Chapter 69 – New Items


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Sex Change Skill – Changes your sex. Once changed, it can be swapped back. 5000 Points

Sexual Whip – Amplifies pain and pleasure. 2000 Points


Healing Potion – Heals any wounds sustained. 1000 Points

Pending Free Items: 12



“Little Dou, quick! Remove that skill now!”

“Remove the Sex Change Skill! Now! Right now! We don’t need it!”

[Last Confirmation. Are you sure you want to remove the Sex Change Skill?]


“Yes! Yes! Now! I don’t want to see that again!”

[Sex Change Skill has been removed!]


“Dangerous! That’s a very dangerous skill that shouldn’t exist!”

“Huu! Good job, me!”

“The future me would certainly praise me for making this great decision.”

Max softly patted his chest as he deeply exhaled, laying back down their bed after getting up in urgency, being surprised that something like that would even come out.

“Hey, it’s gone. Don’t be so scared anymore.”

Yu’er only stared at him for being scared of the Sex Change Skill, though she understood why he was like that. She didn’t want to have anything to do with that skill either.

“What?! Me? Scared? No, I’m not scared! That skill was just too dangerous! Good thing it’s gone already.”

Patting his flaccid dick from his shorts like it was the most valuable thing in this world. Max now understood the saying about not knowing how important it is until you almost lose them.

[As you removed one item, you have one available slot left. Do you want to use another one?]


“Uhh, we also want to remove the Sexual Whip.”

“Don’t you want to try it?”

Hearing his sister saying that, Max turned to his sister, teasingly asking her, to see her reaction. Instantly getting a response from her,

“No, thanks.”

Max was merely joking as he isn’t into those whips and collars stuff. It never came to his mind to inflict pain on his sister, and he will never have any plans like that.

“Remove the Sexual Whip.”

[Last Confirmation. Are you sure you want to remove the Sexual Whip?]



[Sexual Whip has been removed!]


“Should we use more?”

Yu’er wanted to know what Max was going to say as she doesn’t mind either way. All of it was free anyway.

“No. Not right now. I feel unlucky this day. We’ll do it next time!”

Max felt like if he continued, he would be more unlucky for the next few items. Even if he was fully aware that the items coming out were completely randomized, he still didn’t want to take the chance.

“It’s fine. We have got a new consumable, the Healing Potion. That ought to be useful already, right?”

Yu’er nodded at his words. Reading the description of the potion and seeing how much it would cost, they know how good the potion will be for them.

It wasn’t expensive, either. For all it’s usefulness, 1000 Points was a good deal for them as the potion can heal any wound they sustained.

It never said what type of injuries it heals. It only said healing any wound, so that should include any severe wounds.

Of course, they won’t expect it to heal a severed arm or cure poisons in their system.

“Hey, we haven’t used the lottery for so long, let’s try one!”

“We got the Lust Meter from there in the past! Maybe I’m going to be lucky this time!”

Staring at the Health Potion, admiring its effects, Max unconsciously glanced downwards. There, he saw the Lottery that he had never used ever since he got the Lust Meter.

As it was quite cheap, only 100 Points each, he became interested in using it, even just once today.

“We only have 1950 Points. It should be fine, just don’t use too much.”

“I’ll only use it once! Watch how lucky I will be!”

“Little Dou, one lottery please!”

[Remaining Points: 1850]

You’ve won an XXXL Sized Condom!

“What the hell is this!”

“What? Where do you wear this for! Do I wear this on my head!?”

“This is useless! 100 Points wasted just like that! For this? This isn’t a condom! This is a balloon! Who would even wear this?!”

“A scam! This is definitely a scam!”


Yu’er and Little Dou laughed loudly, watching Max getting pissed while holding a large packet of condom, saying whatever came to his mind.

“Hey! I…We just wasted 100 Points here! This isn’t funny at all!”

“Hahaha! Hahaha!”

Seeing that they weren’t going to stop laughing at him, he started thinking about what should he do about them but in the end, he didn’t think of anything.


“Little Dou, I want another lottery! I felt something good inside me for some reason. I’m sure I got this now! No more garbage items for me!”

“I promise this is the last time for this day!”

[Remaining Points: 1750]


You’ve won the Dream Awareness Skill!


“I got something good! I knew it! Dream Awareness Skill! I got the Dream Awareness Skill! Which was the…the…?”

“U-Uhm… Little Dou, what is this?”

Max celebrated too early. From the name of the skill, it sounded powerful, so he got excited about getting something different than the usual trash items.

He wanted to brag about getting something good, but then he remembered that he didn’t even know what the skill is about.

Max looked hopefully to Little Dou. His eyes almost looked like he was begging her to say something good.

Yu’er also focused on Little Dou because, from the name of the skill, she had a feeling that it will be a good one.

[Woah! T-This is? Wahhh! This skill is cool, Max!]


“What is it, tell us quick!”

Both of them were staring intently at Little Dou, feeling more hopeful after hearing her excited words.

[Dream Awareness Skill – If turned on, whenever you are dreaming, you will instantly be aware of it and would be able to control all your actions in the dream!]



“Woah! I did it! I don’t know what I would achieve for being aware of my dreams, but I did it!”

Yu’er’s eyes were also shining. In her mind, she was happy that Max got another skill using just 200 Points.

It didn’t matter for her whether it was useful or not because 200 Points is just a tiny amount of points and getting a skill for that amount was already unreal, even cheaper than consumables.

And from how the description looked, it seemed promising. Being aware that he was in a dream and also be able to control his actions, it should have some use right?

“Little Dou, what’s the use of this?”

[That skill is really good! You will know when you experience it!]


“So what is this dream about? When I go to sleep?”

[Yes! Just go to sleep, and you will experience it right away!]




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