The Lust System: Chapter 157 (Unlocked)


Chapter 157 – Mysterious Disappearance


A week had passed just like that. The times they were waiting for never happened.

The school rooftop incident got swept away that not one news was heard about it. It was as if it never happened, and from their observations, nothing unusual happened in their surroundings.

This was one of the most boring weeks Max had spent so far. He was used to being with Layla and Lydia while he and Yu’er go to lunch or to some school events happening that this week felt especially lonely.

The week that they were gone, nothing much happened. It was the same, going to school, playing with his skills, and have fun in his own ways.

His first contact with the Special Affairs Department that Max had been waiting for looks to be occurring later than what they had expected.

This doesn’t really matter and won’t have any effects on their lives. A few days after this happened, Max had already put it on the back of his mind.

It doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. It would only waste his time if he kept expecting it to happen when there weren’t any signs of it.

While in his free time on the boring week, Max suddenly remembered one thing he had been curious about.

He had that one time contact with Aqua, the popular idol that was quite random and unexpected. But regardless, he went through with what his lust-filled mind was telling him to do.

It had been some time since, and he was wondering whether he could find out where she was currently staying.

Maybe he could visit her someday and finally add her to the Women Conquered Section. With his current strength and abilities, this won’t be posing a challenge for him.

Yu’er also agreed to join him on a quick journey to conquer Aqua and have another ally from another industry. It would be beneficial for them, and they could use her help with a lot of things.

With her status, Aqua should be influential in different areas and has a lot of connections. Though they don’t necessarily have any plans for her, having her by their side was better than not.

Not to mention that with Max’s System, they could also help her by improving her overall identity. By getting her a useful skill, her influence with all her admirers would get better, and they can easily pull more people into liking her.

Those were not well thought out plans and can be changed in some ways; however, they have an idea of what they want to do and what they can do.

Get Aqua a skill that could boost her popularity. In the future, there is a possibility that they would have some use for it.

At that time, even Aqua herself won’t mind those little things since her being an Awakened, those won’t matter too much.

Having a longer lifespan, she would have more choices and areas she can enjoy. She could do everything she wants if she had enough strength.

Nothing will be impossible for them; even being the most famous idol among ordinary people won’t be difficult.

With all that in mind, Max searched online about where she was at this time.

However, a surprise came from the information they have gotten.

Information is not hard to find online, especially these were only about ordinary people, and nothing can be hidden if they search long and hard enough.

Aqua is an idol, adored by a magnitude of people. It won’t be difficult to know where she was at all times.

But something they never expected at all happened.

She took a break.

This was the last thing they would think of when they try to come up with a reason for her absence, but it was true.

Different sites have massive reports about her taking a break in the middle of her growing popularity.

Some created fake scandals to destroy her image while some guessed that she was trying to hide something from them.

Some were very supportive, wishing for her wellness while telling her to have fun on her rest days.

This could have been a great reason. Even Max and Yu’er, who never thought about these things, welcomed her decisions very much.

Aqua can do whatever she likes, and nothing was wrong about that. However, that wasn’t what they were racking their minds about.

It was because no matter how hard they try to find her location, there was nothing for them to see, not even any clue. It was as if she disappeared.

Her admirers and even her critiques obviously never suspected anything since she was taking a break, and maybe she was on vacation while hiding her identity.

That was indeed a possible situation, and most of them should have believed it. But that wasn’t the only thing that seemed suspicious to them.

Max and Yu’er found that Aqua and her few trusted people altogether disappeared. People that worked for her can still be located. However, those who were with her long before her career started were all gone.

Well, this was something that they found to be weird but not concerning enough. The only problem was the more they dig into it, the stranger it became.

For example, Aqua doesn’t have any childhood background. Her family, her hometown, her school, there were no such records.

The common knowledge was that she came from the countryside and aspired to be an idol, working and training hard for it while she was still young.

Max and Yu’er thought that her admirers and haters seemed not to have a mind of their own.

Perhaps it was because she was too beautiful. She was at least a few levels above the other idols that they were completely entranced by her, which they didn’t even bother to find anything about her identity.

Or it could be that most of them have a fantasy of their own. They might have made their own assumptions about which countryside she came from. And also how she trained, never asking who her family was, whether were they dead or living an ordinary life away from the cities.

Max and Yu’er’s casual conversation about conquering Aqua suddenly took a turn with the unexpected series of events that they couldn’t make sense of.

After two days of searching, they have finally given up and asked the assistance of an Awakened information broker.

They were only asking for information about ordinary people. It should be too difficult to find, right?


Max and Yu’er once again were dumbfounded when the information broker told them that they couldn’t find anything.

Those information brokers have their ways of gathering information, and they would hardly claim that they don’t know anything, or they couldn’t find something as it would be showing their lack of skill.

However, the information broker still admitted it. While shameful, the Awakened never hide it from them that they made no progress in their search.

They gave various reasons as to how that might be possible. This Aqua might have another identity that she was hiding, or it was something else entirely.

At this point, Max could use his imagination, and the possibility of it being true would still be there.

Aqua was kidnapped, Aqua hid away from human civilization, Aqua got tired of the world and retired in an isolated location, Aqua was killed, Aqua was an Awakened.

Everything was a possibility, and there was no way for them to know what was the right one.

Now they were at a loss on how to go about it.




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