The Power of Creation – Chapter 52

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“Ah, you’re so quiet.” You sigh as your dick slides in.

Some blood is leaking out and down her thigh as you break past her hymen. Merida is staring you straight in the eyes, her hands in tight fists pressed against her chest and pushing her enormous rack together for some massive cleavage fun.

Of course, you informed the other girls that Merida needed to be the one you’d play with tonight, since you had already made a promise to do so. Unlike your previous sexual conquests, she is already integrated into your harem after spending the last day with you, and Merida has already decided this is her duty as ordered by the queen. Therefore, she is treating this experience much like training.

Jasmine managed her duties as the cook, putting together quite a decent meal for everyone. Everyone ate a lot, but Aurora, eating for two, seemed to have the appetite of ten. Well, the baby was being made ultra-fast, and so the energy needed would be extreme. You’d need to count for Merida to have a similar appetite. She already ate three times the amount of the other girls. Add to that a baby and you’d be worried if money was an issue.

Of course, the ultimate goal of this coupling is to get her pregnant. With your magic, that will be a hundred percent certainty. When you impregnated Aurora, the act had been on a whim goaded by the quickly corrupted Ariel. Meanwhile, this act is to be performed with the intention of having Merida bare your child. It certain held a weight and intimacy that blew away the rough and violent sex of the past.

Merida herself looked at you with determined eyes too. She already looked like a woman giving herself to her man willingly. It was completely unlike your first encounter with most of the women, who were usually in fear, surprise, or pain from your sexual abuse. Merida was giving her all to give herself to you. She wasn’t tightening in pain and panic, she was calm, her legs spread, her tone thighs open.

Of course, some of the romance of the situation is defeated a bit by the fact that it isn’t just the two of you. Merida’s deflowering and subsequent impregnation is being observed by Queen Aurora and her daughter Ariel. Ariel is there as the corrupted cheerleader of this harem, egging on all deviant behavior, and Aurora is there to bear witness to the creation of her child’s milkmaid.

As you slid it into Merida, who makes soft gasping noises, Aurora stroked her own stomach with a light smile on her lips. Ariel is stroking something else, but that isn’t unusual for her to join into any sexual situation in one form or another, even as a voyeur.

The other girls other than Elena and Belle are disappointed that you didn’t pick them, even Jasmine, as if you would choose Jasmine! Mulan went back to her room to count her hoard. You gave Grimhilde a device to contact her father and she was probably checking up on her demon kingdom. Jasmine passed out and Elena carried her to their new room. Belle was likely enjoying the pictures you’d given her with her new toys.

You considered later using magic so you look like one of the girls, and then sneaking in and hitting on Belle. Perhaps you’d keep the penis though, let her deal with the confusion of being fucked by a man while looking at a woman she fantasized over.

“Ah, is something wrong?” Merida looks worried.

You had stopped pushing into her as you were thinking about things, and are probably wearing quite the evil green on your face at the moment.

“Ah, no, I’m not hurting you, am I?”

You never really cared if you caused the girls pain with the pleasure before, but Merida is so openly giving herself to you that it makes you want to be honorable for once.

“No, Daddy. I can’t take it, keep going.”

“Daddy?” You ask with a strange look.

Merida gives you a slight smile. “Aw, that’s not too weird, is it? I just know that I’m becoming pregnant, and so you’ll be the dad. So, I should start calling you daddy for the little one? It’s okay if you call me mommy too.”

You aren’t going to be calling her mommy, that is certain. However, being called daddy? Well, it is true, you suppose. Ariel calls you hero and you are closer to being a father than a hero.

With that, you slide it in the rest of the length. You don’t go fast, but you don’t slow down either. Your cock isn’t quite the thickness it was when you took Belle. You ease up a bit for Merida. That still means you have nine inches to slide in, and you are massive even by porn star standards, but since this womb is going to bare your child, you didn’t want to rip it apart.

Merida’s eyes close and her entire body shivers as you slide the whole thing in. Whether it hurt or felt pleasurable, those sort of emotions didn’t show on her face. Once the whole thing is inside her, she opens her eyes again and looks you in the eyes and smiles. A woman giving herself to you with this kind of open and honest dere-dere made you rock hard in a new kind of way, and it didn’t take you long to start thrusting into her.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah.”

Each thrust she makes the same moaning noise. Her mouth is slightly open, she is gazing up at you lovingly, and each time your cock goes deep inside she lets that noise out. The pitch and noise doesn’t change a bit with each thrust. It is practiced and precise. It feels like the training a kendo swordsmen might go through, where they make a noise and slash the sword down 100 times.

She is working hard to complete her job, bringing you to climax, taking your thrusts no matter how much it hurt her body, all for you. You decide that you’ll give Merida a nice gift in the morning. Your harem should be awarded for being outstanding. Although you also don’t hate Mulan and Grimhilde’s greediness, Merida’s knightly duty to bear your child, to consummate this event, works in a different way.

You wrap her into a tight hug, and bury yourself into her massive boobs. They are very comfortable and warm. Her boobs are so soft, they are even more comfortable than the overstuffed pillows on the bed. Plus, her sweat has a flowery scent. Between the smell, the soft boobs, the rhythmic thrusting, and her continuous and steady “ah, ah, ah…”, you fall into a trance.

You don’t realize yourself, but the time got completely lost. You thrust away into Merida, your sweaty bodies are entangled. You smell her body, your feel her body, you and her are like the same body. In and out. In and out. Your penis fills her up, engorges deep inside her womb. Your arms grab onto her soft, yet muscular flesh. You head rests on her giant bosom. Your excitement continues to climb, more and more, your body wraps with hers in a mass of flesh and sex.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Daddy, please, make me pregnant! Fill me with your cum!”

The sudden change in her voice brings you out of it. Ah, that’s right, you had a job to do.

“O-okay, here I go!”

“Fill me up daddy!”

“Ah, I’m cumming!”

“I’ve cum so many times already but you’re making me do it again!” she cried.  “Ah, ah, is it done, is it inside?”

“Eh?” you finish cumming in her but are surprised she can’t feel it.

Then you notice that some things seem to be off. You pull off of her and realize the both of you are complete slick with sex. You pull your dick out of her snatch finally, and gobs of cum burst out of her. However, it was way way more cum than you just delivered, and a lot of it look coagulated and dried, like it’d been around for a while.

You looked down at Merida, and her hair was a mess. Her face was red, and she was gasping for breath. She looked haggard like she had had the longest workout of her life. When you glance to the side you see that both Aurora and Ariel appear to be asleep, snuggled together.

“I – I’m… sorry… I didn’t realize sex was so intensive.” Merida gave you a weak smile. “But I held out to the end. Di-did I do good.”

“Merida did good.” You pat her on the head awkwardly, but she seems pleased. “Ah, just for the record, how long have we been at it?”

She blushed. “A-about six hours.”

“Si-“ You stop yourself.

Well, you had fucked all day before with Ariel, but that usually involved breaks, massages, magical recovery, and eating and all that. Six hours of nonstop pounding… Merida has amazing stamina. She never had sex before so she hasn’t realized it’s normally a short affair. Plus, in your trance you hadn’t noticed that you came, and since she’d never felt cuming before, she had no clue. So, you came in her over and over again, about a half dozen times, and she was stuffed with cum.

Well, that aside, she’s certainly pregnant now, and the night isn’t over yet. Maybe you guys should do doggy next. The thought of seeing those massive boobs bouncing with each thrust sounds fun. Just as you were about to suggest this, a sudden scream sounded in the mansion. Someone is in trouble!

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