Grassland Law Chapter 11

Southern area

National border area Verley
This is the only place where the grassland people perform trades with the agriculture people.
The grassland are where I live is in contact with 3 other regions.

Mountains – Grass – Plain | Sacred Mountains
Mountain Range – First | Second | Third  (TN: The author is trying to sketch out a map with words)

Using words instead of drawings, Verley is the Second area
In this Second Area the daughters of the Three Great Forces of the Grassland, Au tribe/Agu tribe/Shiu tribe, were married to them in order to maintain a pledge of alliance.
The First and Third areas broke the alliance with the Grassland, skirmishes continued to happen.
Sometimes us Grassland people come to the First and Third area to plunder, these areas came back at us with a large-scale subjugation.
When the agriculture people came at us with large scale subjugations, us grassland people joined hands and fought them.
A large scale subjugation has not happened for 30 years it seems.
Well it won’t happen. Probably

I arrived at the entrance of Verley and entered the vicinity then walked to the Exchange House.
I was led into this area by father before.
The entrance is close the vicinity of the grassland that’s why a lot of people do business here.
Grassland people don’t have a lot of money.
That’s why they mainly do bartering.
Upon entering the area there’s a tax.
There’s not only grassland people here. A lot of dealers stood waiting at the outside of the entrance.
I looked for the dealers that are currently not having a customer.
A grassland person stepped aside as if already done with their trade.
I talked to that merchant.

「Do you understand my language?」

「Eh、the dealer stores here only talk in your language you know」

「Then do you buy these three wolf pelts?」

「Let me see。 」

The merchant took a look to ascertain the damage and tan on the pelt.

「Right、the handling charge is 2 blue copper coin、then I’ll buy the wolf pelt with 11 silver and 4 blue copper coins。 」

「That so、sorry but I’ll go ask some other people。 Is that alright?」

「Hou、you’re a clever young one。 It’s fine」

I asked several other merchants.
There’s a person who bought one wolf pelt for 1 gold and 2 silver coins.
By the way
1 gold coin = 12 silver coins (TN: Oh god, I can see the math coming…I thought I escaped after high school?)
1 silver coin = 12 blue copper coins. (TN: Why the hell blue?)
I decided to sell the pelts to this person.

「The handling fee for one wolf pelt will be 5 blue copper coins。 Is that alright?」

「Yeah、it’s fine」

The merchant took out the money from his cashbox, and stuffed it into a pouch.
Three pouches of Gold, Silver, and Blue copper were put on the desk.
In the pouch of gold there are 3 gold coins inside, 3 silver coins in the pouch of silver, 10 blue copper coins in the pouch of blue copper.

「Here、your money」

The merchant handed the pouches over.

「OK、I gotta see the next customer now。 」

As I stepped aside hearing those words the merchant pushed my back.
I turned back and hit that merchant’s right side of his face.
The merchant was blown away

「Wh、What are you doing」

「Haa?That’s right back at ya? You wanna be killed?」 (TN: Daaamn Jumuka is boss as hell lmao)

As I took my sword out the merchant broadly grinned

「Guards、come here Guards!」

As the merchants gathered, a few security men with armor on also gathered.

「What’s going on?」

「That man hit and threatened me」

As the man said so the guards set up their spears.

「You grassland barbarian、is that true?」

The man that seemed to be the leader talked to me.

「Nope、this guy tried to steal my money so I hit him」


The merchant looked at me with a surprised face.
The spears turned towards the merchant’s head.

「What is the meaning of this?」

「That guy is talking bullshit」

The merchant pointed at me and shouted in a loud voice.
I threw three pouches at the guards.
Then he spoke to a guy standing behind me who saw the situation.

「Oi、I didn’t take anything right?」

The guy behind me nodded vigorously.
The merchant next to him in the vicinity spoke up.

「This man、he said one wolf pelt for 1 gold and 2 silver、with the handling fee of 5 blue copper coins right?」

「Yeah、I remember him buying stuff for an awfully high price compared to his neighbors」

「Warrior-san please double check、it’s only 3 gold coins、3 silver coins、and 10 blue copper coins inside」

The man opened the pouches to check inside, he confirmed the number.

「It’s indeed like that」

「It should’ve been 3 gold coins、4 silver coins、and 9 blue copper coins」

I said that to the soldier and he drooped his mouth starting to count on his fingers. (TN: OMG lmao I laughed too much at this)
The surrounding soldiers gathered and taught him that I was right.
The spears around me were lifted, they glared at the merchant.

「What is the meaning of this?」

「Ano、sono、etto、it’s a misunderstanding hahaha、I miscalculated a bit、iyaa、let’s see taking out one blue copper、put in one silver coin、this should be fine right、hahaha、it can’t be helped that I got hit、iyaa sorry。 」

The merchant laughed while putting the coins into the pouches then grabbed his cashbox and tried to run.
Everyone dropped their jaws at that sight.

「Okay、please leave。 It’s settled so please leave。 Then you barbarian、this time it’s your righteousness、but don’t make it too noisy」

Saying so the guards left.

I asked various merchants and sold the wool to the person that paid the highest price of 3 gold and 4 silver.
I paid the tax and entered the town. (TN: He’s been out at the gate up until now)
Entering the town, I exchanged words with a few shops to find a shop with the signboard of a horse.
I asked for the location of ornament merchants.
Confirming the sign of a horse I entered the shop.
There was an old man inside the neatly-looking shop.



「You’re from the grassland、excuse me。 What are you looking for?」

「I’m getting married、so I’m looking for a gemstone necklace of 6 gold coin。 」

When I thought about it I don’t know Lucci’s finger size

「Congratulations。 Right so this necklace over here is 5 gold coins」

A beautiful necklace with an emerald gem attached on it was being displayed.

「Oo!That’s it、that’s good。 」

I purchased that necklace at the first time seeing it.

「Then、do you have anything good for 1 gold coin?」

「How about this?」

The old man brought out 2 hair ornaments, 3 bracelets, and 5 combs.

「These hair ornaments are 6 silver each、bracelets are 5 silver each、combs are 2 silver and 4 blue copper each。 」

I fixedly stared at the items.

「Alright、then I’ll take this hair ornament、that and that and this comb。 」

I brought out 1 gold coin and 1 silver coin.
The old man was surprised as he took the money.
I used 2 silver coins for gift wrapping.

I bought food and consumables for my return trip, the remaining amount of money was used on metal scraps.
I’ll have Uruji make arrowheads from this.
I packed my stuff and left Verley.
I rode the horse to go home.
The other two horses don’t have luggage this time so they’re nimble.
Since I changed horse on the way back I’m going to arrive sooner. I pity my pet dog a little but…
As I was traveling a flock of horses appeared before me.
One boy was frantically controlling them.
There wasn’t a dog with him.
I understood as I looked to the further end of that line of horses.
The dog and the wolves were fighting.
One single dog was frantically fighting 6 wolves.
I signaled my pet dog and stopped my horse.
The wolves bit the dog to death.
As the dog fell victim the wolves switched target to the horses.
I took out my arrows.
I feel the grassland wind.
I drew my bow. And aimed at the wolf.
The arrow pierced into the forehead of the vanguard wolf.
The wolf twitched and crumbled down.
As the pack of wolves became disordered their forehead were pierced by an arrow one by one.
As the arrow pierced the last forehead I relaxed my focus.
I went to where the wolves are, took the arrows and got rid of the blood.
As I was doing so the boy who got chased by the wolves approached.

「Th、Thank you very much。 」

「Don’t mind it、more than that, it’s pitiful for the dog」

As he heard that, the boy had a dejected face.

「Yes、but、he died a glorious battle。 I am proud of him。 」

「I see、then can I take these wolves’ pelts?」

「Yes、of course。 Etto、Onii-san? succeeded in the Wolf Hunt right?」


I completely forgot.
To be honest, I wanted to wait until other senpai Middle-class Warrior become a Great Warrior before I become one myself… Okay, as long as nobody found out it’s ok, right?

「Can I hear onii-san’s name?」

The boy asked with glittering eyes.

「Yeah、My name’s Jumuka」

「Eh! Could it be Jumuka from them Ronga tribe」

The boy’s eyes glittered even more.

「Yeah、that’s right」

I was taken aback a little while answering.

「Ah、it’s a bad day but somehow it’s a good day、I met that Twin Arrows Jumuka」 (TN: Original text is Two Arrow, but it sounds shit, so I’m going with the flashy one)

Twin Arrows Jumuka, it’s my nickname that reverberated the grassland after that battle.
The nickname was based on how I decided the battle with just 2 arrows, honestly it’s embarrassing.

「Wha、What’s your name?」

I changed the subject.

「Y、Yes、I’m Mukai。 」 (TN: Maokai?)

「I see、try your best to become a good warrior、that’s right、if you train during the time the girls draw water you’ll become a strong warrior」 (TN: OMFG you fucker Jumuka hahaha you’re just peeping at their ass)

「Yes! I’ll do that。 」 (TN: And kids, that’s how father Jumuka ruined a youth…the end.)

The boy answered cheerfully with sparkling eyes.
I signaled my dog and horse then packed the wolf pelts on, I began to run to escape that situation.

After a few days Ronga tribe came into view.
Ah, I’m finally home. I’m gonna embrace Yesu with all my might today. (TN: YUUSSS)
Then, I’ll get married with Lucci !