The Lust System: Chapter 153 (Unlocked)


Chapter 153 – Darkness


Evil Ghost Luo first came to this location filled with confidence and a composed mind.

While he was aware that he is not the strongest, Evil Ghost never thought about things going wrong, and even if it did, he could easily escape, just like how it goes every time.

He had a firm belief that everything will go his way. This confidence stemmed from knowing about the usefulness of his skill and the experiences that he had been through.

What’s the worst that could happen? Running and hiding was his greatest strength, as long as he is careful enough, nothing would be in his way.

Doing it like this, one day, Evil Ghost Luo believed that he would be able to walk on the streets without anyone bothering him.

If he is powerful enough, no one will dare to pick a fight with him, and the thought of offending him would never cross their minds.

His survival is the most important. As long as he is alive, his strong ability and potential will do all the work for him. He only needs to consume souls.

Evil Ghost Luo could already imagine the day when everyone would hear of his name, and along with it, they would feel fear.

Never did it came up in his mind to be the strongest since the possibility of that happening with only his skill, was close to impossible.

However, for him, being a powerhouse was more than enough. Once he was considered a true powerhouse, he would be free to do whatever he wants; others could only make way for him.

This time, despite everything that happened to him, from being unfortunate to him being at the wrong place, Evil Ghost Luo still manage to survive and surpass all the misfortunes that came his way.

And that was the most important.

Still, it doesn’t seem like everything he did was enough. Was he a fool pretending to be clever all along? Or was he just too unlucky? Evil Ghost Luo would never know.

Surrounded by bright purple lightning, Evil Ghost Luo had nothing else to utter except to scream from the intense pain rushing through his entire ghost body.

His head couldn’t entirely process what was going on. Pain filled everything of him, and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Evil Ghost Luo didn’t even have one moment to think about what was it that forced him to move back when the wall he was planning to escape to was only a meter away.

And it looks like he will never have the chance to.

This never-ending assault was destroying him, his mind, and his body. All he hoped was for this to end.

Not once in his entire life did it ever occurred to him how would he feel when he was about to die. But now, there’s no need for him to think about it.

Anger, despair, and helplessness uncontrollably flooded his mind. Evil Ghost Luo didn’t want it; he never felt like this before.

However, the reality was forcing him to understand it. He would disappear. His body was becoming too damaged to survive this.

Suddenly, a lone thought formed in his mind.

Was this what his instincts were warning him about? Is it possible that this man he kept calling his prey was more of a threat to his life than the approaching force?

His mind reached an immediate realization, but he didn’t want to accept it. This can’t be real. It isn’t possible.

Pain filled his entire being, and before he could update his reality, everything went black.

From this night on, Evil Ghost Luo just became another name that people would forget as time passed.

Max breathed a sigh of relief, seeing the ghost turning into smoke before it got blew away by the nightly breeze.

But he quickly collected himself. This wasn’t the right time to relax. Someone was still approaching his location.

Although Max might still be able to escape unscathed with all his available skills and items even when the person arrives, he wasn’t that unconcerned about his life to test it out.

There were also merits on not exposing any information about himself, so he had to escape after removing traces that can be connected to his identity.

Looking around his surroundings, the sight of destroyed walls and debris littered all over was shown, but this was not something he should worry about.

Hurriedly moving, Max only took the fallen vessel of the ghost and stored it in his Inventory. Right after that, he left the location.

Max transformed into a small bird and flew away. His journey only lasted for a few moments before he reached home.

The first thing he did was to notify Yu’er about the news. Yu’er only knew that he would be going back late and not the approaching trouble.

“It’s fine. It won’t be easy for them to find us here. In the first place, I don’t believe that Awakened was coming for you.”

Yu’er calmly responded as if it never was a threat for her, before adding,

“Maybe it was someone that ghost offended, and it somehow was able to locate him and planned to deal with him.”

“Also, even though it was only a Rank 2 Awakened, the Special Affairs Department would not surely sit by it, so they must have expected its arrival, or they were on their way to check what was happening.”

“It’s a good thing that you left before any of them arrived and catch sight of you. Well, nothing bad was going to happen, but them not having any clue about you would give them a harder time, which was always good.”

“To be honest, I don’t think it matters that much honestly. They know my identity as an Awakened, so we should expect that they did some investigations about you too.”

“Since it was a long time ago, then they probably ended up finding nothing about you in the past, so, in the near future, they should be scratching their heads if they ever doubted you.”

Max had the same thought a while back. He knows that it would only take time before his actions would attract suspicions, and the only thing he needed to avoid was exposing his skill.

Anyone can have their own guesses, but he will never confirm it. True or false, in the end, it will not be affecting him in any way.

Max opened his mouth to speak,

“When do you think they would get in contact with me? Do you think they already know?”

“I have no idea. It depends on how free they are.”

“Just always keep in mind that they have always respected strength, so as long as you are powerful, you would earn their respects, and they would be wary of offending you.”

“They might even offer you a lot of good stuff to be on your good side.”

“But don’t be too close to outsiders like them and expose your skill, always keep them guessing. Well, since you have the Time Stop, then guessing should be the only thing they can do.”

“If they did contact you, then you can give me a call.”

“It’s been a long time since I appeared anyways. Surely they have not forgotten about me.”




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