The Lust System: Chapter 135 (Unlocked)


Chapter 135 – Frightening Pressure from the Sky


“Chief Li, should we send another group?”

Jing Fei beside him, asked. Even a fool would see that this guy named Evil Ghost Luo wasn’t taking their people seriously.

Each blow he did was never fatal and only meant to give them some internal damage. Still, if this continued any longer, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them were to suddenly drop down dead.

Though the fact that Evil Ghost Luo was holding back wasn’t too bad since they can stall enough time for the reinforcements to arrive.

By then, with some strong Awakeneds arriving, they will be able to defeat Evil Ghost Luo with ease and put an end to this mission.

Their only concern was whether Evil Ghost Luo would quickly kill them to escape once he felt that something isn’t right using his keen sense of danger and his long experience of being attacked by their forces.

However, unbeknownst to them, all this time, Evil Ghost Luo knew about the reinforcements on their way to his location. This should be expected, clearly knowing who he was fighting against.

Evil Ghost Luo had been estimating how much time he had left before he would be surrounded and expected that even if he stays for an hour, those reinforcements still won’t reach him.

That didn’t mean he would slow down and intentionally wait for them before escaping. He doesn’t want to die.

Chief Li and Jing Fei watched as Evil Ghost Luo, without warning, went on the offense, dealing blow after blow on their people.

Evil Ghost Luo seemed to have a sudden change of mind, emitting a deadly aura that turned him into an unstoppable monster moving at a breakneck speed in the dark street littered with falling debris from the broken walls.

He was like a mass of shadow with each of his appearance came a blow to everyone his way.

No one could stop him. The Awakeneds that were previously teaming up against him finally realized how strong the guy they were trying to contain.

They could only stick close to each other to defend against his never-ending attacks. With his every blow, a cry would come out from one of them.

It was too much for them to bear. Some of them could already feel their consciousness fade from the blows they sustained in their heads.

Inevitably, what was bound to happen, happened. Soon, one of them fell when strength left his body as blood flowed out of his mouth after being hit by one devastating palm on his front.

Evil Ghost Luo would never use a killing blow, but with their internal injuries and weakening body, it’s only a matter of time before one of them dies.

Chief Li frowned. These Awakeneds were their allies who had been cooperating and working with them. They were their valuable assets. If they could do something to save them, they would not hesitate to do it.

If another group were to attack this early, their chances of success would be lowered by a margin.

On the other hand, if they didn’t send another group, the risk of those people dying will get higher, especially the one laid on the ground that was being left to die.

Finally making up his decision, Chief Li took a deep breath and gave out a command.

Evil Ghost Luo moved to different areas as he dodged the final assaults of the Awakeneds. They were risking it all, knowing that it’s either they would win or they would die.

Evil Ghost Luo swiftly dodge their attacks that seemed to almost hit him every time. They moved in sync with each other while paying attention to their positions.

Surrounding Evil Ghost Luo while bombarding him with attacks, they successfully pressured him to stop his aggressive stance.

Despite that, a sneaky smile never faded from Evil Ghost Luo’s face. He had guessed their intentions, but he would never give them any chance.

After stepping back, he suddenly changed his direction, kicking the grass-covered ground, sending out a palm filled with force.

With his sudden, unpredictable movement and some desperate, vulnerable Awakeneds, Evil Ghost Luo naturally found success.


His palm stuck one of the Awakened’s chest, pushing him back before kneeling on one of his knees, clutching his chest with a trail of blood sliding down his lips.

Seeing this, Evil Ghost Luo arrogantly smirked. Two were down, and the remaining three wouldn’t hold out any longer. Soon, no one would stop him from bringing these people to a safe location to feast on their souls.


Without warning, Evil Ghost Luo cried out as he grimaced in pain. A sinister expression overcame his face. He turned around to see who was the hindrance that sneaked attacked him.

Though that wasn’t the only reason, feeling the burn on his back, this couldn’t feel more familiar. An Elemental Attack!

This was what Evil Ghost Luo hated the most since this is was his only weakness and it deals amplified damage to his ghost form, a threat to his life.

His eyes turned serious. He had to be cautious around these people who know how to deal with him.

At the same time, fury once again emanated from him. These people who dared to burn him were too bold to come back.

“If you came back then why don’t you stay here.”

Terrifyingly powerful energy flowed out of him, forcing down the remaining three Awakeneds who were already powerless from their previous clash.

When the three Awakeneds saw their allies arrive, their drained eyes became full of life as they silently crawled over to their two fallen comrades and slowly pulled them away moved to a safe distance, away from Evil Ghost Luo where they would receive assistance.

They already did everything they could. It was only up to the others to finish it.

At this time, Evil Ghost Luo was full of rage, intent on getting his revenge. He was aware that his prey was slipping away behind him, but he couldn’t do anything since a few Awakeneds arrive to keep him company.

This further enraged him. Everything that he did, only for his prey to escape in the end.

Not waiting any longer, Evil Ghost Luo who was emitting an intense pressure, showcasing his power, dashed directly to one of the Awakeneds that were making their way to him.

Evil Ghost Luo didn’t hold back this time. He dealt blows to the first person he saw, easily overpowering him, unknown whether the person was still alive.

Soon after, cries of pain and horror rang out the area with an enraged Evil Ghost Luo dominating the second group of assailants.

He was just too strong for them. Only a Rank 2 Awakened would be able to stop him.

Chief Li watched his one-sided battle as he thought about what to do next. If he were aware that Evil Ghost Luo was this strong, he would not have sent his second group out.

With no ideas coming to his head, Chief Li almost pulled out his hair in exasperation. It was then, Jing Fei beside him, who was looking up, pulled the edge of his clothes.

“What is it?”

Jing Fei didn’t respond and only pointed up towards the faraway skies. When Chief Li looked at where Jing Fei was pointing to, his eyes glimmered in delight.

Evil Ghost Luo who was rampaging, wreaking havoc all over the place, abruptly paused and looked up towards a certain distance.

A frightening pressure was rapidly making its way to his direction. His body couldn’t help but shiver at this individual who was several times stronger than him.

He only had one thought at this time,





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