The Lust System: Chapter 138 (Unlocked)


Chapter 138 – Outside the City


Max looked at the security guard that was extremely apologetic in front of him. This was extremely peculiar in many ways.

Through the years he’s been in this school, the security personnel usually maintain a strictly professional attitude. This was the first time Max had seen something like this happen.

However, that wasn’t the main reason. Something from the way the person was looking at him was different.

For a split second, Max felt a strange aura coming from him. As he didn’t want to keep standing there, Max left a few words before continuing on his way,

“It’s fine.”

The security guard walked back to his station without showing anything on his face as if nothing happened.

Once he got into his room, a delightful smile slowly crept up to his face.

“What an extraordinary soul. Unbelievable. All my life, I’ve never seen anything like it. Compared to normal souls, his soul was an interesting one. It was like the moon among the countless stars in the sky.”

“How can someone have such a dazzling soul?”

The security guard, who was Evil Ghost Luo in disguise had eyes full of greed and desire. He couldn’t help but imagine how delicious would it be if he were to take it for himself.

“I must have it.”

“If I were to consume that, then I would definitely heal my injuries and finally be free from this agonizing pain.”

As he said that, he could feel his ghost form burn in pain as if he was surrounded by flames all over which amplified the sensation tormenting him.

His eyes burned in anger, recalling what happened last night. Apart from wasting his time and energy in fighting, he also ended up suffering from that mysterious fire.

Then Evil Ghost Luo once again remembered the soul of that student a while ago that he could instinctively sense by being a ghost.

“Not only that, I have this feeling that it should also be enough for my breakthrough.”

Evil Ghost Luo yearned for that day when he would reach Rank 2 and get his second skill, anticipating how strong he would be by the. He looked forward to the day when he would return all the grievances he received from everyone.

On the other hand, the cautious side of him didn’t want to do it as he was still seriously injured, and a lot of complications could happen.

After a long series of contemplation, Evil Ghost Luo decided to wait it out and see how it goes first. Fixing his uniform, he went out to continue his duties as a school security guard.

“Did you see how that guy looked at me? Don’t you think there’s something strange going on with him?”

When he got inside the school building, on his way up, Max asked Little Dou in a low voice. His eyes were full of suspicion, feeling like there was something about that guy or it could be just him seeing things.

[Maybe he’s sick?]


Little Dou looked down in deep thought as she responded, seemingly uncertain about it. She doesn’t have any opinion about the person.

Max wondered whether he was only dreaming. He could have sworn his eyes weren’t lying and saw the guy looked at him as if he was staring at an ant for a split second there.

Instinctively, he used his Status Checker on him, but it showed nothing. It could be he was only an ordinary person, or he could also be someone who was hiding his identity.

Ever since Max confirmed the fact about the accessories that block Identifying Skills, he wasn’t reliant on the skill anymore.

It might work on some Awakeneds; however, it won’t be effective against everyone anymore. Max most likely had to upgrade it or find a new way to identify them entirely, whichever would be cheaper.

Some doubts still lingered, but he chose to put it at the back of his mind. As far as he was aware, these things aren’t his concern, and he shouldn’t be too worried over every little thing.

“Nevermind. We probably won’t meet him again.”

“Speaking of which, last night, Yu’er told me to meet her at the location she would send me later. Do you know what’s this about?”

[Hehe! I know some things about that! But I’m not telling you! It’s a surprise!]


The bell rung as soon as he entered his class. Going to school has been boring these past few days.

Max felt like he was doing it for nothing. He had no one to speak with, and everything was pointless.

These days, Layla and Lydia haven’t been in school. Apparently, they were attending their annual swimming competition.

Max didn’t know that much about it, but they went somewhere far away. The whole event would last for a few days.

Including them, there were also a lot of athletes who went away to this biggest interschool sports event. If Yu’er didn’t quit from the sports team, she would’ve been gone too.

Now the entire school felt bland without all those people. A few days ago, Max heard some news that Xiao Ming hasn’t been going to school.

He wondered whether Xiao Ming was held responsible and punished by the chaos he made at the hotel.

Thinking of his, a crafty smile found its way to his face. That’s good news for him if that is what happened.

Since he still has a lot of time in school, Max began to daydream once more. The class went on without anyone bothering him as the teachers never called him out since he had consistently high scores in all subjects.

Obviously, it was only him cheating on every exam. The first time, Max used his Time Stop to cheat, but then he thought it was quite wasteful for him to use that skill for some useless exam.

So after spending some time finding a way to solve his problem, Max remembered that there was someone close to him who could help him.

It was Little Dou! No one could see her, and Max was the only one in this room who could hear her speak. When Max asked for her help, Little Dou naturally accepted.

Little Dou thought this was also a form of helping Max with his problems. Since then, she happily assisted him in his exams while flying around the room to look for the best answers.

Max continuously showered her with praises, telling Little Dou how amazing she was and rewarding her with her favorite candies and ice cream, which made her ecstatic. It was a good trade for both sides.

After school, just as Max got out of his room, Yu’er did send an address through his phone. To his surprise, the location she sent was outside the city.

Little Dou looked as if she had expected it, cheerily laughing as she stayed on his head, leaving Max guessing on his own.

It doesn’t matter. He will soon find what all this is about anyway.

After more than an hour, Max finally reached his destination. It was his first time going here, and he couldn’t help but admire the landscape.

This place was a well-known area for its white-sand beaches. With only a one hour drive out of the city and the picturesque scenery of blue skies, crystal clear water, and modern villas and resorts, this had become a popular destination for tourists and city people for leisure and relaxation.

Now, Max only needed to find where Yu’er is to learn why she wanted to meet here.




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