The Lust System: Chapter 155 (Unlocked)


Chapter 155 – Magical Ending (R-18)


Watery noises sounded out as Max sat down in the living room with Yu’er between his legs.

Yu’er took the head of his dick oozing with fluids in her mouth, having a taste of the magical liquid on his member.

Max sighed in delight as he watched her beginning to suck on his hardened dick. Her tongue gently licked all over the head while slowly sliding down to the sensitive skin below.

After they talked about his recent attack at school and decided to wait for what would happen next before going over it once again, they went over their meal and rested on the couch shortly after.

Max scrolled over his phone for big news in the Awakened world; however, he was disappointed to find nothing significant happening in recent days.

They spoke about everything they could think of before things became heated, and somehow it led to this.

Xue moved away somewhere a moment ago but never came back, and Max had no time to think about it with the magnificent sight of Yu’er before him.

Max moaned as he put his hands on Yu’er’s head and gently pulled her face further down on his dick.

Slowly, Yu’er took him in deeper, prompting Max to tense his legs, enjoying himself being lost in the intense sensation.

Taking a moment, Yu’er pulled back from his dick to catch her breath. Her hot breathing on his member and the lustful stare she was giving him further ignited the desire inside him.

Soon, she was back with her head moving down close to sticking to his body. As she went back up, her hand slithered to his length, pleasuring it with her smooth fingers.

As her mouth and tongue focused on his head, her hand kept rubbing his base, synchronizing her movements to give Max the ultimate pleasure.

This continued for some time, with Max groaning from the fantastic technique he was experiencing.

Xue must have figured what they were doing and decided to leave them alone on their heated activity.

Yu’er has told her about Max’s System, how great it was with all the cool things that can be done, and how it could make others stronger.

Xue’s eyes looked to be glowing with intensity when she had heard about it.

It should be only a matter of time before she would once again come for Max though Max had already made plans to visit her in the near future after the unforgettable night they had last time. When he ever feel like doing so, he would surely do it.

The excellent rhythm lasted for a few minutes. Yu’er played with his dick using her tongue and her hand wrapping him snugly.

Max’s arousal reached the highest point, and it wasn’t long before he felt pleasure shooting out of him.

His thighs uncontrollably tensed, and after a few shudders, wave after wave of his warm cum splashed all over her mouth.

Yu’er kept stroking him while she intently sucked the tip as if wanting to empty his entire storage.

As she knelt, showcasing her enchanting beauty, Yu’er licked the last few drops of fluids off his softening dick, cleaning it with her tongue.

However, they weren’t going to stop with only this. Yu’er focused all her attention on Max’s dick, giving it a whole new level of pleasure.

Max closed his eyes in satisfaction. His evening went on to be quite eventful, and this should be the best way to end it for the night.

With a soft tongue running all over on his member, it only took him a few moments before his dick became alive once more.

When Yu’er was contented with the hardness of his dick, she raised her body over Max with one leg on each side of his hips and straddled him, slowly lowered herself, and using her hand to guide his dick into her warm wet tunnel.

Her juices oozed out and quickly coated his dick down to the couch under them. Max groaned, luxuriating in the feeling of her slimy walls on his hard dick.

Her inner thighs smooth and slender, her plump ass rubbing against his legs, Max will never get used to this incredible sensation.

Sounds of their intimacy filled the room. Their skin slapping against each other while they panted and moaned from the friction of their soft bodies.

Max’s hand was full of her lovely breasts with his fingers dug in deeply that marks would surely be left on her luminous skin.

Pulling her down onto his dick harder and harder, Max could feel himself hitting the entrance of her womb.

Not long after, Max could see Yu’er moaning out before connecting her lips to his, feeling her coming climax.

She pumped herself up and down his dick until she had an orgasm. Yu’er squeezed her hips, pushing herself tightly against his skin. Her ass jiggled and bounced as liquid flooding her insides drenched their lower bodies.

Before she had time to collect herself, Max rolled her over onto her back. He grabbed her thighs, sliding them over his back, where Yu’er reactively crossed them on his waist to steadily hold on to him.

Max lined up his dick back at her entrance and pushed forward. His dick swiftly sank into her warm soaked pussy.

His hands grabbed her slim waist and held her as he penetrated her graceful body. Yu’er moaned as Max slid up inside her walls, deeper than before.

Max held her still and started to thrust repeatedly into her. Her mouth leaked out moans as her breasts danced along with his movements.

Unleashing all his desires onto Yu’er, Max continued to destroy her insides, bending his hips, sweat pouring from his body while his free hand played with her protruding love button, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

He leaned over, giving her white neck plenty of kisses as his tongue ran over her sensitive skin.

With his movements becoming faster, Yu’er knew his body was about to blow its load. She grabbed onto him tightly, blending her body with his, relishing the feeling of their soaked hot bodies.

Just before Max exploded inside Yu’er, he felt her hand sliding down on him as it nimbly pleasured his balls.

Soon, the pleasure building up inside him finally exploded. When he shot the first pulse of his load, Max couldn’t help but let out a deep groan of pleasure.

“Ughhh, it’s here!”

Max squeezed every muscle of his lower body, feeling his dick quiver and his body shake, spurting his milky white fluid into her convulsing walls. Her tight flesh then gripped and trembled as it milked everything out of him.

Max collapsed onto her breasts and lay still for a minute, their cum leaking out of her body, staining the couch beneath them.




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