Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 14

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Just a Guy in Space

Chapter 14

I’m going to die.

It was several hours after their first romp that Sil released Gus’ quivering body and went to sleep. She was quite literally an animal in bed. He was scratched, bitten, clawed at more times than he ever been in the span of just a few hours. He had completely lost track of time and he could feel his head spin from the dehydration and malnutrition. His cock was painfully sensitive and he could feel agony every time the head brushed against his inner hip.

“Van, can you make me some coffee and a chocolate coconut-sprinkled doughnut please?” he groggily asked. “I don’t think I can get up to that dispenser.”

He gingerly rolled off his bed and headed towards the sonic shower as Van made him breakfast. The sonic barely soothed him, aggravating the scabbed and still dripping trails on his back. He gritted his teeth and bore it for the full thirty seconds before groping around for a fresh change of clothes. Under his instructions, Van had made a few T-shirts and shorts for his use in the cabin. He took his food, heavily sat down on the ball-seat and started eating like a starving wolf.

“Van, can I ask you a question?” he asked after the fourth doughnut.

“Affirmation. Go ahead Gustavo Martinez.”

“How come Sil’s speaking all funny now? Does that come with her being in heat?”

“Affirmation. When a Dintph goes through a mating frenzy, they generally tend to revert to a more animalistic version of themselves. This includes temporary loss of syntax, social inhibitions and greater aggressivity in the pursuit of their goals. In this case, mating with you.”

“Fuck. Do you think I can get her to tone down the scratching? My back is killing me…”

“Query. You appear to be in good health baring the minor scratches. What is causing your health to decline until death?”

He sighed. “Figure of speech, Van, figure of speech. I really need to get started on integrating human speech patterns into your translation vocabulary. Regardless, how do I get her to stop? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge turn on seeing her lose control over my dick like that, but I don’t want to die because she bit or scratched a vital part of Gus.”

“Confirmation. It is possible to get Lieutenant Sil Nubo to stop her current behaviour. There are two ways of achieving this. Which would you like to hear? The slow version? The fast version?”

“Let’s go with slow first, then fast.”

“Affirmation. In the past when Dintphs in the throes of a mating frenzy turned violent, it was customary to bind them to prevent damage to both themselves and their partners. While this practice has slowly been phased out, it is still a viable option. Confirmation. It is considered shameful for a Dintph to be so restrained. In their society this means that they are reverting back to an animal and are no longer civilised.”

“I’m not gonna lie, that sounds really kinky and all but I don’t know how to do any of that SM shibari shit. What’s the fast one?”

“Confirmation. The quickest way to resolve the issue of violence during mating is to impregnate Lieutenant Sil Nubo.”


“You mean…”

Whoa… Everything I know about human biology is telling me I should never, ever do that, no matter what the occasion because getting someone pregnant is gonna fuck your life up.

Gus had a very skewed view of relationships given that he’d never been in one before and had read many accounts of relationships going sour at the drop of a hat. There were as many stories of people splitting up or ruining their lives because of unwanted pregnancies.

“Uh, Van, I don’t know how it works here in space, but back on Earth, you don’t just knock someone up and go about your merry way.”

“Query. Is ‘knock someone up’ another figure of speech?”

“Yeah, it means to impregnate.”

Gus sat still and allowed his thoughts to wander. He saw scenes of him and Sil laughing together, holding a small, squirming bundle of arms and fur. Other scenes of Sil rubbing a bulging belly and gazing at him with warmth. Dammit Van, putting these thoughts in my head! He definitely wasn’t ready to get hitched or be a father and he didn’t want to compromise his harem-building plans. He’d been discretely trying to sow the seeds of that plan ever since Sil first talked to him.

He was brought back to reality by the now aching bruises he had on his whole body and the stinging of the scratches Sil had so graciously gifted him. “Van, is there any way to treat my body? I mean, I definitely need some medical attention after getting used like that.” And used was the proper word. Sil had been particularly relentless and focused in her pursuit of happiness. He glanced at her sleeping form.

She was still naked and caked in their fluids, fur sticking out at random angles. She was spread-eagled all over the bed, snoring a bit. Contrary to belief it was not a cute sound at all but since it didn’t really bother him, he didn’t do anything about it. Her still form belied the savagery lying underneath her skin. He grinned as he recalled a few of the things she’d done to him. Man, cat in the ship halls, tiger in the diplomatic sheets.

“Affirmation. Your wounds and abrasions can be treated using standard medical gel patch. Should you have need of it, it can be made using the dispenser. Special permission has been granted by the captain for the production of class 3 restricted materials during this time frame.”

Now I’m curious. Standard? Does that mean everyone gets access to them? No wait, Van said class 3 restricted. Isn’t that higher than coffee? Must be military-grade or something. Yeah, it makes sense. It would look bad if the first human “ambassador” died having sex with a crewmember. Awww… captain, did you finally go dere for me?

“Confirmation. The captain authorised the use of class 3 restricted material because having to answer questions about why that nine times damned human was walking to the medical bay would likely cause her a massive headache. Those are her own words.”

Guess there’s no dere in space.

‘Fine, fine. Can you make me some of that gel? I’d like to treat myself before she wakes up.”

“Affirmation. Cross-referencing human genome and physiological databases and ship medical databases. Calibrating synthesis matrix. Commencing medical gel patch synthesis. The medical gel patches will be ready in thirty four Earth minutes.”

“Thanks, Van.”

“You’re welcome.”

Gus started fidgeting nervously then stopped when the intense pain from his cock flared up.


He decided to manspread as much as possible to avoid any contact with his own skin. Curiously, the gel-ball seat he had had an oddly soothing touch. He looked at Sil once more. She was very… enthusiastic. Too enthusiastic truth be told. He never thought a day would come when he’d say this, but she was asking for too much sex. He was unable to keep up. I seriously need to start hitting the gym. I wonder if the Captain can hook me up. And I need to check Van’s databases for information from Earth. Sil groaned, a hand idly clawing through the air, tail lashing hard against the bed. Dreaming?

He frowned, recalling some of her earlier griping about how he was taking too much time to fuck her. Being a young, hot-blooded man, he decided to do what any sane man would do in this situation: cheat.

“Hey Van, is there anything you can make me that will boost my libido to match Sil’s?”

“Query. What do you mean by ‘boost my libido’? More information is required.”

“Ok, so she can keep going for literally hours, but I can’t. Humans have this thing called the refractory period where it’s really hard or down right impossible to get an erection again after ejaculation. I bet you aliens have a convenient drug I can use to keep a long-lasting erection or to eliminate or reduce that refractory period. Can you think of anything like that?”

“Calculating. Several matches found. Reporting closest match. Coxizu virility serum. The coxizu have developed a serum that boosts production of genetic-forwarding material (in this case, sperm) and reinforces the genitals to ensure that copulation can last for extended periods of time. Effects vary according to species. Effects on human physiology unknown. Warning. It is not recommended for use.”

Leave it to the sex-loving Coxizu to think of something like that, Gus thought as he recalled his first partner’s irresistible body. “Is it a restricted material?”

“Confirmation. Virility serum is not restricted but its use is highly controversial due to both risks of medical complications and social stigma.”

“Fuck the social stigma. Tell me about the complications.”

“Affirmation. Complications include heart failure, liver failure, lung failure, renal failure, shortness of breath, light-headedness, nausea, temporary loss of hearing, temporary blindness, temporary skin lesions, sudden-onset reactive diseases and hunger. Side effects on humans are unknown.”

“Well, fuck. That’s just great. Either Sil fucks me to death or I take space Viagra and my heart gives out anyway. That’s fucking great, Van.”

“Query. My data suggests those outcomes are not favourable. Is there additional data that has been overlooked?”

“No Van, that was sarcasm. Try to look it up in your human database.”

He sighed and once more waited for the gel patches to pop out of the dispenser. His thoughts kept straying to the disappointed looks Sil had given him when she finally realised that poor Gustavo Martinez couldn’t keep up with the she-cat. It left an odd taste in his mouth. You know what, I can live with heart failure.

“Van, can you make one dose of that Coxizu virility serum? I’d also like you to report its use to the captain and assure her that I will be seeking medical help as soon as any side effects appear. Contact Lieutenant Xar from science as well and tell him I’ll have some interesting data for him soon.”

“Confirmation. Messages sent. Awaiting reply. Coxizu virility serum is under synthesis. Time to completion is one Earth hour and seventeen Earth minutes.”

“Cool… Thanks, girl.”

There was a slight pause. “Correction. AI is genderless and as such, should not be addressed as ‘girl’.”

“I don’t know, you sound like a girl. If you don’t like it I’ll stop.”

“Correction. AI does not feel and as such has no like or dislike regarding terminology.”

“Ok, I’ll keep it under wraps then.”

* * *

The medical gel felt like God himself was giving Gus a delicate tongue job as he slapped a patch on his battered skin and bruised balls. Well, more like softly and gingerly applied. He leaned back and moaned, nearly getting an erection as the patch worked its magic and soothed old and new hurts. Technology is an amazing thing.

He laid back into the gel-chair and dozed off. A chime woke him up with a start. He looked around and saw the dispenser’s blinking indicator. He got up, marvelling once again at the lack of pain and grabbed the serum. It was a tiny vial, no bigger than a double A battery with a soft trigger on one end and a sharp needle on the other.

“Warning. Effects of serum on human physiology unknown.”

He was about to reply when a yawn interrupted him. He looked back at the bed and saw Sil stretching languidly. The sensuous motion of her naked muscles and the musk he suddenly smelled caused his little willy to rank up to big willy. Sil blinked the last vestiges of sleep away from her eyes and hungrily stared at him from the bed. She got on all fours and turned away from him. She was half-kneeling, with her butt stuck high in the air, her tail moved to the side for easier access and her pussy was already starting to drip. The scent of her womanhood slowly filled the cabin. Gus deeply inhaled, feeling his meat torpedo reach launch density. Sil glanced back at him, ears cocked, with a coy smile and an eager look in her eyes.

Gus forgot all about the silly little side effects like pissing blood or puking himself out that Van had told him about and slammed the needle into his arm, injecting the serum in one go.

“Yeah, Van, don’t worry, I got this.”

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