The Lust System: Chapter 152 (Unlocked)


Chapter 152 – Too Many Skills


Max turned towards the distant sky in surprise. Something was coming, something powerful. He could sense it.

What is it? He never felt something like this before. This power should be several times stronger than his.

Just as he was asking himself, Max suddenly thought about something he heard about before,

“Could it be-!”

[Max! There’s a Rank 2 coming towards us!]


Little Dou swiftly flew to his side to inform him about the approaching Awakened as she looked up towards a certain direction.

“Rank 2! This isn’t good.”

“We can’t be seen by someone like that for now. We have to go. I still have one remaining Time Stop I can use to get away from here.”

Max seemed to forget about the ghost that he was fighting against just now as he thought about how he could run far away from this place.

His mind was calm, knowing that in the worst case, he still has the Time Stop and other useful items from the Store.

This wasn’t the time to ask about why there was a Rank 2 approaching his location; the only thing on his mind was to hide for now and ask questions later.

[Wait! You might not need to use that! This person shouldn’t be too far from us, but it’s traveling very slowly!]


[Also, you don’t need to worry too much! The pressure you are feeling is definitely not their real power! They should be artificially amplifying their pressure only to scare you!]


Hearing this, Max became calmer. It’s a good thing for him if this person isn’t truly as strong as what he had sensed since he felt that he would have no chance of defeating this individual if they were to engage in a battle.

A moment ago, he was shocked to find how powerful Rank 2 Awakeneds are. The force he could feel went beyond his imagination.

Pressuring someone from far away wasn’t easy to do. Even he might only be able to do it against regular people, and they would also have to be in a close distance.

“How much time do we have before this person arrive?”

[Hmm, around a few minutes? The pressure came from the sky, which meant this person should have the ability to fly!]


[But I don’t really know why this person’s speed was too slow. Maybe he doesn’t know how to fly like me? If I didn’t sense his real energy in the pressure, I would think he’s much stronger than Rank 2!]


Little Dou voiced out her confusion as she flew around to show how fast she could fly.

Regardless, their initial alarm had disappeared. When this Rank 2 Awakened arrives, they would probably be long gone anyway.

Max was lucky to have someone like Little Dou that could help him with circumstances like this. However, someone else wasn’t so fortunate.

Evil Ghost Luo uncontrollably shook when he felt the familiar presence.

It was that person again!

Until now, he could still feel the burn he received that inflicted severe injuries on his soul. The power of it was deeply imprinted in his mind, filling him with fear.

The thought of this figure, making its way towards him, was enough for him to put all his focus solely on escaping.

This proved that what he was feeling the whole time about the incoming danger was right all along.

However, Evil Ghost Luo also expressed his doubts about this strange presence. Why is it moving slower than before?

Could it be they were underestimating him and thought he would be captured regardless?

With this thought, Evil Ghost Luo became enraged. How dare they treat him like this? Do they think he was someone they could push around?

But this wasn’t all that bad for him. He could take advantage of this; he had to be composed.

Evil Ghost Luo quietly thought about his next course of action. From his estimates, this figure should still take some time before he arrives.

Running away now and running away a bit later would make no difference since it seemed like his escape is also guaranteed this time.

If he escaped now, he would get away with nothing. But if he stays for a little longer, he might get something.

Evil Ghost Luo turned towards his target. His expression then mysteriously changed as if he came to a conclusion.

Maybe he should stay for now, as long as he gets a hold of this Awakened’s soul, everything would be worthwhile.

Max felt someone staring at him. When he turned his head, he saw the ghost eyeing him with its aggressive eyes.

It only took a short while before he understood why.

Since he was able to feel the intense pressure in the distance, then the ghost should have also felt it and made the same decision as him to get out of here as soon as possible.

However, just as he thought about that, the ghost suddenly lunged towards him. Max reactively got out of the way and did everything he could to separate himself away from it.

Although he could guess that his attacks might not deal any damage to this ghost’s current form, he had no idea about anything more than that.

How do ghosts attack, what does it plan to do with him, and why was it chasing him. Those were the things he did not know of.

For his safety, the only thought he had on his mind was to distance himself away. These creatures are too strange, and it was extremely uncomfortable to be around them.

Maybe since the ghost knew he was an Awakened, it was trying to possess him to use his body and at the same time, have access to his skills?

Various ideas came up in his head as he forced himself away from the ghost. He didn’t want to be hurt in any way.

Max also had another problem he had to think about seriously. How can he defeat this ghost? Is it really possible to kill it with his skills alone?

Having no other ways, there was only one way to find out. Max shot one streak of Purple Lightning as a test to the ghost trailing behind him.


“What’s this?!”

Evil Ghost Luo was filled with excruciating pain. It was the most intense pain he had experienced, greater than the burn he previously got hit with.

His eyes were full of fear, pain, and confusion. What was that? He saw a purple light that went towards him, and soon after that, he suddenly found himself in extreme pain.

“I-Is this?”

Evil Ghost Luo couldn’t understand what was happening. Could this possibly be the attack that his life-saving item saved him from? But why didn’t he see any lights before?


Once again, another streak of lightning hit Evil Ghost Luo, causing him to scream in pain.

Max’s eyes lit up with excitement. It looks like it was more effective than what he expected. The damage he was inflicting was apparent from the cries of the ghost.

Evil Ghost Luo was now in a state of panic. He could feel it. His soul had been severely hurt. If he doesn’t escape now, he would surely lose his life.

Never once did he think about not being able to escape since, with his speed and ability, Evil Ghost Luo was confident that no one could stop him as long as he is alive.

Without leaving a word, Evil Ghost Luo turned back to flee.

Max watched with slight curiosity as the ghost promptly shot itself towards the walls.

“Can ghosts really go through walls?”

“Trying to escape? Do you think I would let you?”

Showing a hint of a smile on his face, Max made a grabbing motion towards the air as if everything was under his control from the beginning.

If his Purple Lightning worked on the ghost, then this should also work.

Evil Ghost Luo, who almost reached the wall, instantly turned around and slowly moved towards the direction of Max.

Though the ghost only got a little closer with his slow movement, it was enough.

Pushing out his hand, continuous streaks of bright purple lightning streamed forth, connecting itself to the charmed ghost.




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