The Power of Creation – Chapter 156

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Preparing respawn. Spector mode being created. Please enjoy porn while you wait…

“Oh, fuck baby, harder, harder!

“Ooooo, ooooo…. It’s inside, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Ahhhhh….”

Porn on Pause. Spector mode has been created. You will respawn in two minutes.

Your eyes open as your lifeless specter sits over your headless body. Sapporo is flying back up to the space portal. Grimhilde seems to have lost it, throwing curses and spells at Sapporo, but with the flick of a hand he knocks Grimhilde down. It’s Medusa who catches her as she instantly falls unconscious. Sapporo clearly doesn’t see her as a threat.

Well, with how easily he defeated you, you aren’t much of a threat either. Sapporo doesn’t seem interested in fighting and killing anyone or claiming any kind of revenge. Unlike the slug guy, he isn’t the type to be sadistic. At least until this God is finished being summoned, your harem is, for the most part, safe. Once the dark god comes, your harem would probably be enslaved, murdered, or stolen. You now realized all the spells you built your entire life here on were but kindling compared to the likes of a God. After what the priest said and how you had conducted yourself, you started to kind of see yourself as a bit of a god too. You were something immortal. Something invincible. Now you knew that that was all your imagination.

You were weak, and you died for it. Sapporo killed you quickly and swiftly. Even though you had spells that would allow you to respawn, you were maxed out. Sapporo would just kill you again. And again. And again. Had the fight been a close one, you’d just keep repopping until the time you win. However, with your body so easily destroyed, it seems pointless now.

There was just one small thing nagging at the back of your mind. Sapporo had easily dominated you and ultimately cut off your head after you attacked him. However, when Grimhilde attacked he just tossed Grimhilde aside and ignored her, because she was no threat to him. So, why did he kill you? You were no threat either. He could have tossed you aside. However, he didn’t, which could only mean one thing.

“I was a threat.”

He felt a little threatened by you, that’s the only reason he would have killed you so quickly. He was worried you’d figure something out. Figure what out? Come on! Think! The timer is clicking down, you don’t have a lot of time. You raise yourself up to Sapporo’s level. You can see into the hole. Human beings, millions of them. They are being pushed forward, their throats cut and their bodies tossed into piles that are being burned. It is a horrific sight, but it is clear that they’d reach their “life quota” in short order at this rate.

Also, once you repop, Sapporo will know you can do it, and might have a way to prevent it next time, making your next life possibly your last chance. It is so frustrating. What did he know that you didn’t? Why did he kill you? He said it himself, you’re only human. You freeze.

“Only human.”

That’s right. You’re the most powerful human being. Your status is maxed… for a human. You are only human.

Stupid. So fucking stupid! That’s why you’re so weak! You’re only a human. The human body can only be so powerful, can only hold so much mana, can only do so much. As long as you remain human, you can only reach a certain peak. Meanwhile, he is a demon. Maxed demons are just inherently stronger than maxed humans. Pun’s stupid world just isn’t balanced in that way. It is the same sort of thing when you fought the dragon king. He didn’t have maxed status, but his body was so much better than yours that even a normal dragon could inflict injury if you weren’t careful. Simply put, as long as you’re human you’ll never be able to beat those with inherently better bodies.

Right now, you’re not human though. You’re a specter without a body. Your power… it creates magic, but it is fundamentally called the power of creation. At its core, it’s the ability to create something. You slap your hands together, pooling up all of your magic. There is only a minute left on the timer. That’s plenty of time. You speed up your mind and slow down space until the clock seems practically frozen.

“Alright magic… let’s create a new body. Body creation magic!” You declare, pumping out magic in massive swaths.

A question suddenly pops in your mind.

Select Species.

You look through the list and laugh. Scrolling through, you see Dragons, Demon Lords, High Humans, and even Kryptonians. Too Weak! Immediately, you go to select a custom-made species.

It’s time you create something new.

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