next year 」

Oh, Kana-senpai…

She doesn’t know that Nei will move to America with Margo-san…


It doesn’t mean that she won’t attend school anymore.

Besides, Nei’s not registered in this school, and so she can stay only if she wants.

「 Well, putting that next year talk aside, Nobu… 」

Kana-senpai shakes her ass.

「 I want it now. What position do you want? 」


「 Then, get on top of Ai on all fours 」

「 Ah, going from behind? Nobu, you want me to show my face to Ai while you ravish me? 」

Kana-senpai is quick to understand.

「 I guessed so. Ai, excuse me! Hmmhmm~ 」

Kana-senpai gets on top of Ai, who’s naked and lying down on the bed.

「 Ufufufu. Looking at you this close, Ai is really cute. You’re just like me. Nobu broke our hymen and ejaculated a lot inside. We’re no longer children, once you learn sex, you’re now a mature woman 」

「 H-Hoshizaki-senpai. 」

「 You can call me “Kana-san.” We’re now both Nobu’s women. It’s forever for me, and only one year for Ai, but I’ll allow it 」

「 F-Forever? A-Are you okay with that? 」

Kana-senpai kisses AI’s cheeks.

「 You’ll soon understand~ 」

Kana-senpai sticks out her ass higher.

「 Nobu, do it 」

I peel off Kana-senpai’s bloomers.

Kana-senpai’s round ass.

Oh, there’s so much difference in meat in just one year difference.

Her slit is already hot and wet.

Love nectar drips down on Kana-senpai’s thighs.

「 Kana-senpai. 」

「 Yes. Do it! Give your hot rod to me! 」

I’m going doggy style with Kana-senpai, who’s in all fours.

My glans rubs into her entrance.

Again and again…

「 Aaah, hurry! 」

「 I’m putting it in Kana-senpai 」

「 Come! Nobu!! 」


「 Aaauunn~ it’s in!! 」

Kana-senpai tells Ai.

「 Ai, it went in. Nobu’s inside me again! Aaaaah!! 」

「 K-Kana-san?! 」

Ai’s surprised as she watches someone else have sex.

「 Nobu, deeper! 」

「 Yeah! 」

I grab Kana-senpai’s thin waist.

Then, I bury in my hard dick.

「 Aaaaaahn!!! 」

Warm love nectar flows down from where Kana-senpai and I are connected, falling to Ai’s body.

「 Kuuuuu! It’s so deep! 」

The tip of my glans kisses the entrance to Kana-senpai’s womb.

「 Aaah, it’s perfect. So perfect!!! 」


「 You see, I feel complete when you insert your dick inside me, Nobu. Usually, I feel incomplete. After all, Nobu’s not doing me! 」

Kana-senpai pushes her waist to me.

「 I can’t go on without Nobu! I’ll only have sex with Nobu. This is what makes me feel alive! I want to have sex with Nobu all the time!! 」

Ai’s watching.

She’s purposely leaking out a loud voice.

This is to increase Ai’s dependence on me.

Once we’re done having sex in this room, we’ll come back to the living room, and the second part of the war with Ai’s mother is waiting.

「 Nobu, move violently, intensely! Violate me! Do it! 」


I start off with an intense piston.

「 Aaaah, it’s moving, Nobu’s rampaging inside me! It’s stirring me up!!! Aaaahn! Yes! That feels good!! 」

「 K-Kana-san? 」

「 Ai will become like this soon enough! Having sex with Nobu feels good! Aaah! Aaahn! I’m getting addicted to this! It’s like drugs! Aaaah! Yes! There! Grind me there! 」

「 Here? Kana-senpai? 」

「 Yes! There! Aaaah! Nobu knows so much about my body!! I love it! Yes! I love you! 」

I lower my body…

Then, I reach for Kana-senpai’s breasts.

Grabbing them on top of her tennis clothing

I lift up her bra.

「 Yes! I wanted you to touch my breasts! Nobu knows it all!! Aaah, stronger! Grip it tighter!!! So hard that it creates a mark of Nobu’s hands!! 」


「 Yes! Aaah! Aaaahn! That feels good! Play with my nipples to! Aaahn! Yes! 」

Kana-senpai’s body is becoming lewd.

Oh, the room’s filled with that lewd pheromone now.

「 Aaaahn! It’s so arousing to have Ai watch us! This is much better than usual! I might get addicted to this! 」

I bang Kana-senpai while making loud noises.

「 Iyaan~ That’s embarrassing! Don’t look at me like that, Ai! Aaahn! Just kidding! Watch me! Watch me all you want! Ahn! Sex feels good! I wonder why, Ai, why does it feel so good when I’m having sex with Nobu?!! 」

She’s making an appeal that having intense with me feels good.

「 No more, Ai, let’s kiss. Hey, let’s kiss! 」

「 Huh?! K-Kana-san?! 」

「 Why not? Both of us belong to Nobu now. Aaahn! If only you become Nobu’s slave sooner 」

「 S-Slave? 」

「 Love slave. I love Nobu’s kindness. Nobu also loves me, aaahn, so happy. Having sex is happiness! Hey, let’s kiss, Ai! 」

「 Oooh, that’s incredible! 」

Nei captures our silliness.

And the living room’s watching this situation.

「 It’s Nagisa-oneechan and Mii-chan’s specialty of going for lesbian plays while Yo-chan bangs them. Ask them to teach you a lot next time 」

「 I don’t care about that right now! I’m just too aroused at this moment! Aaaah! I feel strange! Nobu, touch my breasts more! Ai, I’m going to touch yours! Aaahn! I want both of us messed up!! 」

To think that Kana-senpai can get this obscene when joining her junior in the club in sex…

「 Aaaahn! What?! Something’s strange. Aaah, something’s starting! Hey, what’s this? Ai, what’s this?! 」

「 I-I don’t know! 」

Ai shouts.

「 You need to understand! I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum! Aaaaaaaah! Nobu’s dick is going to make me cum while Ai’s watching! 」

I head for the last spurt.

「 N-Nobu, can we cum together?! Can you?! I don’t want to cum alone! Nobu! I want to cum with you! 」

「 Yeah, I’ll make it in time 」

「 Ahn~ As expected of Nobu! You’re making my womb throb!!! Aaahn! Aaaah! Aaah! Aaahn! Look at me, Ai-chan! Watch me as I cum! If you don’t watch then, you don’t want to know what I’ll do 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

I’m going all out as I thrust Senpai from behind.

「 Aaah! There! Yes! It’s hitting me!!! There! Kana’s weak there!!! Aaaah! Nobu! Nobu! My Nobu!!! 」

「 Kana-senpai!!! 」

「 I’m cumming! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!!!!!!! 」

Kana-senpai’s body twitched violently.

Her vagina clamps hard.

「 I’m going to cum too! 」

「 Cum! Let it out!!! Make babies with me!!! 」


「 Aaaaaah! So hot! It’s coming in!!! 」

「 K-Kana-senpai!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

「 It’s pulsating so hard! Aaaaah! It’s going!!! Ai, do you see it? Nobu…Nobu’s cumming inside of me. Watch me! Watch as Nobu ejaculates inside of me!!!! 」


I continue to grind in my hips while ejaculating.

「 Haaaaaa!! Haaaaaa!!! Haaaaaa!!!! It’s pouring in my womb! Nobu!!! 」

My long ejaculation continues.

「 Aaaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah, incredible! Such happiness!!! 」