The Lust System: Chapter 133 (Unlocked)


Chapter 133 – Evil Ghost Luo


Evil Ghost Luo with a pale face with no expression stood motionlessly. Surrounding him was a horrible sight of bodies littered everywhere.

He easily defeated all of them without even trying, only using his speed to attack them from behind while hiding in the dark.

All of them went down one after another, helpless against his onslaught. It was a complete one-sided slaughter.

In a matter of minutes, no one was left alive except the person beside him that he was grabbing on his neck.

The guy had a pair of dead, listless eyes. He saw the whole thing and have long given up hope.

They were against a monster. When Evil Ghost Luo looked down and saw the guy’s hopeless expression, a slight smirk appeared on his face as his body fell lifelessly.

At that instant, a faint light went out of his body and shot rapidly towards the vulnerable, defenseless guy.

As soon as the light blended inside him, his previous helpless face froze then it slowly turned blank.

Only after a few seconds did his facial expression went back to normal, but it didn’t stop there, and he instead gave out a creepy smile.

“This is too easy. He didn’t even fight back.”

“This body is mine now. I hope you enjoy your eternal slumber.”

“Ahh, what a good feeling. A new vessel.”

With a smile on his face, Evil Ghost Luo, on his new body inhaled the cold air as leaves flew along with the nightly breeze.

Taking over a new body was one of the most satisfying feelings he enjoys, only second to consuming souls.

When Evil Ghost Luo saw his previous body lying on the ground with severe burns all over, his face twisted in rage.

Once he took over a body, it could be said that they are linked as one so everything the body experience gets fully transmitted to him.

“Who was the one who dared to burn me!? If I get my hands on you, I will burn your soul!”

Being burned alive was too painful that Evil Ghost Luo had to move to another body as he couldn’t bear with the stinging pain anymore.

In his entire life, Evil Ghost Luo had never felt humiliated like this. He had to roll on the ground like a dog while screaming in pain.

That explained why he was boiling with anger and fury. Someone as prideful as him wouldn’t accept this kind of treatment. For him, it was unforgivable.

At this time, Evil Ghost Luo heard people approaching his location. Not long after, he could see already see their shadows.

“Another group running to their deaths? Fine, I’ll start with you then.”

Evil Ghost Luo moved towards the nearest person to give him a swift blow. However, before he reached the person’s neck, planning to end his life in one stroke, the man turned his head to the side, dodging him by an inch.


Evil Ghost Luo instantly jumped a distance away from the man when he noticed the others slowly surrounding him and to stare at them with eyes full of curiosity.


It was like he found his new toy. His eyes shined as he observed their movements.

If an ordinary person were on the man’s position, he would’ve died with only one of his blows. Since the man was able to see his moves and successfully dodge it, there could only be one explanation for that.

“Government forces in this city, huh? Pesky bunch. I will definitely pay them a visit once I’m done with this.”

But remembering the humiliation he received a while ago, his eyes narrowed and stretched his newly occupied body.

“If you want to play, then let’s play.”

Under their Chief’s command, the Awakeneds looked at each other while giving out signals that only they could understand.

After a few moments, they all attacked Evil Ghost Luo at the same time on different fronts. Various lights shined from their arms and legs indicated their use of skills.

These Awakeneds were those who didn’t have Elemental Skills and were tasked to destroy his body.

They only need to land one powerful blow on him to succeed since it was only a borrowed body from an ordinary person.

Evil Ghost Luo readied himself to respond to their attacks. He felt no pressure at all, as there weren’t a lot of them, only a total of five.

From their movements, he determined that they aren’t skilled enough to win against him. Also, Evil Ghost Luo had already reached the peak of Rank 1 and was closing to a breakthrough.

That was also the reason why he had to move to another city. He couldn’t do a lot of things in his previous location since there were eyes on him wherever he goes.

And once they found out about his approaching breakthrough, they would surely attempt to end his life. He would be an idiot if he were to fall for their schemes.

When their empowered fists and kicks reached him, Evil Ghost Luo skillfully evaded them. He took advantage of their dark surroundings to hit them from their blind spots.

Chief Li, along with Jing Fei, watched their battle from their position on top of a building. Chief Li was confident that his people would succeed.

The other groups were already on their positions, only waiting for the second group to force his ghost form out.

All of them were intently watching the proceedings below, each with a task to accomplish.

Evil Ghost Luo was enjoying this. This was what it meant to be strong. He could have ended this fight in a matter of seconds if he could take them on one by one.

The Awakeneds that were attacking him had weak skills when compared to him. He had been feeding on souls for months, and his power already reached right at the barrier of Rank 2.

From their strengths, Evil Ghost Luo figured out that these people were only Rank 1 Early to Late Phase Awakeneds. He should not be able to easily win against them while they were ganging up on him like this.

However, since their skills were useless when they couldn’t touch him, he could manage to slowly tire them out, though their coordination made it hard for him to end it sooner.

There was the option of killing them one after the other to reduce their numbers. But knowing his breakthrough was near, he didn’t want to let go of the chance to consume their souls.

They were Awakeneds, and an Awakened’s soul ought to be more valuable than the low-quality souls he was used to from ordinary people.

Evil Ghost Luo could only consume souls from living beings; that was why he didn’t want to kill them.

There were two things he had to consider before attempting to suck out someone’s soul.

First was he needs in his ghost form to be able to pull out their soul, and the second, he would need a long time to suck a soul out.

With all of these people bothering him, it will be impossible unless he defeats all of them first before proceeding to enjoy his meal.



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