The Power of Creation – Chapter 326

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A massive magical circle is drawn out around the main square of Riun, right in front of your house.

“What is he doing?” Florian asks, surrounded by three ladies he had rescued during the demi-human project.

One was a catgirl, one was a doggirl, and one was a foxgirl. The foxgirl was a fiery redhead with a tsundere personally and medium sized breasts. The catgirl was a loli girl with small breasts and a little sister stubborn personality. The doggirl is a big sister with big boobs and droopy eyes. All of them cling to various parts of Florian.

“It’s so much easier…” You sigh, admiring how he only has three women of so many variations.

As for you, you have 30 some women, of all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s a complete mess! Worst of all, you lost seven of them and are now creating the magic circle to summon them back!

“Very well, that should do it.” You sigh, snapping the book shot and tossing it to the side.

“Now, all I have to do is sacrifice a virgin!” You declare. “That will cast the spell that will summon the Demon Queen here. I guess since she left to another plain of existence, these sorts of spells take a little more oomph.”

Everyone starts whispering to each other after your declaration. You go to the middle of the circle and then magically create a bed.

“Alright, any volunteers?” You look at the crowds of Riun citizens.

Naturally, no one in your harem kept their virginity intact and when it comes to your armies, they might be even worse! Fortunately, you are incredibly famous in Riun. You are their hero, their king, and their lord. You have spread modern technology and wiped away disease and famine. All of the women of Riun have incredibly hot and desirable bodies and insatiable sexual appetites. This has kept both the women and men of Riun extremely pleased. This also built up an insane amount of loyalty among the populace.

Suffice it to say, many women have fought their carnal desires to maintain their innocence in the hopes of being broken by you. While some had it in their hearts that they wanted to become part of your harem and live a plush and depraved life in the castle, others simply saw it as good luck to be broken open by the King. If they became pregnant, it’d be even better! Their families would be taken care of for life!

So, when you ask, there are no shortage of women jumping forward to be deflowered. Some are backed by their families eagerly trying to advertise their daughters and sisters with cheering and even signs, while others try bribery, wrapping their daughters up in money or expensive jewelry. Although, there was one girl who was wearing nothing but wrapping paper and a bow. Naturally, these are mostly women from Riun, so they are immaculate, youthful beauties, all of them.

Although the population of Riun has increased by ten-fold, there is a spell over the city that maintains the beauty of the women there. Any woman who moves to Riun will grow more youthful and attractive the longer she lives there. Within a month, even an old crone would become a knockout hotty. This is one of the many reasons the population climbed so quickly in such a short time.

You walk down the line, looking at each of these women and wondering if the comments section is going to demand you add the next girl into the harem as well. It seems like any girl you stick your dick in has to join the harem. Costing money to get each image, this harem is already oversized.  To put it into perspective, at the current harem size, it’ll cost over $600 to have every girl drawn in a single clothed chest-up portrait. You’re not looking to increase them any more at this point.

While this weird thought is going through your head, you start walking past the women, removing one at a time.

“Too skinny. Too normal.” You walk by a particularly sultry looking woman. “You, a virgin? Nice try!”

The woman sticks out her tongue and giggles running off. None of the girls take offense to your rejections. After all, they know what it takes to be a harem member. You gave them their beauty, yet most of the women in your harem are queens, princesses, and extraordinary individuals. While they put their lots in, it’s more akin to winning the lottery for them.

“You’re a child…” You walk past a loli. “You’re actually a baby. You’re pregnant!”

“I got caught in one of your spermfalls, I never had sex.” The girl blushes.

“Ah… congratulations on having my baby!” You wink at her, but still move on.

“Master…” Mulan says, looking through the book you discarded. “When it says… sacrifice a virgin, I don’t think it means to have sex with them.”

“What?” You turn back, frowning, “What other meaning could there be?”

“Well, sacrifice… doesn’t that usually mean…” She using her finger and glides it across her throat.

There is immediate murmuring behind you.

“Oh… in that case… are there any male virgins!?” The female virgins all retreat no longer interested in being sacrificed and the poor guys who haven’t managed to seal the deal start getting pushed to the front.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” A woman who looks like she just arrived asks Aurora.

Aurora glances over at the newcomer, and then her mouth falls open. “Demon Queen!?”

Hearing her words, you ignore the frantic virgin men and turn to see Lillian just standing there, looking curious.

“You’ve been here all along!” You gasp.

Many of the Riun residents, particularly those that were in threat of being sacrificed, felt that deep down you probably should have checked to make sure she left this dimension before drawing a magic circle across the entire common ground and looking for a sacrifice, but they’ll never voice those complaints out loud.

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