Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 13

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Just a Guy in Space

Chapter 13

Getting Sil to their cabin proved to be more difficult than expected. She wouldn’t let him go and would glare at anyone who even remotely got close to him. Gus finally lost his temper and tore her off him. All that did was turn that glare on him. She struggled quite hard to get back to hugging him and that’s when it hit him – he was actually considerably stronger than her. The delicate-looking felineperson in front of him was struggling quite hard but he seemed to be holding her literally at arm’s length with little effort. He decided that carrying her would solve both the clinginess and convenient travel problems.

So it was that the confused crewmembers of the Pride of Vanatu saw Gus casually strolling towards the diplomatic quarters with a rather content Dintph female on his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. He would never have been able to do that back on Earth with a human woman but in the Vanatu’s reduced gravity and Sil’s deceptively light frame it only constituted mild exercise.

Sil was trying to coil herself around his neck by the time he got to his cabin. Her hands were wrapped around the top of his head, partially obscuring his view and her legs were across his mouth and over his left shoulder. Thoroughly imbalanced, Gus had to slowly make his way to the bed where he irately threw his lovely companion.

She landed with a yelp and turned back to him with a hurt expression on her face.

“Ok Sil, we need some ground rules. I know you’re still in there and you’re listening, you just don’t care at the moment.”

Sil sprawled on the bed, buried her nose in the sheets and deeply inhaled.

Gus sighed. “Look Sil, I don’t want you to regret any of this when your… thing… is done. I’m trying to help you out here.” He sat on the bed and Sil immediately rolled towards him, settling her cute head on his thigh, left hand idly stroking his leg. “If you need anything, you need to let me know. I don’t actually know anything about Dintphs and there’s only so much AI can do, so I need your input.”

Sil kept staring at him with a goofy grin and slowly lifted her hand towards his face. It stayed suspended in mid-air, as if she had forgotten her original intent, then suddenly bopped him on the nose. What’s this cute creature? Fuck, I’m gonna lose it at this rate. She took this chance to bury her face in his crotch and circle his waist with both arms. He felt a certain part of his anatomy respond to the sudden warmth.

Gus gently stroked Sil’s ears and watched them twitch cutely. “Look Sil, this is serious stuff. I’ll understand if you want to do this with another Dintph. I really don-” he was interrupted when Sil suddenly lunged up, mouth open and small fangs bared.

It took him completely by surprise when her jaws clamped down on his shoulder. He yelped and fell backwards, dragged down by Sil’s weight and momentum. The pain was awfully distracting and he lost his current train of thought. Sil kept biting down, growling like crazy, tail erect and fur bristling.

Gus was on his back as Sil pulled back, saliva trailing from the viciously stinging bite wound on his shoulder. Sil’s green vertical irises were staring at him with the predatory glint a three hundred kilo man had when looking at an all you can eat buffet. “Don’t want else. Want you.” She bent down and gently licked the wound. “Human is best. Sil wants human.”

That effectively broke something inside Gus’ head. He grabbed the back of her head and brought her lips down on his and thoroughly kissed her. She stiffened for a only an instant before melting against him. His tongue began exploring her mouth and he felt her tentative attempts at reciprocation. One hand kept a tight grip on Sil’s head and the other crawled across her body to her pert butt.

The aggressive kissing continued for a few breaths until Gus yanked Sil’s head back and attacked her neck. She seemed to enjoy it given how much louder her purring got. His other hand was groping around, trying to find a seam to get rid of her uniform. His was still on his back and his underused muscles were already starting to ache. He released his deathgrip on Sil’s hair and roughly pushed her back. She recovered with a yelp and glared at him. He was too busy trying to rip his clothes off himself to notice though.

When he finally extricated himself from the mess of clothes he wore, he found that Sil had figured out what he’s been trying to do and got herself naked too. He took a moment to drink in the sight of her body. She stood at nearly the same height as him with those nice C-cups defying gravity (such as it was on this ship). Her smallish nipples were not quite erect. He looked at her taut, flat stomach, her shapely, fur-covered legs and her slender arms. Her cute triangular ears twitched once in a while as he inspected her. Her fur was orange with some white haphazardly streaked here and there. It covered her back, legs, arms, the back of her neck up to her hair. For some reason, her hair and fur had different feels. Her belly, the inside of her thighs, the inside of her forearms, palms and breasts were devoid of the orange, soft fur.

He decided not to wait any longer as the look in Sil’s eyes grew gradually more dangerous and intense. He grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her again. Her hands shot up to his head and held the back of his neck and gripped his hair. He retaliated by stuffing his tongue roughly into her mouth and slowly moving his hands from the top of her shoulders to her lower back, taking care to caress the muscles on either side of her spine. She somehow managed to purr with his tongue shoved down her throat.

Gus had managed to blunder his way into pleasing Art’ah the first time he’d had sex but kissing was an entirely different story. He was just clumsily pressing his lips to Sil’s and putting his tongue into her mouth like he’d seen in porn. The fiction he’d read didn’t go in too much depth on the subject of kissing and he was woefully lacking in this department. In the meantime, his little soldier was standing at attention and by coincidence ended up between Sil’s legs. It pressed and rubbed against her opening and if he had the presence of mind to focus on the sensations, he would have felt Sil’s pussy convulsing occasionally as he mauled her open mouth.

Her fur was so soft under his hands that he couldn’t help but repeat his shoulder to butt movement several times. Her tail would occasionally hit his hands with all the coiling, uncoiling and lashing around it did. He decided to switch tactics. Sil’s hands were still holding his head to hers. A few stories said to move your tongue like you were trying to write a letter then stick to the letter that makes her go crazy.

By the time Gus got to ‘K’ his tongue was starting to flag with fatigue. Sil was getting more intense and a tad rougher too. He extricated himself from her hands, pinned them behind her back and kissed her neck. The hicky he left stood out quite obviously but he couldn’t care less at the moment. He shuffled closer to the bed, feeling the edge hit her shins then pushed her down.

He advanced, grabbed hold of her ankles and spread her legs wide open. He was standing at full mast, his cock hovering above her dripping entrance. He couldn’t see if she had a clitoris or anything similar due to the thick fur around her genitals but if her physiology was anything close to a cat’s that made sense; she wouldn’t need to be turned on because during estrus she would not be in a state other than horny.

I wonder how she tastes. He released her legs and bent down to kiss her right breast. She started mewling when he pulled her nipple into his mouth and sucked. It quickly expanded, growing larger with every passing second. He switched to the other breast and kneaded the wet nipple left behind. Sil started squirming under him, her hands around his neck, roving all over his back, sometimes gripping, sometimes scratching lightly.

After a while he decided to check out the goods down there. Her fur didn’t really taste like anything but her sweet honeypot was a very different story. She didn’t go crazy and start trashing the bed when he licked her, didn’t explode into a shower of wetness in his face, didn’t scream her ecstasy for everyone to hear. In fact she didn’t really change her behaviour. The occasional purring and squirming were all Gus had as a reward for going down on her. He theorised that while Sil was still highly aroused and felt good from his ministrations, she probably didn’t have the proper nerve endings that resulted in a human woman’s mind-blowing orgasms.

While giving her a good lick was enjoyable in and of itself, he decided he wanted to get to the “meat” of the matter. He adjusted his position and guided his cock to Sil’s pulsing entrance. He looked her in the eyes as he slowly pushed himself into her. She wasn’t that tight and her hole was well-lubricated from all the juices she was dripping all over his bed but as soon as he was fully inside her, she suddenly clenched and arched her back.

Gus nearly exploded inside her then and there. The pressure was incredible. He could see her abdominals contract, her hands clenching tight around those sheets, her eyes scrunched shut as he ruthlessly invaded her deepest spots. The pressure eased up as she relaxed a little. He seized this chance to press himself to her body in missionary. His arms held her tightly, going under her own to hold one shoulder with a hand and grip her hair with the other. She purred louder, head held back by his hand.

He started thrusting slowly, carefully at first, trying to get a feel for what Sil enjoyed best. He licked her ear, the side of her neck, her fur, her cheek, the corner of her eyes (though that one didn’t go as well as planned when she blinked and yelped when part of his tongue jabbed her eye). Her arms snaked around him, hugging him tight. He found a position that didn’t stress his arms and hips as much then went to town on her.

The thrusting caused Sil to switch from purring to full on caterwauling. He could feel her chest vibrate as her cries increased in volume. He was unfortunately unable to enjoy the feeling of her now stiff and engorged nipples pressing and rubbing against his own skin because of the concentration he had to maintain to prevent himself from coming. The pressure in her pussy was an intermittent thing, like a fist clenching and unclenching around his cock. He didn’t realise that it would happen more often when he hit what he later assumed was the back of her pussy.

Sil got rougher and louder the faster and widler Gus’ thrusts became until she started bucking underneath him and he had to pull her head all the way back to keep her top half steady. She started scratching him like crazy, each finger leaving blazing trails of agony on his back. He was too far gone to care about that though. As he felt himself approach the point of no return, he savagely bit her left shoulder in an imitation of what she did to him earlier. That caused her to scream and clench all the muscles in her body, arching her back and driving her fingernails deep into the meat of his back.

The sudden convulsion around his cock was too much for him as he felt all the sperm in his body well up from his balls and travel at light-speed towards the now blazing hot insides of Lieutenant Sil Nubo. He poured everything he had into her, holding nothing back, still thrusting and trying to get to the deepest parts of her pussy. When he finally collapsed on top of her, she was still clenched tightly around his now softening member.

He huffed into the bed, now feeling how his whole back was burning from Sil’s attention and how tired he felt from the exertion. He rolled off Sil’s heaving chest and tried to catch his breath.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuck! That was so good Sil!”

Her only response was a content purr. He turned to his left, watching her dazed form. She slowly rolled into him, putting her head on top of his meagre chest, tail lazily coiling and uncoiling at his side.

“Chose well. Good mate,” she purred.

Hell yes! Score one for Gustavo Martinez!

“First time feeling this. Mother right,” she continued. “Incredible if good mate.” She slid on top of him and smiled wickedly, eyes still blazing with lust. “Human can still go.” Her tail softly stroked his spent member and she rocked her hips against his own.

“Come one Sil, I just finished. I need some rest,” Gus said, feeling a dangerous vibe from his newest partner.

The vibe was confirmed when she bared her fangs and hissed. “No waiting! Want more!” She turned around and gripped his already hardening member. Gus yelped as the sensitive head was forcibly shoved into Sil’s hot, moist opening. She squatted on top of him in cowgirl position and grinned madly.

“Want much more!”

I am so fucked.

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