Sex Online Chapter 3

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“Well I gotta go. I wouldn’t want to be left too far behind by those rankers.”


Jason said to Saeko while breaking off the hug. Looking at Jason who seemed like he couldn’t wait to get away from her and begin gaming, Saeko once again shook his head.


“We were having such a romantic moment, couldn’t you have kept your stupidity in control for a few more minutes?”


In response to Saeko, Jason once again wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her in for another hug. Bringing his mouth near her ears he whispered, “Though I might not be a romantic guy, I sure as hell won’t ever do anything that hurts you.”


“I know, go ahead and get into the capsule. I have some more work to finish up. Once I’m done, I’ll start watching your Live Feed and see what’s so special about this game.”


Letting go of the hug, both Jason and Saeko brightly smiled and were about to go towards the gaming room where the Gaming Capsules were set up, but just then they heard a loud scream filled with fear coming from the TV.


When both of them turned around they saw that the reporter was no more there, and on the screen was a grass field, where a man had pressed a woman down on the floor with pieces of ripped clothing around them.


“Is this happening inside Fantasy Online?”


Nodding at Jason’s question, Saeko pointed towards the top left corner of the screen.


“Yup, it seems to be a place called the Daal Village.”


Similar to Jason and Saeko everyone who was watching the news, and the players who were allotted to the Daal Village, were all looking at a man raping a woman. While some couldn’t believe it was happening, the others were all waiting in anticipation for the rape to happen.


Even those that were near to where the rape was happening didn’t take any action and just kept on staring at the shouting woman.


Once the man pressed the woman onto the ground below him, he sat down on top of her waist and used his both legs to put pressure on her arms to keep her from moving around too much.


“What are you doing? Get off of me you bastard!”


Hearing what the Japanese woman said the man sneered and once and again began using his hand to tear her clothes completely revealing her huge white beats.


Due to the development in technology, real time translation was now possible. And that too into many languages at the same time. So despite the woman speaking in her own language, everyone would hear those words in the language they set for their receivers.


Feeling the cold air against her bare breasts the woman once again screened from embarrassment, shame, and fear. However she still didn’t stop struggling and kept on trying to push him away.


But reality was cruel. With how strong the man looked there was no way she could escape from him. Not by herself anyway.


By now the man was cruelly laughing and began playing with those naked breasts, and dark colored nipples.


“Oooooh! So big and soft, yet still elastic. It seems like I hit the jackpot with you slut. But what is with this ugly black colored nipples! Haven’t you ever washed them!”


While spewing out insult the man kept on squeezing her breasts tightly and sometimes pinched the nipples and twisted them as if he wanted to yank them off.


Feeling huge amounts of pain due to the man violently playing with her boobs, the woman couldn’t take it anymore and began shouting for help.




Before the Japanese woman could finish speaking, the man lifted his hand up high and strongly slapped her bare breasts causing her to shriek out in pain once again.


“You better shut the fuck up or I’ll cut off your breasts before killing you.”


Once the woman heard the man’s threats her face turned completely pale ahd tears began welling up inside her eyes.


“The same goes for those who heroes who are thinking of helping her. If anyone tries anything funny I’ll plunge this dagger into her pussy and completely destroy it.”


Saying so the man flashed a short knife to those around him. The dagger was something which was given to everyone who chose the thief class.


If it was some other game such a threat would’ve never wired out, but in Fantasy Online you would feel every single thing that happens to you, even if it was a simple mosquito bite. Thus once everyone heard the man’s threat even those who were planning on saving her took a step back.


It would find if they killed him in a single shot but if they couldn’t and the man did as he said, no one would be able to bear with the consequences.


A butchered up pussy? At this stage of the game it was impossible to purchase a Healing Potion which only recovered your HP, much less get the help of a Priest to heal a specific wound.


If something happened to her pussy, than she would’ve to wait till she met a qualified Priest to treat her and turn it back to normal. Until then she could do nothing other than bearing with the pain and wait for it to naturally heal on its own.


“Wow, a rape so early in the game? Though I expected such things to happen a long time down the future, never did I think it would happen a few seconds after the launch. And much less get caught on the Live Feed.”


In response to Jason’s astonished remark, Saeko had a thoughtful expression on her face.


‘If I start playing this game could I also rape women without any consequences?’


Unknown to the wild thoughts going through Saeko’s mind, Jason lightly sighed and began walking away.


It seemed like he had no intentions to continue watching the public rape, however such people were very rare, because almost everyone including Saeko who witnessed what happened till now were glued to their screens in anticipation of what would happen next.

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