Chapter 101 – Stunning Beauty!


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Wish Card – Wish for any item, to make it available in the Store. The price will depend on what the item is. 500 Points

Slave Contract – Once used on a Target, the Target would unconditionally follow the commands of the Owner. The Loyalty of the Target to the Owner will be pushed to 100. The Owner has full control of the life and death of the Target. 2000 Points

The Target must be a Rank 1 Awakened.
The Target must have a lower level than the Owner.)


“That’s so weak!”

Max was not expecting that there were conditions for them to be able to use the Slave Contract. He thought that they were going to get a great deal. They can enslave every Awakened they could find and have a slave army under their commands.

They will be unstoppable, not needing to do the work on their own. But it seems that it wasn’t bound to happen with the Slave Contract having limited use.

[Uhm, at least it’s cheap?]


[That is the only Slave Contract available in the Store! You would have to make up an item from scratch if you want a better one, but it will be expensive! Enslaving powerful Awakeneds won’t be easy, you know!]


[You won’t be able to afford it! So the System decided to give you this! This is enough for your that Awakened you caught!]


“2000 Points for a Slave Contract? I guess that is acceptable.”

Max had a thoughtful expression. It indeed made sense that he only got this 2000 Points Slave Contract. If it were a bit more expensive, Max might regret wasting precious Points for it.

“What if this guy reaches Rank 2?”

[The Contract will be nullified!]


“Let’s put it on him. I want to check something.”

Yu’er told them from the side. She had this random thought and wanted to see if her guess might be right.

“How do I use this?”

[Stick it to his chest!]


Little Dou made an action to show Max how to do it, using one of her hands and pushed it in the middle of her flat chest repeatedly.

Max got closer to the Awakened and slowly placed the Slave Contract on his chest. The aged paper the size of a palm shined a dim light then blend into his chest as it disappeared.

The Slave Contract has two ways in which it can be used. The first one was for the Target to willingly put energy on the paper, then stick it to his chest. The second one was the Owner forcibly using it to a Target weaker than him as long as it is within the conditions.

This item can only be found from the Store. No Awakened would be able to have the same contract. Exemptions would be possible when Awakeneds can create one themselves from their skills.

However, the complexity of the Slave Contract will be beyond their understanding. They will not grasp how it’s made and how it specifically works. Only something like the System can do it effortlessly.

Little Dou’s words about the items that Awakeneds would call treasures would be trash in Max’s eyes was slowly coming true, and it will continue to be more evident in the coming future.

After it disappeared, Max shook the body of the Awakened lying on the ground. All they have to do was to wake him up and see how effective it is.

Little Dou and Yu’er were curiously watching from behind to see how it would go while also being cautious of the Awakened doing something unexpected.

Their eyes focused on the face of the Awakened as his eyes slightly twitch; he was starting to wake up. Max moved back to be safe, not knowing what would happen next.

The Awakened gave out a groan, knitting his brows. He was feeling the pain all over his face. For a second, his face turned blank then resumed to his usual expression.


The Awakened open his eyes as he checked his surroundings. No signs of hostility can be seen as he got up after removing the ropes around his body.

Yu’er and Little Dou watched as the Awakened stopped a distance away from Max as he spoke out his first words,


The Awakened exactly knew what he had to do as if he was born to do it. He would follow his master’s every order for the rest of his life.

Just like that, the Slave Contract did what it should, turning an enemy into an ally without any difficulty.

A smile made its way to Max’s face. It worked! The Awakened in front of him was now his slave, a slave that will follow his every command.

Max thought of testing him out to see how well he follow orders. An Awakened with a Shapeshifting Skill that he controls, it will be fantastic!

Before he was able to make his move, Yu’er requested Max to instruct the Awakened to listen to her command.


The Awakened greeted Yu’er as he faced her. The look on his eyes was not dead; it was bright. From his movements, no one would assume he was a slave.

Yu’er had one question to ask this Awakened. She wanted to know about it since she recalled that his skill was Shapeshifting.

“Is that your original body?”

Xue tilted his head, not getting what Yu’er was asking as he was a shapeshifter, and he had always been using his body. But he recalled his original appearance, realizing what Yu’er was asking.


“Can you change into your real body?”

“I should be able to, but I haven’t used that body for years now. Even I’m not sure how my real body looks now.”

Xue found it to be more convenient to use random bodies that she made up on the spot. It would increase the chances of his survival if he regularly changed his appearance.

Now, he was used to having different bodies, changing his body to what he thinks would fit the situation.

“It’s fine. Show us how you look.”

The Awakened nodded as he never thought about hiding anything from his masters. But what he changed back to made Yu’er, Max, and Little Dou froze.

Yu’er figured out that his body might not be his real one, but what she saw was too surprising. She was dumbfounded as she stared. She couldn’t believe it.

Little Dou was in the same position. Even when she doesn’t care much about it, she still had to look for a few moments to confirm what she was seeing was real.

Max had a different reaction. His initial surprised reaction changed into happiness with a hint of lust in his eyes as he went over the body of the Awakened.

Long black hair that freely flowed down her back and facial features that were exquisite with dark blue eyes that stared back at them, she had fair skin and a voluptuous body.

Her breasts threatened to burst out of the small shirt, and her curves were showcased from the tight pants.

Her body changed, but she was still wearing the clothes she had before transforming, giving them, especially Max, a glimpse of her alluring body.

She was absolutely breathtaking! A top beauty that will make men drool when they saw her.



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