The Lust System: Chapter 132 (Unlocked)


Chapter 132 – Ambush


Compared to other cities, Skywater City is known to be the most peaceful one.

Chief Li worked tirelessly day by day to reach this point. Since he was designated to this position, he had shown excellent progress and outstanding results.

Every city has its problem to fix and difficulties to manage; however, under his leadership, they were able to achieve greater success.

The higher-ups recognized his accomplishments, giving him merits and commended him for doing a great job.

Now, all of that is on the line in this mission.

Evil Ghost Luo.

Chief Li read all the files they had about him. From the record, he is a sneaky and deadly individual.

Evil Ghost Luo is exceedingly prideful yet greatly values his life that he would choose to escape if he felt his life being threatened.

Moreover, he doesn’t care about anything. He would kill if it’s necessary and would not when he doesn’t need to, an extremely calculating person.

His skill is undetermined but was known to have the ability to occupy a living body by taking over their minds through a battle of wills, a mental attack.

At the same time, his ability can also suck out souls and consume it for nourishment. From multiple incidents, consuming souls have been found to strengthen him, a unique way to get stronger but not unheard of.

Sucking souls can also only be done to living people and is presumed to be incredibly risky. Evil Ghost Luo’s targets were mostly sick, dying people, and those who have mental issues, a form of soul attack.

When dealing with this individual, it is recommended to have multiple aids as the soul-sucking process is supposedly a long process that requires concentration and cancels out once interrupted.

Additionally, for safety, eye contact should be avoided. In every incident, victims showed the same unfocused eyes full of horrors.

Affiliation, none officially. Unofficially, Evil Ghost Luo was sighted to have met with some members of the Ghost Hall.

Ghost Hall is a notorious evil organization that works secretly out of anyone’s sight. It is rumored to be ruled by six ghost leaders with undetermined identities and abilities.

Only a few Awakeneds around the world were identified to be members of this group, and all of them have the similarity of having a Ghost-type Skill.

A hidden and evil organization, caution is a priority when dealing with this organization.

Evil Ghost Luo, when sighted, immediately notify the authorities, keep a distance away from him under any circumstances, especially when alone.

When he was done going over the information, Chief Li sat back on his seat, analyzing his abilities and contemplating ways to deal with him.

*knock knock*

The next moment, the door opened, and Jing Fei got in to notify him,

“Chief Li, they’re done with the final preparations. We’re ready to move.”


A middle-aged man with an easy-going expression was walking down the street while humming. His face had a satisfied smile as if he just had a sumptuous meal.

Suddenly, as he passed through a large tree by the sidewalk, a white mist rained down from the branches and surrounded him.

Before he was able to react, the mist ignited, burning his skin through his clothes.

“Got him. Proceed as planned.”

Chief Li and Jing Fei were on top of a building watching the scene unfold. The man screamed in pain as he rolled around the ground in an effort to extinguish the fire.

Flammable Mist, the skill of an Awakened under his command, he could release a white mist that can be ignited whenever he wants.

The only downside was he couldn’t control where the mist goes, and it can easily be made ineffective when his opponent was prepared for it.

This time, to ensure that he would hit his target, he released everything he had to surround the man’s body, exhausting his energy in exchange.

When he succeeded, his work was done. Proceeding as they planned, he jumped down to head towards their gathering place to recuperate his lost energy.

“Everyone stay alert. Watch his movements.”

“Second Group, take him down.”

On Chief Li’s command, a group of people in black attire who were armed with guns came out of the surrounding areas.

All of them got ready for this exact moment. They arrived a few minutes earlier to prepare an ambush.

As to how they were able to locate him, it was quite easy. When they found the dead body that Evil Ghost Luo discarded, they only have to find the last person he ran into with his previous vessel.

Everything went smoothly after that. They quickly traced his movements and made the necessary plans to deal with him.

Taking the chance while he’s down, the second group fired continuous shots at the man. Each shot was like mini balls of fire that explodes whenever it hit him.

The weapon they were holding wasn’t an ordinary gun. It is a Magic Gun. By combining current technologies and the effects of various skills, they were able to create this weapon.

Comparing the power, the Magic Gun wasn’t as damaging as real guns. The sole reason Chief Li decided to use this weapon was that they were against a ghost.

Physical Attacks aren’t effective against ghosts. Even if his body were to disintegrate, his real form would still be unharmed.

To be successful in defeating Evil Ghost Luo, Chief Li had to eliminate his ghost body using Elemental Skills.

However, as this emergency mission caught every one of them unprepared, only a small number of Awakeneds with the necessary skills were gathered.

So Chief Li had to use everything they have, including these Magic Guns. Although these weapons were not too effective against his current body, once it hits him in his original ghost form, it would inflict serious damage.

When they all thought it was going to be over, ending with his body burning and forcing him out, one person suddenly fell on the ground motionless.

Simultaneously, Evil Ghost Luo also disappeared on his spot; only the charred ground was left.

It seems that Evil Ghost Luo had enough and decided to retaliate. With every groan, one person fell with necks bent the wrong way.

It was happening so fast that most of them, as ordinary people, failed to pinpoint even a hint of his location.

Some fired shots on the direction of the groans, hoping that they would somehow be able to hit him. Others huddled together, sharply watching their surroundings.

But no matter how good and how useful their weapon was, if they couldn’t find their target, they can only be a prey for the predator.

The night felt unusually chilly for them. A sinking feeling rushed through their bones as if they were the ones being hunted.

At the building, Chief Li and Jing Fei watched with solemn expressions. What happened already happened, they could only try to finish what they started.

Chief Li focused on the situation as he gave out commands,

“Third Group, use your skills to destroy his body. Force him to come out.”

“Fourth Group, when his ghost form emerged, start attacking him.”

“Fifth Group, surround the area, don’t let him escape.”




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