Chapter 102 – Everything Clears Up


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The Awakened is a woman! That was something they weren’t expecting. Max was already contented, having a Shapeshifter Awakened as a slave.

However, seeing her, Max nodded with his eyes full of lust. This was better than having a Shapeshifter.

Having a Shapeshifter beauty would be the best thing Max could ask for. Max forced down the lascivious smile that he couldn’t contain.

Her name, Xue, would now make much more sense. Max initially thought she only had a feminine name, disregarding it as an indication of her being a woman as people can sometimes have weird names.

Xue only stood still, receiving the stares of Max, Yu’er, and Little Dou. Xue returned their stares, not knowing why they would keep looking at her so intently.

She can see all three of them, which included Little Dou. Now that she had 100 in her Loyalty Meter, Xue became the third person to see Little Dou.


“So you’re a woman? Why did you change into a man?”

After a few moments, Yu’er got back to herself. She didn’t hesitate to ask when another question popped up on her mind.

“I didn’t change into a man.”

“I change my face every time I take up a new job, and my previous face was something I made up.”

“My body was still the same. I only transformed some parts of my body for smoother movements.”

Xue was talking about her breasts and the shapely buns that showed off from her behind. Those excess weights will hold her down if she were to move with them.

Therefore, she ultimately decided to shapeshift her body into the ideal form she thought of when she had to hide, run, fight, or blend to regular people in public.

A small frame, average height, proportionate length of arms, and legs were only some of the modifications that she often uses.

Her long hair was also a bother, so she shortened it and adding her jet black attire, her entire outer appearance turned to look like a man.

Yu’er slowly nodded. It seemed that they were the ones who made a mistake. They instantly thought of her as a man by only looking at her outer appearance, not considering that she has the Shapeshifting Skill.

Max, from the side, noticed some changes from attentively staring at Xue. From what he saw in Xiao Ming’s room, Xue was more active, laughing and praising Xiao Ming.

He guessed that Xue must also be good at acting to fit her ever-changing exterior. What Max assumed was right. Xue had been using different forms for years whether it’s a man’s face or a woman’s, and what statuses they had, she could easily play them all to fit her goals.

[Hey, Max!]


Max felt soft breathing on his ear as Little Dou whispered at him. He got closer to hear her better, curious to know what Little Dou was going to say.

[If you have sex with her three times and get her to the Woman Conquered Section, even if she reaches Rank 2 and the contract nullifies, she would still have 100 in Loyalty! Only she would then be in the Women Conquered Section, not your slave anymore!]


Even when Little Dou spoke in her lowest audible voice, Yu’er was still able to hear her, standing beside Max.

Little Dou’s words were good news for them. Now it is possible for Xue to rank up! The limitation of Xue staying in Rank 1 to keep the Slave Contract was not a problem anymore.

Not only that, since Max could add her to the Women Conquered Section, he would surely do it. Max would not turn away the chance of upgrading her Shapeshifting Skill if there is a possible advancement.

While thinking about Xue’s skill, Max remembered his original purpose of bringing her back home.

“How did you find us?”

It wasn’t only Max, Little Dou and Yu’er also wanted to know how she was able to figure out it was them who stole the items when Max and Little Dou said that they made sure not to leave any hint of them being the thieves.

They didn’t even spare all the cameras in the spots where it might see them, shooting each one of them with one tiny streak of Purple Lightning, damaging the power on the inside, effectively disabling it.


“You stopped us on our way home, right? How did you know it was us?”

Xue’s face genuinely showed a confused expression, but when Max changed how he asked the question, her facial expression turned resolute as if deciding to tell them everything.

“I was asked by Boss Xiao to find the thieves who stole all their precious items. I don’t know who they are and where to find them. Even if I did find them, I think they will be too strong for me, so I tried to find a scapegoat. Then I saw you, so I thought…”

Xue looked down as if she was embarrassed by her actions. That was the best thing she could think of. She wanted to work for Xiao Ming as he pays a lot of money for simple guarding jobs.

If she didn’t find the thieves, she would be held responsible for all the disasters that happened. The only way for her to escape Xiao Ming’s wrath and keep her job was to find the thieves or one of them.

When she saw a man alone on a silent street in the middle of the night, she thought of taking him with her as a sacrifice. Xiao Ming would have no way to know whether he was one of the thieves or not anyway.

“I told you we didn’t leave any trace for her to know it was us who stole the items!”

What Xue expected never happened when Max turned from her to face Yu’er and Little Dou with his face beaming with pride. They successfully pulled it off without giving the slightest bit of information about themselves. Just like how he imagined Shadow Thieves should be.

“You’re the thief? As expected of the one who beat me instantly.”

Xue was slightly surprised hearing it straight from her master, then understood that someone who can beat her in a blink of an eye could undoubtedly steal that fast under everyone’s watch.

From the beginning, Xue didn’t show any signs of being guarded, with her relaxed body and peaceful mind. The person she was talking to was her master. She didn’t fear him for being too strong or being a thief.

Instead, Xue felt proud of being on the same side as Max, looking up to him as a mighty figure and her master.

Her ambition to be the wealthiest person in the world ended when she became a slave of Max at the same time, a whole new life opened up for her, and it will bigger than everything she knew all her life.

“Of course! I’m too strong for a thief! That’s exactly why they would never find out my identity!”

“Hey! I will join you next time. I want to do it too.”

An evil glint shone on Yu’er’s eyes. What Max did to Xiao Ming looked so much fun. Yu’er also wanted to do those things, stealing, getting people back, and the thrill of it energizes her.

Thus, the third Shadow Thief, after Max and Little Dou, was born. Certain people targeted will experience chills down their spines whenever they hear about them. The Shadow Thieves were now truly coming into existence.

“Next would be my Points.”



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