The Lust System: Chapter 156 (Unlocked)


Chapter 156 – Luster of the Brightest Star (R-18)


Their bodies went limp as their lips were pressed against each other. They couldn’t explain it, but the sensation was something magical for the both of them.

Max had closed his eyes, yet even with only this kissing, it seemed like they could feel the contentment of the other.

Yu’er put her hands on his chests as she offered her mouth to him, taking his tongue while giving him hers.

She felt his hands silently slide down to her ass, his fingers opened wide, pulling her into him. Their hot kisses deepened while their hands moved to show how badly they wanted each other.

Max felt light as if he would melt in her softness, his stiff member was very much alive, anticipating the warm sensation that will be wrapped around it once more.

He savored Yu’er’s mouth with growing desire, tempting her to give him more of her everything to him.

Cupping her ass, Max forced her body against him, his dick rubbing against her bare lower body, throbbing to find the heavenly hole to slide itself to.

It felt as if their heartbeats were one, and a mysterious feeling was surging through his body, stirring him with a pleasure that made him believe he was in heaven.

The kiss separated while Yu’er still pressing her entire body against his. Max was on his back with her on top of him.

Their insatiable desire for each other prevented them from stopping as they continued just after a few moments of rest.

Yu’er leaned down to give his lips another passionate kiss, then placing her hands on his chest, rubbing herself on his lower body.

As both of them were bare from any clothing, their aroused regions stuck against each other.

Without wasting any more time, Yu’er directed his throbbing member into her soaked tight pussy.

From the slow movements of Yu’er, Max figured that this was a show for him to see, and it really was.

Only the head of his dick was inside of her pussy. She was surely teasing him, tempting him to push his waist up to fill up her moist tunnel.

However, it only took several seconds before she sank on him. His dick glided inside perfectly; she was clearly as aroused as Max.

Once it slipped in, Max let out his voice as he experienced an extremely heightened sensation that seemed to beat their previous session.

Yu’er seemed to be feeling the same way and couldn’t help but squirm over his body, feeling his dick reach the deepest region of her pussy.

The pleasure is too great that he could not lift his head and only laid on his back to relish in the warm gloves surrounding his dick.

Gently, Yu’er moved, she would be doing all the work this time. Max only controlled his hands and ran them all over her body.

In the beginning, Yu’er started quite slowly. She was the only one controlling the pace, but she made sure that his dick thrust all the way in her with each stroke much to Max’s desire.

He grabbed her ass, enjoyed the feeling of her alluring smooth white skin, and cupped her breasts.

Contrastingly, Yu’er solely kept her hands on his chest, pushing down lightly while she moved on top of him to indulge themselves.

Firmly placing her hands on Max’s chest, she began diligently pulling herself up and letting herself down with passion in her eyes.

She bounced on his dick, her breasts shaking freely, seemingly enjoying the intense movements. Max’s dick filled her as her body slammed down on him, her breathing becoming erratic.

When her body sank on him, Max could feel that her wet pussy was holding him strongly. There seemed to be a force inside that was sucking his dick.

Nevertheless, with each movement, it still couldn’t stop his dick from entering and exiting her tight hole.

Max assisted her by grabbing her hips with both hands and fiercely pushed up as deep into her as he could in a rhythmic motion.

He savored the soft moans of pleasure and delight that escaped out her mouth. His eyes slowly closed, feeling Yu’er being full of energy around their connecting areas.

Her long legs bounced on his as it highlighted the beautiful sensations between them.

Time seemed to fade away, becoming meaningless, having no effect on both of them.

They were in their own world and this world, only the two of them exist and the pleasure unimaginable pleasure on their sensitive bodies.

Other than that, nothing else matters.

They were completely soaked in sweat and other fluids. Through the night, Max groaned, and Yu’er moaned in pleasure as she rode him faster and faster.

With her being on top, she slightly quickened the pace of their activity, giving them a gradually amplifying pleasure that was slowly building up within them.

Max never thought about moving and only laid still, accepting all her desires, his dick responded by twitching, threatening to burst inside her.

Her body also glistened with sweat, a light blush that made her entire body glow and became more enchanting than before.

Both of them sought release and only focused their attention on the wet pleasurable sensation that filled their bodies.

Max thoroughly enjoyed the warm flesh rubbing on his dick and the sight of Yu’er doing her best to milk out the desire stored inside him.

With his head looking up, savoring the sacred region of Yu’er, Max groaned as his hands traveled all over her silky smooth thighs.


His body was beginning to spasm right at the same time as Yu’er whose body began to shake. They knew they were about to reach the ultimate height of pleasure.

Yu’er pressed how on his dick, burying it as deep as she possibly could. Max impaled his dick into her tightening passage; his impeding climax was getting nearer and nearer.


His eyes shortly fluttered open, letting out a grunt before his muscles tensed like never before. Max pulled her firm ass down against him as both of them convulsed as waves of pleasure rolled through their bodies.

Max felt her fluids flow around his dick and onto his balls as she bounced on him. He moved his hands up, holding her breasts as he lifted his waist to continue thrusting into her throughout their climax.

Their lower bodies ground against each other in ecstasy. Max felt the most powerful climax he had ever achieved for the night burst out of his member.

With his orgasm, Max felt his mind leaving him, flying high up to unimaginable heights, filling him up with immense pleasure.

Both of them lay alone, completely exhausted. Total satisfaction overwhelmed their entire being as they basked in each other’s embrace filled with contentment.

Their faces glowed, having the sheen and luster of the brightest star in the dark skies. Their bodies tingled, from the pleasure that was released from between their legs.




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