Chapter 128 – Return


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While the two were finishing their last set of preparations, Max, who was almost home, slowly moving on the other part of the city, was deep in his thoughts.

This was quite an eventful night, Max got to learn about a lot of things, and he was able to encounter a few people that were an Awakened the same as him.

However, alongside his success, Max was also left with many questions, questions that he instinctively felt to be important in their future.

The first two Awakeneds that Max encountered didn’t do anything unusual, and he can’t be bothered about them as the chances of them being engaged in a conflict were close to none.

But the last two people’s actions were definitely suspicious. Max was confident that the fat guy was an Awakened.

He spotted some clues that exposed him being an Awakened, the cube floating to his mouth and the cube disappearing from his Inventory.

The last person left would be his partner who was someone Max had no clue about. The guy didn’t make any moves, so Max has no way to prove if he is an Awakened.

The only reason that Max assumed he was an Awakened was that he doesn’t look like an assistant of the fat Awakened and from how they spoke, the fat guy never once showed disdain on him.

That only meant he had something on him that was enough to be respected by the fat Awakened.

He might not necessarily be an Awakened. But Max would rather believe he is than to make a mistake of assuming he is weak.

Recalling the missing cube, Max sighed. It was a pity that the glowing cube slipped away from his grasp. The item was too mysterious. Sadly, they disappeared before he could take it back.

Not only that, seeing everything that happened back at their base with his own eyes, Max questioned their purpose. Who are they and what are their plans? Will it affect or endanger them somehow? Should he do anything about it?

Shaking his head, he chose to think about it later when he gets home. Max was busy the entire night, not realizing that it was already this late.

As soon as he got home, Max immediately went to find Yu’er to tell her about the unbelievable events he had been through.

When he went inside their room, he saw Yu’er with Xue, happily smiling as they chatted with each other.

Max never asked Xue to join him on his trips since the day he made her his slave. Instead, Max asked her to stay with Yu’er.

Fully aware that he was currently a lot stronger than Yu’er and he would be fine being alone, Max left Xue with his sister for protection.

With Xue around Yu’er, Max would be less worried about her being a target of anyone with evil intentions.

They also got Xue the same phone as them for easier communication and to let her learn more about the world.

In the event that he wasn’t around and they get attacked, they could team up and help each other. Nevertheless, Max kept reminding them to notify him right away if that were to happen.

But with Yu’er asking Max to bring her with him when he goes out, saying she wanted to gain combat experience against other Awakeneds, Max could only promise to take her out sometimes.

By the looks of it, Max made a great decision, seeing them having fun around each other with bright smiles on their faces.

Every time she goes to school, Xue always change her appearance into a cute and harmless girl, winning the hearts of many students.

While not at the level of her original beauty, many guys still attempted to make a move on her. But seeing her and Yu’er being together, they all remove those thoughts.

As they got closer and closer, Xue also became more and more open to Max, constantly speaking with him with no reservations.

For him, she was like the closest friend of Yu’er, her assistant, and protector at the same time while also being someone who he could trust since she won’t ever betray them.

Xue and Yu’er immediately stopped what they were doing as soon as Max got in. It was late, and they had been wondering what happened to him, thinking he should have been back a few hours earlier.


Max laid down on the space below their feet, feeling extremely tired running around all over the place the entire night.

“I have a lot of news.”

Turning to them while he laid on the bed, Max began to open his mouth. He didn’t bother to hide it from Xue as she will always be on their side and it would be better if she were to know all of it.

Max started telling them about everything he saw. From the kidnapping done by the two Awakeneds to the glowing cube that disappeared from his Inventory.

Yu’er and Xue weren’t able to react fast enough to say something before Max continuously spoke. They could only listen to his words, digesting the unbelievable information they were hearing.

After talking about everything, Max watched their focused expressions, waiting for their next words.

The first one to speak was Yu’er. After a few minutes of contemplation, she seemed to have thought of something, slowly voicing out her words.

“Can you tell me more about the glowing cube? What it looks like, and what did you feel when you touched it?”

Max doesn’t know where she was going, but he still tried to recall more details about the glowing cube.

“The cube was about this size, and it looks like it’s made from an unknown material with a glass or a crystal feel when you touch it. It glows in a blue hue, not too bright, more like the moon if it’s blue and has the shape of a cube.”

Max opened one of his hands wide while curling his fingers in a grabbing manner as if holding on to something. That was the best explanation he could think of, only seeing the glowing cube twice.

When Yu’er heard his explanation, she went back deep in her thoughts, trying to recall something at the back of her mind.

Suddenly, her eyes shined as she remembered something, turning up to look at Max.

“I remember! A cube that’s glowing, right? I’m pretty sure our parents mentioned something like that before. I think it’s called a Skill Box. Ugh. That’s all I heard.”

Yu’er showed a regretful expression, before adding,

“They told me this a long time ago, but at that time, I didn’t listen to everything they said.”


“We had a discussion for a few hours about lots of things, mostly them telling stories. Most of it wasn’t interesting, but at the end of it, I became too bored to focus.”

“All I know is that if we’re talking about the same thing, it should be called a Skill Box and it’s useful? I heard the word Skill Box quite a few times from them like when they talked about someone wants a Skill Box or how they should find a Skill Box.”

“Skill Box? Looks like we need to find more information about it.”

Yu’er’s information wasn’t enough for them to determine what the glowing cube was and what it was for, but if it is certainly called a Skill Box, then they can try to search for in their phone.

“Found it.”



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