Chapter 100 – Slave?


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“How should we go about this?”

Max told Yu’er everything that he and Little Dou did on the hotel, including the items they got and a large amount of money.

Yu’er’s eyes shined when Max took out some of them. Money was still money, and it would never lose it’s allure as they would have many uses for it.

“We need to get some information out of him.”

Max’s mind was full of questions that he badly needed answers for. He was ready to beat this guy to get the answers he wanted to know.

“It’s going to be quite hard to be successful with it. Inflicting pain won’t work on someone like him.”

Yu’er was quick to dismiss his initial plan. She knew it would not be an effective way of forcing answers out of his mouth.

“If he doesn’t want to say it, even if you burn him alive, he won’t talk.”

Yu’er shrugged her shoulders as she turned to Max. When Max heard it, he was disgruntled, not having any good idea of what to do.

Max had slightly expected it to be that way as even if someone were to torment his physical body, he would be able to bear it with his now strengthened body. Though he hasn’t tested it yet, Max thinks that even his will power was stronger now.

It will be hard for other people to influence his mind or force something out of him once he decided against it. His pain tolerance was also enhanced.

Regular punches won’t faze Max, and as what happened in the past, he was able to deal with a sword pierced through his body. It did seriously hurt but not enough to pressure him to submit.

“What do we do then?”

“I have thought of making him loyal in some way. He has a Shapeshifting Skill, and it will be incredibly useful for us if we have it for ourselves.”

Freely copying people’s face and body shape, impersonating them, was only one of the many things they can do.

Even with only that, they could make use of an influential identity and start a conflict with another party until they can smoothly clean them up.

“We should prioritize making him loyal then ask him all the questions that we have!”

It was easy to say, but Max doesn’t know any way of making him loyal. He knew that this time, they would have to think out of the norm and make use of the Wish Card. That is the only way this can be possible.

“But what do we need?”

Yu’er and Max were buried in their thoughts as Little Dou happily watched them. She had a lot of answers to their questions and genuinely wanted to help them, but in this situation, she can’t as she was prohibited from saying it. It was the rules of the System that she had to abide by.

“Hmm I have an idea, but it will sound silly.”

Yu’er focused her gaze on Max. She wanted to hear what this idea was, no matter if it was crazy or useless. Little Dou was also interested, staring at Max with her big green eyes.

She hoped that Max was able to think of even one of the many possible things they can specifically use for this.

“Maybe a Slave Collar?”

“That might be possible.”

They didn’t notice Little Dou’s eyes shining as she waited for their final decision. Max was not sure about this. His mind kept running, feeling like he was missing something, a better idea, and he was close to it.

“Slave Collar. Slave Collar?”

“Maybe some items related to that like to change his Loyalty to 100, but he’s a guy so it might not be possible.”

“Or like the card where Mango goes. We can summon this guy if we need him.”

“Or some contract, so we have full control over him, the same as a Slave Collar but without the collar.”

“But with that, we will have more freedom as a Slave Collar might bind him to us, the contract might not. We would only gain control of his life and body?”

Yu’er and Little Dou watched as Max continued talking to himself. It was as if he was in a trance, speaking out each idea that came to his mind.

Max still felt that he was missing something, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of something better, so he chose to settle with it for now.

“What do you think about a Slave Contract? No, a forced Slave Contract?”

Max questioningly looked at Little Dou. He doesn’t have any idea whether his idea would be possible.

[Yes! There is something like that!]


Max was able to guess one of the possible ways they can go about this, but from Little Dou’s memory, that wasn’t the best one he could think of, though his idea was up there and was closely related to it.

“That will have a little problem.”

It was Yu’er’s turn to speak. A Slave Contract from what she understood was good. However, it would only turn him into a robot following their orders.

The Awakened will surely hate them for that, and it isn’t what they wanted. Max and Yu’er had the same idea of how they wanted it to work.

They don’t want a robot that will do everything they ask without thinking. They wanted the Awakened to follow their commands, and he should be able to react to different circumstances without further instructions.

When Yu’er told her thoughts to Max, they decided to ask Little Dou about the possibility of adding 100 in Loyalty, and she said it was perfectly fine to add it to the Slave Contract.

Max didn’t consider it at first as he thought Loyalty Meter only existed in the Women Conquered Section.

He now learned from Little Dou that everyone has a Loyalty Meter, friends, family, and others, only that it can’t be forcefully increased except if they are in the Woman Conquered Section or special items like Slave Contracts.

“So a Slave Contract that will give him 100 in Loyalty to us?”

“Is this reversible?”

Yu’er had been wondering about this. Whether it is reversible or not would make a massive difference in how good the item will be.

[Yes! But only the owner would be able to reverse it!]


[The owner would be the person who would use the item!]


“There can only be one owner?”

[Yes! But you can give commands for them to follow your chosen people with different levels of priority!]


Max nodded as he thought it was good enough. He then carefully checked the Awakened, but he seemed to be still unconscious. He must have overdone it by a little bit.

“How are we going to do this?”

[If you buy it, you can stick it to his chest! That’s it!]


Little Dou received a blank stare from Max. She knows the process of using the item was simple, but the item itself was simple.

The Slave Contract was just one of the simplest and weakest ones that the Store has. It can be considered as Max and Yu’er’s first experience with special physical items that were available at the Store.

[Do you want to buy one Slave Contract?]


Max made it sure with Yu’er for a moment that it was precisely the one they needed as he replied,




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