Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 15

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Just a Guy in Space

Chapter 15

“Query. The human Gustavo Martinez has sent you another message. Would you like to hear it?”

“Go ahead.”

“He says ‘I don’t got this.’ Do you require clarification?”

“No. He’s probably done something really stupid and is regretting his decision.”

* * *

Gus’ solution to the scratching problem was doggy style. It sounded quite simple but was surprisingly effective. He could plough Sil with reckless abandon while controlling her hands and avoid the deadly nails she sported. As an added bonus she seemed to really like this position. It was quite pleasant and hearing Sil yowl and moan like a mixture of a woman and a cat was very enjoyable. However Man proposes and God disposes. Sil freed herself of his embrace and returned to her bite-happy, scratch-heavy, I’m-going-to-eat-you tendencies.

This time however, armed with adrenaline and the coxizu virility serum, Gus was able to keep up with the fierce Dintph. His balls and dick still hurt something fierce but by God he was able to keep up! This session lasted as long as the previous one but there was none of that disappointment bullshit.

As usual, Sil fell asleep as soon as she had her fill and Gus was left to treat his wounds and bruises in relative peace and silence. He got a quick meal of the same nutrient paste he’d previously been eating and settled himself next to Sil, enjoying the feel of the body against his. She felt so good against him like… like…

Gus frowned. She felt awful. Her fur was sticky with sweat and she smelled like a gymbro right after chest day. He hadn’t realised (or rather he’d rationalised everything he felt) that hours of sex with no shower wasn’t going to win them any cleanliness prizes. He rolled off and hopped into the sonic shower. That, however, did nothing to remove the smell so he settled for sprawling on the gel-chair and getting a quick nap away from the cesspool of odours, sweat and dried juices that was Sil.

He awoke to the insistent ministrations of Sil already trying to mount him. He didn’t want the comfortable chair to get dirty so he picked her up and went back to bed. Thus ensued a few odd hours of happy, violent, life-threatening sex. He ate, slept again, got another shot of that virility serum and got abused by Sil like clockwork. He decided Van had been pulling his leg about those side effects until he started puking uncontrollably mid-coitus.

The stream of vomit hit Sil’s back who only glanced back, frowned and continued backing dat ass up. He lost his grip on her hips as his stomach kept clenching and tried (in vain one might add) to roll off the bed and into the lavatory. Turns out Dintphs don’t give two fucks about a silly thing like vomit. Sil growled angrily, stalked him into the lavatory and mounted him right then and there.

Needless to say, additional hours of painful, dirty (so dirty and not in a kinky way) and generally uncomfortable sex exhausted our poor human’s reserves, who collapsed. Gus opened his eyes to the sight of a reeking Sil sleeping on top of him, his now soft cock still partially inside her pussy.

Oh God, the smell is killing me.

He dragged her to the sonic shower, cleaned them both up, grabbed the stained sheets on the bed and balled them up. Van informed him that a compartment could open up in the wall that acted as a debris chute for any garbage he might have. Gus gladly dropped his bundle of vomit down the hatch and watched in amazement as the bed spontaneously grew a second sheet.

“Huh… I guess I’ll never have to worry about fitted sheets versus normal sheets ever again.”

“Warning. Side effects from Coxizu virility serum are surfacing. Violent nausea detected. Should the medical bay be alerted?”

“Nah, thanks Van. I’ll take my chances here. I don’t want to leave Sil alone. Something’s telling me I’ll wake up missing something important if I do that.” He grimaced as he applied yet another medical gel patch to his bruised skin. “Say Van, how long does the mating frenzy of a Dintph generally last? It’s been what, almost a day? And we’ve done nothing but have sex, sleep and eat.”

“Confirmation. While the length of the mating period varies, it is ends consistently within eight Earth cycles. Several factors affect the duration of the frenzy; desirability of the partner, hormone levels, ovulation, ambient temperature, availability of nutrients to name just a few. Would you like the complete list of variables?”

‘No thanks, that’s not necessary. So basically what you’re saying is that it’s gonna end when it ends.”

“Confirmation. An accurate statement.”

“Is there any way to cheat? I wanted to get laid but this is getting to be detrimental to my health, mental and otherwise…”

“Denial. There is no known way to ‘cheat’ out of such a situation.”


Another bout of stomach-emptying puking interrupted his thoughts and he hastily went to worship the Porcelain Goddess. He idly noted between each puke that the toilet wasn’t actually made of porcelain and that for some reason it looked strangely similar to toilets found on Earth.

“Van, can you connect me to Xar’usk please? I need to ask him something.”

“Confirmation. Pinging Lieutenant Xar’usk. Stand by for communication.”

A chime echoed in the cabin, followed by some clicking and Xar’usk’s voice.

“Ah, Human, how good of you to contact me! I have so many questions I need answered. I imagine you do too.”

Gus frowned. How come the translation sounds like Xar’usk? If Van’s the one doing it, then shouldn’t it sound like a computer-generated voice or something? Gotta ask her about it. “Hi Xar, I’m in a bit of a bind. So you know the whole mating frenzy thing Sil’s got going, right? Do you know of a way to end it early?”

“I see, yes, based on these readings it seems you’re going through a bit of a *click* rough patch.” He didn’t seem to mind Gus shortening his name. He sounded quite excited actually. “I assume that the lieutenant has been most *click* insistent in her haste to procreate.”

“Yeah, insistent is hardly the word I’d use. Anyway, do you know of anything that can stop that frenzy or attenuate it?”

“AI has informed me that you’ve taken several doses of the Coxizu virility serum. Is that accurate?” He didn’t wait for Gus to answer. “That is not good, not good at all. You see, the virility serum works differently for different species and while you haven’t suffered some of the more debilitating side effects, there is an interesting interaction happening between the serum and your unique biology.”

“This doesn’t sound good at all. Care to explain?”

“Yes of course. You see, you release quite potent pheromones when you – what’s the word? Ejaculate? Yes, when you ejaculate. This is how it all started, driving Lieutenant Sil Nubo into her mating period. I have several theories as to why she is so *click* driven, one of which being that whenever you ejaculate, you release those very same hormones which are extending the lieutenant’s mating period. May I suggest that you … not ejaculate during coitus?”

“That’s really helpful Xar. Thanks a bunch. I might as well cut my dick and give it to Sil because that seems to be the only viable option left to me.” Gus heaved a long sigh. “I never imagined sex would be so harrowing.”

And it was a harrowing experience. He didn’t deny that he was enjoying himself immensely; Sil was responsive, aggressive, vocal and uninhibited. He doubted he could find a human woman who would act like her. The downside was that she was aggressive, vocal and uninhibited. She would sometimes scream into his ear, bite or scratch a bit too hard and would just not stop. He has massive bruises on his hips and cock and long scabbed scratch marks all over his back. His frequent use of that serum was coming back to bite him in the ass. The side effects now included long migraines that would only abate if he took the pain blocker the captain had authorised Van to synthesise.

I guess it wasn’t really a good idea to push Sil into estrus. I am slightly regretting this decision. On the other hand, she’s reeeeeally wild in bed. Gus pondered his options for a while before he had a Eureka moment.

“Hey, are you still there?”

“I am.”

“What if we sedate her? So we mate, she falls asleep, I sedate her and time passes until she’s no longer in the frenzy. How does that sound?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it. There are known complications to prematurely ending a mating frenzy, none of which are pleasant.”

“Dammit, there goes my best idea… Alright, thanks for the talk, man. I appreciate it. I’m out.”

“Yes, do contact me if you have additional data.”

The comm cut off and left Gus with a still snoring Sil in the background. He suddenly felt very alone.

* * *

It was in the middle of yet another violent romp that Gus found the perfect idea. Sil was busy gnawing on his left ear. Her lags were wrapped around his waist with her arms hugging him tight and to be honest he couldn’t really complain about how that made him feel. It was one of the slowest, most gentle copulations they’d had since her mating frenzy overwhelmed her. Well, gentle is a relative word. He too was hugging her tightly to his body in an effort to maintain a semblance of control over her.

The smell of their sweat was heavy in the air; her skin tasted of salt and a curious something else he couldn’t identify. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back roughly, licking her throat and endeavouring to give her yet another hicky.

I got it. A suit. Like the exofilm clothes I wear with the exosuit. Ideally something with high tensile strength that won’t rip after being manhandle – or cathandled. Gus chuckled. All I need is for it to cover most of my body, with an opening for my dick. Some sort of shock-absorbing material would be the best. Let’s see if the captain will approve of that.

He leaned back, shifting to cowgirl started pounding Sil’s tight snatch with all he had. She enjoyed the rough treatment and was less likely to get aggressive when Gus took the initiative. His left hand shot up to grab her by the back of her neck and pulled her to him. She was leaning over him now with her ass up in the air. His right hand rested on the small of her back and pushed her hips down into his own as best he could.

“Van, can you ask the captain if it’s possible to get a custom-made exofilm clothing that’s resistant to tearing, can breathe and has an opening for my dick? I think it’s essential for my continued survival and if they can get more of their ‘valuable’ data with a little field testing. I hardly think I’m the first guy to try and bone above his weight class.”

“Confirmation. Sending the captain a request. Query. Weight class is a fighting sports terminology that refers to weight classification. Why are you using it in this context?”

Gus was actively slamming his hip into Sil. “I’m kinda busy here Van! I’ll be happy to answer your questions at a later date if you don’t mind!” More wet, sloppy hip slamming coupled with Sil’s ever-present moaning/mewling. “I gotta get this done first!”

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