The Lust System: Chapter 154 (Unlocked)


Chapter 154 – Unknowingly Becoming the Center of Attention


“Who was responsible for this?”

Chief Li was currently on the rooftop that Max had just escaped from.

This was one of the first buildings that their people checked. Once they got here, the bell that they brought along, suddenly rung, sensing ghost energy in the surroundings. This place should be where he is or at least where he was.

The area was destroyed, showing signs of a battle occurring before they arrived. It looks like they were too late, and Evil Ghost Luo managed to escape again.

Another question also popped up on their minds, who was the one he was fighting with? What’s the identity of that person?

This was what a part of their team was trying to figure out. They had numerous names of Awakeneds residing in this city that would stand a chance against Evil Ghost Luo.

However, as far as they were aware, no one would randomly waste their time fighting him alone in a school rooftop.

The only scenario they could think of that might be plausible was the Awakened should be already around this area before the fight had gone down.

But from their intelligence, there was no one powerful enough to rival a Rank 1 Peak Phase Awakened like Evil Ghost Luo in this school or anywhere else close to this location.

This part of the city was where schools and residential areas were mostly located, away from the populated business districts and entertainment areas.

As a result, those hidden Awakeneds usually stay out of this place. Not to mention that their Special Affairs Department was also headquartered in this area due to its vast land and mountainous regions.

Those Awakeneds usually keep out of their sights and live in the busy areas where they would be free to do their own business.

This was why it was strange that someone would think about battling with another Awakened in this specific location. Chief Li had a feeling that there was more to it than what they know.

What was surprising for them was there were actually two Rank 2 Awakeneds who assisted them in this mission.

The first one was the Awakened who had experiences dealing with ghosts, and the other was the same reinforcements they welcomed last time.

From what they have gathered, the first one had a skill that could somehow locate Evil Ghost Luo. The two Awakeneds were working with each other to finally deal with him.

Sadly, however, they also arrived too late.

The Rank 1 Awakened, who was responsible for flying them to this location, was too exhausted from carrying them while traveling from afar throughout the entire day. Thus, they had become significantly slower, arriving later than they should.

They could have gotten down and run instead, but they would be slower with all the rough terrain they have to go through.

After reporting what they saw, the higher-ups told them to stop all the operations related to Evil Ghost Luo, saying that this mission can be considered complete.

Hearing this much confused and worried Chief Li. He was conflicted about the idea that this dangerous ghost can move freely in the city.

But before their reinforcements left, they clarified that Evil Ghost Luo should be believed to be gone.

Chief Li’s eyes glimmered as he heard those words. That would make a lot more sense.

This particular mission ended simply because Evil Ghost Luo was gone.

He was fully aware that Awakeneds can have the strangest skills, and the higher-ups should have ways to look into it.

Mystical Skills such as knowing when someone is dead should not be downright impossible. For now, he believed that they were telling the truth.

As long as their city doesn’t have this terrifying ghost called Evil Ghost Luo, then everything is going to be fine.

This also changed his perception of the one who supposedly defeated Evil Ghost Luo. Fighting him off and ultimately defeating him were two different things.

When this individual fights off Evil Ghost Luo, this Awakened might only be around the same strength as him.

However, being able to defeat him was a different story. Chief Li could be looking at a Rank 2 Awakened that he had no prior information about, living close by them.

It could also be a Rank 1 with a skill powerful enough to defeat someone like Evil Ghost Luo.

For an Awakened who not only has a deadly fighting ability but also is exceptionally skilled in escaping, those can be the possibilities.

They had to look deeper into this, and if possible, find out who was it that was able to defeat Evil Ghost Luo.

After all, they don’t have to deal with this Evil Ghost Luo anymore. A huge load of tasks will now be taken off their shoulders. Surely they would have some available time to search for this individual.

That unidentified Awakened should either be an enemy of Evil Ghost Luo or someone who has goodness within them.

In any way, there won’t be any repercussions on befriending this person, so they had to find this individual as quickly as they can.

Perhaps in the future, cooperation would be possible whenever a powerful foe turns up, endangering the people living in this city.

This could make things more efficient for them, and adding another ally to their department is always a good thing.

Chief Li ordered some of his people to start investigating immediately, and he also began to work himself.

He had a lot of connections in this city, including the few Awakeneds living around this area. Among them were those who wanted to be left alone and those who were quite friendly.

It should be fine if he tries to contact a chosen few of them for some information once he was finished with everything he had to do.

Soon after, people came to the rooftop bringing all kinds of tools to work on the destruction left by the battle and to clean up everything.

This should not take a long time, and the next day, no one should be able to tell that something happened in this rooftop the night before.

Chief Li, along with Jing Fei, made their way back to their headquarters. Their mind and body felt light from the unexpectedly solved problem.

Not only them, all the personnel included and related to the mission, especially the fighters and Awakeneds, were grateful to him.

Now, they don’t have to constantly worry over what might happen next. Most of all, they were also saved from injuries and casualties.

All of them felt the calm night to be extra peaceful. After so long, they would finally have a good night’s sleep this time.

Meanwhile, Max, who was the target of all their gratefulness, was not aware that someone was already thinking about using his strength to fight off enemies in the future.

If he ever heard about this, he would be stunned. Max was only the unfortunate victim of a hungry ghost.

Not once did he ever thought of finding a ghost to defeat just so that he could show off to the people from the Special Affairs Department.

And the overly optimistic guess about him having goodwill was the too far from his real thoughts of only prioritizing themselves over everyone else.

He would never think of doing anything that will not benefit him and his women as it will just be full of risks and a waste of time.




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