The Lust System: Chapter 158 (Unlocked)


Chapter 158 – Deadly Sisters


The disappearance of Aqua could very well be of her own doing. This was something Max and Yu’er clearly understood.

But concerning Aqua, who would be their ally, they have to think about every possibility, including what was the most likely of them all, she is somehow related to Awakeneds.

This can be considered their inner intuition about this matter. It was the most reasonable explanation for all their assumptions.

Whether it’s a good thing or bad thing they don’t know.

What they do know is that ordinary people being responsible for their disappearance can only be close to impossible. If that was the case, they could be tracked wherever they go.

Disappearing like smoke wasn’t something that can be explained naturally, so a force interfering would be more likely, or they, themselves, could be that force.

Max, Yu’er, Xue, and Little Dou couldn’t deny that Aqua isn’t an Awakened, and that could not be ignored.

The only reason why they think it has something to do with Awakeneds was that for ordinary people to hide in the eyes, and ways of an Awakened was unbelievable.

Information brokers being clueless about their whereabouts. No signs of them being seen anywhere. Their mansions and villas were seen to be empty since Aqua’s break announcement.

Putting Awakeneds as consideration is only natural, but this poses another problem. If it was indeed an Awakened with hidden intentions or they were Awakeneds, then Max would not be able to do anything about it.

If information brokers with their ways couldn’t find anything, what could Max, who doesn’t have any relevant skills about finding an Awakened, do?

This left them with nothing to begin with, not a clue, not a plan. If Max didn’t recall Aqua, they would have nothing to do with this and would be unaware of this occurrence.

Ultimately, they could only settle with asking other trusted Awakeneds they will meet in the future if they have any information about Aqua.

Maybe she wasn’t in trouble and was in good hands. Perhaps they would meet again in one fateful day.

They would never know, they can only hope that it was indeed the case.

After they were over it, Max moved his focus on his other girl, Tilly.

This girl had no problems going along with him back on that train. That was such an exciting experience.

They found out that she was still living a relatively safe life back at her school quite close to them.

Since Yu’er knew a lot more about Tilly than he does, she had confirmed that as far as she was aware, Tilly was only an ordinary person.

Yu’er and Tilly can be considered friends that haven’t met for a long time. She used to go to their house because her little sister is also a friend of Yu’er.

The first time Yu’er had met with Tilly was when her little sister was coming over, and Tilly acted as her guardian for the day, and then they got along. Soon enough, they were friends.

Max met her coincidentally at home. His socially awkward attitude in the past led him to avoid them most of the time.

But when it comes to sneaking peeks, he would never hold anything back. That was the only thing he was good at.

Max knows more than anyone how she looks and how great her figure is.

His perverted mind couldn’t help but recall all those good times when he would watch them and enjoy the sight without them noticing.

Knowing that Tilly was only an ordinary person, it looks like they would have to think about more thoroughly what to do with her at this time.

Getting her now looked to have no benefits except obtaining points, but they already have that with the women around him.

With their lack of Points and some enemies popping out of nowhere, Tilly, as of now, can be their weakness if it was ever found out.

She was only an ordinary person, and she was living in another school which they won’t be able to reach fast enough when trouble occurs.

They would also not be able to convince her to move to their school since there is no 100 Loyalty between Max and Tilly.

Her little sister also just moved away this school year. Trying to bring them back would make them sound like fools.

Having Points problems and safety problems, it would be better if they first forget about her existence. Especially that they couldn’t buy her any skills yet.

If their enemies found out that they have a connection and take her as a bargaining chip, it would be hurting them instead.

Currently, what they need to do was not to initiate contact with her as if they don’t have an idea the other person exists.

This forces him to put her off for later. Well, it’s not like Max misses her too much that he wanted to see her so badly.

Truthfully, he only approached her back then because of his lust and her beauty. Max barely know her and haven’t talked to her for a long time.

Even if they did talk, it would be quick and short. It was not wrong to say that without the Lust System, their paths would never again cross.

An Awakened and an ordinary person, they were living in different worlds. However, since she is incredibly beautiful, and Max could easily turn people into Awakeneds in the future, he would definitely take her with him.

Other than this, nothing significant happened during the week. Now it was another weekend, another time to play around, Max thought about what he could do this time.

A lot of things came to his mind. However, for him, it wasn’t fun enough, and he needed to think again.

Lying on his bed, Max, with Yu’er, who had been exhausted to sleep from their long sensual activity, contemplated what he could do the next day.

Deep in the night in a cafe somewhere, Chief Li sat alone, seemingly waiting for someone.

Chief Li thought back to the past week that left him in extreme disappointment about not having any leads about the mysterious Awakened.

It was not their priority, so he could only allocate a small group of people to find that person. However, until now, they still weren’t able to find anything.

This time, he was here to meet some of his contacts that he had dealings with. He would take the chance to ask them if they heard some rumors about this unknown individual.

From all the contacts he had at that school where the incident happened, these people can be considered knowledgable on the subject.

Since Chief Li had to finish all the work that was delayed because of Evil Ghost Luo, he only had this time to meet them.

Surprisingly they agreed, which was something he was grateful for.

“Uncle Li!”

An enchanting womanly voice sounded out as the bell rung from the entrance.

From looking out the window, Chief Li turned to see the two women who he had been familiar with for an amount of time, the Deadly Sisters.

If Max were to see this, he would be surprised. After all, these two women were the closest people around him, Layla and Lydia.




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