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Whatsawhizzer here. With all of my official Whatsawhizzer projects done for the spring, I thought it might be a good time to have a Q&A session. I don’t know, I’m trying new things, and I thought some of you might be interested in having an audio chat through discord. So, if you want to hear me talk where my tone of voice is actually reflected in what I say, join my discord and join the talk on Saturday at 5 pm eastern standard time. It’ll either be a fun time or a graveyard.


Power of Creation – Q&A

What just happened?

Well, hopefully, you just finished Power of Creation.

No, I mean, what is with that ending?

Although most readers didn’t know this, Power of Creation has always been about the relationship between Whizzer, the writer, and you, the reader. In a way, all writers are the true “God” of whatever world you’re visiting. This story just made that literal.

Having Whizzer be revealed as the Demon God and the final antagonist seemed fitting for this story. Basically, Whizzer brought you into this world to give him a reason to make it, and thus the two of you grew a dependence on each other. He needed you to read the novel just as much as you needed him to write it.

He created an eronovel for his own desires, but he used you to justify its creation. In essence, the power of creation was always a metaphor for the power to create your own fantasies and follow your imagination. It explored the relationship between a writer and his readers. Well, more like a case study of when that relationship goes wrong.

You keep saying ‘he’. Aren’t you the author?

I’m Whatsawhizzer, the username of the author of all of these novels, Terrance Phillipe. Whizzer is the fictionalized author persona that I undertook during the writing of Power of Creation. You guys murdered him at the end of PoC. I, Whatsawhizzer, will gracefully take over all of his writing stuff.

Persona? Are you saying Whatsawhizzer and Whizzer are two different people?

Whatsawhizzer is the real person, Whizzer is his fictional author. As far as how our personalities differ, Whizzer is more confrontational, whiny, and negative. It was always intended for him to be the reader’s antagonist, and your relationship with him was intended to decline as the story progressed. I aimed to have an author that fought with and grew into an antagonistic relationship with the reader over the course of the story.

Huh? My relationship with the author?

The relationship between you and Whizzer was a deeper layer to the relatively simple story of PoC. I encouraged everyone to comment and often engaged people in conversations in the comments section, in discord, and in author notes. Whizzer was quick to argue and fight, and openly mocked commenters in the story. This was all intentional. That was actually the true “plot” of Power of Creation, and for those who commented and got into fights with Whizzer, you participated! Telling Whizzer not to comment or to just do what he wanted to do and not listen to comments defeated the point of the story. The fact that elements were changed by comments was an integral part of the story! Whizzer arguing, fighting, and changing sections of the story were all parts of the overall narrative.

What about your lazy 4th wall breaks?

As a “hero” from another world and the reader, you were less “in” the world than everyone else, which is why you could have bouts of breaking the 4th wall. Of course, as the narrator, Whizzer also could break the 4th wall, which he often did to harass and troll you.  Other heros also had this ability. It was only later in the novel when Whizzer was breaking into the story that the 4th wall began to crumble, and other characters exuded more and more 4th wall breaks. One of the most hated aspects of this story (the 4th wall break humor) was actually a major plot point!

It was when you cast the barrier magic that you finally shattered the wall and could see the world for the story it was. The guy who had been with you all along, talking with and reading all of his words, the narrator, Whizzer, was the real antagonist. He orchestrated everything, all to satisfy his NTR fetish.

You seriously planned this out from the beginning?

Well, no. Obviously, I wrote TOAS in entirety as Whizzer. As to when I decided to make Whizzer a fictionalized character and send PoC this direction? For those of you who followed this from the beginning, you know I wrote PoC just to blow off stress from writing TOAS. Around Chapter 40, I had finished TOAS and I wasn’t getting any excitement from PoC. I suggested turning it into a choose your own adventure and the overwhelming response from fans was “Keep everything the same”.

Then, in a twist that should have surprised no one, when I kept everything the same, I grew bored and quit writing it. It ended up on hiatus for a bit until its sudden resurgence. That’s when I decided to go this route. I still dragged you guys into being an active part of the story, I just did it in a way you didn’t realize it! I created Whatsawhizzer, who is the author of WoW and my other novels, and steadily separated and refined the Whizzer personality.

Ironically, a few have said that they stopped liking PoC around chapter 50, so perhaps they subtly picked up the change in focus from a generic everystory to something with a direction that explored the complex relationship between writers and their readers.

So, that’s it? Everything went according to plan?

Actually, this entire story didn’t really go to my original plan. Originally, I was planning to completely duck out of MSB upon Whizzer’s death. The plan was to finish TOAE/D under a different name after retiring Whizzer. This entire thing was my exit strategy for the ero business. Then things changed.

What changed?

Isn’t it obvious? World of Women became a ridiculous hit. Patreon took off. I started writing other stories and started growing a fanbase. Remember, when I conceived all this, there was no Discord community. I had two books total. There was no 300+ patreons. I had 7 Patreons, and brought in $30 a month. This naturally massively changed things. For example, I had to tone down the mental break a bit. Yeah, I planned to go even more insane, but when I have $1500 riding on it, I tried to keep the mental breakdowns to something tolerable. Even then, I’m sure my shitty attitude has lost many readers. If you were the target of my ire, I do apologize, it really was all part of the act.

Wait, if Whizzer is a PoC fictionalized author, why did you act confrontational in a none PoC IP or under the Whatsawhizzer name?

Hey, once you start acting a certain way, it’s kind of tough to turn it off, you know? It was already difficult enough maintaining a balance between being antagonistic but not causing me to lose readers. I was very fearful of going too far and end up pushing away a bunch of readers, so I could never go full asshole. I had to keep reassuring people (especially those who thought I was genuinely on the edge of a psychotic break), that this is fine (while acting like I was on the edge of a psychotic break). Even still, I wish I could have been a bit more antagonistic, but then I wouldn’t have any readers by the time I reached the big reveal! I chose to act somewhat antagonistic in WoW as well, because I figured most PoC readers also read WoW. As far as areas like my disqus where Whatsawhizzer was used, they were all affected by the Whizzer personality.

Are you going to be different now that PoC is over?

Yes… I’m going to start acting like me again. But who knows, as I said, it was somewhat difficult to turn off once it got started, and I can’t say it wasn’t fun to be particularly jerkish and troll the fans. I might need to come up with the equivalent of a Whizzer swear jar to curb my previous behavior. We’ll see.

What about the readers that didn’t read the comments?

Too bad, they missed out on an integral part of the story. They wouldn’t understand various references in the text, nor the humor of some of the veiled insults. The fact all the girls were in collars because someone requested it… the “specials” that often ended disastrously, randomly changing the direction of the story at a key point (Megara *cough*), these were all intentional parts of the story. They were the story beyond the story.

What about the Volume PDFs? By very nature, aren’t they devalued by the fact that the “integral” comments and author notes are absent from them?” 

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………Not at all……………………………………………………………………………………

Look, there is plenty to like about PoC without being aware of comments. It had sex. It had humor. Most people had no clue the conversations in comments were story related, and for the most part they’re still there if you want to go read them on MSB.

Well, I hate 4th wall breaks and that ending ruined Power of Creation for me!

Too bad. Probably shouldn’t have murdered the author then. Whizzer was the kind of guy who might have changed it with enough complaining.

What does this mean for the future of your writing?

Power of Creation had to find an end eventually. I planned for it to end around chapter 300. Now it is over, I’ll start something else. You still have TOAE (when I return to it) and you still have WoW and NTR Crush. I plan to pick up and start writing something else. I’ll put out a survey soon to decide what that will be. There are a lot of options.

Thank you for enjoying Power of Creation. I hope to keep writing with your continued support. Have a good one!


World of Women Comic Now Available!

The World of Women first issue of the comic is out. If you want to know how care “Issue 1” goes, only chapter 1. However, if you’re interested in seeing this comic, it’s available to Patreon members at the $5 tier. Like always, it is also available for $5 through paypal. There will be an issue #2 in the works. Thanks!




The Power of Creation – Chapter 342

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“It’s time to begin the most epic fight ever conceived!” I shout.

“How will that happen?” You ask.

“Through tedious clicking repetition!” I respond.


Fight the Demon God Here!

If you’re a member, you can access the password in my ToC without playing.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 341

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Two forms dance around an impossibly massive space. From a distance, they could barely be considered dots, yet each time the forms collide, there is a massive wave of power which threatens to tear apart reality itself. This very chapter sits at the border of cracking apart.

“Why won’t you die?” I curse, striking down onto your sword, causing a massive wave of power to explode out, sending another wave of hairpin cracks to form across the edges of infinity.

“I’m the reader! Which one of us you want to die? All of us?” You shoot back. “On that note, can you even say you’ve written something if there is no one there to read it?”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” I scream, my sword flashing down again in several quick strikes.

You dodge it, zooming through the infinite space as I shoot beams of fire and ice out towards you. These beams seem to melt before they even reach you. You continue to dodge, dip, dive, and dodge, avoiding everything I can throw. Each time my attacks are dodged, I grow more furious.

“Dude, you’re kind of loosing it, do you need a nap?”

“Fuck you! Fuck you!” I scream, launching dozens of attacks that you avoid, seemingly growing easier the longer you go.

“You’re not even hitting me, shouldn’t you be giving up?”

“Damn it, you fucking readers are so damn slippery. I attack one of you, and then another takes their place!” I shriek. “Isn’t it just like you?”

“What is that now? You still have shit to say?”

“Every time I launch an attack, you always hide behind someone else!” I snarl. “I attack some of you, and the ones who don’t even have anything to do with it answer and take offense despite not even being the ones I had a problem with. That’s why you’re so good at this. That’s why you stick around like a cockroach, no matter who I attack, it’s always intended for someone else. You dance around like insects, avoiding every hit I deliver.”

“Is this some heavily loaded metaphor?” You ponder.

“Metaphor? Shit, I’ve got idiots who don’t even read my novels clicking Whizzer surveys. You’d think that wouldn’t be many, but I got almost 5% of my surveys back from people who don’t even read my books? That’s the kind of shit I have to constantly deal with. Those of you who are the problem will never realize it, and those of you who aren’t will take offense for something you weren’t even involved with!”

You shake your head. “You’re just talking nonsense now. How about just finishing the story and ending this little psychotic break?”

“Little psychotic break? Little? You think I’m doing this just for me? I’m doing this for all of the writers out there. You assholes will just go on to the next writer once we’re done here. You’re like locusts. You just consume, consume, consume. You scurry around in a crowd of nameless pawns that is always hungry and always biting, and as soon as you consume a work, you’re just on to the next one. Is it any wonder the quality is shit? Is it any wonder us writers are bled dry? If I don’t set you in your place, you’ll just go on to the next writer and suck them dry!

“That’s the fundamental truth! You’re the monsters! You’re the villains! You, reader, you have lead to this ending!”

“Oh, blah, blah, blah… readers bad! Are you done?” You ask.

“Die!” I scream, coming at you again, sending several massive suns at you.

You deflect the massive bodies of fire and send them spiraling off. They collapse into blackholes, creating massive supernovas which decorate the landscape. I create waves of evil, waves of monsters, waves of plot contrivance, and each thing I send your way is defeated with a wave of your hand or a snide comment. As I grow more desperate, my attacks begin to grow more sluggish. My imagination, my desires, my wants, they are all drained on you. I can only do so much. In the end, there is only one of me, and there is so many of you.

I cry and scream, trying to change the nature of this story, but I already know you’re right. This story was written for you to read it. I can’t destroy you without destroying the story. As I collapse to the ground, falling to my knees, the universe starts to reform. The world appears under your feet once again. The city of Riun re-solidifies. The castle you made comes back, all of the harem girls appear. I’m in the middle of the courtyard, sitting on my knees, breathing hard, covered in sweat as PoC reforms as if I have accomplished nothing.

“What now?” You ask, scratching the back of your head.

“I’ve… threatened you. Tried to replace you. Nagged you. Insulted you. Tried to kill you. Yet… still, you’re here. Still, you’re reading. This was my story… mine! I’ve spend a hundred times longer writing it than you did reading it.”


“I’ve been with it since the beginning. Every day, I’m the one posting it. I’ve read it. I’ve invested money into it. This… this is my story…”

“…” You frown, not sure what I’m getting at.

I sigh, standing back up. “I can’t end this story on my terms, I think. I’m done. I can’t keep on.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Seriously? That’s it, Power of Creation is over?”

“Hehe… you piece of shit… you think I’d let you end it that easily?” I raise my hands into fists. “This fight it to the death!”


“Come! Let us end this the way it was meant to be! All of you… against me!”

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Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

“I don’t see it.”

“He’s right, these numbers are certainly above average for the average Council citizen but they’re a far cry from those of a combat-grade Council soldier. I fail to see how this is a potential threat.”

“That is because you are looking at his current physical attributes. By his own admission the human Gus is below average in terms of physical fitness among his race. An above average human could easily have strength rivalling a Council soldier but that’s still not what’s alarming about him.”

A holodisplay lit up, showing Gus running on the treadmill. “As you can see, when pushed his body was able to adapt to the increase in activity quite easily.” The holovid sped up to the part where he received the first shock. “Look,” Trando said, pointing to the display. “He suffers the aftereffects of the shock for some time then gets back on the machine. As you can see, increasing the physical and mental stress on him had diverse effects.”

Haha… no, that was actually 24. You wish this was Chapter 25. go read more PoC.






Whizzer, DG


The Power of Creation – Chapter 340

Disclaimer: This chapter was originally scattered through MSB, and people needed to follow the links. 

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This part appeared on the Main Page of MSB.

“Where are we?” You ask, looking around the void of blackness.

“Hmm? Oh, we’re on the homepage of MSB. That attack broke the universe. Nice going… dick.”

“Wait? The homepage? Can we be here? What would Pun say?”

“I don’t know man, why don’t you ask him, he’s over there…”

You glance over to a corner and see a strange person sitting there, and immediate jump. “Ahh! How long have they been sitting there?”

“It’s… uh… better if you don’t ask.”

“What is that in their lap? They’re petting it while smiling at us?”

“You might not want to make eye contact either. They… um… like to watch.”

“Oh, they’re waving. Wait… they’re using both their hands to pet that thing in their lap, what are they waving with!”

“Hey, look reader, I know you see Pun as some kind of God or something, but I do have to work with the guy, so I think it’s better if we just go…”

“Where did their pants go!”

“Okay… I’m out. We going to keep fighting?”

“Yeah… I guess… what’s that crunching noise emanating from their direction.”

“What part of stop asking questions don’t you understand!” I cry out in annoyance, “This is why you suck! You can’t just enjoy things, you have to fret about the person in the corner!”

“It’s really freaking weird!”

“I’ll show you weird!” I attack with my sword, meanwhile shoving you through another portal.

Pun continues to sit there. Now, they’re a pickle.

This part appeared in a chapter of PLIC.

The pair of us burst out of the portal.

“Oh, jeeze… where the hell are we now?” You ask.

“The hell if I know, I don’t read the garbage on this site.” Whizzer laughs.

“This… this is PLIC!” You declare.

“Oh great, we’re really skimming the bottom of the barrel here.” Whizzer sighs.


Rei-chan screams, covering her naked chests.

“Oh god, they talk with brackets and disjointed lines. It’s a grammatical nightmare. This is the worst. My own personal hell…” Whizzer cry

“Your no longer in first person!”

Whizzer shrugs “Well, this is no longer my story. You are still you, but I’m not the MC. This asshole is the MC!”

[Who are you?]

I ask, glaring at the two men who suddenly stepped into my deflowering session of Rei-chan.

“Come on, reader, this is tiny country. Let’s get out of here. I already feel like imprisoning myself.”


The two strange men leap through another portal. I shrug and point at Rei-chan.

This part appeared in a chapter of Tales of a Seductress.

“Holy fuckballs, is this the kind of stuff you write in other novels?” You ask.

“… To be fair, Denova is a giant tool,” Whizzer explained.

“She just pray mantised the shit out of him!”

Jenai pulled out a knife and stared warily at you both while I stood up and unashamedly cleaned myself up.

“I presume you two aren’t here for Denova, right?” I asked.

“Nope…” Whizzer shrugged.

“We’re from another world… I guess…” You tried to explain.

“Another world?” My eyes brightened. “Like Earth? Can you take me back to Earth?”

“Oh… honey… no… no… not at all.” Whizzer shook his head. “Nope, Nadda, not going to happen.”

“One no would have sufficed…” I sighed, grimacing.

“Are you even writing this story anymore?” You asked.

“I’m working on it!” Whizzer defended. “I’m just trying to get a spark of inspiration on how to continue. I probably need to reread the story from the first chapter.”

“What are you both talking about? A story?” I demanded.

“Nevermind. Come on, reader, let’s just get back to PoC. This fight has been going nowhere.”

“W-wait…” I held up here hands. “Perhaps you guys would be up for sex?”

“Seriously? Now? There is a decapitated head over there!” Whizzer pointed.

I shrugged.

“You too, reader?”

“I mean… for the readers of TOAS, a chance to bang Aria…”

“I’ll tell you what, if my Patreon goes up by $100 this month, I’ll write your Aria X PoC fuck fiction.”


“Sure, what the hell, anything is possible.”

As we say this, we jumped through another portal. The girls turn away, deciding to ignore what they just saw.

This portion appeared in this chapter. 

“Ah… good, we’re finally back in the proper chapter.” I sigh.

“Where are my girls?” You demand.

“The universe shattered. I already said. Your girls are no more.”


“Relax… the pair of us are at odds with each other, both trying to gain control of this reality. Once I kill you, I can restore the reality as easily as snapping a finger.”

“And what if I kill you?”

“Hahaha… oh, you’re not joking. Well, it won’t be what you expect. I guess you’ll just have to discover a way to kill me to find out?” I lift my sword. “So, where were we?”

“I was about to kill you!” You declare, swinging pig fucker down.

“I could say the same!” I shot back.

The pair of us collide as ripples of explosions shoot off into the universe. The intensity of the battle starts to grow as it becomes do or die!

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