Chapter 58 – Relief (2) (R-18)


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Max held Yu’er close, kissing her and whispered how good it felt while also running his hands all over her long smooth legs.

He slowly slid his hands between her legs as he gave one soft slap on her clit with his two fingers.

She let out a loud involuntary moan and begged,

“You want to do it already?”

Yu’er gave Max a mischievous smile as she felt that Max couldn’t wait a little longer and wanted to stick his dick in her now.


Max didn’t respond as he continued showering his sister kisses, at the same time, sliding two fingers deep inside her very damp pussy, which induced her to let out a scream.

As she was soaking wet, Max didn’t wait any longer and moved between her legs and placed his still erect and ready for another round dick at the entrance of her sweet pussy.

Her lustful face quickly changed to a smile,

“Push it in.”

Max tapped his dick on her clit. Yu’er moaned, getting into it as Max moved his dick between her sopping wet pussy lips, but not pushing it inside, feeling just a bit of her warmth.

“Oh, put it in now. I want to feel your hard dick in me,”

Yu’er moaned, moving her waist up, trying to get his dick in her.

“How bad do you want it?”

It was Max’s turn to tease her back and seeing her face full of desire makes his dick even harder, resisting the temptation to bury his dick inside her.

“So bad!”

Not giving her any warning, Max slid his dick inside her warm and wet passage. Yu’er moaned loud while trying to tempt Max with her alluring voice,

“Oh! Faster!”

Max obliged as he leaned down with his face buried between her big firm breasts. He then began thrusting in and out as fast as he could. He felt he was in pure heaven.

Max had been having passing thoughts of wanting to have sex since Layla and Lydia arrived at their house. Sneaking glances at their hot bodies gave him hard-ons occasionally that he had to hide it by moving to a more comfortable position.

He had been waiting for this, imagining the pleasure he would be feeling, but it wasn’t as good as he was currently experiencing with his dick buried in his sister’s warmth.

“Suck my nipples. Just like you did a while ago.”

Max did just what she said, going back and forth between her lush breasts, sucking, nibbling and biting.

Every once in awhile, he got so intoxicated playing with his sister’s big melons and her loud moans when he added pressure to his nipples that he stopped fucking her.

But every time he stopped, Yu’er would move her waist so he would resume on pounding her.

Few moments passed, Max felt that Yu’er was close as he felt her pussy walls tighten around his dick as she screamed from extreme pleasure,

“Max, I’m close! I’m coming! I’m coming on your dick!”

Max leaned up and shoved his tongue down her throat while he fucked her through her climax. Their tongues swirled around each other, and he began to feel his balls tighten with his sensitivity heightening.

“I’m going to come soon, sis.”

“Yes! Oh! Max, now cum inside your sister!”

Those words were like a lightning bolt straight to his dick, and in seconds he was coating his sister’s soaked walls with his cum.

Yu’er bucked her ass up, meeting each thrust as she moaned,

“Fill me with your seed. Yes! Ahnn! Yesss!”

Once Max was done, filling her up completely, he collapsed on top of her and rolled to her side. Yu’er looked into his eyes with complete bliss while panting, gasping for breath.

Before Max could do anything, he was surprised as Yu’er went down on him, taking his dick back into her mouth.


Max didn’t continue his words any longer, feeling that he should enjoy the sight of Yu’er bobbing up and down his dick, occasionally giving it long licks that send shivers down his spine.

Yu’er continued this for a few minutes, while Max watched as she stroked his dick with her hand while sucking the head of his dick.

It wasn’t long until Max felt that he was reaching another orgasm, but he didn’t want to only cum in her mouth, so he pulled back and instructed,

“Get on all fours, sis.”

“Are you ready for another round, sis?”

He added, looking at his sister’s back hole that was fully exposed in front of him. Unexpectedly, Yu’er pushed her ass out, even more, searching for his dick.

She gave Max a look with one of her brows arched up that urged him to start shoving his dick deep inside her.


Max pushed his dick deep inside her in one go. There was a slight resistance at first as she wasn’t expecting it, but once he had penetrated deep enough, his dick easily slid inside in and out of her.

Yu’er let out a whimper and moaned, “Ah! Do it faster this time!”

Max slapped her ass as he suggested,

“Let’s move together.”

Yu’er moaned again as they both moved with Max penetrating her repeatedly while she began to ride his dick, meeting him in the middle of his thrust.

At first, her movements were timid and slow, but after a couple of minutes, she began to get used to doing it and began to move faster.

Soon, his entire length was disappearing rapidly inside her as they matched their movements. Max watched in complete satisfaction as his sister bounced back on his dick.

Max grabbed each of her cheeks for balance as he picked up the pace. A mixture of moans and whimpers escaped Yu’er’s mouth.

Although she seemed so focused on what she was doing, not saying anything, Max realized what she was doing.

She was determined to take his dick up her womb. With each thrust, another whimper escaped her mouth.

Then suddenly, without warning, she leaned forward and then in one quick push back took all his length back inside her.


Max just kneeled behind her, seemingly allowing Yu’er to adjust to his dick, filling her completely, touching the entrance of her womb.

Slowly, Yu’er began to move back and forth, fucking herself on his dick. Once she got used to the feeling of his head, hitting her deep entrance, she began to accelerate her pace.

After a few minutes of steady increase, Yu’er finally began to bounce back on his dick, her ass slapping onto his thighs.

Yu’er’s constant hard and fast thrusts that made Max experience the pleasure that he could never imagine before.

Max focused at his sister as she moaned whimpered then began breathing erratically while her hand went towards her clit.

She began rubbing herself frantically while continuing to impale herself on his dick. Finally, seemingly reaching her climax, she screamed.

“Oh, yes! I’m coming again! I have never come like this, Max. Yes!”

Her thighs began shaking, clearly going through a mind-blowing orgasm from having her pussy fucked deep and hard. Watching her quiver on his dick got him boiling, pushing her onto her, fucking her deep and hard.

Each deep thrust had her letting out indescribable grunts from as Max continued pounding her sensitive pussy.

A few seconds later, Max collapsed onto her as his cum shot straight to her womb, giving him a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that his sister’s womb was full of his cum.

Now exhausted, they both lied together beside each other. Yu’er turned to Max, facing him directly, giving out a satisfied smile on her sweaty face.

“That was amazing!”



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