Grassland Law Chapter 10

Commuting ceremony

I packed sheep fur and wolf pelt on two horses.
I straddled my favorite horse and give signal to my dog.
When I move my horse other horses followed.
I’m moving these horses to the south.
Since it’s a long round trip of one week I won’t burn out the horses.
My other horses are taken care by my younger brother, who have yet to become an adult.
Sitting in front of the bon fire I’m eating blue peacock meat.
I sighed in front of the fire.
When I return I’ll get married to Lucci.

~One week ago~

Me and Lucci sat face to face.
Commuting ceremony
A ceremony where the bride goes to the house she’s being married into from water drawing time to dinner for three days. (TN: Basically dawn to dusk for 3 days back and forth)
Meaning it’s the last meeting before marriage.
In other tribes this ceremony is for seeing the bride’s face for the first time.
I’m already aware of Lucci since I peeped…I mean looked at Lucci going to draw water. (TN: LOL)
There’s only me, Lucci and the Patriarch inside the house.
Everyone else including Yesu already went back to their respective houses.

「I’ll entrust things to the young couple」

The Patriarch stood up and exited the house.
Silence cast upon us as we sit face to face.
We knew each other, so there was nothing to talk about.


We spoke up at the same time to break this silence.

「Umm、Jumuka-sama please go first」

「No、Lucci go」

「No、Jumuka-sama go」

「Ah、un、then this marriage…what do you think?」

I’m a dumbass !  I yelled so at myself, well I can’t turn back anymore, I really don’t want to get married if she thinks that it couldn’t be helped but marry me

「Um、I’m、I’m happy about it。 」

Lucci’s face turned bright red, her body fidgeted while she averted her gaze.

「Th、Thank you、well、what part of me made you that happy?」

「Etto、men usually take their time and sleep but don’t train、even though the time is around when the girls go to draw water、but、I always see Jumuka-sama training during that time and thought that you looks cool。 」 (TN: Notice me senpai)

I was bizarrely embarrassed at Lucci’s confession. Truth be told I chose that time in the morning to train because the girls are so careless that I could peep at them (TN: LMFAO)

「Then when you practiced your bow, I’ve never seen anyone hitting the black circle on the target from 50 steps away、yet you destroyed the target from 100 steps away so I fell in love with that over and over again。 」

Looking at Lucci bright red face while she spoke made my face red too.

「I’ve always been yearning for you。 But I’m 2 years older、when Jumuka-sama became independent and was given a bride I thought I was out of the talk。 But、but、being chosen as your bride I、I」

Tears formed in the corner of Lucci’s eyes as she couldn’t speak a word anymore.
I approached Lucci and caressed her head.
I ruffled Lucci’s hair around.

「I’m、really happy。 For the sake of my future husband I’ll polish my body and my cooking skills。 So please give me lots of affection。 Let’s make a lot of babies。 」 (TN: Pls don’t turn into rabbits)

Lucci smiled sweetly.
I couldn’t bear that gaze so I averted my eyes.
To be honest I was dissatisfied with Lucci.
This woman thinks about me so much, and in contrary with her chubby look it seems to be quite pleasant to hug her tight
I could see the tender subcutaneous fat in her upper arm and legs.
To be honest my lower half seemed to reacted.


Lucci tilted her head and looked at me.

「Ah、it’s nothing I’m fine」

What the hell is ‘it’s nothing I’m fine’

「I’m glad to hear that then。 」

Ah、that was lucky

「Me too、I want to marry Lucci and have lots of kids」

「Thank you very much。 Let’s make a lot。 If it’s Jumuka-sama’s kids then I think they’ll all be healthy。 」

Both of us smiled at that.

After we talked we called Yesu, Ichiyu, Shirley, and Sharon over.
From now on Yesu, Ichiyu, Shirley, Sharon would do all the housework together with Lucci when she became a bride.
Originally the commuting ceremony was for existing slave wives and wives to meet up with the new wife.
At night, I ate the things Lucci prepared then sent Lucci back to the Patriarch’s house marking the end of the commuting ceremony
It continues like this for 3 more days.
After the commuting ceremony we greeted each other whenever we met.
To obtain timbers I went into the forest and hunted blue peacock, I used its wings to make a folding fan as a present for Lucci.


~   ~


As I think about the approaching wedding I gathered the wolf pelts, sheep fur, great golden eagle wings, and lion wild boar tusks.
My destination is the border of the southern agriculture tribes to perform trades
My goal is to obtain gemstone necklaces or rings.

「Ah、I want to hurry up and embrace Yesu。 I wanna get married and embrace Lucci」 (TN: This guy is really horny lmao)

I talked to myself before the fire in the middle of the grassland with no people.
I sighed yet again.