The Power of Creation – Chapter 296

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“No! Keep that big thing away from me!” Cruella fails to struggle against the grip of Anna and Elsa, who have her pinned down tight, her legs open and her pussy exposed.

You’re walking across the battlefield with your dick out, descending on the sixth Demonlord with determination. Of course, this was a victory before you even started. As soon as she decided to pick on your daughters, she had sealed her fate.

You kneel before her, slapping your hard shaft against the wet parts of her crotch. She tries to move again, but Anna and Elsa tighten their grip.

“You can’t!” Cruella shouts again. “You don’t want to fuck me! Don’t you hate me?”

“There is a very fine line between love and hate.” You sigh. “You have made me see things I’m not happy seeing, although, perhaps, you don’t remember them yourself.”


“Your body is mine, Cruella. I claim you!”

“I had a dick!” Cruella suddenly shouts, just as you’re about to push it in. “Right? So… I’m like a futa, right? I have no sex! It’s um… basically, like gay sex!”

“Geh!’ You back up a bit instinctually.

Cruella’s eyes brighten even more. “That’s right! I’m one of those weird chicks with dicks kind. There may be a part of you that is turned on by that, but overall, futa is not that popular. Yet here you are, with two dicks right near your face, and you’re about to fuck an androgynous person with no specific gender.”

“Oh, no!” Megara cries, “That bitch is pleading to my childhood friends, greatest weakness?”

“What’s that?” Grimhilde asks with a confused expression.


“!?” Mulan, having finally recovered, gives an incredulous look. “What is Megara talking about? Master has condoned… no… encouraged us women to engage in homosexual actions since he conquered us.”

“No… that’s the light side of homosexuality, approved for all ages. She’s applying to the dark side, MALE homosexuality. You see, there are two sides to every gay.”

“I don’t get it…”

“Well, it’s like this.” Megara takes two fists and rubs the ends together while nodding, then pokes out two fingers, pushes them against each other, and shakes her head.

“So, it’s fine if women engage in sexual acts with each other, but not men?”

“Isn’t that really hypocritical and a giant double standard?”


“I don’t get it, he enjoys reading about his penis all the time, and even other guy’s penis as long as they’re a protagonist!”

“That’s the conundrum. He’s happy reading about naked men, the size and shape of their penis, and how it feels, but only in context to a woman and/or obtaining a woman.”

“Does this mean hero hates my futa penis?” Ariel looks down, frowning.

“Some of him loves it, but the vast majority dislike that sort of thing.” When Megara saw Ariel getting sad, she added. “But you need to understand, he grew up in another world. Depending on the country he was born in, this sort of thing could get you publicly shamed or even murdered.”

“So… what you’re saying, is that by reminding hero-san about the fact she can grow a penis at will, she’s attempting to ruin part of his enjoyment of this erotic scene?”


“That conniving bitch!”

As the ladies have such discussions, you stare down at the laughing Cruella, a darkness clouding your eyes. After a moment, you raise your head.

“Oh well, time to fuck!”

“Wh-what!?” Cruella shrieks! “Isn’t your arousal dead?”

“You’re still essentially you, yes?”

“No, I can be a man!”

“No… you’ve always been one of seven sisters. Clearly, you see yourself as a woman!” You declare, pointing down at her accusingly. “In your heart, you know it’s true!”


“And more-so, you have chosen to have a pussy far more often than cock, but even if you did have a cock, at the moment you have a pussy, so it’s fine!”

“Y-you bastard…”

“Just because my daughters grow cocks from time to time, that doesn’t mean I love their pussies any less!” You reach out for your daughter’s crotches.

Moments before your hands touch their penis, they instantly dissipate and appear as the tight cunts you knew them to be. You instantly dive your hands between each of your daughter’s groins, fingering them.

“Na… I forgot how good Father is at this…” Anna moans.

“Hah… hah…” Elsa gasps. “Father can always have his daughter’s pussies!”

“How I feel about cock is meaningless!” You continue, “Because I myself always bring the cock! Thus, I need a tight pussy. When I have a cock, you have a pussy… the results are undeniable!’

“Wh-what? N-nooo!”

“You get fucked!” You call out, sliding your dick into Cruella’s tight pussy, breaking her in an instant. “Call yourself a girl or a boy… either way, right now I’m going to make you a woman!”

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