Sugar Daddy In Another World


Autor: Keteru

A magical city in another world. In there, students who dreams gather all over the country.
And–Young women who have problems with money gather.
Takumi, an uncle who was a cheat reincarnate, decides to live there as a sugar daddy.
However, the setting is in another world.
The sugar daddy dates are on dungeons, support (physical) is required, and daddy’s life is at stake.
This is an adventure story of a former S-rank Adventurer turned Sugar Daddy and a Loli Hag Elf.

Table Of Contents

Volume 1: Sugar Daddy in the Magic City

1 Yael, The Loli Hag Brothel Madam

2 No Sex Hydra’s Bonehead Pavilion

3 Intense Service from a JD (Equivalent) Cast

4 The Fascinating “Raw” Option

5 Relaxing the Soul, and a Man’s Determination

6 JK waiting for a free stay at the Walking Street

7 Sneaking into an Otherworld Love Hotel

8 Condoms in Another World

9 Raw Creampie Option Negotiation

10 Sugar Daddy’s Re-employment (First Part)

11 Sugar Daddy’s Re-employment (Middle Part) 

12 Sugar Daddy’s Re-employment (Final Part)

13 Adventurer Guild’s Receptionist

14 Confirmed, Pink Hair is Lewd Theory

15 Outdoor Date with Helena-chan

16 Sugar Daddy Date in a Dungeon

17 Improper Acts In the Hidden Room

18 Exclusive Sugar Daddy Contract

19 Rewards for Killing the Hydra

20 Cosplay Street in an Image Club

21 The competence of an S-rank adventurer

22 Supporting Lucia-chan (In vanguard sense)