Chapter 26: False Accusations

I momentarily froze in shock from the scene in front of me.   

Pig and his bodyguard friends are kicking Luke’s lifeless looking body on the ground.   

I can also see the crying figure of Sofia in there desperately trying to stop Pig but she is too small to pose any obstruction to him at all.   

What the actual fuck happened here?   

Even the students gathered around them are doing nothing to help but watch. Some of these fuckers are actually laughing and recording this on their phones…  

Before I can even realize myself, my legs start to move and I broke into a full-speed run towards them.   

No one notices have noticed me. Pig is just laughing gleefully as he rubs his dirty shoes Luke’s face.   

“Where did you anger go now, huh, loser?” Pig jeers at Luke.  

“You cannot even do anything if I fuck your girl— AAAAHHH”  

I jump us and my flying kick lands directly on Pig’s chest, making him fall to the ground hard.  

Everyone here freezes and stares at me in shock. I can tell that no one expected anyone to mess with Pig, much less kick him.   

Even his bodyguards stop kicking Luke to stare at me with wide eyes.   

“Who the fuck… Aaaahh!” Pig cries out in pain holding his chest.   

He looks up and his watery eyes focus on me.   

“You… YOU KICKED ME, FUCKER!?” Pig screams at me with an angry red face.  

I look back into his eyes with disgust.   

I know I reacted a bit too recklessly, but at this rate, Luke would have been seriously injured.   

Though I am sure if he already isn’t…   

Pig tried to get up but because of how roundness and fatness, he again falls down hard.   

“What? Need someone’s help to get up, pig?” I ask mockingly.   

A few people laugh from the crowd.  

“Who was that!? WHO FUCKING LAUGHED!?” Pig yells furiously while looking around.   

The laughter dies instantly and no one speaks.  

His eyes focus on me again.   

“You are so dead, motherfucker!” He tells me menacingly.   

“What the fuck are you guys doing!? BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THIS BASTARD!”   

Pig yells towards his bodyguards.   

Both the idiots flex their muscles and start moving towards me threateningly.   

Damn! These guys will destroy me… I need to run away.   

“What… is happening here?”   

The moment I turn around to run, a cold voice with which I am a bit too familiar with interrupts.    

Fuck! Now the situation will turn from bad to the worst for me…   

I turn back and true to my guess, see another one of my enemy walking towards me… Neustadt.   

“Sir! Jacob kicked me!” Pig says before I can even open my mouth.   

You are really fast at this, huh, fat fucker!?   

“Yes, I saw that. And did he also beat up this boy here?” Neustadt asks Pig while gesturing at Luke’s body.   

“No, I didn’t!” I tell him angrily.   

Neustadt ignores me.   

I really nasty smile spread over Pig’s face.   

“Yes, sir. He was kicking and punching poor Luke even after he fainted,” he says.   

Neustadt just gives him a simple nod. I can see a smile forming on his face as well.   

I just stare at both of them in shock.   

“I will fucking kill you, you lying piece of shit! You were the one who was beating him along with your fucktard friends!” I say angrily.   

“Tsk… such temper,” Neustadt says while clicking his tongue.  

He looks at Sofia who is trying to lift up Luke’s body, probably trying to get him to the infirmary, but failing to do so.  

“Someone help this girl,” Neustadt says calmly.  

I start to move forward.  

“No, not you,” He tells me.  

A second later, a guy from the crowd comes out and lifts up Luke’s body with the help of Sofia. All three of them move towards the building and disappears inside.  

“Now, that’s one thing done…”  

Neustadt points at a wimpy looking guy standing at the front of the crowd.   

“You, tell me, did Jhonny beat up, what was his name, Luke?” he asks him.   

Pig gives the kid a threatening stare.   

“N-N-No sir,” the guy answers stutteringly.   

“So, did this one beat up Luke?” Neustadt says while pointing at me.   

Pig cracks his knuckles this time.  

The wimpy guy gives me a really apologetic look before opening his mouth.   

“Y-Yes,” he says.   

I look around in disbelief. Everyone is silently looking at me. I few with    

What the fuck!? Seriously? Not even one of you will stand up for me?   

Damn! I cannot even blame them. Many people in our school are really scared of Pig.   

I would have been as well if Lily wasn’t my friend.  

But still, this asshole Neustadt…   

“Are you blind or something!? These people are clearly scared of him!” I say to him angrily.   

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that. I am your teacher, Black,” Neustadt says in a cold and angry voice.  

I know that I am probably digging my own grave here, but to be honest, I am too angry right now to care. It’s not like my life is on the line here anyways…  

“Oh, are you really!? I find it hard to believe as you don’t act like one! Just look at these three…” I say while gesturing at Pig and his bodyguards.   

All their clothes are dirty and there are even a few scratches and small bruises here and there as well, showing the fight they had earlier.   

Well, it looks like Luke at least had hit a few times as well before he fainted…   

“They look like they had a brawl! And guess what? I don’t because I just saved Luke from them!” I tell him angrily.   

Neustadt just raises his eyebrows.  

“I will only believe what I saw from my own eyes and what the witnesses are telling me. Jhonny and his friends must have dirtied their clothes somewhere. And you do seem experienced in violence as your clothes are not dirty at all even after beating that guy up so badly,” he says with a smirk.  

I can literally feel myself shaking from anger right now.   

“Y-You fucking bas—”  

“Enough! Follow me,” Neustadt says while turning his back to me.   

“Where?” I ask, not moving from my place.   

He looks back with a cold face.   

“I said, follow me! RIGHT NOW!”   

Neustadt yells the last words this time, before starting to move again.  

“Hahaha, that’s what you get for kicking me, fucker!” Pig jeers in a low voice.   

I give him a middle finger before walking towards Neustadt and together we enter the school building.   

“Where are you taking me?” I ask.  

Neustadt does not respond and just keep moving forward.  

This bastard…   

“Assault…” Neustadt whispers suddenly.  

I look at him with a jerk. There is that creepy smile again on his face.   

“Lying… using abusive language against a teacher… And even threating to kill a fellow classmate…”  

He continues with his ugly smile getting wider.   

“You don’t think that simple detention would do justice, do you?” Neustadt asks.   

W-What is this bastard saying?   

Fuck! Don’t tell me that he is going to suspend me…   

After walking for a few seconds more, we reach the end of the corridor where there is a door. And on top of this door, it’s written…   

“Principal’s office…” I whisper.   

“Yes, we are going to the principal,” Neustadt says.   

I can see that this fucker is trying his best to not sound too much happy.   

Damn! I am really getting suspended…  

Shit! What will I say to Lily?   

Neustadt opens the door of the principal’s office slowly and gestures me to go in.   

The room in itself is grand with photos of various school events and functions hanging on the walls, trophies won by students on the shelves, many neat cupboards, etc.   

In the center of this room, a big Principal’s desk is placed, sitting behind which, is obviously the principal of our school.   

Well, let me tell you this beforehand.   

The principal of our school is a woman. An extremely beautiful woman. And yes, she is just 28, which is really young for a person in her post.  

She is fairly tall with smooth white skin, long black hairs, and beautiful sea-green eyes. Her square-shaped red spectacles and a tiny mole just below her nose give her face defining and alluring characteristics. Her body also looks immensely curvy under her tight dress with huge and heavy-looking tits and a well-shaped ass.  

Well, it’s easy to guess that almost every guy in school lust after her.  

The only problem is her nature… Her very, very strict nature…   

“Yes, Professor Neustadt?” She asks while looking up at us.   

“Principal Steele, this student has broken some serious school rules just now,” Neustadt says.   

Suddenly, his voice turns serious and grave.   

“He needs to be expelled from the school… right now.”  


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