Grassland Law Chapter 12


Before going back to the village I didn’t make the wolf pelts stand out.
I’ll be asked if I went to the town if I let the pelts be seen.
If I said I did then I’ll be asked what’s with these unprocessed wolf pelts.
I entered the area alone. If so then when I think about it, I should have become a Great Warrior now.
I don’t go about in public, but becoming a Moderate Warrior at my age honestly attract a lot of jealousy.
As I entered my grand tribe I went to my house.
I confirmed that nobody saw me, I hurriedly put my luggage into my house.

「Jumuka、you’re home」

The Patriarch spoke to me.

「Yes、I just returned。 」

「That so、you go to buy stuff at town?」


The Patriarch saw the pouches in my hands and the stuff I packed on the horse.

「You sold only the wool?」

He discovered the wolf pelt.

「N、No、umm、a boy from another tribe got attacked by wolves so I collaborated with him and killed the wolves。 」

「A boy? You weren’t alone?」

「No、we joined forces。 」

「Is that so、that’s a shame, I don’t know how many was it、but if it’s you then you should be able to take care of all of them。 With that you’ll jump to Great Warrior right away」

The Patriarch heaved a regretful sigh.

「It is a shame。 」

I also spoke with a regretful voice.
The Patriarch went home right after that.
I led the horse into the fences.

First I’ll find Lucci.
Lucci’s spinning the wool in the center of the village.
Along with her, Yesu, Ichiyu, Shirley, and Sharon are also working.
We haven’t got married but the girls already became a family huh


Shirley was the one that noticed me first.

「I’m home、I just returned」

Normally the two of them would jump at me but at a place like this they only stood up.
Lucci just quietly stood up brushing her knee and approached me.

「Welcome back、Jumuka-sama」

I was startled at Lucci’s smile.

「Lucci、close your eyes」 (TN: OOOOO is that what I think it is?)


Lucci closed her eyes.
I put a finger on my mouth signaling the girls around to be quiet. This pose originally doesn’t work in grassland, but fortunately it was passed down somehow.
I took out the gemstone necklace I bought for Lucci from my bag.
The girls around had sparkling eyes.
The culture is different, but as expected the girls love things with a gem attached on it.
Unfastening the joint I circled it around Lucci and put the necklace on her.

「It’s good now」

I murmured near Lucci’s ears.
Lucci opened her eyes and looked at her breasts.
Then she instantly turned around and jumped into my chest.

「I’m happy Jumuka-sama、such wonderful、I received such a wonderful thing」

Lucci softness wrapped around me.
This is the first time I hugged Lucci, but her softness scrambled my brain
There’s no word to describe the elasticity, I can just keep sinking into the softness.
Lucci’s softness squashed my reasons.
If it keeps going like this, it’ll be dangerous.

「Lucci、umm、everyone’s looking。 」

As I said so feeling embarrassed, Lucci’s face also turned bright red as she let me go.

「I’m sorry。 Jumuka-sama」

I quickly left that situation.
I decided that it’s not like I got defeated by the surrounding girls’ lukewarm eyes. By no means that is true.

I called out to Uruji who’s taking care of the sheep.
Then I showed him the metal scraps I bought.

「Can you make arrowheads with these?」

「Umm I want to try it out。 But、I’m mainly about Plant so I’m not too good with Metal。 」

「Yeah、I’m aware of that。 」

Me and Uruji moved to an empty location.
Several scraps of iron were put in prepared container.
As Uruji loaded his magical power the scraps of metal started to shake.
As the vibration gradually got stronger the scraps of metal turned red.
The red metal melted and started to bubble.

「Haa、I have to、haa、remove the impurities。 」

As it’s done bubbling, the bubbles went away leaving behind a lump of metal.
Then that lump of metal gradually turned into a sharp figure of an arrowhead.
Then the metal arrowhead suddenly grew cold and fell on to the ground.
Many more same arrowheads fell to the ground.
The metal left inside the container that had not been made into an arrowhead turned into a sphere and dropped to the ground.

「I did it。 Fuu、haa、please take a look。 」

Uruji carried the finished arrowheads over.
I tried holding it and it was really hot.
They’re all so sharp as if just got sharpened.
I tried touching the tip with my finger.
Blood flowed out from my finger *pukuu*.

「This is perfect Uruji、take your time and turned all these metal into arrowheads、then make arrows」

「Yes、understood。 」

He had a tired face but Uruji put on a good smile answering.

After dinner at night, I sent Jumel and Uruji home while keeping the girls.

「You all also have souvenirs。 」

I gave the combs to my little sisters one by one.
The three happily hugged the combs.
As the three went home I came to Yesu.
I patted her head and put on the hair ornament.

「Master、this…is it fine for me to take it?」

「Yeah、you’re cute」

「Thank you very much。 」

I separated from Yesu, sat down and clapped on my lap.



Yesu sat on my lap.
I sniffed the smell of Yesu’s nape.
I can feel the sweet smell unique to girls.
I opened her chest part and exposed her breasts.
I seized her tits firmly.


I kneaded Yesu’s breasts *muni muni*.

「An、Master、so rough。 An、aun」

「Yesu、let out your voice more」

I whispered into her ears while pinching her nipples.


Yesu twitched and her body trembled.

「That’s a good voice」

I’m somewhat in the mood of extreme lust for conquering Yesu.

I released my hands.
Yesu slowly stood up, and separated from me.
Taking of her clothes she went into dog-position.
I entered my body in between Yesu’s legs.
Looking at Yesu’s genital without a single strand of hair my thing impatiently shook.
I gently brushed Yesu’s cheek, stroked her nape, and gently poked at her nipples, then touched her stomach. I felt up Yesu’s body after a whole week of not touching her.

「Masteer、I、I want Master’s valuable thing quickly。 」

Yesu begged with a spoiled child-like voice.
Though I already embrace my slave wife everyday, what should I do if she acts spoiled like this
But, upon Yesu’s voice I inserted my thing into Yesu’s vagina as I couldn’t endure it anymore.
I confirmed the target and thrust my hips.
As my thing went into her, Yesu’s vagina opened up and welcomed me in.
I grasped Yesu’s hips and advanced further.

「Aa、Master’s valuable thing、inside of me、aa、aa」

Yesu raised a happy voice.
I went inside Yesu’s many times, yet I felt the same great pleasant as many times.

「I’m moving」

Normally it’s not necessary to confirm with a slave wife.
Slave wives are there to increase the number of children in the house, so they have no choice but to satisfy the husband’s sexual desires.
However, I don’t see Yesu in that way. (TN: YUUSS fucking man up Jumuka)
As I moved my hips Yesu’s insides also moved.
Yesu’s insides wrapped around my thing tightly with a strong pressure.
As I moved in that tight pressure, pleasures were sent into my thing.

「It feels good。 Aa、amazing」

「Yesu、I’m releasing」

As I poked into Yesu’s deepest part I injected semen into Yesu’s insides.
Yesu happily accepted my ejaculation.

「Master、thank you for filling me up with your seed。 」

We couldn’t do much in our first night but this is something a slave wife must say as a manner

「Not yet、Yesu、today we’re not stopping until you get pregnant」 (TN: YEEEESS HAHAHA)

「Yes、thank you very much。 Please turn me into a mother。 」

Now then, how many times I came, when it ended we wiped our bodies and slept like logs.