The Lust System: Chapter 136 (Unlocked)


Chapter 136 – Chase


Evil Ghost Luo who once acted domineering, not putting anyone in his eyes suddenly had a change of mind.

He forgot about his fury and the souls he initially wanted to consume. The only thing on his mind right now was to run as far away as he can from this place.

A terrifying presence was coming closer to his location. This person seemed to be explicitly going for him, and since he was already heavily outnumbered, he doesn’t plan on further being disadvantaged.

If this mighty figure managed to reach him, his life would surely be in danger. Evil Ghost Luo wasn’t confident in escaping from this individual.

From the pressure, Evil Ghost Luo could feel a hint of the person’s strength. He realized that he would not stand a chance against this person.

However, what scared Evil Ghost Luo the most was he couldn’t determine exactly how powerful this person is.

It could be from an item merely masking his energy, or this person’s strength was simply beyond his comprehension.

In any case, Evil Ghost Luo wasn’t going to let this person claim his life. Different people throughout his lifetime schemed to put an end on him, and so far, he had been successful in safeguarding his life. This night wouldn’t be any different.

While everyone was still clueless about the change of situation, Evil Ghost Luo turned back to dash towards the nearest establishments with people in it.

Only after Evil Ghost Luo disappeared from their sight did the fallen Awakeneds felt something wasn’t right.

Where did the monster go? They were helpless against his assaults that they were regretting accepting this mission.

Now, Evil Ghost Luo disappeared without any reason. Surely he doesn’t have the hobby of giving them hope only to take it back right?

While they were cautiously peeking at their surroundings for any signs of his shadow, they heard Chief Li’s voice from their communication devices,

“Everything is fine now. Our reinforcements arrived, and Evil Ghost Luo is trying to escape.”

Chief Li didn’t give them a command to chase since they won’t be able to reach him with their current speed.

Things like this should be left to stronger individuals. Chief Li hoped that with this incident, the higher-ups would allocate Rank 2 Awakeneds to protect their city.

The problems they faced until now in this city were only composed of Rank 1 Awakeneds. Rank 2 Awakeneds were not too common to be seen everywhere.

Usually, those people don’t make it hard for them and only minded their own businesses, not having any plans to disrupt the public order.

Evil Ghost Luo was closing in on the occupied buildings in the city. The authorities could only block a limited area before they would inconvenience others.

Once Evil Ghost Luo went past that barrier, he would be back to civilization. At that time, the terrifying figure won’t be able to chase him any longer.

His ghost form was almost unbeatable when it comes to hiding around the busy city. He could pass through walls like a fish in the water.

His appearance wasn’t noticeable either, only appearing as a faint version of his original appearance.

Suddenly, Evil Ghost Luo felt an overwhelming pressure weighing down on him. As a result, his body became heavier, effectively slowing him.

Fear flooded his senses as he forced himself to move faster. This person was indeed too strong, being able to send such overwhelming pressure on him.

However, by pressuring him, Evil Ghost Luo figured that the person should still be far away from him and was only trying to slow him down.

Though there were some doubts in his mind about why was the guy so slow if he was powerful, but this wasn’t the right time to think about it.

While slowly, Evil Ghost Luo could feel the person quickly catching up to him. Instead of a full-on clash between two powerful Awakeneds, it had become a chase, with one escaping for his life.

Evil Ghost Luo could see from a distance the bright buildings that were going to be his safe zone, almost close to his reach.

This pushed him further, even with the pressure on him, Evil Ghost Luo showed his experience in escaping, intent on dodging another attempt to his life.

Evil Ghost Luo knows more than anyone that his skill had an incredible potential once he used it to its full capability.

He didn’t want to waste everything he accomplished until now. His maximum potential has yet to be achieved. There’s still a lot of room for growth waiting for him, so he had to survive.

With all this thought, Evil Ghost Luo focused solely on that one structure in his sight that was getting closer and closer.

His face gave out a smile as he reached the vicinity of the building. Finally, he was safe. Evil Ghost Luo laughed at their foolishness, doing all that only to fail in the end.

Suddenly, a strong sense of danger overcame him. Instantly reacting, Evil Ghost Luo dived towards the nearby wall.

The same time his body touched the wall, a massive green ball of fire shot down from the sky hitting him before exploding to its surroundings, he was completely enveloped by the violent green flame, burning every part of his body.

The whole place was lit up with a bright green flame that never stopped burning. The flame strangely didn’t spread to its surroundings and only stayed in a specific area.

It was like a scene from hell. Soon after, footsteps can be heard making their way to the location of the body.

The violent green flames never seemed to affect them as they walked through it, treading slowly towards the now dead body.

A moment of silence can be heard before one of them spoke,

“He got away.”

Right after leaving those words, he turned away, making his way back to report about the unfortunate news. The second person then silently followed behind him.

On an apartment complex, a man who was wearing a uniform was making his way up the stairs while holding several bags containing some food and necessities from the local convenience store.

He was a typical ordinary person who was living a humble life, working hard every day for a decent amount of wage.

Getting inside his home, the man left the bags on the table and sat on the sofa.

Uncharacteristically, a dark expression showed on his face. He seemed to be annoyed as he spoke,

“I almost died there.”

“That was close. If I weren’t able to react fast enough, I, Evil Ghost Luo would be gone from this world.”

After getting far away from the location, Evil Ghost Luo went to search for another vessel to use since he had to leave the last one.

He chanced upon a man coming out of a store, going on his way home. Now that he couldn’t afford to wait for an optimum vessel, Evil Ghost Luo trailed after him and made his move on a small alley that led towards his apartment.

“It seems that I have to lay low for now while I recover from my injuries.”

Evil Ghost Luo grimaced in the pain that he was feeling. He didn’t get away unscathed. When he shot out of his previous body, the green flame slightly grazed him.

His ghost form suffered severe injuries with only a graze. He could only imagine what would happen if the scary flame directly touched him.

Reaching around his pockets, he found an ID from where his current vessel was working hat. Apparently, he was a security guard from one of the schools in this area.

“Fifth High?”

“Looks like I’ll have to play along for now.”




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