Chapter 23: We Are Together

“I-I think I heard you wrong, Lily. Can you repeat what you just said about your mother again?” I ask with a nervous laugh.   

“No, you didn’t hear wrong, Caiden. These people want you to rape my mother and videotape it as they did with me before. After my mother, you will be asked to do the same thing to my older sister as well…” Lily says while looking extremely angry.   

I just keep staring at Lily’s face, finding myself a bit too shocked for any words to come out anymore.   

W-What is Lily saying?   

Me raping her mother and sister?

No way in hell…   

What is this fucking Zoe trying to make me do!?  

That bitch is going below the belt now!   

“Caiden… will you help me?”  

Suddenly, Lily asks me in a strong but pleading voice.  

“H-Help you?” I ask, confused.   

“Yes, to save my mother and sister? Please, I-I need your help…” she says with shaking voice.  


“I want to help you, Lily. Believe me, I do. But how can I? I cannot even save myself properly from these people,” I say.  

Even I am feeling really pathetic saying this but what can I do? I don’t want to give Lily any false hope…   

“Caiden, if you help me, I think we can manage it somehow. I am already raped. It’s just that the pain of that has somewhat lessened for me because it was you who did it, but I don’t want the same thing to happen to my mother and sister as well. And…   

“… I also don’t want you to go through that same ordeal again,” She tells me with watery eyes.   

The way Lily is looking at me now… with eyes that are almost begging me… how can I say no to her?  

I strongly grab Lily’s shoulder with both my hands.   

“I understand. Though I don’t think that we have much chance of success, I will help you in any way possible to me,” I tell her reassuringly.   

In the next moment, a bright smile appears on Lily’s face and she again wraps her arms around my back to give me an even tighter hug.   

“Thank you, Caiden. I love you!” she says with emotions almost bursting out.

“Me too. But how are we going to do it? Do you have a plan or something? Because if they just kidnap them as they did with you… I won’t have any choice but to…” I say while slightly shaking my head.   

“I know, but these people won’t be able to do the same thing again. My mother rarely leaves the house, where there is high security, and my sister also lives inside the university campus where the entry is prohibited without an I.D. card or being identified from someone already inside,” Lily tells me confidently.   

“Hmm… If these people cannot reach them, won’t they be safe then?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“Well, no actually. The only reason they started out things with me, is not only because I am the least protected one out of us especially when I am in school.  

“But also that as now that I am here under them, they can easily reach my mother and sister through me… Or at least, they plan to,” Lily explains.   

What the fuck?  

“What are they planning exactly? Did they tell you that?” I ask in a tense manner.   

“Yeah, that Zoe talked to me about it a little but I don’t think even she knows everything. I heard that a supervisor will come and instruct us on what to do exactly…” Lily tells me.  

“Yeah, Abigale mentioned about that. So, what did Zoe told you?” I ask.   

Will Zoe turn out to be a little useful? Or will she remain a bitch?      

“Oh, it was nothing which I haven’t already guessed myself…”  

So, she remains a bitch.   

“… only that they will be targeting my mother first before they go for my older sister and that I will have to get you close to her. She also told me to introduce you as a friend, but well, there wiil be no need for that. Everyone in my family already knows about you,” Lily says.   

“Wait, aren’t they planning to kidnap your mother? Why do I need to get close to her then? It makes no sense at all…” I ask in confusion.    

“Well, Zoe didn’t tell me anything more, but I do have a few guesses on why are they making us go it. As I already told you, my mother doesn’t go out of the house except in rare cases.  

“And this fact is already known by these people because of all the snooping around they have been doing around my house for god knows how long. So, maybe, they are trying to lure her out of the house in some way for the abduction to take place?” Lily says.   

“Well, if that were the case, I won’t be needed there… then, why are they asking you to get me close to her?” I ask while rejecting Lily’s guess.   

Lily gets lost in thoughts again for a few seconds little before speaking again.  

“True… Then maybe, they want you to rape her in the house itself? And they want me to make the video of it there?” Lily takes another guess.   

“While that is plausible, it is a bit too risky to actually do so. Didn’t you say that the security around your house is really tight? And it won’t be that quiet exactly if we do things forcibly . The guards will be bound to hear us…” I say while rejecting Lily’s guess again.  

“Yeah, they most probably will… Well, I cannot think of anything more about why are they doing this at the moment. But still, there is not that much to worry about now,” Lily says with a slight smile forming on her face.   


“Not that much to worry about!? Are you alright, Lily? We have everything to worry right now!?” I speak while raising my voice a little.   

“No, there is at least one thing which is in our favor for now!” she says.   

“And what is that?” I ask with a glare.   

“We are both together now, Caiden! And it is us who will be executing this task. With your help now and some proper planning, I think we can delay or even stop them from getting to my mother!” Lily says in a bit excited tone.   

Man, I don’t see anything to be excited about here but I don’t have the heart to tell this to Lily…   

But her excited expressions suddenly changes into a frowned ones.  

“Don’t look at me like I am some pathetic person clinging to a non-existent hopes or something, okay? I know what I— no, we are going to do,” Lily says defiantly.  

“And what is that?” I ask while opening my eyes slightly wide.  

“Well, weren’t you wondering why I yelled at you in front of those women before?” Lily asks a bit smugly.   

“No, why?”  

“By doing that, I made them think that I hate you now and will probably never talk to you. Because I think they will realize that if both of us who are being done wrong with by them, stay in the task together, we can cause many problems for them. But after with this, there will be no room for any suspicion that we might plan something against them,” she says.  

“This is… actually a good plan,” I say, surprised.   

It really is impressive for Lily to think this ahead even in that situation before.  

“Yes, but it is actually not enough. You will have to do just one thing more, to make it seem like I will hate you forever no matter what. Please don’t say no to this, Caiden,” Lily says with her expressions turning extremely serious.   

I don’t like how this sounds…   

“W-What is it?” I ask in a stuttering voice.   

“You will have to rape me again…” 


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