The Lust System: Chapter 151 (Unlocked)


Chapter 151 – The True Form Emerges 


Running. That was the only thing on Max’s mind.

Both of them seemed like they were fooling around; however, Max was certainly not; he was only running for his life. It was quite a shameful sight if other people were to see it, but he never once thought about it.

There is no shame about not wanting to receive a blow from this uncontrollable ghost. This guy was like a lunatic.

This man looked at him as if he was the most valuable treasure in the world and would do everything to get a hold of him.

Max had to evade against all the aggressive attacks he was dealing which don’t seem to have any reasons behind it.

On one corner, Little Dou, who had been intently watching them, couldn’t understand how did it suddenly go like this.

She was not worried about Max since she knew more than anyone that his body is quite sturdy. It could take a few direct hits from the ghost before it would be dangerous for him.

Though she can’t speak about how much that would hurt for Max. Right now, she was only enjoying the sight of them running around.

From her observations, their strengths were quite close to each other; both were at the peak of Rank 1.

One disparity from what she could see was Max didn’t have much battle experience, and the ghost looked to be extremely skilled in combat.

Even though the ghost was rampaging around, his attacks were skillful, disregarding the fact that he seemed to not care about himself.

However, in Max’s own way, he was managing quite nicely. Fortunately, the ghost was purely using his arms to attack.

And Little Dou was aware that Max was still holding back a lot of his capabilities and planned to use it all on the ghost’s real body instead of his stolen body.

If Max truly felt threatened, he could easily activate his Time Stop to get out of the dangerous situation and finish the battle straight away.

Preferably, if he had a choice, Max would rather not use his remaining Time Stop since it was one of his life-saving ability and there is only one remaining use left.

His other skills were saved for this ghost’s original form since he was aware that those could be his only way to defeat it so Max can only rely on his dagger to finish this man off.

What he didn’t know was his opponent, Evil Ghost Luo, was also holding back. This could not be said to be his true fighting strength.

His real power comes from the gloomy aura of his actual body, which could give everyone in his surroundings various kinds of dark emotions.

If anyone had a weak mental resistance such as ordinary people, they would lose their minds.

While Evil Ghost Luo could do that, he didn’t want to risk it because he wasn’t confident whether it would be effective against this Awakened, and also, he wanted to protect his life.

This body he was occupying has multiple uses for him. Not only it can be used to attack others which his original form couldn’t do, but it can also act as a form of armor.

A disposable body is one extra life that can save him from death. He would be a fool not to make use of this advantage.

After running and dodging away for quite some time, Max wondered if he could do something about this situation.

He noticed that this man seemed to be willing to sacrifice his body to get him. It was not a worthy trade, and the only thing he could do was to dodge his assault.

Max had to think of a way to deal with him. Surely there has to be something he could do.

Ultimately, even a Peak Phase Awakened like them will be exhausted. After a while, Max could sense that the man was slowing down.

Since Max wasn’t the one on the offense and was only focusing on dodging his blows, he was still fine, unlike the man who was already struggling to keep up with his speed.

Initially, the man was faster than him, but since he was also fiercely attacking, they were about the same.

Now, with him slowing down, Max became slightly more agile in his movements, and it was enough to change the pace of their battle.

With a burst of power, Max evaded his palm attack before swiftly slashing his dagger towards his neck.

His attack was too fast that ordinary eyes would not be able to see it. However, Evil Ghost Luo was not an average person.

Seeing the unexpected counterattack, he hurriedly jumped away, but since it was too sudden, he was a little late, causing the dagger to graze him, giving him a long gash on his chest.


Evil Ghost Luo winced in the agonizing pain he was not expecting. The intense pain adding up with the pain from his previous injuries made him freeze for a second.

Max’s attack was filled with power that his ordinary body couldn’t defend against it.

Evil Ghost Luo can use his body for attacking using his energy to strengthen it. However, his energy has no defensive capabilities.

That also goes with his ghost form. It can only attack and evade, that was the cost of his powerful skill.

Evil Ghost Luo was inwardly shocked about this progression. How was this possible? He was being beaten in speed, something he prided himself in.

Not that his target was faster than him, it was only them almost having the same speed which he couldn’t believe.

But something more surprising followed, he got hit. This was something he never thought about before coming here.

Evil Ghost Luo was starting to feel pressured from the unpredictability of this Awakened before him.

At the same time, the feeling of danger was getting stronger and stronger.

With conflicting emotions, Evil Ghost Luo made a quick decision to end the battle this instant and escape if he couldn’t.

Nothing was more important than his life, and he wouldn’t risk losing everything for a chance to achieve a breakthrough.

As long as he is alive, he could find plenty of opportunities somewhere else.

Max didn’t let go of the split second the man froze and dashed towards him at high speed. He slashed the hand, protecting his chest with his full power.


A piercing cry was heard from the man’s mouth. Evil Ghost Luo can never get used to this much pain; he couldn’t bear every second of it.

Max’s eyes were focused on his every movement, not giving him a chance to move away.

After one slash came another, this time, it went straight towards his unguarded neck.


Soon after, the body fell and completely stopped moving. But before he could rejoice, a white figure slowly seeped out of it.

What was displayed in front of Max was a faint figure of a man, staring at him with fury.

The temperature suddenly dropped as if he was doused with cold water. Max figured that this was the true form of the ghost.

Max could feel the potent gloomy energy coming from him that seemed to paint the world grey. It was filled with negative emotions, giving him a sense of unease.

Before Max could open his mouth, all of a sudden, he could feel something with an oppressive pressure on the horizon approaching his location.




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