The Lust System: Chapter 140 (Unlocked)


Chapter 140 – Motive


When both of them came out of the room, having finished what they had been doing, Yu’er peered at them alternately with a look of understanding on her face.

From her expression, it seemed that she had expected it to happen. Max returned her gaze with a face full of satisfaction, unreservedly affirming the matter that occurred back at the room.

He made his way towards Yu’er, with no thoughts of hiding what just happened. Their bond was unshakable, and no one could ever make any dent to it.

Maybe this was part of Yu’er’s plan all along. These days, they had been doing a lot more things to speed up earning the necessary amount of Points they required.

Each time, it was an enjoyable experience, not failing to always leave them satisfied. Xue excused herself to prepare some food for the three of them as it was late at night.

Max sat beside Yu’er before checking the number of Points he earned and confirmed another 400 Points had been added just like that.

Yu’er who also saw it, slightly smiled as she asked,

“How was it?”

“It was good! Were you the one who asked her to do that?”

Max turned to Yu’er with a curious expression. No matter how he thought about it, Max could not imagine Xue taking the initiative on her own.

When hanging out around Yu’er, Xue would become a lively lady full of energy. She would not hold herself back from anything.

However, once she was with Max, she would have a meek personality, formally doing her duties to support him in every way she could, facilitating his needs like a dedicated assistant.

That was only when they were alone. When they were out in public, Xue would be back to her energetic self. This would be the only time when she would address him with his real name.

If it were only the two of them, Xue would always call him Master, only outside would she use his name.

Max had been requesting Xue to stop addressing him as Master. It was only after repeated insistence that she changed the way she calls him.

Though only in public, Max was pleased with how things proceeded. If not, he would have to deal with being called Master by a beautiful lady wherever he goes.

Imagining how the expressions of the people around him would be when they were to hear it, Max could already feel his face burn in embarrassment.

“No, not at all. It was all her doing. I didn’t ask her for anything. She knows what the System is about and how it works. I told her about it one time a long time ago.”

“If not, because she was a slave, she would also be in the Women Conquered Section. So it wasn’t that surprising that she would decide to do this.”

“Maybe she had the same idea as you. To find the ideal moment.”

That was true. Max had been waiting for the right moment to make a move on Xue. He knew he had to do something one of these days, being that her skill would not only have a lot of use, there was also no point of not having it for himself.

There had been instances where he could do it and be done with it, but he was greedy and preferred if Xue would be the one who would initiate, so he tried to play the waiting game.

And surprisingly, it worked out. Having someone to give him a mindblowing service right after a bath was better than barging into her room and asking her to help him with his problem.

“Oh right, why did you suddenly think of staying in this villa for the weekend? Do you have plans for us to train?”

Max blurted out what was on his mind. He was wondering whether Yu’er wanted to do some training or whether she had something else planned for them.

From Little Dou’s words, they still have some room to grow in using their skills. As long as they experiment with various techniques in utilizing their skills, the output might show some improvements.

Like with Lydia’s Purple Lightning, Max discovered that it gets stronger on specific environmental conditions.

When heavy rains pour and lightning strikes show up, his Purple Lightning would have a significantly stronger output compared to using it on a clear day.

The changes were minimal and negligible, but it was a piece of information they would rather be aware of.

“We have plenty of time. We can do some training and also do other things, but that’s not the reason why we’re staying here.”

“Well, I have been eyeing this property for a while now and thought of purchasing it so no one would take it away from us.”

“It’s the ideal place for us to do some activities that we don’t want anyone to see. We only have to set up some security measures against Awakeneds in case they get curious.”

“Back in our house in the city, we’re surrounded by many people. Here, the vast mountainous regions around us are all our land, including the wide beach. I’d say this would be a great base even if it cost us a hefty amount.”

“That’s the first and the second one was related to what happened last night.”

Max tried to recall what last night’s incident was about. He seemed to recall reading about it this morning.

A large group of police was stationed around an area in the city last night, prohibiting anyone from going in the perimeter of the forbidden zone.

Rumors online from Awakeneds that there was a huge battle going on inside, and they were executing the necessary procedure to contain it as that’s how they usually prevent the public from being aware of something happening.

From the civilian side, rumors floated about aliens beings in their spacecraft crashing on the site, and the authorities were attempting to hide it away. Some said it was a bomb threat, which was why the police reacted that seriously.

Max could only praise their imaginations. Their limited minds would never guess that it was a bunch of superpowered individuals having a go at each other.

“You mean the Awakeneds who battled last night? If only I were notified about it, I would’ve sprinted towards their location to see it for myself.”

Max sat back and thought it was a pity. It would have been an excellent opportunity for him to witness who they were. Maybe he could even profit from their battle. Who knows they might be fighting for a supreme treasure.




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