Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 815. Sex Kingdom / Sex while Mother watches



「 Aaahn, Nobu that felt incredible 」

Kana-senpai tells me after I’m done with ejaculating.

「 Hey, pull it out, I’ll show it to Ai 」

Kana-senpai turned to me and smiled.

「 Okay, I order you to do what Kana-senpai tells you 」

「 Look at this, Ai, this is what Nobu’s dick did inside me 」

Kana-senpai makes it easy for Ai to see the connected part.

「 I’m pulling out 」

「 Yeah, I feel sad about it but, sure 」


I pull my withered penis from Kana-senpai’s inside.

It’s smeared with sweat, love nectar, and semen.

「 Ah, ahn~ Look at it, Ai! 」

My glans pop out, and it starts spilling from her womb.

Then, the white semen drips down and falls to Ai’s face.

「 See? I’m just like Ai. Nobu’s semen fills me up 」

Ai looks at Kana-senpai’s obscene actions in a daze.

「 B-But I’ll get pregnant 」

Ai mutters. Kana-senpai.

「 It’s okay. We told you earlier, didn’t we? We’ll give you a drug to make sure that you won’t. Besides, why not? It’s Nobu’s child. You’d want to bear his child 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 It’s okay. My family is a big one. They’ll all treasure the child 」

I said calmly.

This is to give Ai the impression that it is how it is.

Showing a lot of composure.

「 Well, why not. Ai’s contract is only for a year. Mine is a lifetime contract, and so Nobu will make love with me forever 」

We exchange a passionate kiss in front of Ai.

「 Isn’t that right, Nei-san? 」

「 Yes, yes! It’s a lifetime contract! I mean, I only want Yo-chan in my next life too 」

Nei also kisses me.

「 Ai. Just because you’re Nobu’s sex friend doesn’t mean that you will be given preferential treatment in sex. You need to wait for your turn 」

「 That’s right! There are a lot of girls who want to have sex with Yo-chan 」

「 Well, the two of us are mainly at school. Let’s do it in your room from now on? Sometimes at the hotel too 」

「 Ah, should we stay over somewhere? I know a good spa resort hotel! 」

「 Ah, that sounds good too. Getting in the hot springs, eating good food, then having sex with Nobu at night. Hmm! What do I do? I feel like my beauty’s leveling up! 」

「 Your skin will get smooth, and your sexiness would be going to the roofs! 」

Nei and Kana-senpai are such a good combo.

I never thought that these two would be this compatible.

Nei needs a bright and cheerful friend like Kana-senpai.

Nei’s personality is only an artificial one, made to hide her shy “Najima Yasuko” self.

Kana-senpai is a bright person at heart.

I think that Kana-senpai’s straightforward character pulls out Nei and lets her feel comfortable.

That’s good enough for ordinary high school students.

Nei wanted that ordinary life but never had it.

I think she can enjoy life in high school with Kana-senpai.

「 Hey, Yo-chan. Wipe off Ai-chan’s face 」

Nei hands me a new towel from the bag.

As expected of Katsuko-nee. She’s got a lot of towels prepared.

「 Yeah. Ai, I’ll wipe your face 」

I wipe off the semen dripping on Ai’s face and body.

「 Ah, Nei-san, give me a towel too. Ah, shit. I skipped out the practice in the tennis club. I wonder if it’s okay to come back while filled with Nobu’s semen? 」

「 How about borrowing the shower from this house? Either way, Yo-chan, and Ai-chan will take a shower 」

「 Hmm. I already skipped out, and if I came back after taking a bath, I think my seniors would get angry at me 」

「 Well, well, you skipped out intending to save Ai-chan from the hands of the Judo club guy, right? If you want, I can talk to your seniors. I’ll give them a good excuse. I should be a senior too, and I’m also a legendary woman, and so I think that they’ll agree to what I say 」

「 Ah, thanks Nei-san

「 Nufufufu! Leave it to me! 」

Now then.

「 Then, we should go back down to the living room 」

We’ll return to the living room, and it’s the decisive battle with Ai’s mother.

「 And after putting things in order, we’ll take a bath. Ai, you’ll be washing me 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Ai gets up and tries to put on the clothes scattered around the floor.

「 What are you doing, Ai? 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai looks at me in surprise.

「 Don’t dress up. You and I are going downstairs naked. 」

「 W-Why? 」

「 You need to report to your mother that you became my sex friend 」

I speak of it like it’s natural.

「 Ai is now an adult woman, and so you won’t rely on your mother on everything. You will have to tell her, “I will do everything myself, thank you for raising me until now.” 」

「 ????!!!! 」

I laughed at the speechless Ai.

「 You don’t have to worry that much. I’ll be here with you 」

「 That’s right. Ai-chan has Yo-chan! 」

「 We’ll also support you, Ai. Ah, but we’re not going to help you out, just support you 」

Nei and Kana-senpai smiled.

「 With that said, we’re going to decide everything downstairs 」

I order Ai…

Ai hears what I say while looking confused.

She looks straight at me.

Ai’s dependence on me is growing larger than her reliance on her mother.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay~ Here comes Ai’s triumphant return! Clap! 」

Kana-senpai leads the way, and we returned to the living room.

Katsuko-nee, Yomi, and Luna clap their hands.

Ai and I return to the room naked.

Nei’s left in Ai’s room, putting back the cameras in the bag.

「 A-Ai!!! 」

Ai’s mother, who saw her charming figure, calls her out.

Her expression shows exhaustion.

She’s watching Ai deflowered in real-time without censorship, after all.

「 Okay, please stay quiet. Don’t move. Just spectate for a while, okay? 」

Yomi uses her power on Ai’s mother.

「 Nii-san, good job. Ai-san too 」

「 We watched it. That was a lot of trouble 」

「 So, what’re your impressions? 」

Luna, Edie, Katsuko-nee speaks up.

「 Usually, women have that impression that “It hurts” or “I thought it should be like this,” so, What about you, Ai? 」

Katsuko-nee asks.

「 Ai. Answer her. That’s an order 」

「 H-He came inside 」

Oh, so that’s what made the most impression for her.

「 H-He came twice…Inside 」

「 Uuuuuuu 」

Ai’s mother, who’s ordered to shut up, cries quietly.

「 I think you were lucky that it ended only on the second time. I know that he can deflower a woman and violate her until morning and cum inside ten times 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

Haa, Yukino?

No, Mana also received that one, I had my way with her multiple times after taking her virginity.

「 If I recall, our first time also had more than twice inside, right? 」

「 Yeah. Yomi-oneesama. Nii-san was hardworking 」

The young shrine maidens look at me.

「 Besides, Ai-san, don’t think that it’s over with just two 」

Luna said. Ai’s startled.

「 Isn’t that why you came down here naked, Nii-san? 」


「 That’s just sly Luna, you can read my mind and yet you say it that way 」

Those were my thoughts.

「 Err, Sorry 」

「 I don’t mind. Well then, Ai… 」

I push the naked in front.

Making sure that her mother can see her.

「 Say the line to your mother 」


「 M-Mama 」

She looks at her mother. Speaking in a trembling voice…

The mother, who’s mouth is sealed, looks at her daughter.

「 A-Ai, gave her virginity to Yoshida-kun…and became a woman 」

The mother listens to her daughter.

Luna’s controlling her mind.

This might be shocking for her, but she won’t panic that much.

「 F-From now on, u-until one year…I-I’m Yoshida-kun’s sex friend…I-I will have sex with Yoshida-kun. He’ll teach me a lot about sex. If Yoshida-kun asks for it…I’ll get naked anytime, anywhere…Becoming a lewd bitch that opens up my body for him. That’s how it is now, I-I, Kiyohara Ai… 」

Okay, Ai’s no longer panicking either.

After multiple restarts, and the shock from losing her virginity.

This much won’t make her thoughts fly away.

Looking good.

「 T-Thank you…thank you for raising A-Ai with care until now 」

Ai tells her mother.

「 But, Ai is already an adult, and so, I’ll do everything myself…Y-Yoshida-kun said, I-It’s an order, M-Mama, so, Mama… 」

Ai speaks while holding tears in her eyes.

「 D-Don’t worry about Ai anymore 」

Her mother shakes her head.

To Ai’s mother, Ai letting her go means losing her identity.

But, if she continues to depend on her mother, she’ll reach failure sooner or later.

We need to destroy that distorted relationship right now.

「 Well done, Ai. Good girl 」

I hug Ai’s naked body from behind.

I pat her head.

「 Y-Yoshida-kun? 」

「 Okay, take a deep breath, let’s do it together. Breathe in 」

Ai breathes air in while I embrace her.

「 Okay, then slowly breathe out 」

Ai breathes out from the bottom of her stomach.

「 Haaaaaaaa…Iyan~ 」

Ai got startled when I massaged her cute breasts from behind.

「 Don’t struggle. This is okay, right? What’s our relationship again? 」

「 S-Sex friends 」

「 And so, I can do this anytime, anywhere 」

I whisper to Ai’s ears while massaging her springy breasts.

「 And that includes even in front of your mother 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai’s surprised.

「 Okay, come over here, Ai 」

「 This chair is good enough 」

Katsuko-nee brings in a chair to the living room.

I sit down on that one.

「 Okay, slowly lower your hips 」

「 B-But 」

「 This will be the third time, and it will be in front of your mother. Ai, that’s an order 」

「 Uuuuu 」

I won’t use “shuffle” until the last minute.

Ai will follow my order even if she’s hesitating.

「 It’s okay. This time, you won’t feel that much pain 」

Yomi tells Ai.

「 Cut off that pain and double the pleasure 」

「 I’ll also navigate 」

Yomi’s Miko power functions to give a person’s memory a clear intent.

On the other hand, Edie and Michi’s Qi uses to feel people’s senses.

「 I’m good at checking this 」

Sexual arousal is a sense, and so, Edie can sense Ai’s movements and guide her.

「 Okay, let’s link-up. Edie-oneesama 」

Yomi and Edie hold hands.

「 Me too 」

Luna puts her hand on Yomi’s back and supplements her power.

「 Edie. Ai’s a beginner in sex, don’t drown her now 」

「 I know that Darling, girls like Ai will get addicted if we give her too much 」

Edie understands.

「 Let’s save some fear when it comes to sex 」


「 Okay, Ai, I order you to lower your hips 」

「 Ah, Ah, ah, uuuu 」

I grab her waist from behind and slowly squat her.

「 That’s right, just like that 」

「 Nobu, I’ll adjust it to the entrance. 」

Kana-senpai grabs my penis and leads it to Ai’s entrance.

「 Uhiiiiii!!! 」

My glans touch Ai’s sensitive entrance once again.

Ai trembles from my hot penis.

「 And now, tell your mother “Watch Ai have raw sex” 」

「 M-Mama, Ai, Sex…Will have raw sex…please watch!! 」

「 Okay, now lower your hips!!! 」


「 Aaaaaaah! 」

Ai’s mother is watching.

Ai’s mother is watching.

「 Deeper. Put your weight on me 」

「 Y-Yes! Yoshida-kun! Yes! 」


Ai’s pussy that received my ejaculation twice…

It swallows my penis up to the root.

「 Aaaah! It can’t go in anymore. It won’t go in anymore! M-Mama! Look!! 」

I grabbed Ai’s thighs from behind and spread it open to create an M shape on top of my legs.

I show off the part where we’re connected to her mother.

「 Aaaaaaa…..Aaaaaaa….M-Mama’s watching! 」

「 That’s right, we’re showing your mother that Ai is already an adult 」

Then, I stabilize my body while sitting on the chair and Ai on top of me.

「 Ai, I’ll make you feel good 」

I stretch out my hand and rub Ai’s love nectar on my finger.

Then, I use my wet finger to rub Ai’s nipples.

「 Aaaahn! N-Noooo! Don’t touch my breasts 」

「 Why not? You’re mine right now, Ai. I can do what I want 」

Yomi should be increasing Ai’s sexual arousal.

And so, she should be sensitive from this much.

Ai’s vagina tightens up.

「 B-But 」

「 You understand it, don’t you? Your mind and body are both mine now 」

My penis buries deeply inside her, and I embrace her from behind.

「 Ai is mine. Look, your mother’s watching you from a distance, see? 」

「 Mama 」

Ai mutters.

「 You’ve graduated from your mother now 」

「 Yeah, Ai…Yoshida-kun…Yoshida-kun’s…. 」

Her dependence changes now.

I’m rewriting Ai’s heart.

「 !!!!! 」

Ai’s mother pleads desperately with her eyes, but…

「 Don’t hate your child, Mother 」

Katsuko-nee put her hand on Ai’s mother’s shoulders and said.

「 It was you who raised Ai-san to become a girl with no pride at all 」


「 If she’s a woman with pride, then she’ll feel ashamed from rape. Hating the man who raped her, detesting him for dirtying her chastity, and might even commit suicide 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 But, your daughter, Ai-san isn’t that kind of girl 」

I crawl my fingers to Ai’s clitoris.

My fingers expose her clitoris, and I rub it.

「 Aaaaah! M-Mama! Aaaah! 」

Ai’s petite body trembles on top of me.

「 What’s this?! I-It feels good 」

Ai moans when I caress her clitoris while I violate her in front of her mother.

「 Your daughter now depends on the same man who raped her. What a poor daughter. But it can’t be helped. You raised her to become like that 」

A girl who has her mother do everything for her.

Her mother prepares all for her, and so she doesn’t have hobbies, dreams, nor hope.

Thinking that it’s natural for people to help her, and so she makes herself look timid to attract sympathy from people.

Lastly, she’s a girl who doesn’t know how to thank others for what they’ve done to her.

「 She’s just cute…A girl with beauty and nothing inside. That’s what your daughter is 」

Katsuko-nee’s voice echoes inside Ai’s mother.

「 And that’s why she can cast you away. If she finds someone she can depend on better than her mother, she’ll jump to that person. That’s natural. You named her “Ai” and yet, you didn’t teach her to love people 」

Ai doesn’t know “love.”

No, she only knows the love that she receives from her mother, and from others.

She doesn’t know how to love others.

「 She doesn’t love herself. That’s the reason why she doesn’t have pride as a human. And look at her, depending on the same man who raped her 」

I see.

Yukino’s always opposing me, the man who raped her.

Yukino’s a woman with high pride.

But, Ai…

Ai is a girl who has no pride as a human.

All she wished for is to make it easy for herself.

She makes a wish but doesn’t do anything herself.

She only waits for someone to do something and make the situation better for her.

She doesn’t do anything and just wait, not approaching the reality with any effort.

「 People with no pride have nothing inside. They’re empty humans 」

Edie said.

Therefore, she just accepted that I call her “Ai.”

「 Ai-san didn’t treat her virginity, her mind, and body that preciously. She doesn’t love herself, and so she doesn’t treasure herself 」

And with Tsuji-senpai’s love, she only thought, “I’d be glad if someone can mediate between.”

Ai never had a strong will.

「 Therefore, this man took her first kiss, tore her virginity, and treats her as a sex slave, and yet she’s okay with it. She thinks “I don’t care about what’s gone anymore” 」

She doesn’t make that much fuss about her body.

That’s why, when asked for her impressions in sex, she said: “He came inside.”

The pain from deflowering, fear from becoming pregnant, are no longer remaining.

「 Do you understand? This is the result of everything that you’ve done, the way you treasured Ai-san 」

That means?

「 That’s why Ai-san herself isn’t raised to become a girl who treasures herself. After all, someone will always protect her 」

Katsuko-nee continues.

「 Ai-san is a girl who will entrust her mind and body to someone who she thinks can protect her better, someone she can rely on, even if that man is the man who raped her 」


「 Aaaah, Mama! Something’s strange. This man, Yoshida-kun’s fingers, feels good! Aaaahn! What’s this, it feels good! Aaaah! 」

There’s hardly any damage in Ai’s body from my piston.

Therefore, the sexual arousal from having her mother watch a man pierce her…

And the pleasure from teasing her clitoris flares up Ai.

Twice raped and creampie, and she watched Kana-senpai have sex.

Ai’s fear of having sex with me is now gone.

Even if it’s with me, if it feels good, then she doesn’t care if it’s a sex friend relationship.

「 Ai, try moving. Rub it around and find where you feel the pleasure 」

「 L-Like this? 」

Ai starts moving her hips.

「 Ah, this is good! I feel the shivers here! 」

Ai writhes.

「 Aaaaahn! Mama! What do I do! It feels good when I’m having sex with Yoshida-kun!!! 」