TLDR Prologue

Hello, I was getting a bit bored of translating so I thought of posting this original.

This will be mostly comedy and slice of life. But there may be some surprising hidden plot.

I’ll be using a lot of 4th wall jokes and a lot of references to anime, manga, novels, and games.

So, what do you think about the new Original?

Here’s the link for the prologue

I do plan to change the name of the main character, the name I put is just a placeholder as I don’t know which types of names I should be using. You see, I don’t have anything else but the prologue, I do have some sort of background of the main character and some other characters that will appear later but I have no concrete plot yet, and that’s relevant because I want the readers to influence the direction of the story.

So, I’d like to ask if you want jp/english/fil style names. I put fil because I do plan on using some of the PH superstitions and stories on this novel.

Please don’t expect too much on this one since I’m not a great writer.